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Chandika Chandika (1)

Chandika chandika
Mahadev pranadhika
Barabhaya jagamata
Asimata amarata


Mother-Power of the cosmos vast,
Dearer than the dearest
Life-consort of Lord Shiva.
Your Compassion, birthless and deathless.
O Mother, Infinity You are,
Immortality You are.

Ami Jagibona Ami Kandibona Ami

Ami jagibona ami kandibona
Ami bandhibona ami maribona
Ami shudhu rabo tomar charane
Prashanti lagi nidra magane

Atit Pichhe Atit Michhe Egiye Chal Egiye

Atit pichhe atat michhe
Egiye chal egiye chal
Dub diye dekh phute ache
Hridaye tor sahasradal

Ekbar Shudhu Balo

Ekbar shudhu balo
Tumi je amar ami je tomar
Ekbar shudhu balo
Taba prema sudha hasi
Jibaner sathi maraner bhati
Swarge martye balo
Antara mama taba priyatama


Tell me only once that You are mine
and I am Yours.
Your Smile of Love-Nectar is the
companion of my life and the light of my death.
In Heaven and on earth, tell me only once
that my heart is Your Beloved Supreme.

Amare Jadi Baso Bhalo

Amare jadi baso bhalo
Niye jao amare aj
Taba paye rakhibo mor
Jiban bhor sanjh


If you really love me
Then take me, my life within
And my life without, today.
At Your Feet divine
I shall place my surrender-life
Of morning duty and evening beauty.

Anute Renute Sakala Tanute

Anute renute sakala tanute
Biraje amar pran
Ami madhumoy abhoy akkhoi
Shudhu kari madhu pan


In atom and in pollen
And in human frames
My life abides.
All beauty am I, immutable am I.
I drink my ambrosia all alone.

Ami Milate Chai Batase

Ami milate chai batase urite chai akashe
Khulite chai sakal duar mukta praner harashe
Jagite chai nutan ashai tomar sneha parashe


My heart longs to be disolved in wings of air
And fly in the unhorizoned sky.
I long to open up all my heart-doors
In the delight of my liberation-life.
May my life begin with the breath of a new hope.

Jedike Phirai Ankhi

Jedike phirai ankhi
Ke jena balichhe daki
Britha bela baye jai
Jib kata asahai
Nayan mudiya rakhi
Aro ki shunite baki
Britha bela baye jai
Kena eta nirupai


Whichever way I cast my glance
I hear someone whispering.
Time is passing by,
All human beings hopeless and helpless.
I keep my eyes shut.
I have nothing more to hear.
Time is passing by.
Alas, I know not why and how
I am so helplessly and totally lost.

Charan Pheligo Jiban Chhande

Charan pheligo jiban chhande
Nachiya uthichhe pran
Jagater dhuli mahiyan kari
Swarge karigo mlan
Prabhur kripai ananda sathi
Ananta abhijan


I am walking along the road of ecstasy.
My life has grown into
The delight of Cosmic Dance.
I have transformed
Even the meaningless dust of earth
Into the heights of God-Glory.
Behold! Heaven’s Beauty and Light
Are no match for my achievements
Sweetly here on earth.
My eternity’s companion
Is my Lord’s Existence-Delight.

Amito Tomare Dakina Chahina

Amito tomare dakina chahina
Tabu kena more dakicho
Amito tomare dibona amai
Tabu kena bhalobasicho
Jani ami jani taba kripa ankhi
Khamibe amar amire
Tabu kena hai nirabadhi rahi
Moher nishar gabhire


I do not need You.
Yet, why do You need me?
You know well that I shall not surrender
my earth-existence to You.
Yet, why do You love me?
I know Your Compassion-Eye.
You forgive my little ‘i’.
Alas, why do I always remain in the heart
of blind darkness-night?

Amar Ashru Nire

Amar ashru nire
Asi ami phire phire
Jachi taba barabhoy
Ogo chira madhumoy
Gahi taba gahi joy
Amar haibe loy


Again and again I come back
And sit inside the tears of my heart.
O Lord, I long for Your Compassion-Sea.
I sing Your Victory-Song.
I know this is the only way
That I can end my human life
And begin my life divine.

Ami Sukhere Dharite Dukhere Dharechhi

Ami sukhere dharite dukhere dharechhi
Asha haye gechhe dukh
Hatasha bedane shata nipirane
Bhenge gechhe mor buk
Dubibar age dhariyachho hat
Dubite daoni jale
Tai dayamoy jiban amar
Sampinu charan tale


I desired to grasp happiness.
Alas, all I have grasped is a sky of sorrow.
All my hopes have grown into fathomless pangs.
My aspiration-heart is thrown into
The jaws of destruction-night.
Yet my perishing life stretches
Its arms towards You
For Your Protection-Feet.

Alpa Kathar Manush Ami

Alpa kathar manush ami
Alpa katha koy
Beshi katha balte amar
Prane kare bhoy
Beshi kathar sathe thake
Mithya parichoy
Taito ami alpa katha koy


I am a man of few words.
I speak very little.
When I talk much,
Fear captures my heart.
When I speak too much,
Utter falsehood becomes my name.
Therefore, I am a man of few words.