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Kavya Kusum Chayan Karibo

Kavya kusum chayan karibo
  Jyotir kanan hate
Taito chalechi akashe uriya
  Dakhin bayur srote
Sathe nai keha ar
  Nahi dekhi kona par
Abiram chali chalar birati nai
Dur hate dure megher arale
  Pulake bhasiya jai


I shall collect flower-poems
From the garden of Light;
Therefore, I am flying in the sky
With the southern wind.
I have no one with me.
All alone, endlessly I am flying,
And I am all lost in the beauty
of teeming clouds.

Akasher Pare Akash Rayeche

Akasher pare akash rayeche
  Batas bahena ar
Ami chaliyachi paraner tane
  Anite kusum har
Tomar pujar thali
  Ajo je rayeche khali
Kabitar hare purna karite tai
Jibaner jato hasi o ashru
Bhule jena ami jai


An endless series of skies
Where there is no air.
An inner urge compels me to bring down
A garland of poems
To worship You.
The shrine is now all empty.
I wish to fill it;
I wish to cover it with poems,
A garland of poems.
I know that it is only this way
That I can forget my life’s sufferings and joys
That have to be forgotten.

Dhara Jadi Tumi Nahi Dite Chao (2)

Dhara jadi tumi nahi dite chao
  Ei dharanir buke
Britha kena ar kataiba din
  Marmo piran dukhe
Dhan man jash gyaner garima
  Kamya kichui nai
Shudhu abhilash sri charane jena
  Pai ekbar thai


If You do not want to be caught in this world,
Then why do I have to stay in
excruciating pangs,
And waste my time on earth?
I do not want name, fame, wealth, knowledge.
No, no, I do not want anything.
I desire nothing.
There is only one aspiration burning in my heart
And that is to be always at Your Feet.

Mandire Masjide

Mandire masjide sandhyadip jwalena ekhan
Kemane bishwas kari eisab bidhir likhan
Bishwa shrashta apan atmaje kare
Ashroy bihin pangu dinhin


In the temple, in the mosque,
there is no light.
How can I believe that this is
what God wants?
How can God allow His children to be
Helpless, orphaned, lame and destitute?
I know not. It is beyond my imagination.

Jahar Mangal Hasta Ashish Barshan

Jahar mangal hasta ashish barshan
Kariteche sarbajana shire
Jogyajogya sama gyane
Tahar charan bandi bhaktir sisire
Sabinaye kari anunoy
Kon lila khelitecha ohe dayamoy
Manaber prane base eta dukha
Sahitecha kon abhipraye


I wish to bow down to Him
Whose loving, compassionate Hands
Are blessing all and sundry.
I wish to know from Him, to learn from Him
How and why He is suffering in and through
All human beings,
Why so mercilessly He is suffering an endless pain.
Is there any special reason?
I wish to hear from Him.

Lakka Lakka Grihahin

Lakka lakka grihahin
  Annahin tomare smarile
Plabaner dhara sama
  Tomar nayane
Bahe naki dukha ashrunir
  Tumi ki thakite para
Sukhe dukhe niret pashan prai
  Nirbichal sthir


Millions of people have no home,
Have no food.
The flood has caused untold suffering.
A flood of tears I see within and without
the world.
O Lord, how can You remain unperturbed?
How can You act like an indifferent,
senseless, ruthless stone?

Juga Juga Dhari Katobyetha Sahi

Juga juga dhari katobyetha sahi
    Ei prana nadi khani
Pashan girir bakka chiriya
    Shunite tomar bani
Ogo parabar jana naki tumi
    Kato akutite o charan chumi
Milaye diyechi apanar chhaya rup
    Tabu je rayecha chup


Through aeons this life-river has been
Suffering excruciating pangs.
This life-river wants only to hear
Your message, O Ocean.
Do You not see, do You not feel
How sincerely I treasure the aspiration
Only to touch Your Feet and march into You
And embrace all-fulfilling silence-life?

Amal Dhabal Charan Kamal

Amal dhabal charan kamal
  Kemane pujibo balo aji balo
  Kemane gahibo sumadhur sure
  Tomar bijoy gan
Nai bhav bhasha chhanda o tal
Nai parijat marma maral
Ache shudhu hai katha balibar
  Sutibra byakulata


Pure, unalloyed Lotus-Feet of Yours,
How can I wash You?
Do tell me today.
How can I sing Your Victory-Song
With a sweet, melodious voice?
I have no tune, no words,
No metre, no rhyme,
No flowers, no heart’s want.
I have only a quenchless inner urge.

Bhoi Nai Kichu Bhoi Nai Ar

Bhoy nai kichu bhoy nai ar
Abhoy peyechi katha balibar
Taito sakal bandhan bhengeche
  Paraner nirabata
Balak balika jubak jubati
Shyamal banani harit bratati
Ek sathe mile gahe bidhatar
  Chira bijayer gan


No fear, no fear, no fear.
Today I am fearless.
My heart’s silence has smashed asunder
all bondage.
Today all children and green forests,
Everything, everything that is new,
Has joined me to sing this victory-song
of the Supreme.

Shashwata Ogo Chira Bhashwar

Shashwata ogo chira bhashwar
  Pran kananer phul
Barek herile manase tomai
  Rahibena kona bhul
Gabhir nishar supti bakke
  Hariye phelechi dibya rup
Dekha dao more ogo pran phul
Shanta hridaye rayechi chup


O eternal sun,
O flower of my heart,
Once if I see You, then all my mistakes
Will be rectified and illumined.
In the heart of deep night
I have lost my divine form.
O my heart’s beauty,
I am always waiting in calm silence
to hear from you.

Hriday Puja Sanga Halo

Hriday puja sanga halo bedan giti geye
Kothai tumi nayan mani jiban tarir neye
Dibya jiban jachi priya janma naba jachi
Sukha dukha dhewer majhe nitya jena nachi


The worship of the heart has come to an end
By singing the song of sorrow.
O presiding deity of my eyes,
O my life’s Boatman, where are You?
I need a life divine, a new life.
I wish to dance on the waves of joys and sorrows.
This is my constant prayer.

Jiban Sandhya Dekeche Amai

Jiban sandhya dekeche amai
Tai aji ami kandi
Nahi jena hai kena je amai
E dharar prane bandhi
Ashesh jatana peyechi hethai
  Tabu kena michha asha
Kane kane koy heribe sahasa
  Marter bhalobasa


The evening of life has set in;
Therefore, I am weeping today.
I do not know why I bind myself
To this world.
Even now, endless sufferings
I have gone through.
Yet I treasure hope.
False hope even now
Tells me in a whispering manner,
“You will very soon receive world-love
In boundless measure.”

Milaner Banshi Jachi Ami Mago

Milaner banshi jachi ami mago
  Nahe biyoger banshi
Ekatar majhe janani tomar
  Heribo dibya hasi
Ashru jhariche pratiti jiber
  E bhabe mukti lagi
Bijoy tomar pratishtha lagi
  Thaki jena sada jagi


Mother, today I am crying
For the flute of union.
When I am away from You,
My separation-life from You
I do not want any more.
It is in unity that I shall see
Your divine Smile.
Tears I am shedding, bitter tears,
For the liberation of each individual soul
On earth.
To establish Your Victory, Mother,
May I remain always alert and awake.