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Silence-blossoms have awakened my mind.
My tears and God’s Smiles clasped I find.

My Orphan-Tears

My orphan-tears begin my day.
My princely smiles blaze the Way.

I Keep My Heart’s Streaming Tears

I keep my heart’s streaming tears
   Sleeplessly alive.
So that my Lord's beaming Smiles
   In me can thrive.

Energised by My Self-Improvement-Task

Energised by my self-improvement-task,
In my Lord’s Transcendent Sun-Flames I bask.

Obedience Longs to Feed the Lord

Obedience longs to feed the Lord
   Infinitely more.
Self-deleted, fastest it runs, arrives
   And touches the Shore.

I Shall Climb Up

I shall climb up
My soul’s dream-flooded staircase.
Endless obstacles,
Dauntless my heart shall face.

Fastest Runs to the Goal Supreme

Fastest runs to the Goal Supreme
My Lord’s Love-Train.
Singing and dancing, therein my breath —
No bondage-chain.

Be Not Empty

Be not empty of light and joy,
My foolproof mind.
Heavenward race you never win,
Always behind.

His Face, My Face

His Face, my face, my Lord together saw,
And said, “Yours is perfect like Mine, no flaw.”


Ecstasy-flooded is the road of Love divine,
Divinity’s oneness-fulness-sun-shrine.

God Is Weeping for You

God is weeping for you;
Oh, do not cry.
You are bound to succeed;
Just once more try.

Each Time I Shake Hands

Each time I shake hands with hostile desires,
My God-oneness-visa-delight expires.

Battered by Teeming Doubts

Battered by teeming doubts
And blinding fears,
I compel my Lord Supreme
To swim in tears.