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Shall lovingly, selflessly guide.
Head-clime, hand-clime, foot-clime
Beyond the earth-bound time —
My soul sees them all here.
Therefore, this shop, supremely dear.


Cosmic Sound-Delight,
Cosmic Sound-Delight!
Purifier-transformer of ignorance-night.
No smallness, no darkness;

Dipti Nivas Supti Binash

Dipti Nivas
Supti binahs
Mukti nritya
Parama tripta


In man’s ecstasy-eyes
God’s God-Smile flies.

Man’s Health, God’s Wealth

Man’s Health, God’s Wealth.
Body the fort, soul the sport.

Para Prakriti

Para Prakriti, Mother Nature transcendent,
Your bounty beyond measure, permanent.
Body’s strength, soul’s light, this enterprise.
Purity’s length, duty’s light — a perfect surprise.

Service-Seeds and Service-Trees

Service-Seeds and Service-Trees,
My climbing heart’s supreme needs.
Before me, U.N. vision:


Marathon, marathon, marathon,
Eternity’s dawn!
O kindling, streaming flames
Of great Olympic Games,
O Greece-world vision-height,
Humanity’s transcendence-race,
Divinity’s supreme Grace.

One Hundred Indian Stories

One hundred Indian stories,
American heart in Indian glories.
Bande Mataram, Mother, I bow to Thee.
Independence-Light are one eternally.

Musician of the Year: Devadip

Musician of the Year: Devadip!
He feeds his fans from his heart-ship.
He shuns the dryness of the desert-mind.
Soul-sweetness, life-closeness in him we find.

New York Senators, Assemblymen

New York Senators, Assemblymen!
We treasure your oneness-heart,
We salute your sunlit ken.
You love your state soulfully,
You serve your people selflessly.
In you we have found the fount
Of inspiration-light, affection-delight.

Cycle Marathon Relay

Cycle marathon relay:
Hurry up, no delay!
Cycle marathon relay:
Oneness-height’s progress-play.


Cycling, cycling, cycling!
Evolving, evolving, evolving!
The march of time and the soul of Goal
Are proud of our giant role.