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Purity Is Matchless

Purity is matchless in every way.
It lives in God’s Sun-Heart-Day.

The More My Life Enjoys the Outer Sleep

The more my life enjoys the outer sleep,
Helpless, hopeless, in my inner life I weep.

What Is My Name, My Real Name?

What is my name, my real name?
My Lord’s Heaven-ascending flame.

The Outer Mind

The outer mind has made my life fearful.
The inner heart has made my breath cheerful.

I Pray to See God’s Face

I pray and pray and pray to see God’s Face,
To free my life from sad failure-disgrace.

God’s Compassion Creates Happiness

God’s Compassion creates
My gratitude creates

Seeker, If You Sleep

Seeker, if you sleep through aspiration-alarm,
Your eyes will be empty of your great soul-beauty’s charm.

Ah, When My Heart Lives on God-Hunger

Ah, when my heart lives on God-hunger-cry,
God smiles in my self-transcendence-sky.

My Final Farewell to My Deception-Mind

My final farewell to my deception-mind.
No more the poison-breath of ignorance blind!

Within, Without, My Wild Doubt-Drum

Within, without, my wild doubt-drum no more!
I have arrived at my God-faith-blossom-shore.

When I Am in My Searching Mind

When I am in my searching mind,
My Lord Supreme is available.
When I am in my crying heart,
My Lord Supreme is attainable.

O My Heart’s Sweet Fountain-Willingness

O my heart’s sweet fountain-willingness,
You are my Lord’s fondest nearness.

My Morning Prayer

My morning prayer, if I not miss,
My heart becomes God’s Pride, God’s Bliss.