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Ai Ma Shyama Pagli Amar

Ai ma shyama pagli amar
Ami ma tor pagla chele
De ma ma ma amai mukta kare
Sakal bandhan dure phele
Ma tor bijoy ma tor prakash
E jagate e jibane
Lakya amar ar janina
Rakhish na ar maya bane


O my mad Mother, come, come!
Your mad son is crying for You.
Mother, make me free from all
Mother, my only aim
Is to proclaim Your Victory
And manifest Your Light.
Therefore, keep me not in the thick
Of attachment and illusion-forest.

Akash Bhalobasi Ami

Akash bhalobasi ami
  Mukti bhalobasi
Sarba jibe sarba kale
  Nitya ami hasi


Boundless sky,
Immortal liberation-life I love.
Therefore, in all ages,
In all human beings
My oneness-soul smiles.

Akash Madhur Batas Madhur

Akash madhur batas madhur
  Charidike madhu akkhoy
Peyechi madhur sandhan ami
  Hayechi je madhumoy
Madhu jara chai ai ai ai
  Kari madhu bitaran
Madhur hasiya andhar nashiya
  Madhu rupe kari rupayan


Sweetness is the sky, sweetness is the air,
Sweetness all around me.
I have discovered sweetness-life
Within and without.
Sweetness-heart I distribute.
All darkness I have destroyed
With my all-illumining sweetness-smile.

Alo Alo Alo

Alo alo alo
Antare mor gyaner dipan jwalo
Charidike andhar kare ase
Abishwasi atrahasi hase
Alo alo alo
Antare mor gyaner dipan jwalo


O Light divine, do kindle the flame
Of wisdom-light inside my heart.
The doubting mind covers my existence.
All around me, the world-laughter of disbelief!
O Light divine, do kindle the flame
Of wisdom-light inside my heart.

Alo Andhar Amar Jato

Alo andhar amar jato
Tomai sanpe abirata
Mukta habe pran
Sakal asha bhalobasa
Chirakaler mauna bhasha
Tomai kari dan


My life shall be liberated
By offering my darkness-night
And my light-day to You.
All my hopes and all my love
And my silence-existence
I shall offer to You,
O flood of liberation-sea.

Alor Sathe Alo Haye

Alor sathe alo haye
Aloi chali mishe
Bahur buke dodul dule
Berai dasha dishe


With the Light divine,
One I have become.
I have perfectly blended
In the Light divine.
All-where in the heart of the many
I swim and sport
With boundless joy.

Amal Dhabal Pal Tulechhe

Amal dhabal pal tulechhe
Amar jiban tari
Kata jatri bhir karechhe
Ei taranir pari
Tumi dhare achho hal
Khule achhi ami pal
Tomar prane paran amar nache
Ami achhi nitya tomar kachhe


My life-boat is about to sail with its purity-breath.
All the soulful pilgrims have arrived.
The boat will carry them.
Lord Supreme, You are the Pilot Absolute.
Therefore, our aspiration-cry shall, without fail, reach
The Golden Shore of Perfection-Satisfaction.

Amar Jata Shata Abeg

Amar jata shata abeg
Asha akinchan
Sakal bhalobasa ebar
Kari samarpan


My hope-smile
And all my aspiration-cries
I am placing
At Your Feet,
O my earth-Heaven,
My Reality’s Lord Supreme.

Amare Jadi Baso Bhalo

Amare jadi baso bhalo
Niye jao amare aj
Taba paye rakhibo mor
Jiban bhor sanjh


If you really love me
Then take me, my life within
And my life without, today.
At Your Feet divine
I shall place my surrender-life
Of morning duty and evening beauty.

Amare Karo Ma Shunya

Amare karo ma shunya
Purna karite antara mor
Tomar kirane punya
Amare karo ma adhikar
Man buddhir atite
Jyotite rayeche sakal pratikar


Mother, do make me, my heart,
Complete emptiness life
So that You can fill it with Your Beauty’s Light.
Mother, capture me, my life
Within and my life without.
I know, I know, Mother,
My life’s teeming problems will be over
Only when I far transcend
My thought-world and my mind-world.

Ami Adihin Anta Bihin

Ami adihin anta bihin
Asimer ek bindu
Ami nai ar shudhu nirakar
Dakiche purna indu


Beginningless am I and endless am I.
No more do I have form-life.
I am beckoned by the formless,
Infinite inner moon.

Ami Akkhoy Ami Abyay

Ami akkhoy ami abyay
Ami chira simahin
Simar swarupe sajaye amare
Bajai lilar bin


Eternal, immutable I am.
Boundless I am.
In the finite I am wearing
The form finite
And playing on the life-violin
In the Cosmic Play.

Ami Amar Dhyane Tanmoy

Ami amar dhyane tanmoy
Ami akkhoy atma pujai tanmoy
Antare mor dibya swarup
Bahire kebali malinata stup
Mithya branti parajoy
Ami amari dhyane tanmoy


Deeply I am absorbed
in my trance-light.
At times, darkness and ignorance-night
Capture my outer life,
But in my inner life
I am Perfection’s height.