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Jibana Taru Tale

Jibana taru tale ke base aji
Marana maru bhume binash baji
Jiban bhor maran ghor
Kothai tumi he hiya majhi


Who is seated at the foot
Of my life-tree today?
I see destruction thundering
Over my death-desert.
I am in between the dawn of life
And the darkness of death.
O my heart’s Pilot Supreme!
Where are You?

Ashar Mita

Ashar mita trishar pita
Tomar charan tale
Harabo mor dibanishi
Samarpaner bale


O Friend of my hope,
O Father of my aspiration-thirst,
At Your Feet I shall lose
My days and nights
With my surrender-strength.

Brahma Vishnu Shib

Brahma, Vishnu, Shib
Ami achetan jib
Durga, Kamala, Kali
Kothai arghya thali
Kartik, Ganapati
Dao more dhrira mati


Brahma, Vishnu, Shib!
An unconscious creatue am I.
Durga, Kamala, Kali!
Where is my aspiration-dedication-bowl?
Kartik, Ganapati!
Do surcharge my mind with firm determination.

Esecho Bale

Esecho bale benche achi
Dharecho bale ami nachi
Khamibe shata truti mor
Amare dibe usha bhor


You have come into my life.
Therefore, I am still alive.
You have caught me by the hand.
Therefore, I am dancing.
You will forgive my countless mistakes.
You will grant me a new dawn.

Jani Ami Nahi Jani

Jani ami nahi jani
Tomar gabhir madhur bani
Tabu tomar charan tale
Tano khama kripar bale


I know that I do not know
Your deep and sweet Message.
Yet You draw me towards You
And place me at Your Feet
With Your Compassion-Power.

Bhakti Lagi

Bhakti lagi kandi ami
Mukti lagi kandi
Atma tyager premer dore
Tomai ami bandhi


I cry for devotion.
I cry for liberation.
I bind You with the love-cord
Of my self-sacrifice-life.

Shikkha Guru

Shikkha Guru dikkha Guru
Nutan jiban halo suru
Shikkha Guru dikkha Guru
Habona ar kabhu viru
Paye dale agyanata
Tomai dibo saphalata


O my teacher-Guru, O my initiation-Guru,
A new life has dawned.
O my teacher-Guru, O my initiation-Guru,
I shall no longer make friends with cowardice.
I shall kick off ignorance-night
And offer you my success-life.

Nitya Amai Bahan Kari

Nitya amai bahan kari
Amar shire
Shanti pabo keman kare
Pran gabhire


Every day I carry
My existence-life
On my head.
How can I have satisfaction-peace
Inside my heart?

Madhavi Latar

Madhavi latar madhur madhuri
Sugopane kare mor hiya churi
Urdhe akashe nimne batase
Nachi aji ami maha ullase


Sweet, soft and translucent creeper
In silence steals away my heart.
Above me, the vast sky.
Under me, the wind blowing.
Today I dance in ecstasy supreme.

Ami — Nil Gaganer

Ami — nil gaganer shubhra shashi
     Sangi bangshidhar
     Alor sathe kheli nachi
     Mora nirantar


I am the whiteness and brightness-moon.
Lord Krishna, the Flutist supreme
Is my Compeer.
We play and dance sleeplessly
With the Mother-Light
Of the Supreme.

Jiban Amar Sanga Habe

Jiban amar sanga habe
   Maran nadir tire
Chaoa paoar bhari bojha
   Rakhbona ar shire


My life shall end
At the rim of death-river.
I shall not carry any more
The heavy load of my desire-night
And fulfilment-day.

Mata Mata Mata

Mata mata mata
Saraswati mata
Karo prane shuddha
Karo mane buddha
Jibana samare
Mama antare
Dao dao mata
Asim purnata


Mother, Mother, Mother,
Mother Saraswati,
Do purify my vital.
Do enlighten my mind.
In the battlefield of my life,
O Mother divine,
Do grant my heart
Your fulfilment infinite.

Ke Chahe Go

Ke chahe go ke chahe
Amar jiban ke chahe
Ke gahe go ke gahe
Amar bijoy ke gahe


Who cares to have me?
Who cares to have my life?
Who cares to sing?
Who cares to sing my victory-song?