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Kena Kandao Kena Haso Ami Jani

Kena kandao kena haso ami jani
Ami tomar jogya nahi taha mani
Tabu tumi amar jemar ta jani
Taito tomar anchal dhare tani
Tumi amai baso bhalo jani
Ashish karo prachar kari mago tomar bani


I know why You make me cry
And why You make me smile.
I admit I am not worthy of You.
Yet I know and feel
That You are mine, Mother.
You allow me to stay near You.
You bless me, You give me
The opportunity to manifest You.

Arame Jar Jiban Kate Chinlana Se Jibanke

Arame jar jiban kate chinlana se jibanke
Byatha peye je pare se dhare tomar charanke
Adar diye maro jare janbe kena maranke
Tile tile ghum ghore sejan palanke
Tomai je jan bhalobase marena se atanke
Hasi mukhe dhare thake ma tomar charanke


He who lives a life of comfort
Knows not what the true life is.
He who suffers knows what life is
And it is he who captures Your Feet of Compassion.
He who gets boundless Affection
And Love from You
May exploit You at any moment
And his life of aspiration-flame
May totally terminate.
He who truly loves You unconditionally
Will never die.
His is the life
That will be divinised and transformed,
And fulfilled forever.

Nishidin Alo Shikha Jwaluk Prane

Nishidin alo shikha jwaluk prane
E jiban bahe chaluk tomar tane
Nayane drishti hate ghuchul kalo
Marame dekhi jena tomar alo
Shruti pathe asok tomar bani
Hridaye ma eso hriday rani
Asha mor purna habe tomar dane
E shishu thakbe cheye ma taba pane


All day and night
Let the flame of aspiration
Burn in my heart.
Let this life-river flow
Only towards You.
Let Your message of endless Joy
Enter into my entire being.
I shall do only one thing from now on,
And that thing is to search for You,
Mother, within and without.

Ore Akash Amar Bhai

Ore akash amar bhai
Tomar eman murti dekhi nai
Etai surup kothai tumi pao
Etai kurup kena amai dao
Achi base tomar chaya tale
Benche taki tomar kripa bale
Ore akash ore amar apan bhai
Ami tomar bijoy gai


O sky, you are my brother.
You are so beautiful.
How is it that I am so ugly,
Impure and undivine?
I wait and wait for you
With the aspiration-flame of my heart;
And I do something else:
I sing your victory-song.

Ore Batas Ore Amar Pran

Ore batas ore amar pran
Kothai balo pete pari tomar sandhan
Dekhini je tomai nayane
Anubhabe labhi paban parash
Thranta klanta jibane
Tumi nirakara Kali tara
Jete chai aj akashe bandhan hara
Niye jabe sathe kare
Ar parina thakte baddha ghare
Ore batas ore amar pran
Akash prane chalo kari naba abhijan


O wind, you are my life.
Do tell me, where is your source?
I see you not,
But I feel you in my tired life.
You are the formless Mother Kali.
I wish to have you in the boundless sky.
It is impossible for me to be closeted
In a tiny earth-room.
O wind, let you and I start our journey
Towards the highest sky.

Jetha Tumi Nai Jetha Ami Nai

Jetha tumi nai jetha ami nai
Shudhu ekakar nirakar
Seto parabar jyotir adhar
Gyata gyan geya kotha kichu nai
Shunye shunya mile mishe thake
Keha kare nahi dake


Where you are not present,
Where I am not present,
There is only formless reality.
That place is flooded
With an ocean of light.
There is no earth-knowledge there,
Nothing that can be known
In an earthly way;
Only an infinite expanse
Becomes one with another infinite expanse
And no exchange of human thought.

Nai Kona Rup Adan Pradan

Nai kona rup adan pradan
Nai samasya nai samadhan
Je shunye aj milebe paran
Charidike jena andhar pashan
Sei chetanai man pran sab hateche biloy
Shudhu ekakar jena nirakar


There is no exchange of beauty,
There is no problem and no solution.
There is only an infinite zero.
An unearthly darkness tries to envelop me.
A formless reality alone and absolute
Captures my life’s feeble birth.

Shunya Hate Abar Asi Phire

Shunya hate abar asi phire
Bhalobasi abar dharanire
Sukhe dukhe gara nadi tire
Abar srote bhasai bhela
Dhula niye kari khela
Asha tarir piche piche
Chhuti nayan nire
Abar tumi nutan beshe
Amar sathe khela hese
Naba bhabe bhalobasi abar dharitrire


The Infinite will come into our earthly existence
Again and again to love this earth.
This life-river is full of joy and sorrow.
Here again we sail in the boat
Towards an unknown reality.
O Lord, I see You as my Companion sweet.
You take me to Heaven’s delight
Only to send me back
With an empty hand
To earth’s stark reality-life.

Era Kara Ghiriche Mor Man

Era kara ghiriche mor man
Charidike abar abaran
Abar mane na na katha jame
Chinta pakhi nana dike brahme
Kamana mor shata dike dhai krame
Keba jane kothai amar sharan


I do not know who are these beings
That capture my mind,
That bring countless thoughts and ideas
Into my mind.
My thought-bird flies all around.
Alas, I do not know
If there will be any shelter
Anywhere in God’s entire creation.

Karo Sathe Nai Amar Bandhan

Karo sathe nai amar bandhan
Nitya mukta nai abaran
Akasher mato ami udasin
Bataser mato akar bihin
Sabar birahe tomar biraha
Jagibe hriday khanite
Keha nahi jane bhara ache mor
Taba akathito banite
Ami bandha shudhu sathe narayan
Akash patal kalpana shudhu karije bayan


I am not attached to anybody.
I am eternally free.
I am neither covered nor caught by anyone.
Like the sky, I cherish indifference-might.
Like the wind, I am formless.
O Lord, in others’ suffering, You suffer.
You give Your Life in the twinkling of an eye
To give joy to others.
Nobody knows, nobody will ever know
Your Nectar-Message.
It seems to me today
That everything is false and illusory,
Even the Heaven and sky,
But I am sure that there is only one reality,
And that reality is my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme.

Charan Tale Asan Pele

Charan tale asan pele
Kichui ami chahibona
Rahibo cheye tomar pane
Ar kabhu ma kandibona


Out of Your infinite Compassion
If you allow me to sit at Your Feet
Then I shall not ask for anything else
In this lifetime,
And my heart’s pangs
Will cease once and for all.

Asha Diye Kena

Asha diye kena
Amai dure rakho
Hatash kare kena
Amai nahi dako
Sabar piche sabar niche
Jadi rakho tai bhalo
Jani amar sakal andhar
Karbe tumi alo


Why do You keep me away
By giving me an endless hope?
Why don’t You give me
A broken heart
And thus bring me close to You?
I am ready to be after everyone
And below everyone
If that is what You want from me.
If this is how You want to bless me
With Your divine Light,
Then I am more than prepared
To abide by Your Will divine.

Jano Tumi Sakal Katha

Jano tumi sakal katha
Ar kichu tai kahibona
Tomar katha chara ami
Karo katha shunibona


You know everything
That I have to say.
Therefore, I shall not speak any more.
From now on silence will be my name
In front of You.
But when I am in the midst of others
I shall ceaselessly speak
Of You alone.