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To Bow the Body Is Easy

To bow the body is easy. To bow the will is hard.
[Chinese proverb]

The Conquerors Are Kings

The conquerors are kings.
The defeated are bandits.
[Chinese proverb]

If You Wish To Succeed

If you wish to succeed, consult three old people.
[Chinese proverb]

Dogs Show No Aversion

Dogs show no aversion to poor families.
[Chinese proverb]

I Heard

“I heard” is not as good as “I saw”.

The Rich Add Riches to Riches

The rich add riches to riches.
The poor add years to years.
[Chinese proverb]

A Lean Dog Shames His Master

A lean dog shames his master.
[Chinese proverb]

Men Know Not Their Own Faults

Men know not their own faults.
Oxen know not their own strength.
[Chinese proverb]

Beautiful or Not

Beautiful or not, it is my native land.
[Chinese proverb]

With Clothes, the New Are Best

With clothes, the new are best.
With friends, the old are best.
[Chinese proverb]

Work Is Afraid

Work is afraid of a resolute man.
[Chinese proverb]

At Birth We Bring Nothing

At birth we bring nothing.
At death we take away nothing.
[Chinese proverb]

The Mind Is the Lord of Man’s Body

The mind is the lord of man’s body.
[Chinese proverb]