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Marathon, marathon, marathon,
Eternity’s dawn!
O kindling, streaming flames
Of great Olympic Games,
O Greece-world vision-height,
Humanity’s transcendence-race,
Divinity’s supreme Grace.

Bill Rodgers

Bill Rodgers, Bill Rodgers, Bill!
O runner world’s Himalayan thrill.
Bill Rodgers, Bill Rodgers, Bill!
O king of the road,
O hero of the race,
Sun-joy treasures
Your heart, your face.

Don Ritchie

Don Ritchie, fastest ultra soul-delight!
Your silence-heart, your volcano-vision-eyes,
Your lightning-speed, your soundless-skies
Pierce the veil of stark ignorance-night.
Speed is your life, endurance your excellence-height.
Champion runner, champion teacher, champion leader-force!
In you the runner’s world finds its perfection-source.
Victory within and victory without, your progress-light.

The New York Road Runners Club

I am a member of the New York Road
   Runners Club; indeed!
Promise, courage, newness, closeness,
   Oneness-perfection I feed.
   Quality my progress-choice,
   Quantity my success-voice.
Himalayan pride, Atlantic light
With me every day run.
President Lebow, the world’s temple-body
Salutes your wisdom-sun.

One Hundred Miles

One hundred miles in a fleeting week!
Who says I am hopelessly weak?
Imagine, although I fail to imagine!
No wonder why so much commotion and din.
A bullock-body is drawn by a lion-soul.
No doubt mine are the slowest feet,
But they are perfectly clean, perfectly neat.
I shall ever reach my transcending Goal!

Emil Zatopek

Emil Zatopek, Emil Zatopek!
Teeming world records in a beaming deck.
O birthless, deathless will-power;
In endurance-life, Everest-tower.
Emil Zatopek, Emil Zatopek!
Breathless interval training-pioneer;
A sure oneness-heart far and near.

London-to-Brighton Runners’ Race

London-to-Brighton runners’ race!
A shining American face:
Alan Kirik, Alan Kirik, Alan!
America, your breathless fan.
A flying Finn, Nurmi’s soul,
Singing, clasping your goal.

O Grand Marshall of All Time

O Grand Marshal of all time!
Your flower-heart has blossomed in every clime.
The child in you is pure and strong.
Around you cosmos-joys throng.
[Dedicated to Emil Zatopek]

Ted Corbitt

Ted Corbitt, Ted Corbitt, Ted!
Runner-world revolution-head.
O softness-runner-saint,
Measureless miles your legs did paint.
A brave champion is found
In Heavenly Silence-Sound.

I Am Running Around the Clock

I am running, I am running around the clock.
My Lord Supreme has aroused my sleeping lock.
Twenty-four hours I have been running,
Challenging my capacity-world and transcending
My power-friend sun, my beauty-friend moon,
My friends planets, stars and sky.
Here on earth, there in Heaven
My soul-bird and I fly.

Toshiko D'Elia

Toshiko D'Elia, Toshiko!
Inspiration-flood, aspiration-sea!
Your glory’s banner is flying
On the masters runners’ tallest tree.
Helpless children in you have found
Sweetness, fondness and oneness-home.
You and your compassion-heart
Around the globe roam.

Allison Roe, Allison!

Allison Roe, Allison!
O lightning wonder-speed,
O soaring energy-light!
You are your dauntless soul.
In you, a fount of delight.
New York sings Auckland’s Victory-Song.
O champion of champions,
New Zealand’s thunder-gong!
[Allison Roe of New Zealand was the 1981 winner of the Boston and New York City Marathons. In the NYC Marathon, she set a new world record of 2:25:29.]

Zatopek, Mount Everest Czech!

Zatopek, Zatopek, Zatopek!
O Mount Everest Czech!
Your body was earth’s tearing cry,
Success vast and progress high.
Your running knew no beguile,
Your soul was Heaven’s beaming Smile.