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Sri Chinmoy's writings on Sri Aurobindo

"We are sons of God
And must be even as he."

- Sri Aurobindo
(Excerpt from Savitri )


Sri Aurobindo - A Glimpse

...A strange coincidence: with the start of the first World War, shaking human life and culture to their foundations with its unprecedented horrors, the world-saving message of The Life Divine found publication.

On November 24, 1926, Sri Aurobindo attained his spiritual perfection. He withdrew from all contacts and put into the hands of his spiritual Collaborator, the Mother, the disciples who had gathered around him. This marked the beginning of his Ashram at Pondicherry.

For over 24 years, with the Mother working in front, he continued with his yoga, not caring to rest on the laurels of his first victory of November 24, 1926, but pushing upward till he found himself within sight of his supreme and final Victory which alone could achieve the end of his Mission: the descent of what he called the Supermind into the very cells.

For purposes of his own, he decided to part with his body, and he carried out this decision on December 5, 1950, after a brief "illness." He left the charge of his work to the Mother, who accepted it and gave her word that she would remain on earth to accomplish his work of integral transformation. Sri Aurobindo, in turn, gave his word to the Mother that he would not leave the earth atmosphere until his work was done. People in the Ashram and abroad have been feeling his living Presence and Force at work ever since. On February 19, 1956, the manifestation of the Power for which Sri Aurobindo had sacrificed his body took place, and this Power has since been operating increasingly in world affairs... (Read More)

Sri Aurobindo: A Glimpse. From Mother India's Lighthouse by Sri Chinmoy


Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga

A Seer-Poet to the poets, a divine Philosopher to mankind, a Master Yogi to his worshippers, an Avatar to his disciples—who is he? Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindo's Yoga is an ambrosial consciousness with infinite possibilities; it is a never-tiring march, a decisive and everlasting victory of Truth.

The keynote of Sri Aurobindo's integral Yoga is evolution—evolution of consciousness in and through Matter.

There is no shadow of doubt that Matter and Spirit are one. Spirit, when it is fast asleep, is Matter; Matter, when it is fully awakened, is Spirit.

The integral Yoga is founded on an all-fulfilling experience which is anything but speculation and reasoning.

An integral Yogi is he who has seen all the phases of existence and whose very life is full of variegated experiences and realisations.

A marvel-idealism and a highly practical divinity are housed in Sri Aurobindo. His are the experiences that may serve as humanity's royal road to a life worth living—a life of the Spirit, the Life Divine.

Sri Aurobindo holds that physical work is in no way a bar to spiritual progress. On the contrary, he strongly feels that physical work is an aid to self-preparation for the full manifestation of the Divine both in oneself and upon the earth.

Sri Aurobindo tells the world that it is not only possible but entirely practicable to work easily, incessantly, consciously, inwardly, outwardly, thus finally successfully. And in his opinion, life itself is a blessing of God through which man has to realise Him and be one with Him.

Sri Aurobindo's is the supernal Smile that reveals at once the embodiment of an infinite achievement and the future spiritual destiny of mankind.

Invisible to the blind, yet invincible to the strong, and a wonderful practical hope to the four corners of the globe, is the power of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga. ( more)

Excerpt from: Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga by Sri Chinmoy: Originally published Mother India's Lighthouse


The Birth of the Infinite

(5 a.m. August 15th, 1872)

The golden dawn of the cosmos, rapt in trance,
Awaits the Birth of the All.
The seven worlds' bliss converges in her heart
With august and sun-vast call.

Slowly the Peak unmeasured of rapture-fire
Climbs down to our human cry.
His diamond Vision's deathless Will leans low,
Our mortal yearnings nigh.

Suddenly life's giant somnolence is stirred.
His all-embracing Wing
Declares, "I come to end your eyeless fear.
To Me alone now cling!

"No fleeting dreams your teeming births do trace.
Now own My infinite Bloom.
In Me the flood of Immortality!
Nowhere shall be your doom."

From: 100 Beloved Sons And Daughters Of Mother India: - by Sri Chinmoy


The Descent of the Blue

- A play by Sri Chinmoy about the life of Sri Aurobindo

(Aurobindo) "..Then take it from me that whatever drawbacks stand in India’s way will be swept away by His Force. The Nation is rising and will go on rising, maybe at times through ups and downs, to the infinite heights. If she does not, she will be an ignominious failure, and ultimately become extinct. But have no such fear. India rises to do God’s Will, to give His Message to the world, to help humanity out of its human darkness into its innate divinity. India’s renaissance is as sure as God Himself. Cast doubt away. Be sincere in your unshakeable faith. It will carry you through... (Act V Scene III)."

Play: Descent of the Blue by Sri Chinmoy


The Mother

Sri Aurobindo is the Father of a beginningless beginning and the Son of an endless end.

The Mother always gives. We too always give. Hers is the Blessing. Ours is the unworthiness.

Sri Aurobindo's Truth is the Seed. His Law is the Plant. His Forgiveness is the Tree. His Holocaust is the Fruit—the Supermind for the world's transformation.

The Mother is ceaseless forgiveness. It is man's bulwark against perdition.

  • The Mother Excerpt from: 100 Beloved Sons And Daughters Of Mother India: Avatars, Seers, Saints And Sages by Sri Chinmoy


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