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Excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s writings on the United Nations

Excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s writings, expressing his vision for the United Nations and a peaceful oneness-world.


The outer message of the United Nations is peace.
The inner message of the United Nations is love.
The inmost message of the United Nations is oneness.


The most important thing to remember
while working at the United Nations
is the vision of the United Nations.


The inner heart of the United Nations is flooded with peace. The outer heart of the United Nations is trying to spread peace all over the world.


World peace can be achieved when, in each person, the power of love replaces the love of power.


The United Nations is the morning.
World union is the day.


The ancient dream of cooperation is not just a human dream that has nothing to do with reality. This ancient dream is not a dream at all, but a faultless and divine vision – an unhorizoned vision that is slowly, steadily and unerringly shaping our individual and collective destiny as humanity marches towards its supreme goal of universal oneness and transcendental newness.


The real worth of the United Nations lies in the united principles of its members. It is in these united principles that one can see the fruit of true inner oneness and divine perfection.


Peace does not mean the absence of war. Peace means the presence of harmony, love, satisfaction and oneness.


Be a genuine ambassador of good will to all nations. You will immediately win the universal love and the transcendental blessings from above.


To create a perfect world, we must become a song of interdependence.


The greatest mistake in life is to remain indifferent
to the world situation.


Do not stop dreaming! One day your world-peace-dream
will inundate the entire world.


The greatness of each nation lies in its deep love for other nations and in its self-giving to other nations.


Problems are everywhere. Each country has hundreds of problems. Each individual has hundreds of problems.
But problems can be solved, should be solved and must be solved by individuals first. If each individual dives deep into his own countless problems, he comes to realise that there is only one problem, and that problem is lack of oneness.


World unity is of paramount importance. If all the countries join together for a positive common goal,
the very act of their being together is something laudable.
Only this approach will eventually save the world and the planet.


To me, the United Nations is great. Why? Because it has high principles. To me, the United Nations is good.
Why? Because it leaves no stone unturned to transform these principles into living realities.


The United Nations sings one song: the song that says it is love-power that will conquer the world. No other power can conquer the world.


The United Nations is like the ocean. Each Mission is a flowing river entering into the ocean with hope, with eagerness and with a willingness to become part and parcel of the ocean.


The United Nations is not a mere building. It is not a mere concept. It is a reality which is growing, glowing and manifesting its radiance here, there and all-where.


One day the world will not only treasure and cherish the soul of the United Nations, but will also claim the soul of the United Nations as its very own with enormous pride, for this soul is all-loving, all-nourishing and all-fulfilling.


First there was the League of Nations. Now we see the United Nations. From the United Nations we shall see a Oneness-World, and inside this Oneness-World we shall see the song of self-transcendence, world-transcendence, universal transcendence.


The United Nations unmistakably has the soul-peace and the heart-dedication to be the first and foremost instrument of human unification.


A heart of peace is the dearest member of the oneness-family.


One can best serve the United Nations by keeping in one’s heart the main principles of the United Nations: world peace, world harmony, world transformation and world oneness.


Lasting peace must begin within the depths of the individual, and from there spread in ever-widening circles as a dynamic force for world change.


The United Nations is humanity’s home. The lofty vision of the United Nations is that we all belong to a peace-loving oneness-world-family. This vision will eventually transform the face and fate of the world.


The world is constantly evolving towards a higher standard of life. It is not moving in a straight line, but rather in a spiral. Therefore, at times this progress is not immediately noticeable. To our human mind it may seem confusing and baffling. But on the strength of our inner oneness with the world situation and world evolution, we can see unmistakably the world’s slow and steady progress.


The inner vision of the United Nations is the gift supreme. A day will dawn when the vision of the United Nations will save the world.


What the United Nations brings to the world are the vision of peace and the promise of total perfection and total satisfaction in the oneness-world-family.


World acceptance, world concern, world patience, world sympathy and world oneness give my life a peace-fountain-heart.


Mine is the wisdom-light that tells me to ask not for a lighter burden, but for a stronger heart.


I do not give up, I never give up – for there is nothing in this entire world that is irrevocably unchangeable.


I acquire peace not from solitude but from my world-servitude.


Here in the United Nations is where the vision of oneness took birth and sent its illumining light to the four corners of the globe.


The role of the United Nations will not come to an end after the establishment of peace on earth. To have world peace is just the beginning; it is not and cannot be the end of human achievement. The earth also has to grow into a new light and achieve a new harmony and a new fulfilment.


When the reality of the United Nations starts bearing fruit, then the breath of Immortality will be a living reality on earth.


There will come a time when this world of ours will be flooded with peace. Who will bring about this radical change? It will be you – you and your sisters and brothers. You and your oneness-heart will spread peace throughout the length and breadth of the world.


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