Sri Chinmoy, author of over 1,600 books
This site will endeavour to contain Sri Chinmoy's literary output in its entirety; currently, there are 1794 books, periodicals and other writings available.

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Translated books:

Sri Chinmoy's writings

Talks and university lectures

Sri Chinmoy gives lecture in OsloSri Chinmoy gave lectures at universities around the world, including Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge, highlighting the central truths of yoga, religion and spirituality for the modern seeker. The book My Ivy League Leaves includes lectures in Harvard, Yale and Stanford.

Answers to questions

Sri Chinmoy answering questionsOver the years, Sri Chinmoy answered numerous questions on the spiritual life, offering practical guidance through simple, direct and powerful replies. These questions have been compiled into volumes such as Sri Chinmoy answers and Flame-Waves.


My Flute - a book by Sri ChinmoySri Chinmoy was a prolific poet, with well over 130,000 poems, prayers and aphorisms to his name. Many of the famous early poems that Sri Chinmoy wrote in his teenage years and early twenties are contained in My Flute

Much of Sri Chinmoy's poetic output can be found in three epic collections:


Life's Bleeding Tears and Flying Smiles - a book by Sri ChinmoySri Chinmoy loved to tell stories. Among Sri Chinmoy's story collections are retellings of traditional Indian stories (such as the India and her miracle-feast series) as well as newer stories taken both from Indian village life and from the West, where he made his home for 43 years.


Siddhartha becomes the Buddha - a book by Sri ChinmoySri Chinmoy wrote plays about the lives of the great Avatars, including the Buddhathe Christ, Sri Chaitanya and Sri Ramakrishna, revealing the quintessence of their lives and teachings. These plays underscore the essential unity of different spiritual traditions around the world.

Tributes to world-servers

President Mandela with Sri-Chinmoy at the Presidential Mansion in Pretoria.jpgSri Chinmoy wrote many books of tributes to people he deeply admired. These books include poems, songs and talks about the lofty achievements and illumining personalities of these great individuals, such as President Mikhail Gorbachev, President Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa.

Charming anecdotes from Sri Chinmoy's life

Sri Chinmoy running on trackWhile Sri Chinmoy did not write an autobiography, he related many vignettes about his childhood and youth that have been published in his books. In his later years, he shared anecdotes from his daily life in the West that were published in books such as The world-experience-tree-climber (from his world travels) and Run and become (from his athletic training).