Perfection: what is it? It is an ever-transcending reality. Perfection is to reach Divinity’s feet with humanity’s heart. Perfection is to change the life-style of the finite world and to manifest the life-style of the Infinite.

Perfection is not self-justification. Perfection is not self-proclamation. Perfection is not self-annihilation. Perfection is God-invitation, God-adoration and God-satisfaction.

Perfection is to have sterling faith in God’s constant Compassion. Perfection is to have staunch faith in man’s crying aspiration.

Who says that perfection on earth is self-delusion? Perfection is God-glorification in man.

Who says that perfection is a far cry? No, it is nearer than the heart-beat, nearer than the life-breath.

Something more: perfection embodies God the aspiring, evolving, transcending, illumining and fulfilling man.

EA 33. 13 July 1977, 9:43 p.m. — Yoga-Life Perfection, New York.