God has made this world round

God has made this world round. Do you know why? Perhaps you do know. As a matter of fact, everybody will be able to supply an answer according to his and her inner light and outer perspective. According to my inner awareness, I wish to say that God has made this world round so that we all can sit around Him in a circle, and nobody’s view will be obstructed by others. If some people obstruct our view, then naturally we shall feel sad and miserable. Therefore, God, the Author of all Good, has made our world round so that we can see Him easily and directly; and if we want to, which we should, we must look at Him devotedly and soulfully.

In order to be a member of God’s ring, we have to remain inside our hearts. How do we remain inside our hearts? There are many ways, but the easiest and most effective way is to feel that the ring that God has created for us is not only our saviour-ring but also our brother-ring and sister-ring. If we consider the ring, the round world of ours, as a foreign element or an obstruction and barrier, if we feel that we have to go beyond the ring and, in order to do so, break asunder the ring, then we shall be committing an Himalayan blunder. No, that ring is our oneness-ring from where we can see our Beloved Supreme all at once, according to our heart’s receptivity and our soul’s luminosity and our life’s selfless creativity.

EA 83. 20 July 1977, 6:20 a.m. — Jamaica High School Track, Jamaica, New York.