Question: How can we live more with humility?

Sri Chinmoy: We can live more with humility provided we know what we can offer when we really become humble. When we become really humble, we offer more of our capacity, divinity and reality. Only by becoming humble can we become what we truly are. We become of greater use, of greater help to mankind.

We can observe a tree. When the tree does not have fruits, it just remains straight, erect. But when the tree bears fruit, it bends down. The presence of the fruit means light and nourishment. But do we appreciate, do we admire the tree that is not willing to offer its fruits to us? Similarly when we have the fruits called Peace, Light and Bliss, we just come down to aspiring humanity. When aspiring humanity receives our Peace, Light and Bliss, we become of great service to mankind.

Humility we have to take as a divine gift and a supreme gift. It is something that we have to offer to mankind. We have to feel that humility is our feeling of consecrated oneness with humanity. If we take humility in the highest and purest sense of the term, then we can become really humble. Humility is not a matter of touching the feet of somebody, no. It is something that has to be shared with the rest of the world. It is the God-life within us. The higher we go, the greater is our promise to the Supreme in mankind. The more light we receive by virtue of our humility, the more we have to offer to mankind.

Again, we have to know that there is only one way to become humble and that is to see what happens to an individual when he sees, achieves and grows into the light. Does he keep it all for himself? No. He shares with the rest of the world. And when he shares, the world is nourished, the world is fulfilled.

Sri Chinmoy, Inspiration-garden and aspiration-leaves.First published by Agni Press in 1977.

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