The Singer of the Eternal Beyond

First published by Sky Publishers, New York in 1973. Published on with the permission of Sri Chinmoy. This is the 26th book written by Sri Chinmoy after he came to the West in 1964.

Table of Contents

The baby Krishna and his foster mother, Jashoda

Don't worship Indra but worship Giri Govardhan

Radha and Krishna are pure

O Krishna, keep me in constant suffering!

Krishna, I need You only

Krishna and Arjuna

Krishna, I see death-forces all around me

The Universal Form

Krishna, my existence is at your disposal

Ask Vishma, O Arjuna


Not how many hours you meditate, but how you meditate

These are my psychic tears

Two divine liars: are they really so?

Her cow must die tomorrow

Think of God: He will not only think of you, but He will think of your dear ones as well

He eats grass but carries a naked sword

Kali and Krishna are one