Salvation, liberation and realisation2

I wish to give a very short talk on salvation, liberation and realisation.

Salvation is God-discovery. Liberation is God-achievement. Realisation is God-fulfilment.

A man with salvation, a man with liberation, a man with realisation: what they are and what they are not. What they are is Reality’s smile; what they are not is unreality’s cry.

God’s pure Compassion gives the seeker salvation. God’s sweet Love grants the seeker liberation. God’s proud, divine Oneness with the seeker gives him realisation.

In the Western world, salvation is everything. In the Eastern world, especially in India, liberation is really something, but realisation is everything. Many a seeker, before he achieves salvation, feels that his father in Heaven is all for him. This is his hope; this is his dream. But after he has achieved salvation, he knows this as a reality. A seeker, before he achieves liberation, feels that the Truth abides somewhere — not in front of him, but in an unknowable place. After he has achieved liberation, he feels that God the Light was only unknown, and now He has become fully known. Before the seeker attains realisation, he feels that God is here, there, in everything. He feels God’s Presence everywhere, but he does not see God face-to-face. After he has realised God, his feeling is transformed into seeing. He sees God face-to-face as he would see any individual he meets.

When a man gains salvation, God tells him to feel at every moment that he is the instrument and God is the Doer. At this time, the man feels extremely happy and grateful that God has chosen him to be His instrument. A man who has achieved liberation hears something else from God. God says, “My son, you have worked hard, very hard, to free yourself from the meshes of ignorance. Perhaps you are tired. If you want to take rest, you may take rest. Don’t work if you don’t want to. If you work, so much the better; but if you don’t work, no harm. I am still very pleased with you.” A man who has realised God hears still something else from God. God tells him, “Before, I worked alone for you, for the world, for the universe. Now I give you the key to open up My universal Consciousness. I give you My treasure, My entire wealth. I want you to feel that My wealth is your wealth, and to distribute My wealth as your very own. Your work and My work are the same: the manifestation of Divinity, the manifestation of Immortality on earth. Together we shall work, together we shall liberate the earth consciousness. Together we shall transform our Vision into Reality.”

He who has achieved salvation, in God’s Eye is very good. He who has achieved liberation, in God’s Eye is very great. He who has achieved realisation, in God’s Eye is both very good and very great. A man with salvation feels that God is his Father. A man with liberation feels that God is his Friend. And a man with God-Realisation feels that God is his Everything.

Conference Room 10

January 5, 1973

THN 2. Conference Room 10, 5 January 1973.