Animal Kingdom

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Ant: Glory

Ant, my ant,
In you my heart beholds
The glory of the Supreme.
Tiniest in size, you house the dream
Of the Omnipotent.
To me you are extremely important,
Because you represent
One extremity of God,
His message of smallness;
In another word, His greatness.

Bat: Peculiarity

Bat, my bat,
With your strange peculiarity-light you see at night,
And we see during the day.
Therefore you and men are equal.
Let us try to increase our capacities.
You try to see during the day
And we during the night.
God is merciful.
Let us pray;
He will grant us His deathless Ray.

Bear: Vengefulness

Bear, my bear,
Your sense of vengefulness
Far surpasses human might;
Yet unconsciously
You cry for the human height.
Nothing satisfies you for long;
Not even satisfaction-day.
Inseparable your proud wisdom
And wild ignorance-clay.

Bee: Industry

Bee, my bee,
Your day and night
And your patience-industry
Have no respite.
Hard you endeavour
To bring nectar
From the core of your service-tree.
You always don
The robe of fruitful victory.

Buffalo: Wisdom

Buffalo, my buffalo,
O bearer of Yamaraj,
King of death,
Your wisdom-sun
Controls humanity's breath.
You teach the world:
Until Eternity's Cry is won,
Until Immortality's Smile is won,
Until earth-pangs and Heaven-Bliss
Are made supremely one,
Nothing is done, nothing is done.

Bull: Confidence

Bull, my bull,
God has Confidence
And you have confidence,
And nobody else.

God has the creative Power
And you have the creative power,
And nobody else.

God confides in you His Vision-Flood,
You confide in God your mission-blood.

Butterfly: Prosperity

Butterfly, my butterfly,
You are the harbinger
Of man's prosperity-life.
Your sweet arrival
Devours immediately
Man's ceaseless strife.

Camel: Forbearance

Camel, my camel,
Your forbearance-height
Is God's Revelation-Light.
Inside the vast expanse
of futility's desert-hush,
You want to found
Divinity's Triumph-Right.

Cat: Affection

Cat, my cat,
You cry for constant affection.
I have affection plus compassion.
Stop crying,
Start smiling.
I tell you a supreme secret:
"I treasure your dependence."

Cock: Death-Signal

Cock, my cock,
Why do you give the death-signal?
"What can I do?
God chose me and made me the
To be man's death-signal.
How long does one play?
Not forever.
I tell the weary man,
'Go and take rest.
My friend death has carefully
His nest
For you, only for you.

Cockroach: Unpleasantness

Cockroach, my cockroach,
Your unpleasantness-interference
Creates a serious problem
For mankind.
Don't you see that?
Are you so blind?
Are you really blind?
How many times have we told you
That we don't need you at all
In our restful and fruitful conference,
And in our life of

Cow: Light

Cow, my cow,
You have the light,
You are the light.
You alone have the right
To guide and lead
The entire creation's height.

Crab: Insecurity

Crab, my crab,
Your orphan insecurity-sea
Instigates you to fell
The human love-tree.
The more your little kingdom
Wants to grasp the vast world,
The farther will you be compelled to stay
From the horizon of service-freedom.

Cricket: Illumination

Cricket, my cricket,
Your longing for world-illumination
In the home of night
Is far beyond the mortal's feeble admiration.
God's experience-pride is the connecting link
Between your existence-reality
And His creation's unfathomed enormity.

Crow: Death-Force

Crow, my crow,
For God's sake,
Don't sit on my head,
Don't sit on my shoulders,
Don't scratch my body with your death-force!
I don't want to die.
I don't want my dear ones to die
And fly away into the sky.
You rascal!
Don't darken my door
Until I have eaten
My nectar-bread.

Deer: Speed

Deer, my deer,
God's Compassion
Has the fastest speed.
God is very rich, my deer.
With His Compassion-moon,
The whole world He knows how to feed.
God wants you
To be His student-runner
And hoist His Victory's Banner.

Dog: Faithfulness

Dog, my dog,
Heaven's faithfulness
Earth's faithfulness
Put together
Have no match for your faithfulness.
Man needs your heart to succeed.
God needs your soul to proceed.

Dolphin: Sagacity

Dolphin, my dolphin,
Your advanced sagacity
Denies your inferiority
To forest animals.
You make man feel that your consciousness
Borders upon the extremity of human life
With ceaseless strife.

Donkey: Stupidity

Donkey, my donkey,
Never do I dare
To belittle or blame
Your stupid stupidity.

I know, I know,
Your stupidity's head
Loves and serves,
Serves and loves
Man's eye of boastful fecundity.

Dove: Peace

Dove, my dove,
You sing the song of peace.
The aspiring human beings
Are all on their knees
Before God
To have your eternal treasure.
Without you, life is nothing but
A destructive pressure.
With you, life is fulfilled satisfaction
In measureless measure.

Duck: Discrimination

Duck, my duck,
You have the discrimination-power
To separate milk from water
And drink milk
To satisfy your great need.

The Illumination-Hour
You separate from
The huge ignorance-night,
And you use the Illumination-Hour
To satisfy your great need.

Infinity's silver peace
You separate from
Eternity's devouring fight,
And you use
Infinity's silver peace
To satisfy your great need.

Eagle: Vision

Eagle, my eagle,
Your high vision wants to soar above
Yet you want to enjoy and love
The pleasure-life of ignorance below.
Heaven's height
Earth's pleasure
Go not together,
Be wise, be not
Stupidly clever.

Elephant: Strength

Elephant, my elephant,
You are strength,
Reality's strength.
Your solid strength
And conscious willingness
Can and shall lead the world
To Infinity's endless length.

Frog: Enthusiasm

Frog, my frog,
Endlessly you jump and jump,
Cheerfully you cover distance,
Proudly you conquer the pride of length.
Who could imagine
That your legs had such spring and strength?
Continue jumping.
In the process of your evolution
And your silver-bright enthusiasm
You are bound to cover
Eternity's length
And sing the song of

Giraffe: Height

Giraffe, my giraffe,
Your height longs to play
With God's Transcendental Height.
God is fond of your psychic cry;
Man is proud of your ambition-sky.
God's Height you are bound to reach.
Try, you shall succeed; try.

Goat: Desire

Goat, my goat,
No more do you care
For the desire-land.
Truth-Light is descending into you
You shall before long become
A member divine of the aspiration-band.
And then through you will play
God's own Hand.

Horse: Sacrifice

Horse, my horse,
I envy you.
I mean it, I really do.
Your life of constant and complete sacrifice
Is far beyond the height
Of all earthly and heavenly price.
God barters His Eternity's Heart-gratitude
With your immortality's sacrifice-plenitude.

Jackal: Roguishness

Jackal, my jackal,
Stop your roguishness-life.
Lo, truth-life is at your door
To carry you to the golden shore.
Your preparation-day
God's fulfilled Compassion-Ray
Are one, inseparable,
Far beyond the domain of clay.

Lamb: Helplessness

Lamb, my lamb,
Your white helplessness-day
Compels God-Compassion
In you to stay,
And guide you to
Infinity's Height,
Eternity's Light,
Immortality's Right.

Lion: Sovereignty

Lion, my lion,
To your stupendous sovereignty
Impotent lives quickly surrender.
Your sovereignty
Has not destroyed your sense of necessity.
You do not roam
Beyond necessity's door.
Yours is the golden shore.

Louse: Atrocity

Louse, my louse,
Why do you devour
With your atrocity-hunger
Man's purity-head and beauty-hair?
It is not fair,
It is not fair!
God's Compassion-Flood
Shall save man and his innocence.
Man's angry hands
Shall destroy you, your life-blood.

Monkey: Restlessness

Monkey, my monkey,
Your restlessness-life
Has won a transformation-face.
What a miracle!
Yesterday you belonged
To God's unconditional Grace.
Today you belong
To God's Aspiration-Race.

Mosquito: Torture

Mosquito, my mosquito,
You torture humanity's breath
With your tiny body, your outer frame.
Human valour, human pride, human fame
Are at your mercy's reign.
You prove that size is not important:
What is important is capacity's life.
How secretly you carry
Death-King's secret knife!

Mouse: Bearer

Mouse, my mouse,
You are the bearer of Ganapati,
The giver of realisation-plenitude.
Earth-consciousness knows
This truth sublime.
To you, to you alone,
Earth-life is all gratitude.

Nightingale: Sweetness

Nightingale, my nightingale,
Your sweetness-melody of rhapsody
Divinely waters man's consciousness-tree.
You are your divinity's voice,
You are our soulful admiration's choice.

Panther: Destruction

Panther, my panther,
Yesterday you served God
With your destruction-speed.
Indeed, you were unbelievably powerful.
Today you are serving God
With your aspiration-speed.
Indeed, you are divinely soulful.
Tomorrow you shall be serving God
With your realisation-speed.
Indeed, you will be supremely fruitful.

Parrot: Admiration

Parrot, my parrot,
Your high and constant admiration
For human voice and human wisdom
Compels you to leave your sky-vast freedom
And stay in a tiny cage of imitation's limitation.
Your imitation of your superior brother, man,
Endows you with the pride-light of satisfaction.

Peacock: Victory

Peacock, my peacock,
I asked my God
When He will grant me victory.
Smilingly He said:
"Son, not until you stop climbing
The ignorance-tree."

Pig: Satisfaction

Pig, my pig,
Today you derive satisfaction
From ignorance-night.
Tomorrow you shall derive satisfaction
From perfection,
Your friend, your only friend.
Your embrace of perfection
With your transformation-body
Is your birthright.

Rabbit: Sincerity

Rabbit, my rabbit,
Your gold sincerity
Takes your soul to God-Goal.
Through you alone
God reveals His perfection-role
On Heaven-bound earth
With stupendous mirth.

Rhinoceros: Concentration

Rhinoceros, my rhinoceros,
You know the art of concentration,
You know the secret of liberation.
You expedite goal-perfection on earth,
You expedite Immortality's birth.

Scorpion: Ignorance-Force

Scorpion, my scorpion,
Your ignorance-force
Is conquered
By the human man's medicine-force,
And the divine man's forgiveness-force.
Since you are conquered
By two mighty forces,
Stop your eyeless course.

Shark: Meanness

Shark, my shark,
I am so proud of you.
Your meanness-consciousness
Is totally gone.
You swim in the sea of light and eternal day.
I assure you, you shall not
Be asked to swim again
In the sea of water, mud and clay.

Skunk: Darkness

Skunk, my skunk,
You spread darkness all around.
Save God's Compassion-Flood,
Nothing is found
In your ignoble blood.

Red Snake: Energy,

Snake, my red snake,
I need your energy.
Even the Lord Shiva needs you
Around his divine neck.
Energy feeds the life of the universe.
Energy lost, life becomes
A painful farce.

Black Snake: Inconscience

Snake, my black snake,
How dare you blight
Again my aspiration-life
With your inconscience-night?
Are you a brute?
Are you an idiot?
Oh, I see; you are both.

Sparrow: Secrecy

Sparrow, my sparrow,
You embody future's high secrecy.
You reveal its wealth
With your psychic delicacy.
Your tiny body and your spanless
Foreseeing eye
Create in man bold contradiction
Of fascination-sky.

Spider: Patience

Spider, my spider,
You build your home
With patience-light.
Against the speedy time
You and your confidence fight.
You teach the world
What patience can do:
Build perfection's kingdom
pure and true.

Squirrel: Service

Squirrel, my squirrel,
You served the Lord Rama
With your devoted service.
You carried grains of sand
While he was building
His famous bridge
To fight against Ravana,
The force undivine.
He has made you immortal.
You carry his name
On your heart.
Your service-glory
Is far beyond the death-dart.

Swan: Realisation

Swan, my swan,
How did you attain your
How did you perform
Such a difficult task?

"I realised God
By offering my life's
Ignorance-husk and ignorance-bark
To the Supreme
The moment
My hour dawned
In my weeping life.
What I have now is God.
What I have now is God's
All-fulfilling Illumination-Life."

Tiger: Cruelty

Tiger, my tiger,
When are you going to end
Your dark cruelty-life?
How long shall wait at your door
Your divinity friend?
Don't delay!
Don't delay!
Inside the vital of your delay
Looms large your world-failure day.

Tortoise: Immortality

Tortoise, my tortoise,
Your slow, self-controlled
Challenges ignorance-knife
And sows the seeds of immortality —
Your universe-surprising
Embodied Reality.