Amare karogo tomar apan

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Amare Karogo Tomar Apan

Amare karogo tomar apan

Oh, Make Me Your Own

Oh, make me Your own.

Tomar Swapan Amar Jiban

Tomar swapan
Amar jiban

My Life Is Your Dream

My life is Your Dream.

Tomar Charane Amar Maran

Tomar charane amar maran

My Death Is at Your Feet

My death is at Your Feet.

Jeyona Bhuliya Mukti Amare Dite

Jeyona bhuliya mukti amare dite

Forget Not to Give Me Liberation

Forget not to give me liberation.

Taba Sudha Nam Jape Jena

Taba sudha nam jape jena
Mama hiya abiram

May My Heart Repeat

May my heart repeat
Your Nectar-Name

Jao Dure Chale Ahamika Ghor

Jao dure chale ahamika ghor

Go Away

Go away, O dark pride!

Satar Kati Satar Kati

Satar kati satar kati
Shanti sagare pratiti bhore

I Swim and Swim

I swim and swim
In the river of peace
Every day.

Asimer Khudha Dao Go Amare

Asimer khudha dao go amare
Tomare tushite

Give Me Infinity's Hunger

Give me Infinity’s hunger
To satisfy You.

Chahi Kebal Tomar Sebai

Chahi kebal tomar sebai
Jiban katate

I Long to Spend My Life

I long to spend my life
Only serving You.

Amar Ananda Dheu

Amar ananda dheu tomar khama

Your Forgiveness Is My Ecstasy-Wave

Your Forgiveness is my ecstasy-wave.

Taba Khama Chite

Taba khama chite
E dharani ache benche

This World

This world is living
In Your Forgiveness-Heart.

Shanti Gabhire Banchite Chahigo

Shanti gabhire banchite chahigo
Shanti gabhire

In the Depths of Peace

In the depths of peace
I long to live.

Asha Nadi Tumi Amar

Asha nadi tumi amar
Nidra bihin sathi


you are my sleepless companion.

Spriha Shikha Jago

Spriha shikha jago jago
Abar jago


Awake, awake,
Once more awake.

Puta Usha Dake Amai

Puta usha dake amai
Dekhte savitare

Purity-Dawn Is Beckoning Me

Purity-dawn is beckoning me
To have a glimpse of the rising sun.

Tripti Chahina Dipti Chahi

Tripti chahina dipti chahi
Chahina dipti chahi taba khama

Satisfaction I Want Not

Satisfaction I want not;
I want light.
Light I want not;
I want Your Forgiveness.

Usha Debi Elo

Usha debi elo hridaya kamale phutate

The Goddess Dawn Has Come

The Goddess Dawn has come
To awaken my heart-lotus.

Usha Deva Bala Eseche Ajike

Usha deva bala eseche ajike
Amar jiban pantha karite ala

The Daughter-Goddess Dawn Has Come

The Daughter-Goddess Dawn has come
To illumine my life-road.

Gopane Ese Hridaye

Gopane ese hridaye
Mama gopane raho


Secretly You come into my heart.
Secretly You stay.

Sanjher Tara Sanjher Tara

Sanjher tara sanjher tara
Tumi amar hiyar hasir fuara

O Evening Star, O Evening-Star

O evening star, O evening star,
You are my fountain-heart-smile.

Eso Eso Ogo Majhi

Eso eso ogo majhi
Tomar sonar tari beye

O My Boatman

O my Boatman, come, come,
Sailing Your Golden Boat.

Deba Muhurta Eso

Deba muhurta eso eso eso
Jagao amar supta hiyar rabire

O God-Moment, Come

O God-moment, come, come,
Come and awaken
My heart’s sleeping sun.

Ashru Sagare Dube Jao Tumi

Ashru sagare dube jao tumi
Bhoye bhoye jabe asi

You Dive into the Sea of Sorrows

You dive into the sea of sorrows
When I fearfully come to You.

Ganer Deshe Hese Hese

Ganer deshe hese hese
Gan geye jai ganer rajer samukhe

Smiling, I Sing And Sing

Smiling, I sing and sing my songs
In the clime of songs
Before the King of Songs.

Pujite Tomai Diyecho Khamata

Pujite tomai diyecho khamata
Tushite ebar dao go

You Have Given Me the Capacity

You have given me
The capacity to worship You.
Now do give me
The capacity to satisfy You.

Tomar Asim Khamar Bale

Tomar asim khamar bale
Jiban amar benche ache

My Life Is Still Alive

My life is still alive
Because of Your Infinity’s

Nayan Mudile Dekha Dao More

Nayan mudile dekha dao more
Nayan khulile nimeshe lukao
Keno prabhu keno

When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes,
You come and stand before me.
When I open my eyes,
Immediately You hide.
Why, my Lord, why?

Baroi Madhur Kalpana

Baroi madhur kalpana
Baroi nithur bastab
Ei kathati jante perechi

Sweet, Very Sweet

Sweet, very sweet — imagination.
Cruel, very cruel — reality.
This I have known all along.

Balo Balo Amai Bhalobaso Ki (1)

Balo balo amai bhalobaso ki
Balo ogo param pita

Tell Me, My Lord

Tell me, my Lord, tell me,
Do You really love me?

Balo Balo Amai Bhalobaso Ki (2)

Balo balo amai bhalobaso ki
Ogo amar param pita

Tell Me, Tell Me, My Lord Father Supreme

Tell me, tell me, my Lord Father Supreme,
Do You really love me?

Jago Jago Rabi Shashi

Jago jago rabi shashi jago jago tara
Jago amar hiya pure muchhao ashru dhara

Awake, Awake, O Sun, O Moon

Awake, awake,
O sun, O moon and stars.
Awake in my heart-citadel
And wipe the flow of my tears.