Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 15

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Now that your heart-path
Is paved with hope-light,
God’s Silence-Delight
Will beckon you
From God’s Golden Shore.


I know, I know,
My heart’s beauty-flames
Were born inside
My Lord’s Responsibility-Fire.


Your believing heart-prayer
God immediately answers.
Your surrendering dedication-life
God proudly treasures.


Is not a life of complacency.
A heart of confidence
Is God’s perfection-blossoming Dream
In man and for man.


My heart-dreams are dancing today,
For from today on
My life will be able to study
In God’s Satisfaction-School.


Alas, alas,
Just because I am
A little bit different
From my Lord Supreme,
I am compelled to carry
The heaviest load
Of worries and anxieties.


Unless your mind gives up
Its desire-hallucinations,
Your heart will never be able
To grant your mind
Its aspiration-dreams,
The dreams that you keep safe
In God’s Bank.


Instead of bringing opportunity
To your doorstep,
You are chasing opportunity away
With your stupid, self-undermining
And self-criticising mind.


How can and why should God
Liberate you and your life
If you do not
Cheerfully and powerfully terminate
Your long-cherished,
Self-imposed isolation-life?


Now that you have jumped
The hurdles of doubt and suspicion,
God’s final Decision
Is to make you
A choice representative of His
Here on earth.


Your mind-life
Has no faith in itself.
Therefore your aspiration-boat
Is sinking fast, very fast.


If your outer life is expert
At denying the purity-faith
Of your inner life,
Your inner life can also
Easily and satisfactorily deny
The very existence of the impurity-doubt
Of your outer life.


My brave mind
Came into the world to succeed.
My pure heart
Came into the world to proceed.
My compassionate soul
Came into the world to precede.
My unaspiring body
Came into the world only to concede.


You have all along been
An authority on the failure-life
Because you did not dare to send
Your resignation-letter
To your ignorance-master.


Unless and until
You make your heart-room spacious,
God will not grant you
His precious Key
To open His Heart-Door.


You want to know
Where my confidence-delight comes from.
It comes from
My sleepless and breathless hope-light.


This is not the only world
That my Lord has.
He has many, many worlds.
He listens to my soulful prayer
When I beg of Him
Not to show me the face
Of the life-lowering gossip-world.


What your mind has
Is only desire-dollar bills.
With these bills you can buy
Only stark frustration-goods.


My Lord is doing something special:
He is placing
The laurel wreath of surrender
Inside my aspiration-heart.


Just because I never untied
The knot that tied me taut
To my Lord Supreme,
God is now ready to write
Secretly and regularly
My earth-illumining speeches.


As my Lord has no time
To be tired,
Even so, I do not have time
To be disappointed,
Either in myself
Or in the world around me.


You are proud that your mind
Is stubbornly unchanging.
I tell you,
Soon your heart’s invisible divinity
Will threaten, frighten and enlighten
Your mind.


You are fooling yourself twice:
Once when you say
That God has infinitely
More important things to do
Than to think of you,
And once when you say
That you do not need God’s Help
To make you happy and keep you happy.


How can you ever mourn
The death of your doubting mind
If your heart has already become
Inseparably one with God
On the strength of its constant


Do you know
What an intellectual pygmy
Does to me?
He just hates me
In season and out of season.

Do you know
What a spiritual giant
Does for me?
First he tells me what I should do
To please God all the time.
Then he himself does it for me.


An educated man
My mind respects.
A self-giving man
My heart loves.
A God-becoming man
My entire being needs.


If your heart loves God
In God’s own Way,
If your life serves God
In God’s own Way,
I cannot understand
How you can ever suffer from
An inner energy crisis.


My heart has been suffering
For a long time
From insecurity-flu.
My soul-doctor has tried
All kinds of medicine
With no satisfactory result.
Now for the first time
My soul-doctor is trying to cure
The insecurity-flu of my heart
With God’s Oneness-Injection.
I am sure this time
Insecurity-flu will be transformed
Into security-rapture.


Now that you have discovered
Your heart’s life-purifying tears,
Failure can no longer hover
In your mind’s hesitation-sky.


Alas, he fails to notice
The bondage-chains
Binding his heart.

Alas, he fails to notice
God’s Compassion-Beauty
Illumining his eyes.


Your life
Is your insincerity-serpent.
How can you ever dare
To lead the life of an angel
On earth?


No matter which new song I sing
To please my Lord,
It has always been available
In my God-Eternity’s Songbook.


You keep your hopes hidden.
Your hopes will remain unheeded
By God’s Compassion-Light.


This world of ours
Is indeed a prayerless world
Of illusion and delusion.
Yet everybody expects
That God’s Love-Light
Must reign supreme on earth.


My heart knows
What God-dependence is.
My life knows
What self-transcendence is.
And I know
What the Satisfaction-Smile
Of God’s Descent is.


Although I suffered for years
From mind-analysis,
I did nothing to cure
My self-styled mind-patient.
Now to my extreme sorrow
I am stuck with
My heart-paralysis.


You want to know, after all,
What God’s Compassion-Flood
Has done for you.
I want to tell you
That God’s Compassion-Flood
Has totally knocked
Your ugly ego-life to the ground.
What more can you expect from God?


This is what my mind
Unmistakably needs.
This is what my heart
Sleeplessly needs.
This is what my life
Immediately needs.


Because his life’s surrender-story
Was written
With his heart’s purity-pen,
God’s transcendental Satisfaction-Shore
Is beckoning him.


A faithless life
Is an endless death.
An endless death
Is governing the soulless mind
Of the modern earth-bound society.


Never, never tell a lie
To any human being!
If you tell a lie
To a human being,
He will ruthlessly insult you
And torture you,
And at the same time,
He will not forgive you.
But if you ever tell a lie to God —
Which you must not
And should not —
Then God will forgive you.


Since God calls
Both Heaven and earth
His Home,
He always keeps
A few things for Vision
In Heaven
And a few things for Manifestation
On earth.


Do not sleep
In front of the ocean of delight.
Jump into the ocean!
Throw your life’s devouring discontentment
Into the ocean!


O earth,
Do not worry.
God will take care of you, too.
How long can He live
Only in the Heaven-Light-Room,
Ignoring the earth-darkness-room?


He has measurelessly increased
His familiarity
With his inner world’s faith-family.
Therefore God has granted him
His transcendental Satisfaction-Crown.


One of God’s great successes:
When one of His children
Can soulfully say,
“In me a new quality
Has come to the fore
Which previously I did not have
Or I did not use —
The heart-quality.”


Every day God asks you to enjoy
The prosperity of your self-confidence.
Instead of doing that, you enjoy
The prosperity of your self-indulgence.


O my physical heart,
Without you I cannot continue
My earthly existence.
O my spiritual heart,
Without you I cannot even start
My Heavenward journey.


My outer strength
May or may not add
To my inner strength.
But my inner strength
Always adds
To my outer strength.


A God-seeker is he
Who first surrenders
And then becomes
And finally wins the race.

A God-lover is he
Who first becomes
And then surrenders
And finally wins the race.


His is the outer strength
That can either break or build.
Fortunately he is using
His outer strength
Only to build.


Yesterday you felt
Farther than the farthest from God,
But today
Your soulful meditation
Is making you feel
Closer than the closest to God.
Every day
A soulful meditation
Is the only thing
That God needs from you.


Although it is the most difficult
Choice to make —
God or me —
I have successfully solved
This most serious problem.
When I need something,
I shall say, “God, only God.”
When I do not need anything,
I shall say, “Me!
Who else can there be?”


Just as an outer runner
Daily practises and practises
To run his fastest race,
Even so, an inner runner
Must sleeplessly practise and practise
To reach his highest height.


His heart-door is wide open
To each and every human being,
Especially to those
Who are in the thought-crowded mind-fair.


The Supreme is not losing heart
Even though His Mission on earth
Right now is only a tiny plant.
For His inner Vision knows
That this tiny plant
Will ultimately become
A divine banyan tree.


You can easily upstage ignorance
With your heart’s aspiration-cry
And your soul’s illumination-smile.


One petal of a rose withers,
And the entire beauty of the rose
Is lost.
Even so, if one seeker does not offer
His aspiration-heart and dedication-life,
All his fellow travellers
Feel excruciating pangs.


To do new things gives him pure joy.
He was always inclined
Towards poetry and music,
But not art.
Therefore he got tremendous joy
From becoming an artist.


You want to be flooded
With God’s Power.
I tell you,
There is only one way:
You have to overpower
Your ignorance-life


There is no such thing
As a miracle.
It is only a hidden reality
That has been waiting and waiting
To blossom fully
At God’s choice Hour.


I shall cast aside
My insecurity, jealousy and doubt.
All division in my nature
Must be transformed.
Unless this is accomplished,
I shall miserably remain
In my unaspiring human life.


A mind-furnace:
This is what you have.
If you are dissatisfied with it,
Then nobody is preventing you
From having a heart-garden
Where your Beloved Supreme
Can sing, play and dance.


He mistakenly feels
That dynamism is only for those
Who live in the restless vital.
He is ready to spend his entire life
Praying and meditating
In one tiny corner.


My mind is no longer
A fault-finder.
My mind has become
A follower of faith,
Sailing its dream-boat
Towards the Perfection-Shore.


He always listens
To the Will of his Beloved Supreme
By not showing the world
Curiosity-increasing miracles.


God is extremely pleased with him
And proud of him
Because his life’s newspaper
Is now featuring
His heart’s ever-blossoming faith.


Your Lord Supreme knows
Both the encouraging things
And the discouraging things
That are happening
Inside your heart and mind.
Yet He remains silent.
His Role is only to grant
Endlessly and unconditionally
His inner Blessings and Guidance.


God will not offer you His Advice
Unless and until He sees
That you are ready to accept it
Cheerfully and wholeheartedly.


The mind’s doubt-thieves
Are all caught.
The soul has now taken them
Into the heart-room
For their complete transformation.


He was such a fool!
His Lord’s illumining Answer
Was not what he wanted to hear.
Therefore he was waiting
And hoping against hope
That his Lord would one day
Allow him to fulfil his desires
In his own way.


His poetry and his spirituality
Are like the obverse and reverse
Of the same coin.
He was born to be a poet,
He was born to be a God-lover.


Your mind’s thoughts are produced
In a futility-factory.
How then can you ever dream
Of perfection-satisfaction
In your life?


While he was crying
For God-manifestation
And world-perfection,
The music-world and the art-world
Became enamoured
Of his poetry and his spirituality.
They wanted to become members
Of his inner family.
But it was his poetry and his spirituality
That together started
Their unprecedented God-manifestation
And world-transformation-journey
In and through him.


You are neglecting
Everything and everyone in your life.
I am telling you,
You are making a most deplorable mistake,
Especially when you are forgetting
To water your heart’s


The messages of the Vedic seers
Not only illumined the receptive souls
Of that time
But also changed
The spiritual atmosphere of the world
For all time.


You are holding God
To His Perfection-Promise
In your life.
God also can hold you
To your surrender-promise
In His Life.


Because the world
Is all one family,
All the members of the family
Should powerfully smile at
And joyfully share in
The greatness-achievements
Of one member.


You are manifesting the Supreme
Through spiritual discipline.
He is manifesting the Supreme
Through human achievement.
Both forms of manifestation
Are needed
To fulfil the Supreme’s Vision-Reality.


Every day your heart is learning
Soon you will see,
You will get the perfection-certificate.


He who loves God
Devotedly and faithfully
Will not only feel
But also will offer
Something immortal
At the end of his life’s journey.


Already doubt has stabbed your mind.
Now if you allow doubt
To stab your heart as well,
Then yours will be a world
Thoroughly drenched in tears.


For years and years
Your vital has been singing
The same old attachment-song.
When are you going to start dancing
Your soul’s detachment-dance?


True, you have felt something divine
Inside your Master
At least for a fleeting second.
But to his extreme sorrow
You have not felt anything divine
Inside yourself.
Before you pass
Behind the curtain of Eternity,
Your Master wants you to feel
Something divine
Inside your own heart,
Even for a fleeting second.


Every morning and every evening
God smilingly and unconditionally
Allows him to deposit
All his teeming worries and anxieties
At God’s own Doorstep.


When a seeker reads
Again and again
The spiritual poems
That give him tremendous joy,
He feels and knows
That this very joy
Is nothing other than
His own soulful meditation
And his own real inner awakening.


Why are you afraid of visiting
God’s Silence-Fondness-Farm?
If you do not visit His Farm,
He is not going to come to your house
To give you your life’s


He says that science
Has made life too easy.
Human beings have become
Lazy and lethargic.

I say that science
Is offering to humanity
More leisure time
To pray and meditate.
It is up to the individual
To avail himself
Of that golden opportunity.


God wants you to go to Him
With joy.
He does not want you
To torture your body
In order to prove that you love Him.
After all,
It is He who has given you
A useful body
So that you can walk, march and run
Towards Him.


You are wounded by a worry-dart,
But God the Doctor will call on you
Only if you are going to give Him
A sweet little smile
As His Fee to cure you.


Outwardly your Master
May not express his gratitude
For your tireless service,
But your aspiration-heart
Can easily make you feel
His blessingful gratitude-heart.


Unless you tackle temptation
With firm and solid tactics,
Your life will not be able to project
Into your future day.


I am here, I am there,
I am everywhere.
You want to know
How I can do that.
I can do that
On the strength of my heart’s
Scattered sorrows.


I know that the life
Of a true truth-seeker and God-lover
Is the only life for me.
There is and there can be
No other life for me.


True, nobody is perfect.
But in and through the leader
Of a country,
The soul of that country
Is trying to offer something unique
Not only to its people
But to the world at large.


God has already surprised you
With His unconditional Love for you.
Now it is your turn to please God
With your heart’s climbing surrender-plants.


Since he is spiritually blind,
You can show him sympathy.
But do not forget
That the full inner vision,
Which is your own ultimate Goal,
Is still a far cry.


Invoke your Master powerfully.
His inner presence
Will permeate your consciousness
To such an extent
That others will see
His illumination-face
Upon your transformation-face.


Those who are great,
Those who are outstanding
In any field of life,
Must realise
That God is manifesting Himself
In and through them
To richly inspire His creation.


Do not lose
Your last drop of purity,
For it has the capacity
To bring you back
To your matchless oneness-heights
With your Beloved Supreme.

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