Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 20

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The Golden Age will blossom
In those
Who live in God's Compassion-Sea
And invoke God's Satisfaction-Sun.


The Golden Age will rapidly blossom
In the hearts of those
Who most devotedly love God
And at the same time
Shall not remain detached
From His earth-family.


The unanimous opinion
Of God-lovers:
God has unconditionally done
Everything for them.
God is unconditionally doing
Everything for them.
God will unconditionally do
Everything for them.


Your life was a squadron
Of countless fears and deaths.
Your life is an inexorably
Deathward journey.


No matter where you cast your glance
To escape,
You see nothing but a blinding fog
Of uncertainty.


My Lord Supreme,
Whom in this world
Should I obey?

"My sweet child,
Obey only the one who shows you
All kindness, all compassion
And all forgiveness.
Only he deserves
Your constant obedience."


Doubt is confusion.
Is the beginning of destruction.
Is the unpardonable negation
Of God the Delight.


No darkness can ever stop
My progress.
It is my unwillingness to transform
Darkness into light
That has stopped my progress.


Now that sincerity
Is your real name,
Your heart's inner cry
Shall be able to answer
All your life's questions.


Self-giving is transcendental,
But you have to make it
Universal too.
Something more,
You have to make it
Absolutely practical.


My inner quality tells me
Whom to believe and love.
My inner capacity shows me
How to believe and love.


You ask,
How can God the Compassion
Be so inconsiderate?
No, it is you who have to be
Infinitely more desperate
To realise Him.


God does not want to fulfil
Your desire-life.
Instead He wants you
To enter into the aspiration-life,
Your real life, your only life.


If you are fast asleep,
How can you hear God sing?
But if you wake up,
God will not only sing for you
His most favourite Song,
Nature's transformation,
He will also teach you how to sing it.


Why does everyone need a project?
Everyone does not need a project,
But if anyone wants to make
Very fast progress
In his spiritual life,
Then he definitely needs a project.
When he has a project,
God cheerfully and powerfully gives him
Three injections:
And perfection-injection.


You want to know
What is the worst waste of time.
The worst waste of time
Is when you think
That God does not care for you at all
And that you will never be able
To become a choice instrument of His.


What promise to me
Will God always keep?
The transformation
Of my earth-bound sorrow
Into His Heaven-free Joy.


My Lord Supreme,
What is the best way to give You joy?
"My child,
Do not expect anything good
From your lower nature.
Do not expect anything bad
From your higher nature.
And always keep
Your inner determination burning
To give Me cheerfully
Everything that you have and that you are."


O seeker-artist,
How do you get ideas
For your paintings?
"I do not get any ideas
For my paintings.
I just get an inspiration-message
From within,
And then I begin to paint."


Great minds may think
That they are lonely,
But good hearts never feel lonely,
For they have established
Their universal oneness-delight


I have forgiven all my sins
Except one unforgivable sin
And that sin is,
I do not love
My Beloved Supreme only.


He tells me
That he keeps very tight security
Around his mind.
How is it possible then
For teeming doubts
To enter into his mind
Every day?


For you it is nothing
To give God counterfeit coins
Since you have plenty.
But a true God-seeker
Has only one true coin,
And that coin is his God-coin.
He gives it to you free of charge.


Do not be afraid
Of the passion-flames of your vital.
Your soul's volcano-will-power
Can and will easily drown them.


For a clear mind,
Try prayer.
For a pure heart,
Try meditation.
For a bright life,
Try aspiration-dedication.
For a perfect life,
Try surrender,
Surrender to God's Will.


You are telling me
That a swarm of unwanted thoughts
Is buzzing inside your mind.
I tell you,
It is entirely your mind's fault
That it wanted to be the host.


Even if there is no room vacant
Inside your heart-hotel,
God will immediately
Make a new room,
For God does not believe in
A "No vacancy" sign.


If you think
That you can easily drown
In ignorance-sea,
I tell you,
God's Compassion can smilingly
And, of course, unconditionally
Save you.


I have good news for you:
God has unconditionally decided
That He will not allow you any more
To be surrounded
By self-imposed sorrows.


Be an unconditional
Truth-seeker and God-lover.
Rest assured,
All earthly superlatives
Will fade into oblivion.


I was devastated
By the news from the inner world
That I have all along
Been multiplying and glorifying
My untold earthly sufferings.


There is only one departure gate
For your journey home,
And that departure gate
Has been beautifully decorated
With your gratitude-heart
And surrender-life.


Indeed, this is a world of pretence.
Here you do not know anything.
You do not even have to learn anything.
Yet you can become a solid member
Of the world conference
For a better world.


My Lord,
If a soulful cry
Competes with a fruitful smile,
Who will win the race?
"My child,
Always the fruitful smile will win.
A soulful cry
Comes from a human heart,
But the fruitful Smile
Comes from God Himself."


My desire-life
Surrenders to my aspiration-heart
Only when I see my soul
Speedily driving my body-chariot.


My expectation-cliff,
Did you not find any better place
To put me
Than in a frustration-chasm?


You know perfectly well
That you cannot govern your life
Even for a single day.
Then why do you not vote for God?
Once He becomes the Ruler
Of your life,
You will see that He can easily
And unconditionally
Govern your life.


You fool,
Why did you allow
Ignorance-snake to bite you?
Can you not see
That you have totally lost
Your beauty-flooded vision-eye?


Do not be doomed to disappointment.
Your life will not remain forever fettered
By an iron fate.
Time's waters will wash away your fetters
And you will be granted
By the Lord Supreme
A new opportunity
To long for the perfection-life.


Now that your heart
Is on the silver summit of aspiration,
Your life is bound to grow
Into a sea of satisfaction-delight.


If you are sleeplessly pure,
Then you will never be found
On the shipwreck of your unfulfilled hopes
Yours will be a life of perfect fulfilment.


My Lord,
What have I seriously done wrong
That you do not allow me to remain
Inside the nest of Your Protection-Eye?
Do tell me.
I am all ready to change my life
Once and for all
To please You in Your own Way.


O my stupid mind,
How is it
That you do not want to enjoy
A short holiday
From your mad and wild
Doubts and suspicions?


Do not expect others,
Who are in so many ways
As weak as you are,
If not worse,
To stop you from doing
The wrong thing.
It is only your prayer to God
That can eventually help you
Overcome your weaknesses.


O my mind,
Be not afraid of God's Greatness.
O my heart,
Be not afraid of God's Goodness.
This time, when God invites you,
You must accept His Invitation.
His Invitation is all Sweetness,
All Fondness and all Fulness.


As the matchless weapon of the strong
Is non-violence,
Even so, the unparalleled weapon of the pure
Is surrender.


One problem I cannot leave alone:
My ungrateful disobedience
To God's unconditional Compassion-Eye.


What have I been longing for
All along?
Purity's cheerful sound-light
And divinity's soulful silence-delight.


A stupid little desire
Has the capacity
To keep me from accomplishing
A big, wise aspiration.


Now that once again
You are on speaking terms
With God,
Do not forget to ask Him
To grant you
A life of grateful obedience.


When you go out,
Be sure
God the Compassion goes with you.
And also be sure
To be a perfect instrument
Of God the Satisfaction
On the way.


Previously you prayed
Now you are praying
Frequently and fervently.
Soon you will start praying
Frequently, fervently
And unconditionally.
Then the Golden Shore of the Beyond
Cannot and will not remain a far cry.


Look beyond
Your compassion-face.
God's Satisfaction-Heart
Is claiming you
As Its very own.


He deliberately crashed
His heart-plane
Into God's Compassion-Sea
To receive a new life
Of aspiration, dedication and perfection.
Lo and behold,
He was more than successful.


There was a time
When I died
For the perfection of man.
Now I am living only
For the Manifestation of God.


You have turned your ignorance-life
Upside down
And you are now far beyond the reach
Of temptation-snare.


Because I was raised
On God's Compassion,
I can easily and inseparably
Become one
With humanity's imperfection
And inspire humanity
To look upward, to dive inward
And not to lose hope.


It was you who wanted
The greed-hare to lead you.
It is you who will have to allow
The sorrow-tortoise to follow you.


Oneness is the perfect expansion
Of our inner reality.
Let our heart's oneness only increase
To make us feel
That we belong to a universal world-family,
And this world-family
Is a fulfilled Dream of God.


If you deliberately try to cloud
The happiness of humanity,
God will never come to you
As His Satisfaction-Giver.


Your heart has been walking
For a long time
Along enthusiasm-road.
Can you not ask your mind
To walk even for a day
On enthusiasm-road?
How can you be truly happy
When your mind fails
To do the right thing?


Your mind is full of busy thoughts.
Poor God,
The Giver of Silence-Delight,
Has been standing at your mind's door
For a very long time.


What kind of disciple are you
If you do not think
That self-discipline is the only hallmark
Of your aspiration-dedication-life?


What is my faith
If not my heart's
Spontaneous calmness
And my life's
Beautiful and powerful fruitfulness?


There was a serious clash
Between my heart's sincerity
And my mind's superfluity.
God immediately declared
That it was all my mind's fault,
That my mind was the real culprit.


God does not want you
To put your ignorance-criminal to death.
He wants you to inspire the criminal
For his fire-pure transformation.


Is as utterly disheartening
As my weak dream-plants
That will not grow into


You have always been responsible
For the satisfaction of your life.
Satisfaction is still a far cry.
Can you not once give God a chance
To take the initiative
In granting you
A life of abiding satisfaction?
Let Him try.
I am sure He will bring about
Satisfaction for you.


As the desire-life
Is a very bad investment,
Even so, the aspiration-life
Is a perfect investment.
Here, one day you will grow into
God's Omnipresence
And God's Omnipotence.


I have been watching and wondering at
How fortunate I am
To have a faith-flooded heart
And a silence-fulfilled life.


It is true
That no one worth possessing
Can ever be possessed.
But every rule
Admits of exception.
My Beloved Supreme is not only
Worth possessing,
But I can possess Him quite easily
On the strength of
My absolutely surrendered life.


You want to know
What I am doing now.
I am sleeping
With my heart's silver dreams.
I am also doing something else:
I am inviting you
To come and enjoy with me
My unprecedented experience-ecstasy.


No earthly word
Can ever come to my aid
When I try to tell the world
That what I have
Is God's Compassion-Sea
And what I am going to become
Is God's Satisfaction-Flood.


I had a world-class dream:
A freedom-flooded life.
Lo and behold,
My heart of silence is enjoying
The manifestation of that dream
Into reality.


There is one thing
That can never become outdated,
And that is the satisfaction
Of your heart's surrender-delight.


My life's
Unconditional surrender
Means God's final Revision
And perfect Edition
Of my life's script.


When our life is spontaneous,
Our experience is real,
And this reality
Is our own divinity's perfection-delight.


Can you not see the old God
With His new Footsteps
Entering into your heart-room?


If you have sincerity
In your determination
And determination
In your sincerity,
Then Divinity's Goal
Cannot remain a far cry.


How can you maintain purity
Throughout the day?
Just keep a flower with you
And look at it with a soulful smile
As soon as impurity
Tries to assail your mind.


A rich person can definitely
Realise God.
Lord Buddha was a prince.
Sri Ramachandra was a prince.
Janaka was a king.
Like that, there were
Quite a few rich people on earth
Who did realise God.
Again, there are some people
Now living on earth
Who are both materially and spiritually rich.


How can you feel
The living Presence of God
All the time?
Cry for a sincerity-mind.
Cry for a purity-heart.
Cry for a divinity-life.


Do not forget
To take your silence-medicine
Every day
If you want to keep away
From sound-disease.


Why do you think
That the body is inferior to the vital,
Inferior to the mind
And inferior to the heart?
No, God wants your body
To be a divine instrument of His
Exactly the same way
As He wants your vital, mind and heart
To be His divine instruments.


Early in the morning
Every day
My Lord's supreme Blessing invites me
To walk along the beach of my soul.
I obey Him
And try to remember my sweetest oneness
With my Beloved Supreme.


God definitely
Does not come to a seeker
To see his heart's
Empty refrigerator.


The blessing of aspiration
Is an enlightening heart-garden
Where inspiration-dedication seeds
Grow quite rapidly.


Ignorance leaves him
With only a desire-train
To try to reach his soul's
Divinity's Reality-Shore.


Life is not meant to be
A wasteful amusement park.
Life is meant to be
A soul-enlightenment-shrine.


Peace and dynamism
Must go together.
To His children of the East,
God has given peace
In boundless measure.
To His children of the West,
He has given dynamism
In boundless measure.
The combination of the two
Will make a perfect world-family.


You are a world-class aspirant.
In your case it is quite possible
That you are running
Faster than the fastest
To God.


The present excitement
The future excitement:
I have seen the Face
Of a living God.
God will make me
An exact prototype
Of His divine Reality.


As hurdles are for jumping,
Even so,
Inspiration is for singing,
Aspiration is for transcending.


If you play
The flute of creation,
You can easily enjoy a brisk pace
Towards God's Freedom-Light.


If your mind really wants
To serve God,
Then you should immediately
Try working
At a world-service-plaza.


At last knowing what to do,
He is now racing the long run
To reach the Vision-Eye
Of his Beloved Supreme.


The mind's certainty
And the heart's intensity
Can see the perfection-descent
Of God's Satisfaction-Smile
From Above.


A Gift from the Supreme
May come at any time, any place,
And it always far surpasses
Human dreams.


Your life's only necessity
Is divine authority.
How can you and why should you
Be afraid of that authority
Which is nothing other than
God's Compassion-Sea?


I am so fortunate
That my life has now grown
Into a golden dream
That is sailing
On an endless smile-river.

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