Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 233

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At long last I have come to realise
That a resolute step is needed
To please my Lord Beloved Supreme
In His own Way.


The most appropriate use
Of my human will
Is to give it to God


O truth-seeker and God-lover,
Never be afraid
To open your earth-bound mind —
Nothing precious will ever fall out,
But Divinity’s Light
Will enter into your life.


My life’s humility
Is the only thing
That inspires God
To have faith in mankind.


O my stupid heart,
I assure you once and for all
That you will easily be able to survive
The loss of your present dear friend,
And his replacement by
An ever-inspiring and illumining security.


O my Lord Supreme,
Do take away my doubtful mind,
For at every moment
It is disappointing my hopeful soul.


Without meditation
We see the body of things around us.
With meditation
We enter into the heart of everything
That is within us and around us.


There is only one ultimate threat
To your spiritual life,
And that is your complete loss
Of faith in yourself.


God does not want me to have
A heart sullied by sadness,
But a heart beautified by gladness.


To accept the mind
As the captain of your life,
Is to plunge headlong
Into darkest darkness-abyss.


My Lord, I do not want to live
In a world of ingratitude.
I want to live in a world
Of gratitude-forgiveness-delight.


If you are indeed a God-warrior,
Then you must have an unshakable faith,
And that faith will be cherished
By God Himself.


My Lord Supreme,
I wish to be
The volcano-determination
Of my champion-heart-life.


Today I have become
A newborn aspiration-heart-rose
To please the divine in me
And fulfil my Lord Beloved Supreme in me.


What I need is only
God’s Perfection-Glance
To increase the beauty
Of my aspiration
And the fragrance
Of my dedication.


A faithful slave of God
Needs only one thing:
Sleepless and breathless


I must not allow any setback
To threaten
My God-manifestation-dreams
On earth.


My God-gratitude-teardrop
Has awakened
Not only my hope-heart
But also my promise-life.


I do not need a caravan of dreams
But just one single vision
Of my Lord Supreme
To manifest Him here on earth
Lovingly and self-givingly.


O God the infinite Beauty,
Do come and feed
My lotus-heart.


O my aspiration-heart,
How is it that you are not celebrating
Your faster than the fastest


I clearly see
That my God-willingness-heart
Is flooded
With earth-illumining energy.


My Lord Supreme,
I know You have many ways
To protect my life and save my heart,
But I would like
Your Compassion-Eye-Smile
To protect my life, save my heart
And fulfil my dream
Of Your total manifestation here on earth.


My Lord Supreme,
I know I am not right now
On Your Satisfaction-List,
But do keep me at least
On Your Compassion-List


O my mind,
O my vital,
O my body,
I assure you that there is
Plenty of room for you all
In my heart-home.


I shall always remain undaunted
By my aspiration-failure,
For God Himself has told me
That I shall and I must succeed eventually
In pleasing Him in His own Way.


The world asks me what I do
Day and night.
I tell the world smilingly, lovingly
And proudly:
“I fly and fly and fly
On the wings of my Master-Bird.”


O my soul,
Do bless me with your inspiration-rain
So that I can be victorious
In extinguishing my mind’s ignorance-fire.


I have not come into the world
To tax God’s Patience.
I have come into the world
To pray to God to bless me
With His Infinity’s Patience-Light
So that I can serve Him constantly
In His own creation
In His own Way.


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
I am not complaining to You
About my mind,
But I am praying to You to bless me
With a new mind
That will always remain a perfect stranger
To self-doubt and insecurity.


O my jasmine-crowned purity-heart,
I am not asking you how you are,
But I am asking you where you are,
Where you are.


I have decided to destroy
My life’s God-unwillingness-stories.
Now I am composing only


No matter how inadequate
My aspiration and my dedication
Are right now,
I do know that there shall come a time
When my life and my heart will be inundated
With aspiration and dedication,
And that golden day is fast approaching.


My God-obedience-heart
Is always thrilled
When I please God
And make Him happy.


God never wants to be familiar
With my mind’s impurity,
My heart’s insecurity
And my life’s unwillingness.


God finds it a big joke when I say
That it is simply impossible for me
To please God in God’s own Way.


In my heart-life
There is a beautiful garden
That exists only
To make the world and God
Really and truly happy.


O my surrender-life,
For you to reach the fulness
Of your life’s God-ripeness,
You must shed sleepless tears.


It is high time for me
To close my mind-door,
And at the same time
To unreservedly and unconditionally open
My heart-door
For God the Light to enter
And start singing, running and playing.


I may not know whether
God’s Compassion-Eye
Permeates my entire life,
But I do know that
God’s Forgiveness-Heart
Permeates my entire life
To help me rise high, higher, highest
For His own Satisfaction-Delight.


God does not want me
To waste even a fleeting second
Trying to know the future
Of the whole human race.
He wants me to spend my time,
Day and night,
Only inspiring the human race
With my own aspiration-heart.


Today my heart’s hope in God
And my life’s promise to God
Are being nurtured
By God Himself.


O my doubting mind,
I shall never, never allow you
To invade
My heart’s peace-shore.


God came and saw
That I was unwilling to offer Him
My unwillingness-mind.
Yet He has accepted the challenge
To transform
My mind’s unwillingness-thorn
Into my heart’s willingness-rose.


Centuries and ages will come and go,
But I shall never swerve from the path
Of my God-treasuring and God-cherishing life.


My body, my vital and my mind
Are thrilled by God’s Presence,
But my heart is thrilled
By God’s very Name.


My mind was created by me,
But my heart was created by God Himself
To love Him and please Him
At every moment in His own Way.


I am so happy to learn
That peace is all ready
To escort me wherever I go.


I have given my soul
My full approval
To destroy ruthlessly
My desire-bound mind.


My Lord Supreme,
I have only one prayer to You:
Please do not allow
My forgotten insecurities and fears
To return.


My Lord Supreme tells me
That if I know how to cry
Only for Him,
Then He will bless me
With a rainbow of ecstasy.


I have prayed and prayed to God
To give me the capacity
To rediscover my child-heart,
And now God says to me: “Amen.”


O my unwillingness-mind,
You have dominated my heart
For a long time.
Now be careful!
My all-illumining soul
Is coming to my heart’s rescue.


God does not care to know
Whether my mind is satisfied or not,
But He always watches my heart
To see if it is satisfied.


I have seen many pathways,
And I have heard of many pathways.
I now want only the pathway
That is solely God’s.


I have not come into the world
To dress my mind
For the world-beauty-contest.
I have come into the world
To feed my heart
With God’s Silence, Peace, Light and Delight.


I need only a heart that can walk
Side by side with my soul
To arrive at my God-Destination.


I do not want my prayers to grow
In my mind-jungle.
I do not want my prayers to grow
Even in my heart-garden.
I want my prayers to grow and glow,
Flow and soar and dive
Only in my Lord’s Heart-Garden.


An ancient darkness has shattered
The world’s peace.
A birthless and deathless Light
Is giving birth to an all-illumining,
World-fulfilling peace.


O my unaspiring mind,
When are you going to be
Completely exhausted
By endless despair-journeys?
Can you not see that God
The infinite Compassion
Is whispering and beckoning to you
To follow and obey, obey and follow
The Blessing-Light
Of our Lord Beloved Supreme?


To peace
And only to God’s dearest child,
I want my aspiration-heart
And my dedication-life
Together to turn.


Day and night I am praying
To my Lord Supreme
Only for one thing:
To nurture my heart’s peace-garden.


O Lord Buddha,
In the Heart of our Beloved Supreme
You have come to me today
With a golden shower of Grace
To please my Lord Supreme
Constantly in His own Way.


Today I have come to realise
That the seed of every virtue
That I have
Is founded upon my sleepless


God is stretching His loving Hands
Over my present aspiration-life.
God will be stretching His smiling Eyes
Over my future dedication-life.


I have to make a choice here and now
Either to revert back to my ignorance-sleep,
Or to evolve upward
High, higher, highest.
Since I am not a fool,
Sleeplessly my heart and I shall evolve
And climb
To reach the Satisfaction-Feet
Of my Lord Beloved Supreme.


Finally I see
That my God-surrender-heart
Has created a feast of joy for God.


With my mind-stories
I try to please God.
But He tells me that
He will never be satisfied
With my mind-stories.
He will be satisfied
With my heart-songs only.


My Lord, I shall not allow my heart
To sink any more.
I shall only help my heart
To fly and fly evermore.


God has whispered into my ears
A great secret:
I shall have a new devotion
And a new surrender
To love Him and please Him.


This morning
I sang the song of my life,
And this song God Himself
Came down to teach me.


Not my mind,
Not my heart,
But only my soul
Is the most prominent authority
On the subject of peace.


There is only one
Dauntless God-pilgrim,
And that God-pilgrim is peace.
Peace strides on
And never looks around.


We have enjoyed many train-journeys
On earth.
But God’s Peace-Train,
Not only in speed
But also in happiness,
Will forever remain unparalleled.


My mind always tries to see
If God is in a good mood
So that it can beg God
For its desire-fulfilment.


An utterly foolish thing to say:
“I do not need God.”
An utterly foolish thing to do:
To stop my oneness-dance
With the will of my soul.


God is seriously annoyed
At my constant


If I am sincere in my aspiration,
Then God will help me find a way
To reach Him
Even through my mind’s densest forest.


O my heart,
A little more patience
Is what you need
To win the beauty and divinity
Of your soul.


Dearer than joy
Is peace.
Dearer than peace
Is God-Satisfaction.


The dreams of poets
Deal with God the future Light.
The visions of God-lovers
Deal with God’s birthless
And deathless Delight.


Each hour whispers as it passes:
“Alas, is the world ready for God?
Alas, will the world ever be ready for God?”


Yes, I do stumble,
But I am absolutely confident
I shall not permanently fail.
I shall definitely succeed
At God’s choice Hour.


My mind has made
Many complaints to God
Against the world.
God tells my mind
That no complaints will ever be able
To make the dark day of the world bright.
But if the mind unconditionally surrenders
To God’s Will,
That will make the world
Brighter than the brightest.


God does not believe
Even for a fleeting second
That I shall give up my spiritual life,
The only real life,
To make friends once more
With long-forgotten ignorance-night.


My mind asks God
An infinity of questions.
God never cares to answer
Even one question of my mind.


Each time I tell God
That I love Him only,
It immediately draws an all-loving,
All-illumining and all-embracing
Smile from God.


God loves to quote
The well-known proverb:
“Man proposes,
God disposes.”


O my mind,
I shall not allow you
To disturb my heart’s integrity any more
With your narrowness, haughtiness
And cleverness.


Each time I meditate soulfully,
A diamond-beauty’s dawn
Beckons me.


Each time I soulfully pray,
God blesses me with the capacity
To walk in silence with peace
Mile after mile.


As my mind’s ignorance
Is devoted to the devil,
Even so, my heart’s wisdom
Is devoted only to the Supreme Pilot
Of my life-boat.


I ask my Lord Supreme:
“When do You want
My unconditional surrender?
Do You want it now?”
My Lord Beloved Supreme answers:
“Yes, and yes a thousand times.”


Consciously, deliberately and ruthlessly
If I ignore the dictates of my soul,
Then, alas,
Neither punishment from God
Nor punishment from my soul
Can ever be avoided.


The mind thinks that God’s choice Hour
Can and must come and repeat itself
Ad infinitum.
The heart feels that God’s choice Hour
Can strike only a few times
In the entire span of a life.
But the soul sees and knows
That God’s Hour strikes only once,
And never, never twice.


Today I have come to learn
That my God-gratitude-heart’s
Most dangerous enemy
Is my constant


Today my Lord Supreme
Entered into my mind
To shake my mind’s
Giant unwillingness-banyan tree.
Therefore, my heart and I are inundated
With Infinity’s Bliss.


The mind has to wait a long, long time
For God’s return.
The heart does not have to wait
For God’s return,
For God has never left the heart.


For constant God-necessity,
What I need is a purity-heart’s


O my Lord Supreme,
If You want to conceal Your Greatness,
Do conceal it.
But never, never conceal Your Goodness,
For Your Goodness is my upward
Heaven-climbing journey’s sleepless breath.