Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 24

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I can neglect all my wealth
Except my inner wealth:
My surrender, my constant surrender,
To the Will of my Beloved Supreme.


No matter who houses a bad thought —
A desire-man or an aspiration-man —
A bad thought is a dire challenge
To humanity’s progress-life.


The faith-tutor
Of your aspiration-heart
Can easily teach you
How to spurn doubt-spies.


Early in the morning
When I pray and meditate,
I see the compassion-blossomed Eye
Of my Compassion-Lord Supreme.


I have not calculated
My loss and gain.
Therefore, my Lord Supreme
Has made me the manager
Of His own spiritual Shopping Centre.


The human in me dies
When it stops progressing.
The divine in me permanently lives
The moment it begins its journey.


To possess God
Is to claim God.
To claim God
Is to love God only.
To love God only
Is to remain far beyond
The domain of expectation.


Unless you exercise your divine right
To your inner conviction,
You will not be able to breathe
God’s Satisfaction-Air.


Is the inner wealth
That pleases the Inner Pilot
More than anything else.


I long for a sweet Smile
Every day from my Lord Supreme.
He tells me
That He will grant me a sweet Smile
If every day I am ready
To go beyond the bleak boundaries
Of my mind’s doubt-desert.


Each God-lover and God-distributor
Is a sonorous gong
That announces God’s new Awakening.


With his soul’s self-offering-paint,
He has been painting
Humanity’s weak face
And strong heart.


Once you have accepted
The slow-withering demise
Of your selfless dedication,
You are nothing but
A stagnant pond of teeming imperfections.


To inject joy
Into the sadness-vein
Of this world,
Sweep out humanity’s doubts
With your soul’s
Indomitable bravery-broom!


Unless you truly mourn
The disappearance of your
You will not get back
The Sweetness and Fondness
Of your Beloved Supreme.


What can poor God do?
You never listen to Him!
God has deliberately moved
Out of your neighbourhood.


In our outer life
We want victory in everything
To make us happy.

In our inner life
We want our ego’s failure
To make us happy.

[fn:ap2317] AP 2317. It seems likely first edition text had first and fourth verses swapped by mistake, as follow:

In our inner life | We want victory in everything | To make us happy.
In our outer life | We want our ego’s failure | To make us happy.


Although both your nature
And my nature
Have to be changed,
I can conquer only my own nature
And see the Oneness-Smile
Of my Inner Pilot.


When I gave God my life
For safekeeping,
He immediately showed me
His self-transforming Secrets.


God is ready to illumine your mind.
But will you ever be ready
Either to invite Him
Or to accept His Invitation
For the illumination of your unlit mind?


O my mind,
I shall love you with all my heart
If you can just say
That you are hopelessly stupid
And that God is infinitely wiser
Than you.


You have to take every day
If you want to keep
Your body, vital, mind and heart
Absolutely free from inner illness.


The stupid statements of your mind
Torture your heart.
Therefore your soul,
Out of its infinite compassion
For your heart,
Is challenging your mind’s
Unfounded statements.


When are you going to realise
That your insecurity-life
Has destroyed your purity-heart?


If you obey
Your heart’s silence-command,
Your life will enjoy
Free flights to Heaven.


The vanity of the vital
Is a fatal disease
That can kill an aspiration-heart.


Heaven’s foreign policy is:
Heaven will give what it has,
Beauty’s smile,
And earth will give what it is,
Purity’s cry.


An old, sad story:
Heaven ignores earth,
Earth defies Heaven.


Before I start loving God,
I must conquer
My mind’s animal hunger.


He is God’s roommate
Who unmistakably thinks and feels
That he is tomorrow’s new God.


Will God ever be pleased
With a seeker
If he does not empty
His mind’s headaches
And his life’s heartaches
The moment God summons him?


An aspiration-heart
And a hesitation-mind
Always prefer
To remain strangers.


Each undivine thought
Has strong connections
With invisible chains.


God is not going to reprimand you
If you do not listen to His Command.
But He is under no obligation
To give you another chance.


God simply does not want
His sweet children
To eat anything other
Than what He eats:


Be generous to God
With your heart’s aspiration-cry.
Be generous to man
With your life’s dedication-smile.
Be generous to yourself
With your soul’s perfection-dance.


My life has become a victim
To yesterday’s doubtful life
And tomorrow’s fearful heart.


The thought-machines break down
The moment they are put to use
For God-service.


When I stand before humanity,
I never know what to say.
When I stand before divinity,
I never know what to offer.


My Lord Supreme,
Why are You not giving me
Some advice today?
“My child,
You would not listen
To My yesterday’s advice.
Unless and until you listen
To My old advice,
I am not going to give you new advice.
Each day I am ready to bless you
With new advice.
But every day I want you to listen
To My advice
And please Me in My own Way.
Otherwise, for you there will be no advice
Either in the inner world
Or in the outer world
From Me.”


While I am on earth
I think only of
My Heavenly duty.

While I am in Heaven
I think only of
My earthly responsibility.


If it is too difficult for you
To open your mind’s
Then you must try at least
To open your heart’s


God’s blessingful Oneness
With him
And man’s soulful oneness
With him
Will end his mind’s illusion-era.


Now that your life has become
A lightless lethargy-land,
How can you run
On God’s Satisfaction-Sidewalk?


Your soul’s most convincing conviction
Has every right to command your life
And make it into
God’s Satisfaction-Delight.


A self-offering-surgeon
Is always successful
In operating on
The sickness of the world.


Man’s gratitude-bridge
Is shorter than the shortest.
Yet on the other side of the bridge,
Who waits?
God, our Beloved Supreme!


Every day you enjoy interviews
With your impatience-life.
How then do you think
That you will be able to live
Without the blows of defeat?


There is only one sentence
In God’s entire Autobiography:
“The galaxy of stars
And the darkest night
Are inseparably one.”


My Lord Supreme,
Who has a real claim on You?
“My child,
He who does not expect anything,
Either from Heaven or from earth.”


I dare not even imagine
That there is something on earth
That can and will shatter
My heart’s fragile poise.


There was a time
When I admired
The flame of your aspiration.
Now I am adoring
The sun of your realisation.


I am completely lost
When I read my life’s want-list.
Again, I am completely lost
When I read my soul’s need-list.


When I am in the mind
I see
That a man of purity
Is rare.

When I am in the heart
I see
That a man of certainty
Is rare.


Your eyes want to know
When I am going to realise God.
Your heart is telling me
That I have already realised God.


My heart and I
Scaled a mountain.
Today we see
That it was not a mountain
But an anthill!


Is the Beauty of God
In me.

Is the Prosperity of God
In me.


The damage has already been done!
His doubting mind has uprooted
His heart’s faith-plant.


If you consistently make
The wrong choice,
How can God grant you
His tomorrow’s earth-guiding Voice?


Awake to the hymn
Of the blue bird within you.
Your past failure-life
Will then be able to sit
At the Compassion-Satisfaction-Feet
Of your Beloved Supreme.


Do not hide your heart
Inside your mind.
Keep your heart always
Before your soul,
For this is the only way
You can see the truth
At its summit
And play with God
Inside His own Heart-Garden.


God does not expose
My mind’s ignorance-life.
He only proposes
My heart’s divinity-life.


My soul has been telling me
For the past few years,
“My child,
Unlearn and unlearn and unlearn
Everything you have learnt
At the university of life!”


Profit or progress?
If I want profit,
I may not make any progress.
If I make progress,
Then automatically I profit.


If your life and heart
Can become visible tears,
Then the invisible God
Will become a visible embrace.


God, your Inner Pilot,
Will never demote you
For losing faith in Him.
He will give you chance after chance
To regain your faith.
Just climb up
Your consciousness-ladder!


O my mind,
Do you not know
Who you are?
You are an endless speech
Of utter stupidity-parrot.


Each time I meditate
Soulfully and unconditionally,
My Beloved Supreme invites me
To come to His Backyard
And enjoy the precious panorama
Of His Vision-Light.


If you cannot educate your mind
To practise silence,
You will not be able
To evict peace-thief
From your heart-room.


Nobody else,
Only a lover of mankind,
Can be the true winner of God.


Every day my Beloved Supreme
Enjoys the choice memories
Of my self-giving heart
And my light-manifesting soul.


It is you alone who have to decide
Whether you are going to hanker
After humanity’s call
Or become
God’s unconditional football.


The moment I offered
The gratitude-garland
Of my heart
To my Beloved Supreme,
He granted me
The Infinity of His Vision-Eye
And the Immortality
Of His Satisfaction-Life.


He is devoted only to himself.
His mind has no ego-limit.

He is devoted only to God.
His heart has no oneness-limit.


Not a difficult task,
To be ruined by failure.
Not an impossible task,
To remain unspoiled by success.


O seekers of the past,
O seekers of the present,
O seekers of the future,
You have only one thing
To accomplish:
Please, please do not allow doubts
To invade
This beautiful earth of ours!


The moment I offered my ego-life
To my Lord Supreme,
He granted me immediately
His Soul’s Golden Boat
And His Life’s Golden Shore.


A new beginning
Is beckoning his aspiration-heart.
If he lives
Inside his aspiration-heart,
He will enjoy consciously
God’s perennial Life.


Two secrets of mine
Are crying aloud:
I have not fed God the man.
I have not lifted man the God.


Heaven’s tears are falling.
Yet the world’s
Staggering problems
Remain unsolved.


His world is having a holiday
Because his self-giving life
Is making
Its Heavenward journey home.


Two silent miracles:
God cries
More than I cry.
God needs me
More than I need Him.


His aspiration-heart
Has won God’s Vision.
His transcendence-life
Has become the bridge
Between God the Known
And God the Unknowable.


O mind,
Why do you allow doubt
To make you old?
O heart,
Why do you allow insecurity
To stab you?


The beauty of imagination
Heaven gave to earth.
The divinity of aspiration
Earth will give to Heaven.


Is there any human being
Who has not passed through
The gloomy tunnels
Of impurity’s disturbance-mine?


The road map of human life
Is constantly changing.
While changing
It is leading humanity
Either to its destined illumination
Or to its unwanted destruction.


Can you not give your Master
Your aspiration-snack
Since he is going to give you
His full realisation-meal?


If you do not begin your spiritual life
With a soulful hope,
Nobody will be able to erase
The sad record of your past life.


The compromising messiah
Cannot and will not succeed.
It is the uncompromising messiah
Who will transform earth’s face and fate
For God to appreciate and utilise
In His new creation.


A life of unconditional surrender
Is the most beautiful signpost
Of the perfection-flowering Beyond.


The wisest fool on earth
Is he who knows perfectly well
That God exists,
But feels that he does not need Him.


One more insult for God:
“I am such a useless human being
That even God will not be able
To change my nature!”


I give God what I have:
My heart’s gratitude-seeds.
God gives me what He is:
His Infinity’s
Horizon-spanning Satisfaction-Heart.


This morning my Lord gave me
His transcendental Smile:
A long-awaited miracle.

Alas, once again I am dining
With ignorance-prince:
A long-forbidden action.


An old joy has returned:
God is clasping my eyes
With His invisible Hands.

A new joy shall begin:
I shall not hide from God
My pangs of spiritual poverty.


How can you expect God
To be your Progress-Partner
If you do not allow Him to enter
Into your mind’s dark doubt-room?


The art of knowing
Is a fruitful subject.
I ask my heart to study it

The art of not knowing
Is a useful subject.
I ask my mind to study it


Heaven’s tears are bountifully falling
Not because I blamed the world
For my failure-life,
But because I did not acclaim God
For my success-life.


Touch, O touch my aching heart,
My Lord Supreme!
You have not fed me
For a long time
With Your Blessing-Smile-Food.

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