Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 3

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My Lord,
I simply do not know how to thank You
For Your sleepless Compassion-Flood.

“My child,
You do not have to know
How to thank Me.
Just try to remain all the time
Inside your breathless receptivity-heart.”


I have been loving God unconsciously
For millennia,
But I shall love God consciously
From this moment on.


The sound that never fails
Is the sound that is cradled
In tranquillity’s oneness-vision.


God has only one simple need:
Your inner and outer obedience.
If you can fulfil His need,
You will be able to make Him happy,
And He will be able to make you happy.


He reluctantly obeyed God.
Even so, his obedience saved him.
Darkness-night did not last
And a spiritual dawn he saw.


Meditate soulfully.
Even if an earthquake takes place,
You will not be afraid,
For you will be safely sheltered
In God’s own Heart.


You ask who is right
And who is wrong.
Who cares,
As long as you have established
True oneness?


Although you surrendered to him
In the battlefield of life,
Hidden inside your surrender
Was the thought of revenge.
When will you learn
That who is stronger or weaker
Is of no importance?


The day he became a God-seeker
Was the beginning of his conscious
Feeling of Immortality.
On that day he came to know
That he is part and parcel
Of Immortality.
On that day he realised
That he represents Immortality
On earth.
On that day he became
A pathfinder and harbinger
Of Immortality
For those on earth who will accept
The spiritual life after him.


Today you are seeing your Master
As another runner
Just ahead of you
As you run faithfully
Along the inner road.
Tomorrow you will see your Master
Not only as the road
But also as the goal itself.


If you see good qualities in others,
Then claim them as your own,
For who knows when you will find
Those same qualities
In your own nature?


The Vedic seers tell us
The entire world is ours —
Everything, inside and outside,
Belongs to us.


Your country has peerless qualities.
My country needs them badly.
Let us share
Our great God-given gifts.


I am an open-hearted soul.
Therefore, even my worst enemy
May claim at will
All my inner treasures.


Upon his world-carrying shoulders
Rests the completely lost
New generation.


When I see the fountain of purity
Inside you,
I become the beauty and divinity
Of soundless silence.


My Supreme Lord,
I know, I know,
I have a strong weakness.
Do give me the sincere determination
Which is infinitely stronger
Than my weakness.


God will grant you
The willingness-capacity
To change your life
The day your lip-deep prayer
Becomes heart-deep.


At all the precious moments
Of humanity’s life,
The mind is tormented
By uncomely thoughts.


The ordinary human mind
Is a container.
You can fill it
With good thoughts
Or bad thoughts.
It is up to you.


Life plays the union-game.
Death plays the division-game.
Life thinks it is beautiful.
Death thinks it is powerful.
Life comes from the abode of aspiration.
Death comes from the abode of illusion.


Around me glows
When realisation-tree
Within me grows.


Not to renounce
And not to enjoy.
Not to be an ascetic
And, again, not to be
The world’s greatest epicurean.
This is the path
To true happiness.


Do not go to extremes.
Accept the body
And the five senses.
Only use them spiritually,
Divinely and soulfully.


When something is without form,
We may feel it has no life.
But should our Beloved Supreme
Come to us without form,
We must cultivate the same kind of
Faith, love and devotion
For His formless aspect
As we have for His physical form.


Easily you can count the miracles
That you have seen or heard of
During your entire lifetime.
But even a so-called miracle-man,
Who himself is as stupid as you,
Will not be able to fathom
The abysmal abyss
Of your stark stupidity.


If you want to succeed,
Then allow not your mind
To experience others’ experiences.
Allow your mind
Only to sit at the foot
Of your own realisation-tree.


If someone comes to me for knowledge,
How can I refuse to teach him?
What little wisdom-light I have
I shall gladly offer.


If you aspire
Soulfully and powerfully,
Your climbing aspiration-plant
Will grow into a fruitful


I may say
That my possessions are my own.
But can my possessions
Not also say
That I am theirs?


Uninvited he came into the world
To cry with humanity’s
Sacred sorrows.

Uninvited he will go back to Heaven
To drink deep Divinity’s
Secret Delight.


O my heart-flower,
If you are truly and unmistakably mine,
Then I would like you to smile
At everybody,
Not only today
But every blossoming day.


I do not give up,
I never give up,
For there is nothing
In this entire world
That is irrevocably unchangeable.


God’s Body knows
How to shine.
God’s Heart knows
How to give.
God’s Life knows
How to love.
God’s Vision knows
How to become.


Surrender practised,
Gratitude lived,
Perfection received,
Satisfaction achieved.


He has fallen victim
To the false criticism
That he has copied
Everything from others.
I declare
That he is simply unveiling
The qualities he himself had
All along.


Since he has learnt about God
Before you,
There is nothing wrong in accepting
His higher wisdom.


My heart says,
“O my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme,
I shall not blame You
If You do not love me any more.
I shall not blame You
If You do not need me any more.”

My mind says,
“My Lord, I shall certainly blame You
If I cannot smile at You every day.
I shall certainly blame You
If I cannot cry for You every night.”


When I was a God-dreamer
My Lord said to me,
“Come, come, it is getting late!”

When I was a God-seeker
My Lord said to me,
“Run, run, I want you
To be on time!”

When I was a God-lover
My Lord said to me,
“Fly, fly, I have so many things
To tell you!”


My Beloved Supreme,
Is there anything
You will not allow me to be?
“My child,
There is only one thing
I shall never allow you to be.”
What is it,
My Beloved Supreme?
“My child,
I shall never, never allow you
To be unworthy of My infinite Love.”


Now is the time for me to do
Two most significant things:
I must say good-bye
To the failure-centuries
Of my life
And increase my God-hunger


The divine meaning of competition
Is the manifestation of soulfulness
In the outer life.
The supreme meaning of competition
Is the perfection of oneness
In the inner life.


The seekers of the hoary past
Prayed mostly for the inner strength
To realise God.

The seekers of today
Are praying mostly for the outer strength
To manifest God.

The seekers of tomorrow
Will pray soulfully
For the inner strength
And the outer strength
To both realise and manifest God.
When God sees they have realised Him
And manifested Him,
He will grant them a very special boon:
God will transform
The entire earth-consciousness
In and through these
Specially selected instruments
Of His.


My heart cries
To see Infinity’s God-Beauty.
My soul smiles
Because Immortality has chosen it
As its own Eternity’s child-friend.


My soul knows
Where God is.
My heart longs to know
Where God is.
My mind does not care to know
Where God is.
My vital feels that God is
Wherever strength is.
My body thinks it is all the same
Whether God exists or not.


You long for inner opulence.
Do you want to know
Where it can be found?
It can be found deep inside
Your speechless and sleepless


A gratitude-heart
Receives from God
Infinitely more
Than it can ever imagine.
A surrender-life
Plays with God’s
Omnipotent Vision-Smile.


Desire tells the mind,
“O mind, you are extremely powerful.”
Aspiration tells the heart,
“O heart, you are extremely soulful.”
Realisation tells the life,
“O life, you are extremely fruitful.”
I tell the soul,
“O soul, you are always bountiful.”


You tell me
That you cannot cry for God.
In that case,
Can you not smile at God?

You tell me
That you also cannot smile at God.
In that case,
Can you not at least feel
That God definitely loves your company?


Look and see
Who is inside your life-boat!
Do you know who it is?
It is God’s authentic representative:
Your ever-sympathetic soul.


My mind suffers
Because it is sumptuously fed.
My heart suffers
Because God is not sleeplessly fed.


Because of my stupid mind,
Today I am a beggar.
Because of my sincere heart,
Today I am a seeker.
Because of my illumining soul,
Today I am a genuine God-lover.


Because of your doubt-thunder,
God does not want me to befriend you.
Because of your aspiration-tower,
God wants me to be your Eternity’s


My mind is satisfied
With its imperfection.
My heart is satisfied
Only with perfection.
My soul is satisfied
Only with God’s Satisfaction.
I am satisfied
Only with God’s Vision-Beauty
Within me.


O my mind,
There is no way
For me to make you feel
That you are fooling yourself
All the time.

O my heart,
There are so many ways
For me to make you feel
That God loves you dearly,
Needs you unmistakably
And is proud of you powerfully.


I tell my desire-mind
That God is not pleased with us
Because we want to possess Him,
But my mind does not believe me.

I tell my aspiration-heart
That God is extremely pleased with us
Because we want to be possessed by Him,
But my heart does not believe me.

I tell my illumination-soul
That God is extremely pleased with us
Because we are manifesting Him
In a remarkable way,
But my soul does not believe me.

O my Lord Supreme,
Nobody believes me.
Do You think that at least
You can believe me?

“My child,
Not only do I believe you,
But I also appreciate your mounting
And illumining wisdom-flames.”


I do not know
And I do not want to know
What God has done for my mind.
Who knows, like my mind,
I may not be pleased with God.
But I do know
What God has done for my heart
Out of His infinite Bounty.
As my heart is pleased with God,
Even so, I am more than pleased.


Before my heart,
My mind does not want to admit
Its inferiority.

Before my soul,
My heart does not want to admit
Its insecurity.

Before God,
I do not want to admit
My stupidity.


I am keeping my doubting mind
Behind me.
I am keeping my aspiring heart
With me.
I am keeping my illumining soul
Ahead of me.
This is how I am completing
My Heavenward journey.


I have enjoyed the company of ignorance
For such a long time,
Yet I am not tired of it.

My soul has been asking me
For my companionship
For such a long time,
Yet my soul is not tired
Of my incapacity,
Not to speak of my unwillingness.


Why do you want to hypnotise the world
With your mind’s outer smile?
If you have nothing else to do,
Try to immortalise the world
With your heart’s inner cry.


My sweet Lord,
Do make my life into a constant sacrifice.
I wish to sacrifice my life
For You.
I wish to sacrifice my life
For those who love You.
I wish to sacrifice my life
Even for those who think and feel
That they love You.


My sweet Lord,
You are fond of me
Not because I have already become
Great and good,
Not because I shall become
Great and good,
But because You and Your Fondness
For me, Your creation,
Are always inseparable.


My sweet Lord,
You have given me what You have:
I shall give to mankind what I have:

My sweet Lord,
You have given me what You are:
I shall give to humanity what I am:


My sweet Lord,
I need two things from You badly:
Speed and time.
If You cannot give me both,
At least give me one!
Give me either Your fastest Speed
Or Your eternal Time
As Your Boon supreme
To please my aspiration-heart.


My sweet Lord,
You have given me a purity-heart.
What I need now
Is a sincerity-mind
And what I shall always need
Is a dedication-life.


My sweet Lord one day said to me,
“My child, can you not give Me
Your best possession
If I give you Mine?”
I said to my sweet Lord,
“I can easily give You
My best possession:
My restlessness-noise.”
My sweet Lord was highly pleased with me
And immediately granted me
His Immortality’s Oneness-Voice.


My sweet Lord,
Do tell me when You love me most.
Do You love me most
When I pray soulfully?
Do You love me most
When I meditate sleeplessly?
Do You love me most
When I consciously surrender myself
To You entirely?
Do You love me most
When I become a gratitude-heart?

“My child, no, no, no!
I love you most
Only when you declare
Your inseparable oneness with Me,
Not only in your inner world
But also in your outer world.
Your conscious feeling of oneness with Me
Shall always please Me most.”


My sweet Lord,
Do tell me when I shall be able to see
That dear deer of Yours
Which You have kept secretly
Inside my heart-garden.
I am eagerly looking forward
To seeing my precious deer,
For I want to feel that someday
Its inner speed and beauty
Shall be mine.


My sweet Lord,
You have given my soul-bird
The capacity to fly
In the Heaven-free sky.
My mind-bird does not have
That capacity.
It is compelled to fly
In the earth-bound sky.
My sweet Lord,
Do give my mind the capacity to fly
Like my soul-bird
In the blue-vast sky
Where there is no fear,
No doubt, no death
But only the dawn
Of an ever-blossoming Immortality.


My sweet Lord,
Do tell me how I can be
Always faithful to You.
“My child,
If you want to be faithful to Me
All the time,
Then you must remain cheerful
All the time.”

My sweet Lord,
How can I remain cheerful
All the time?
“My child,
You can remain cheerful
All the time
If you can only make yourself feel
That I am always pleased with you.
This is not a false belief
But the sincere awakening
Of your true life
Deep inside My Heart.”


My sweet Lord,
Do tell me how old You are.
“My child,
I am very pleased with your question.
I shall answer your question
And also answer one more question
Which you may want to ask Me
Some other time:
How young I am.
My child,
I am as old
As your heart’s inner cry
And as young
As your life’s outer smile.”


My sweet Lord,
Do You want me to learn
The art of concentration?
Do You want me to learn
The art of meditation?
Do You want me to learn
The art of contemplation?

“My child,
I want you to learn them one by one.
If you learn concentration-art,
Then you will be able to enter
Into the end of time.
If you learn meditation-art,
Then you will be able to bring
Right in front of you
The birthless and deathless Time.
If you learn contemplation-art,
Then you will see that you are at once
The birthless, deathless and endless Time
And the Time
Of the ever-transcending Beyond.”


My sweet Lord
Do You want me
To conquer the world
Or do You want the world
To conquer me?
I shall be equally pleased
In either case.

“My child,
I do not want you either
To conquer the world
Or to be conquered by the world.
I want you to conquer
Your own outer world
And your own inner world.
Finally, I want you to conquer Me
Once and for all.
To conquer your outer world
What you need
Is a volcano-will.
To conquer your inner world
What you need
Is an aspiration-mountain.
To conquer Me
What you need
Is your soul-beauty’s gratitude-heart.”


O my doubting mind,
You only know how to boast.
You never dare to defend me
When I vehemently argue
With the boatman of ignorance.
But my loving heart always defends me.
It immediately comes to the fore
To protect and fulfil me.
O my doubting mind,
I do not need you any more.
O my loving heart,
You and I are for each other


Who invented me?
God the Vision.

Who discovered me?
God the Compassion.

Who fulfilled me?
God the Love.


Who is my coach?
He who inspires me
Before I run.

Who is my coach?
He who aspires in and through me
During my run.

Who is my coach?
He who corrects and perfects me
For a better future run.


“Come back to Me, My child,
Come back.”

Father, how can I?
Do You not see
That I have become inseparably one
With ignorance-prince?

“My child,
This is not your realisation.
This is the realisation
Of ignorance-prince
That you are conveying to Me.
My child,
Do you not realise
That I shall remain incomplete
Unless and until you consciously declare
Our inseparable oneness?”


O Father, my Father,
Do not be displeased with me!
I am staying in my temporary home:
Before long I shall dive
Into Your Ocean of Love
And that will be
My permanent home.


His soulful heart
Does not want to remember
That his body walked across
The barren fields of yesterday.

His fearful mind
Not only remembers
But also does not want to forget
That his body walked across
The barren fields of yesterday.


My sweet Lord Supreme,
I have failed You time and time again
Not because I am ignorant,
Not because I am impure,
Not because I am insecure,
Not because I am unwilling,
But because I have never dared
To claim You as my own,
Very own.


Divinely beautiful
Is the imagination-bird.
Supremely soulful
Is the aspiration-bird.
Eternally bountiful
Is the realisation-bird.


You want to know the secret
Of my progress-light.
I just do not allow my life
To be cluttered
By attachment-night.


Human love begins
With imagination-hope.
Divine love begins
With aspiration-promise.


I cannot and I shall not
Be able to see God
Face to face,
For I am extremely impure
And totally imperfect.
Indeed, this is the realisation
Of an unparalleled non-believer.


O outer world,
Do not poison
My inner hopes.

O inner world,
Do not laugh
At my outer promises.


Allow not your anxiety-mind
And frustration-vital
To crowd together
Inside your God-fulfilling heart.


Since there is no silence-delight
Inside your mind,
How can you expect to see
Eternity’s Vision-Perfection-Sky?


Yours is a doubtful mind.
Yours is a sorrowful life.
Just conquer one.
Lo, the other also is conquered!


You pay so much attention
To your problem-making mind.
Can you not pay a little attention
To your problem-solving soul?


Do not be hypnotised
By your past failure-life.
Make fresh attempts!
A success-life
Is definitely planned for you
In God’s Vision-Calendar.


During the day
When I pray,
I have a witness:

During the night
When I pray,
I have a witness:


Yesterday my faith was watchful.
Today my faith is prayerful.
Tomorrow my faith shall become
Not only bountiful
But also fruitful,
And so it will remain forever.


His mind has committed him
To dire uncertainties.
His heart has committed him
To powerful certainties.
His soul has committed him
To Infinity-manifestation
In the finite.


My Lord Supreme will teach me
The necessary and indispensable
Inner exercises
To conquer the unconquered
King of body-torture.


If you are afraid
Of saying good-bye
To your teeming bad thoughts,
Do you not think
Your blossoming good thoughts
Will be hesitant to touch
And play with your mind?


God calls it His Vision.
I call it my inspiration.
God calls it His Satisfaction.
I call it my perfection.


Heaven is indifferent to me.
That is no reason
Why my soul shall not go back
To its celestial abode.

The world does not appreciate me.
That does not mean
I shall not unreservedly
Give to the world
What I have
And what I am.


When my heart soulfully cries,
I clearly see
That my emptiness-life
Is totally destroyed.

When my soul proudly smiles,
I unmistakably see
That my fulness-divinity
Is totally pleased.


This time definitely
I am going to please my Lord Supreme
In His own Way
Because I have realised the secret
That He alone
Is my Eternity’s Lord Supreme.
This discovery of mine
Is my illumination
And my Lord’s Satisfaction.

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