Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 5

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My Lord,
Your morning Smile
Is my breath
During the entire day.


I call it a sacred thought.
My Beloved Supreme calls it
A Satisfaction-Smile
From His own Manifestation-Life.


As beauty’s dawn does not last
Longer than a few moments
In man’s ugly mind,
Even so, purity’s evening
Does not last
More than a few fleeting seconds
In man’s impure heart.


In the inner world
You are a spiritual failure
Not because God has
No special love for you
But because you do not want
To meet with God’s Justice-Light.


When I hear
The song of your eyes,
I enter into
The world of beauty.

When I hear
The song of your heart,
I enter into
The world of purity.

When I hear
The song of your soul,
I enter into
The world of sweetness unknowable.


There was a time
When you used to feel
God’s loving Heart,
But now you are only seeing
God’s ruling Hand.
I tell you,
Do not be confused or frightened.
God’s ruling Hand is only showing you
How to return home
Safely, soulfully and richly.


I am here, my Lord,
Waiting for Your Compassion-Heart.
I am here, my Lord,
Waiting for the embrace
Of Your infinite Freedom.
I am here, my Lord,
Waiting for You to come
And take my broken heart
To Your celestial Abode.


Give yourself only once
An unconditional chance
And then remain completely silent.
Your Lord Supreme will sing
His Immortality-Song
Through your beauty’s silence-perfection.


If you allow yourself
To be fettered by the world’s opinions,
God will never grant you
His Vision-Life-Pinions
To carry you into His Eternity’s
Delight-flooded Sky.


Beauty and purity
Are Heavenly possessions.
If you want to own them,
Your mounting aspiration-heart
Must increase its height
And your growing dedication-life
Must increase its length.


My heart and I
May not be ready to say
We owe everything to God’s Love,
But my life and I
Are more than ready to say
We owe everything
To God’s Forgiveness.


A messenger from the morning-world
Has given me
A very special message:
God will before long
Capture my heart
With His Soul’s Smile
And capture my life
With His Heart’s Cry.


In this lifetime of yours,
Can you not become
A dancing hope,
A singing promise
And a transcending perfection?


You will remain
With your unborn dreams
Because you always forget to smile
At Heaven’s wealth
And always forget to cry
With earth’s poverty.


Do you not realise
That you are your heart’s
Short-lived devotion?

Do you not realise
That you are your mind’s
Completely forgotten inspiration?

Do you not realise
That you are your life’s
Unconditionally accepted failure?


The latest news from God:
His Compassion-Height
Is not going to fight any more
Against His Justice-Light
Because it is tired of fighting
For the ever-ungrateful
And ever-unreceptive humanity.


Do not stop smiling
If you want to become as beautiful
As a child’s heart.

Do not stop crying
If you want to become as pure
As a saint’s life.


My impurity-mind
Does not surprise God.
My insecurity-heart
Does not puzzle God.
But my unwillingness-life
Definitely amazes God.


Since you are living inside
Your doubting mind’s hopes,
How can you see
Your faithful heart’s promises
Or feel the Oneness-Love
Of God’s bountiful Heart?


My Lord Supreme,
My eyes live
For Your Compassion-Eye,
My heart lives
For Your Satisfaction-Eye,
My life lives
For Your Self-Transcendence-Eye.


Everybody tells you
That you will fail,
But do they help you
To succeed?
Do they pray
For your victory?
Therefore, why do you need
Their stupid and proud comments
On your success-failure-life?


God is man,
Man is God.
Man is God’s hope.
God is man’s promise.


Your Master is at once
God’s Silence-Whisper
God’s Sound-Murmur.


Every potential God-server
Lives inside the breath
Of your sleepless selflessness.


You can conquer fear
Just by turning your life
Into a happy song
Of happy oneness.


Man is the challenger
Of yesterday’s frustration
And tomorrow’s hesitation.


If you forget something divine,
Then your conscious oneness
With God’s Will
Is not sufficiently developed.

If you forget something undivine,
Then it is a great blessing,
For there are many things
That should be forgotten!


When God asks you
To do something for Him,
Before thoughts enter your mind,
Cry and try,
Try and cry
To consciously establish
Willingness inside your heart.


How to dissolve yesterday’s anger?
Just inundate it
With today’s peace of mind!


Pray to God to grant you
More purity in your mind.
Pray to God to grant you
More sweetness in your heart.
Pray to God to grant you
More humility in your life.


You can overcome resistance
By exercising the power
Of insistence.
Insist on doing the right thing.
Lo, the power of resistance
Will disappear.


You can love more
Only when you feel the necessity
Of becoming more useful
To your Beloved Supreme
In your inner life of aspiration
And in your outer life of dedication.


Look around at those who worry
And see if they are able
To save themselves
From unwarranted suffering.
When you see their foolishness,
You will be wise
And not enter into
The sea of worry.


Your past is a devouring tiger.
You should not only
Forget your past
But also annihilate it.


You will stop hesitating
When your inner heart
Becomes stronger
Than your outer mind.


To become nicer
Than you are now,
Offer the beautiful rose
Inside your heart-garden
To your Beloved Lord Supreme.


Great people live and die
Only to make you their slave.
Good people live and die
Only to help you become
Another God.


I know You, my Lord:
This is my illumination.

I love You, my Lord:
This is my perfection.

I follow You, my Lord:
This is my satisfaction.


Just call Me
Just say My Name
I shall grant you
The richest harvest
Of My Vision-Eye.


You are a useless fool
If you imitate others.
Do you not realise
That their stupidity, like yours,
Beggars description?
Imitate God!
First try to imitate His Signature.
Then try to imitate His Voice.
Finally try to imitate His Silence-Smile.
God-imitation is not imitation;
It is the revelation
Of your inner illumination.


A single “Yes” from God
Is all he needs
To destroy the exorbitant pride
Of his ignorance-night.


On the way to his earth-home
From Heaven,
God advised him to specialise
In only one thing:


When the heart is unemployed,
The mind’s doubt-treachery
Runs riot.


My Lord,
Your Compassion-Sea
Is my capacity.
Your Love-Sky
Is my divinity.
Your Satisfaction-Sun
Is my Immortality.


A songless day
Is ruthlessly compelled
To voyage to the despair-shore.


As they want the Buddha
To be for the East
And the Christ
To be for the West,
Even so, they want your one shoulder
To liberate them
And your other shoulder
To save them.


The motto of the human race:
The life of division
Must not last.

The motto of the divine race:
God’s and man’s oneness-song
Will last eternally.


You pray early in the morning
And meditate early in the evening.
Indeed, this is your conventional approach
To the spiritual life.
But if you feel that this approach
Is not offering you
Satisfactory results,
Then try an unconventional approach:
Pray and meditate
Any time of the day or night
Until God-hunger tortures
Your entire being.


My heart-temple is always empty
Of worshippers.
My body, vital and mind
Are always absent.
Now I have decided
To have a new temple,
My soul-temple,
And I shall urge my heart
To come and worship there.
I am sure my heart
Will always abide
By my soulful request.


Do not claim me!
Let me claim you!
Let us claim each other!


O my mind,
You are completely mistaken
When you tell me
That my heart is eclipsed
By your unlit presence.
No, my heart is illumined
And shall always remain so,
For my soul has befriended my heart
And this friendship
Forever shall last.


My Lord,
Do not bind me to You
With my victory’s height.
Do bind me to You
With Your invisible


Yesterday I prayed to God,
“My Lord, give me, give me.”
Today I am praying to God,
“My Lord, take me, take me.”
Tomorrow I shall pray to God,
“My Lord, may Your Vision-Eye smile
Inside Your creation-heart.”


Unless and until my mind
Measures my Lord’s Newness,
I shall never be happy.

Unless and until my heart
Measures my Lord’s Sweetness,
I shall never be happy.

Unless and until my life
Measures my Lord’s Oneness,
I shall never be happy.


If you are a saint,
You will discover purity
Inside nothingness.

If you are a yogi,
You will discover fulness
Inside nothingness.

If you are another God,
You will discover that nothingness-dream
And oneness-reality
Are extremely fond of each other.


The newness-love of silence
Illumines the human in me.
The fulness-silence of love
Fulfils the divine in me.


The day I lost
My complaining mind,
Something extremely significant
Took place.
My Eternity’s Beloved Supreme
Showed His explaining Heart
To the world at large
To reveal my perfect perfection-life.


Right now I may not know
Where God is
Or who God is,
But one thing I do know:
I know that I am going to be
The satisfaction-fruit
Of my Lord’s Compassion-Seed.


My mind thinks
That it has already become something.
My heart feels
That it will never become anything.
My soul knows
That God has already become everything
To make my life worthy
Of His Compassion-Company.


O my mind,
Are you trying to tell me something
That I do not know as yet?
I am trying to tell you
That my very existence
At long last is caught
By God’s Compassion-Smile.”


He who is worth possessing
Can never be possessed,
But He who is worth loving
Can always be loved.


By way of joke
I tell my Lord Supreme
That I do not need Him.
But my Beloved Supreme
Has not yet mastered
The art of joking.
In all sincerity He tells me
That He needs me sleeplessly
And that someday,
Somehow, somewhere
He will place me
On His transcendental
Trance-bound Throne.


You have not studied enough
In the mind-school.
Therefore, you may not be
A chosen instrument of man.
But you have definitely studied
For many, many years
In the heart-school.
Therefore, you are well-qualified
To become a chosen instrument
Of your Inner Pilot.


If you pierce the world
Of frustration-night
With the arrow of your heart’s joy,
Then God Himself will proclaim
Your Himalayan victory
An unprecedented achievement
For the world.


O earth-consciousness,
I die for you to receive
More Light and Delight from Above.
O Heaven-consciousness,
I live for you to manifest
More Light, more Delight
Plus more Satisfaction
Here on earth.


There was a time
When my life was divinity’s perfection
And my heart unconditionally lived
Inside my Lord’s Compassion-Net.
Alas, that time is no more!


A God-realised soul
May have a free access
To God’s Heart-Home,
But he quite often
Finds it difficult
To secure a free access
To man’s mind-room.


He who is raised
On God’s constant and infinite Grace
Will eventually become
Humanity’s totally transformed face.


Never, never give up
Your faith-life.
There shall come a time
When you will definitely be able
To reap the bounty
Of God’s Pride in you.


Now that he has passed through
He can easily change
His life’s erring course.


My sweet little soul-bird,
I feel extremely sorry for you.
I do not know how long
You can go on living
Inside my fettered hopes.


I am fully acquainted
With my death-door,
But I am still trying to become acquainted
With my life-door.
Because my Beloved Supreme
Every day knocks
At my life-door
And, alas, returns home every day


If you are unaccustomed
To fear and doubt,
Then rest assured,
Endless happy hours
Are being born inside you
To live with you and for you.


In my outer life,
Is my whole dictionary.

In my inner life,
Is my whole dictionary.


My Lord,
Yesterday my only desire
Was to love You.
Today my only desire
Is to live inside You.
Tomorrow my only desire
Will be to be exactly like You.


O onlookers of greatness,
You are the students
Of power.

O lovers of goodness,
You are the students
Of God’s secret and sacred


The smoke of ideas must disappear.
The birth of new ideal-flames
Must become our reality’s perfection.


My Lord,
Each time I forget
My self-imposed earth-bondage,
You make me a channel
For Your perfect Love.


To bridge the gulf of ignorance,
Every day I must accelerate
My aspiration-speed.


My Lord Supreme,
How can I please You every day?
“My child,
You can please Me every day
By feeding your aspiration-strength
And increasing your dedication-length.”


Each individual
Is a favourite child of God.
To each of His children
He has given the capacity
To conquer Him with oneness-truth.


He has cultivated sincerity-flower
Inside his heart.
Therefore God calls him
His own Beauty’s


My Lord,
Give me speed!
Give me purity!
With speed I shall win
My long-lost inner race.
With purity I will be able to see
Once more
Your Infinity’s immortal Face.


To live inside my Lord’s Heart
Consciously, soulfully and perfectly,
I need a sprinter’s
And a runner’s


In my heart’s secret depth,
There is always a poignant cry
To destroy the disharmony
That fetters and bruises
My outer life.


He has the skill
Not to forget God’s Name.
He has the thrill
Of loving God’s Heart


My inner voice
Is my dear friend.
I hear it
In every heart
Singing the song
Of God’s Oneness-Victory.


My prayer is to think
Only of Him
With my purity-mind.

My meditation is to love
Only Him
With my aspiration-heart.


Every second counts.
Therefore, I must listen to my soul-tutor
And learn my life-transforming lessons
And my Lord’s Heaven-manifesting-lessons
As soon as possible.


My soul lavishes the boundless bounty
Of its love on me.
Its smile of grace
Every day shines on my face
In bright multiplied bliss.


His smile wins
A thousand hearts a day.
His cry wins
Only one heart a day
And that heart is his own
Infinity’s God-Heart.


There shall come a time
When peace-diamond,
And perfection-diamond
Will all be in your satisfaction-safe.


My mind is waiting
For my heart’s absurdity-dream to end.
My heart is waiting
For my mind’s hallucination-dream to end.
My life is waiting
For my impossibility-dream to end.
My soul is waiting
For my ignorance-dream to end.


Immortality is not of the body.
Immortality is in
The consciousness-seed,
Immortality is of
The consciousness-flower
And Immortality is for
The consciousness-fruit.


His purity-heart is trying to smile
Inside his uninspiring eyes.
His divinity-soul is trying to dance
Inside his unaspiring mind.


It may be very easy
To surrender what we have:
But it is very difficult
To surrender what we are:


What does my gratitude-heart do?
It takes me directly
To God’s Heart-Home.


O remembrance-night,
Do not persecute me.
I wish to be
A purity-flame
Of my heart’s mounting cry.


He knows how to love
The Eternal in himself.
He also knows how to serve
The Absolute in himself.
But something more he has to learn:
How to treasure sleeplessly
The Beloved Supreme in himself.


My Lord,
Your first Smile is still singing
Inside the very depth
Of my gratitude-heart.

My Lord,
Your last Smile
Will safely return my soul
To its celestial abode.

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