Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 9

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The heart of man sighs
For beauty-wings
So it can soar like a bird
In the vastness-height of the sky.


If you study the world
Of your heart,
God will bless you
With His Life’s Sunrise.


If you want to be
A perfect instrument of God,
Then never overestimate
Your mind’s wisdom
And never underestimate
Your heart’s obedience.


Because you are completely lost
In the jungle of impurity,
You cherish the audacity
To deny God’s unconditional
In this world.


When man is his own revelation
And not God’s,
What can poor God do?
He simply retreats
To His secret and sacred Confines.


Purity is a soulful beauty
Which is long-lost and forgotten
Inside the mind’s confusion-jungle.


The ghosts
Of my past failure-life
Are still torturing
My tiny, delicate plant-heart.


I do not want to hear from
Your God-thirsty lips.
I want to feel
Your God-hungry heart.


The clouds of separation
Between you and God
Will before long disappear
If you are careful how you spend
Your waking hours.


Do not pray to God
To take you away from this world.
Pray to God
To change your nature here on earth.
What you need is transformation
And not escape.


The greatest tragedy is my own life.
Although I am God’s choice son,
I deliberately do not listen
To God’s Voice.


Because of your sincerity-mind,
Purity-heart and luminosity-soul,
You are being carried
By the Compassion-Current
Of God’s Heart-River.


O world,
I have this to say to you:
My heart shall never
Run out of aspiration,
My mind shall never
Run out of inspiration
And my life shall never
Run out of dedication.


His cry stole my heart.
His smile stole my soul.
His love stole my life.
His oneness with God
Stole my all.


Hope never deceives me.
Hope is a divine instrument
Which aspires to achieve and reveal
God-manifesting beauty.


I wish to be one of the few,
Very few,
Who can sincerely feel
That God is responsible
For my success
And that I am responsible for His.


Yours is the divinely created
Permeated with sincerity’s


Faith knows no tension,
For it knows that God
Is always with it
And always for it.


During my morning talk with God
He told me that there is no crisis
In any human life
That cannot be resolved
By a divinely sunlit smile.


On the way home
From earth to Heaven,
He brought along with him
Earth’s hope-sea
To play with Heaven’s fulfilment-sun.


When my soul is in Heaven,
It whispers a prayer
For compassion.

When my soul is on earth,
It whispers a prayer
For peace.

When my soul is with God,
It whispers a prayer
For God-satisfaction.


I feel such purity
When I gaze at the moon.
I feel such power
When I gaze at the sun.
But, alas, I feel such uncertainty
When I gaze at myself.


Yours is a world
From which God is always absent,
Do you know why?
Because you are always fond of wandering
In your mind’s wasteland.


God will definitely rescue you
From your anxiety-emergency
If you do not waste
Your heart’s obedience-breath.


In the heart of each struggle
There is always
A sun-vast victory-crown.


Sadness-purity is my life’s
Fleeting voice.
Gladness-divinity is my soul’s
Eternal voice.


My Lord Supreme,
Do widen the narrow rivulet
Of my life
So that I can forever surely flow
Into Your Heart’s Ecstasy-Ocean.


If your rebellious mind is unwilling
To admit defeat,
Your heart is doomed to carry
The stupidity-freedom of your life.


God’s ultimate Miracle
Shall secretly blossom:
You will become the perfection-beauty
Of your own soul’s
Stupendous God-discovery.


Responsibility cannot weigh you down
If you take responsibility
As a God-approved opportunity.
It can only lift you and your life
To the higher worlds.


His is the magic smile
That every day eclipses
My heart’s excruciating pangs.


Since Buddha did not come
For the East alone
And Christ did not come
For the West alone,
You should know
That you have not come
For yourself alone.


You are always allowed
To come near God
And play with Him,
Not because you live
In a great reality-world
But because you constantly cherish


God’s Compassion-Sun is not invisible;
My heart is just blind.
God’s Forgiveness-Sky is not invisible;
My mind is just blind.
God’s Assurance-Ocean is not invisible;
My eyes are just blind.


The animal in me says,
“Why is there a God
When I do not need Him?”

The human in me says,
“Where is God
When I do need Him?”

The divine in me says,
“Whether I need God or not,
He eternally is.”


Alas, you have placed your happiness-life
Not only in the hands of others
But also at their giant feet.


If you do not have surrender-tears,
Then try to create them.
If you do have surrender-tears,
Then soulfully treasure them
And try to increase them.


There should not be any weakness
In your thought-life
Or any carelessness
In your heart-life
If you care for
The transcendental Smile of God.


If you fear to aspire,
Do you not realise
That you and your life
Will very soon
Expire with fear?


The difference between involvement
And commitment is this:
If you are involved,
You are a problem-maker.
If you are committed,
You are a problem-shooter.


O my soul,
Did you ask God
When my suspicion-mind
Will be unquestionably defeated
By my aspiration-heart?
O my soul,
I hope you have not forgotten
This time also.


The dust of the past
Has soiled his heart.
Therefore, he cannot win admission
To God’s pure Heart-Home.


To have your desires
Fulfilled for the asking
Is to be forced to dance
With your life’s inner failures.


Instead of creating self-styled fantasies
To decorate your life,
Why do you not become a translator
Of God’s Vision-fulfilling Silence-Message?


When I walk,
I walk prayerfully
So that I can have
A soulful heart,
A powerful life
And a fruitful vision of God.


My heart’s dawn has come,
My heart’s dawn has come.
Inside my heart
I see only one thing:
The happiness of a God-intoxicated


O my body-dungeon,
Even you can be full of God.
Just do not mix with the mind.
Do not even listen to the mind,
For it is drunk
With egotism-night.


Since your heart was awakened,
You have been praying and meditating
To see divine light,
And this light itself wants you to see
That there is another world
Where truth, peace and bliss abide.


O my soul,
Each time you come down
Into the world-arena,
You bring with you the promise
To offer light to the world at large
And to manifest God in God’s own Way.


Inwardly and outwardly
Your Beloved Supreme
Is pleading with you
To listen to all His Requests
Cheerfully and soulfully.


If you do not make progress
In God’s own Way,
Then what you call progress
Will be only the aggrandisement
Of your ego.
If you make progress
In God’s own Way,
Then you are bound to feel
God’s Love, Peace and
Inundating your life.


The thunder of sound
Is God’s ambassador to earth.
The beauty of silence
Is God’s ambassador to Heaven.


My Lord Supreme,
Why do I feel insecure?
“My child,
You feel insecure
Because you are afraid of vastness.
Try to claim the vastness
Of the ocean and the sky
As your own, very own.
Then you will never be insecure.”


My Lord Supreme,
How can I maintain my inner strength?
“My child,
You can maintain your inner strength
Only by having peace of mind.”

My Lord Supreme,
How can I have peace of mind?
“My child,
To have peace of mind
What you need
Is purity in the body, the vital
And the mind itself.”


His prayerful mind and soulful heart
Have made his life
A shadowless illumination-sun.


The East is for realisation.
The West is for manifestation.
The East cares mainly
For height.
The West cares mainly
For length and breadth.


Your mind does not want
God’s loving Heart.
God’s Heart does not want
Your doubting mind.
Unless and until you change your mind,
God is not going to change His Heart.


God has revealed His infinite Light
Through your glowing eyes.
Can you not reveal your soulful delight
Through God’s ever-fulfilling
And ever-transcending Heart?


Every day God and I
Exchange our dreams.
I share with Him
My mind’s frustration-dreams;
He shares with me
His Heart’s Satisfaction-Dreams.


Because your heart has become
A God-pleasing prayer,
Your life has now become
God’s secret and sacred powerhouse.


If you live in the dark cave
Of blind individuality,
How can you expect God
To grant you an interview?


Indeed, he is a chosen instrument of God,
For his heart is aspiration-intensity,
His life is dedication-luminosity
And his breath is perfection-divinity.


Your desire-life will never desert you
Of its own accord.
It is your aspiration-life
That has to discipline, illumine
And liberate your desire-life
From its sleepless ignorance-hunger.


Futile fears and doubts can never
Impose themselves upon him,
For he lives in his heart-life,
And his heart-life is always
Flooded with God-Light.


Every time he sails the boat
Of confidence-light
He is befriended
By God’s Satisfaction-Delight.


An unexpected Compassion-Touch
From Above
Can transform the absurd inventions
Of the intellect
Into God’s all-satisfying


Your mind foolishly tries
To fathom God.
Your heart soulfully waits
For God’s Compassion-Light
And Forgiveness-Height
To measure your life.


Your mind-conquest
Is yesterday’s forgotten resolution.
Therefore, how can you conquer
Today’s desire-hunger?


God does not need your mind’s
Partial insecurity-surrender.
God needs only your heart’s
Inseparable oneness-hunger-delight.


My aspiration-days and devotion-nights
Have successfully and permanently removed
My life’s ego-mask.


Your soul has been hiding
For centuries.
But rest assured,
It will not remain hidden forever.
Someday, somewhere, somehow
It will reveal
Its God-manifesting perfection-delight.


You do not want to remove
Your ego-mask,
Yet you wonder why yours has become
An upside-down life-view.


Your heart-compass does not
Always point to God.
How then do you expect
Your life-star to ever rise
In Eternity’s Infinity-Sky?


Your mind-land neither loves you
Nor needs you.
Alas, even so, you are not willing
To go back to God’s Heart-Land.


Alas, right now
You are your own vital-fury.
Do you not realise that before long
You and nobody else
Will become your own heart-injury?


I am glad that you like
Your heart-beauty’s friend:
I am glad that you like
Your life-warning friend:


You have abandoned
Your heart-shrine,
Yet still you are looking for
The presiding deity of your life.


Jump over your limitation-hurdles
And become a bold bondage-breaker!
Then your life will not remain
A drooping question mark.


Love makes all human beings equal.
Oneness makes all human beings perfect.
Satisfaction makes all human beings
Exactly the same as God.


Since God is
His own Patience-Light,
Can you not become
Your own obedience-delight?


Your aspiration-crisis has alarmed
Not only Heaven’s mounting heights
But also earth’s crying lengths.


His is an unusual interpretation
Of spiritual awakening.
He thinks that first man shakes God,
And then God wakes man.


You will be caught
In time’s clutches
If your dedication-life
Does not grow into a surrender-heart
To please God in His own Way.


My best speciality is this:
I never allow my life
To be caught
In my mind’s confusion-net.


If you go on placating
Your screaming vital,
How will you ever see
Your life’s sunrise?
Will you not always remain
In your death’s moonless night?


If your love is in transit
To devotion
And your devotion is in transit
To surrender,
God will cheerfully and proudly
Tell you His Code-Name
So you can invoke Him
At any time you want.


O stupid world,
Why should my soul be responsible
For piercing your thick bravado-shell?
My soul is accountable
Only to God the Justice-Light.


Every day you are trying so hard
To discover your guardian angel.
I tell you,
Your aspiration-dedication-faith-flames
Can easily do the work
Of your guardian angel.


An insecurity-heart
Hears a loud shout
In every feeble whisper.


Until a better dream begins,
His heart will be longing
For only one thing:
God’s Compassion-Smile.


Darkness will arrive
Without any warning
If love is not found daily
In your life’s dictionary.


Truth can live only with right.
Falsehood can live only with wrong.
Ask your mind and heart
To make their choice.


His unquenched thirst
For greatness-height
Has fallen under
The inescapable thumb of death.


The past tense of hope
Is promise.
The future tense of hope
Is dedication.


Because of your complacent mind,
You are now lost
In a lifeless desert
With an endless inheritance
Of sorrow.


Do you think that God
Does not want to retire?
He does want to retire!
He has time and again asked
The cosmic gods
To arrange His retirement party,
And each time the cosmic gods
Are obliged to refuse.
But the more God asks them
For this special favour,
The stronger become their hearts’
For not having transformed
Humanity’s life.


Unless you give up
The shameless tricks
Of your mounting pride,
Death will hasten
Its impending visit to you.


When you soulfully become,
What do you become?
You become God’s partner.

When you unreservedly give,
To whom do you give?
You give to God.


Nothing can help
And nothing will help
Steer God’s Boat
Save and except your sleepless life’s


When my Lord plays upon my life-flute,
He gives me the boundless capacity
To walk along His royal Road
To reach His Immortality’s Heart-Kingdom.

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