Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, part 97

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If you are more than willing
To jump with God,
To run with God,
To fly with God,
You may not succeed outwardly,
But you have already succeeded inwardly
Beyond your imagination.


A spiritual Master can show you
Our common Father,
The Lord Supreme.
But it is up to you
To keep a direct connection
With the Supreme.


True, you are suffering
From ignorance-disease.
But be joyful that you are at least able
To pray to God
To cure your ignorance-disease.


Every day God tries
To make the seeker see and feel
Exactly where he stands,
So that he will wake up
And climb up the inner ladder.


Be more spiritual!
You will see that your fellow seekers
Will be easily and effectively inspired
By your very presence.


You have done God a big favour
By entering into His Progress-Boat.
Can you not do Him a bigger favour
By being an extraordinary seeker?


Your spirituality is something
That the Beloved Supreme cherishes
And is more than eager to broadcast
At every moment.


O insecurity,
How I wish that
The more you tried to prevent the seeker
From running the fastest,
The sooner his indomitable spirit
Would push you aside.


Perhaps you cannot manifest God’s Light
At this moment,
But be happy that you have
The eagerness to do it.
Your eagerness itself
Will give you inner speed.


Make commitments —
At least, outer commitments.
The seekers who make
No outer commitment,
Who do no selfless service,
Are worse than useless.


My Lord,
You are so kind to me!
Just because I am devotedly accepting
An iota of Your Peace,
You are making me
Your chosen child.


When he did not maintain
His inner speed,
Others surpassed him,
And he and his stupidity
Were left alone.


When the race is over
We realise that
We received the utmost joy
And achieved the greatest progress
Because of our practice and dedication.


Study in the outer school
Soulfully, devotedly and wholeheartedly
If necessity demands.
But if the outer school
Takes you away from the inner school,
It will be a sad failure,
An irreparable loss to your soul.


I thank you
Because you love me deeply.
I thank you
Because you claim me sincerely.
I thank you
Because you will someday
Manifest me and fulfil me


The Supreme is either warning
Or begging
His seeker-children
To be careful in every way
At every moment
While they are leading the aspiration-life.


Outer endurance
Helps him meditate longer.
Inner peace of mind
Helps him run farther.


You are practising spirituality.
That means, O seeker,
You believe in the inner world,
Where Eternity, Infinity and Immortality
Are not just vague terms.


God feels very sorry
When hurdles stand in your way,
Just because you are most desperately trying
To manifest His Light.


O Lord, how can this be true?
The darkness around me is not ending.
It is only increasing,
Whereas the dawn in other places
Is becoming bright, brighter, brightest.


What have I done!
With self-doubt
I have pierced a small hole
In my spiritual life.
Today there is only a tiny draft
Coming in from ignorance-world,
But tomorrow there may be
A dangerous ignorance-cyclone.


How to offer inspiration
To others?
Give according to your capacity
And their receptivity.
Be generous and, at the same time,
Be wise.


Do not think of the result.
Your sincere effort to serve God
Is what counts most.
That in itself is the greatest achievement.


Let us pray to the Supreme
For His constant Protection,
For if we fall victim for one moment
To destructive forces,
We may suffer for the rest of our lives.


Do you not see?
Wrong forces are striking you
Only because you are fearful —
Fearful of God.


What a fool!
He is struggling to climb up
The aspiration-tree
By using mental force
Instead of by making his mind
Calm and quiet.


Be spontaneous like a child.
A child does not try
To acquire anything unnatural.
He does not try to be somebody
Or something else.
He approaches God in a natural way.


When you give God something good,
Feel that He receives from you
Ten times as much.
When you give God something bad,
Feel that it is lost in Him,
Lost forever.


What can I give to God
In return for His precious Gifts:
Compassion and Forgiveness?
I can give Him
My aspiration-life
And my gratitude-heart.


There is one simple reason
Why God thinks more often
Of His chosen instruments:
They are soulfully receptive.


If you feel
That you are not helping God,
That even your conscious acceptance
Of what God is offering to the world
Is of unparalleled importance.


You have jumped out of God’s Boat.
God does not want to blame you.
God does not want to blame Himself.
God does not want to blame anybody.
He only wants to say
That this is the sad fate
You have chosen for yourself.


What is the easiest way for you to be
Of tremendous inspiration and service
To other seekers?
Through your own aspiration
And dedication.


The Supreme’s new discovery:
Those who always listen to Him
Will now listen to Him more,
Those who rarely listen to Him
Will now listen to Him less.


God the Supreme Musician
Offers His Music of Peace.
Man the divine audience
Offers his peace-receptivity.


He is paying more attention
To his outer school
Than to his inner school.
Long, long before the end
Of his earthly journey
He shall come to know
What a deplorable mistake
He has made.


What does God have
For His unaspiring seeker-children?
His Compassion-Sea
For them
And His Forgiveness-Flood
For them.


You are soulfully happy
Because every day
You are blossoming like a flower
In God’s Heart-Garden.


He climbed up the inner Himalayas
Long, long ago,
But he wisely feels that there is no end
To climbing
And no end to spreading
The Light of God.


When we do not seek to dominate,
We can be happy.
When we do not expect,
We can be perfect.


Why are you cursing God
And revolting against your body?
Can you not be wise
And pray to God to cure you,
Your poor ignorance-body?


If your receptivity is increasing,
You will feel more happiness
In your life,
Plus you will at every moment feel
That you have the capacity
To surrender cheerfully
To the Will of your Beloved Supreme.


True, you have worked hard
For many years.
But you must aspire until the end.
There is no such thing as a pension
In the spiritual life.


Why do you feel
That you are all alone?
There is Someone
Who is thinking of you.
There is Someone
Who is doing everything for you.


Expedite your inner journey
By riding the aspiration-train.
Soon you and nobody else
Will blow the victory-whistle.


An Avatar’s highest Consciousness
Touches all —
Even those
Who are not consciously aware of God.


God’s Message
To the sleeping world:
“My children, awake!
My Time is passing by.
Your time is passing by.”


You are happy
Because you have increased
Your gratitude.

You are happy
Because you have increased
Your surrender to God’s Will.

You are happy
Because you feel that now
Your life is full of meaning.


Do not stay at the foot
Of the aspiration-tree.
Climb up
And discover your only reality!


Even for a fleeting second
Offer goodwill to others.
Your good thoughts
Are significant contributions
To the Supreme in humanity.


When my life is my own,
All the worries of the world
Come to strangle me.

When I belong to the Supreme
And He is the Manager of my life,
Happiness becomes my name.


You are playing life’s game.
Who is watching?
The Supreme is watching.
You are happy;
He is smiling.
You are sad;
He is crying.


My Lord Supreme,
I am asking You
For a sound body and mind.
What for?
Only to manifest You,
And for nothing else.


Why are you now enjoying a vacation
From your service-life?
Why do you feel that it is
The responsibility of others
To work for the Supreme on earth
While you enjoy rest?


O unaspiring seeker,
I assure you
That you will not be able
To prevent from surpassing you
The seekers with new inspiration
And aspiration
Who are now running the fastest.


Do not be
The unfortunate complacent seeker
Who feels he knows everything
And has already done
Whatever he is supposed to do
For God.


Every day
The Supreme examines
Your aspiration-dedication-life
And gives you a grade
In the inner world.


O disputing vital,
You have not added anything
To my aspiration.
You have only secretly taken away wealth
From my aspiration-store.


How the Supreme wishes
That each child of His would become
An excellent seeker-warrior
Of His Vision
And for His Mission.


God is sad
When you are unable to bring forward
Your tremendous inner hunger
For God-Satisfaction.


God’s Message to the older generation:
“As long as you remain on earth,
You must realise that your days
Are equally as important
As those of the younger generation,
Whose hearts are all hope
And whose lives are all promise.”


How can you expect God’s return
Until your heart’s aspiration-cry
Has returned?


If you want to receive from God
Far beyond your imagination,
Then give to God
Only what you do not actually need:


You say your cruel mind
Every day shocks you.
Do you realise that
Every day you shock God
By not staying inside your heart?


Heaven the beggar
Needs more concern-capacity
To please earth.
Earth the beggar
Needs more aspiration-capacity
To please Heaven.


God wants you to become
Your heart’s purity.
Instead, you have become
Your mind’s impurity.


God’s Satisfaction-Heart
Is for him who does not have
A sleeping heart.


If you want to wear
The crown of divinity,
Then you must cheerfully accept
The burden of humanity.


To celebrate your life’s
Supreme progress,
You must treasure at every moment
Your heart’s sleepless faith
In God.


God will hear you
Only when you are ready to become
Your life’s total consecration-flames.


God the Sound
Has awakened your heart.
God the Silence
Will transform your life.


Inside His Heart is Compassion.
Inside His Eye is Protection.
At His Feet is Forgiveness.


If you are running
On your mind’s endless track,
You will never be able to hear
Your heart’s soulful fountain-songs.


Give, give and give
Cheerfully and unconditionally.
Then your Beloved Supreme
Will definitely keep you locked
In His own Heart’s Ecstasy-Safe.


Soulful is the song
Of heart’s awakening.
Fruitful is the dance
Of God’s coming.


It is such a difficult task
To gain peace of mind.
Why do you then spend your mind’s peace
So extravagantly?


Ask your mind to pray to God
For the patience-mountain.
Ask your heart to meditate on God
For the vastness-sky.
Ask your life to become
A surrender-football
Of God’s Satisfaction-Eye.


Long for God’s Compassion-Heart.
You will be happy.
Long for God’s Justice-Eye.
You will be not only happy
But also perfect.


No wonder you are lost
In your mind’s frustration-fog!
Do you ever value
Your heart’s clear blue sky?


Your cheerful obedience
Makes God happy and proud.
Your unconditional obedience
Makes God the happiest Being
Here on earth
And there in Heaven.


Your heart’s aspiration-cry
And God’s Satisfaction-Smile
Always have the same address.


Let the whole world enjoy
Its disbelief-laughter.
God wants you to enjoy
Your heart’s belief-song.


How do you expect God
To hire you
When you are never tired of
Your temptation-frustration-life?


Because you are a fool,
You think and also tell the world
That your aspiration is working overtime.


God will keep
His Peace-Promise
Right after you have kept
Your surrender-promise.


At last he has come to realise
That his life needs
God the Comedian
And not God the Magician.


Nobody can live happily
On frustration-food.
Therefore, why not try to live
Only on aspiration-food?


If you want to be a glorious victor
In the battlefield of your life,
Then never hurl your jealousy-javelin.


O earth-bound, wingless mind-bird,
In vain you want to soar
Into the Delight of Heaven.


Out of Compassion,
God loves my heart.
Out of a sense of Duty,
God directs my life.


In his aspiration-dedication-life,
The seeker’s willingness-heart
Is his supreme treasure.


If you stop thinking,
God will start building the bridge
For you to cross over
To see His Golden Shore.


A seeker of high magnitude is he
Whose heart dances between
Deathless devotion
And endless gratitude.


If you do not relinquish
Your age-old temptation-life,
How can God grant you
His magic Illumination-Hand?


You have touched the core of Reality
At last!
Now God wants you to be
His Heart’s universal Dream.


Rediscover your lost child-life
If you want to see yourself
Once again
Inside God’s Heart-Nest.


Let the world ridicule
Your conventional prayer-life.
God’s Satisfaction-Heart
Is all for you.


You are your mind’s
Twenty-four-hour wishful thinking,
Yet you have no happiness.
If you can grow into
Your heart’s self-giving,
That will give you joy beyond measure.


Do not think
That your abysmally ignorant life
Is outside the bounds
Of self-transcendence.


My Lord has already
Captured my heart.
Alas, I do not know when
I will be able to capture His Feet.