My Christmas-New Year-Vacation Aspiration-Prayers, part 27

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Editor's note

Sri Chinmoy offered the following prayers during his visit to Jakarta and Yogyakarta, Indonesia in December 2003.

21 December 2003

Jakarta, Indonesia

1 For The God-Lover ...

For the God-lover,
Is just a dictionary word.

2 My Mind ...

My mind
Has an urgent message
For God:
From now on,
My mind will listen
To my heart.

3 To Attend Heaven-School ...

To attend Heaven-school,
The seeker must get
A compassion-certificate
From Mother Earth.

4 My Heart Has Discovered ...

My heart has discovered
That God, my Lord,
An ever-transcending Newness.

5 Meditation ...

Does not believe in
Man-delivered information.

6 Meditation Means ...

Meditation means
The beauty and fragrance
Of the fast-revealing illumination.

7 The Joys ...

The joys
Of the Heaven-Kingdom
I have.

8 The Sorrows ...

The sorrows
Of the earth-planet
I am.

9 Mine Is A God-Gratitude-Song ...

Mine is a God-gratitude-song
That is perpetually sung
By my heart.

10 Unity ...

Begins the Cosmic Game,
Continues the Game,
And this Game never ends.

21 December 2003 ...

21 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

11 Two Things Are Infinite: ...

Two things are infinite:
My mind's ignorance-night
My heart's God-delight.

12 Two Things Are Eternal: ...

Two things are eternal:
My crying heart
God's smiling Eye.

13 Two Things Are Immortal: ...

Two things are immortal:
God's Vision
God's Compassion.

14 Success Is ...

Success is

15 Progress Is ...

Progress is
An ever-transcending

16 Success Is ...

Success is

17 Progress Is ...

Progress is

18 Pray ...

Like a child.

19 Meditate ...

Like a yogi.

22 December 2003 ...

22 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

20 When God Cries ...

When God cries,
I remember immediately
All my mistakes.

21 When God Smiles ...

When God smiles,
I forget
All my good deeds
And bad deeds.

22 Inch By Inch ...

Inch by inch,
Minute by minute,
I shall try to dive into
My Lord's fathomless Heart.

23 When God Hears ...

When God hears
That I am on His side,
I please Him
More than anything else —
So says God.

24 When God Walks ...

When God walks
Among us,
Our hearts become
Infinity's Fragrance.

25 When God The Beauty ...

When God the Beauty
Blessingfully enters into
My eyes,
My entire being becomes
Not only beautiful,
But also blissful.

26 If We Try To Please Humanity ...

If we try to please humanity,
Even in a thousand ways,
We sadly fail.

27 When We Try To Please God ...

When we try to please God,
Even in a single way,
We please Him
Sooner than at once.

28 My Heart Of Silence ...

My heart of silence
Is full of

29 To Go A Little Higher ...

To go a little higher
Is to see God a little better
And be a little closer.

30 My Lord Supreme Sings And Sings ...

My Lord Supreme sings and sings
The glories of my willingness-mind
And eagerness-heart.

23 December 2003 ...

23 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

31 My Mind Desires ...

My mind desires

32 My Heart Desires ...

My heart desires

33 I Desire ...

I desire

34 My Humility ...

My humility
Is the secret
Of my God-closeness.

35 My Life And I ...

My life and I
Shall be simpler and simpler
Every single day
To please our Lord Supreme.

36 My Heart And I ...

My heart and I
Shall be sweeter and sweeter
Every single day
To please our Lord Supreme.

37 My Lord And I ...

My Lord and I
Shall be dearer and dearer
Every single day
To perform our respective tasks.

38 My Lord Tells Me ...

My Lord tells me
That my God-gratitude-heart-tears
And my God-gratitude-heart-smiles
Are His strong, stronger and strongest

39 My Lord Supreme Has Asked ...

My Lord Supreme has asked
My aspiration-heart-flames
To buy only a one-way ticket
To His Heart-Home.

40 My Beloved Supreme Tells Me ...

My Beloved Supreme tells me
That as long as He can claim my heart
As His personal property,
He does not have to worry
About my life.

25 December 2003 ...

25 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

41 My Heaven ...

My Heaven
Is my ever-blossoming

42 If You Do Not Love Your Soul Dearly ...

If you do not love your soul dearly,
Your life is bound to be estranged
From your bountiful soul.

43 No Human Being Is Fated ...

No human being is fated
To live in stark ignorance-night

44 O Ignorance-Night ...

O ignorance-night,
No matter how powerful you are,
You will not be able to uproot
My aspiration-heart-tree.

45 The Mind ...

The mind
Asks questions.
The heart
Immediately answers.

46 The Heart ...

The heart
Asks questions.
The mind
Speedily disappears.

47 The Disobedience-Mind ...

The disobedience-mind
Was summarily punished
By God Himself.

48 My Mind Sleeps And Sleeps ...

My mind sleeps and sleeps,
Endlessly sleeps.

49 My Heart Keeps Awake ...

My heart keeps awake
To hear the pindrop-silence-arrival
Of my Lord Supreme.

26 December 2003 ...

26 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

50 When God Asks Me My Name ...

When God asks me my name,
I tell Him that my name is
God blesses me
With an unending Smile.

51 A God-Cry ...

A God-cry
A new horizon.

52 No Aspiring Heart ...

No aspiring heart
Should ever allow the invasion
Of the doubting mind.

53 Our Love Of Our Master ...

Our love of our Master
Inspires our Master immensely
Plus immeasurably.

54 The Soul-Music ...

The soul-music
Can easily silence
The mind-turbulence.

55 For The Fulfilment Of The Divine Actions ...

For the fulfilment of the divine actions
In our outer life,
Inner poise is of paramount importance.

56 Our Surrender-Lives ...

Our surrender-lives
Are the perfect manifestations
Of our Master's

57 My Master ...

My Master
Is my most sincere

58 God's Burning Flame-Tears ...

God's burning Flame-Tears
My mind forgets
Sooner than at once,
But my heart —
Never, never, never!

59 Every Day ...

Every day
God invites and welcomes
My gratitude-heart
With open Arms
And soul-stirring Smiles.

60 God Is The Real Lover ...

God is the real Lover
Of my constantly new start
To arrive at new horizons.

27 December 2003 ...

27 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

61 The Outer Beauty ...

The outer beauty
The human in us.

62 The Inner Beauty ...

The inner beauty
The divine in us
To the Heights of the Absolute.

63 May My Life Be Untiringly ...

May my life be untiringly
The singing glow
And the dancing flow
Of my heart.

64 Alas ...

We do not care
For our inner light to illumine us,
But we care
For the outer light
That puzzles and dazzles us.

65 The Divine Seeker ...

The divine seeker
Hungers only
For the timeless Dream of God.

66 The Cosmic Game ...

The Cosmic Game
Does not break anything.
It only builds everything.

67 The Mind-Cave ...

The mind-cave
Is empty of light.

68 The Heart-Cottage ...

The heart-cottage
Is inundated
With silence and peace.

69 The Loud Sound ...

The loud sound
Of the earth
I love.

70 The Silver Silence ...

The silver silence
Of Heaven
I need.

71 My Heart Desires To Be ...

My heart desires to be
The lover and worshipper
Of God
The ever-transcending Dreamer.

72 My Lord ...

My Lord,
Do You think
I will always be able
To love You?
"My child,
Do you think
I will ever be able
To forget you?"

73 My Lord ...

My Lord,
Do You think
I will ever be able
To fulfil You?

74 My Child ...

"My child,
You can and you shall
Fulfil Me,
Because I am the secret Doer
And you are the outer enjoyer."