AUM — Vol.II-4, No.12, December 27, 1977

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Vision-soul and Satisfaction-goal meet

— photo by Sarama

Silver Thought-Waves


Aspiration is our achievement in the inner world. Dedication is our achievement in the outer world. Surrender is our achievement in the higher world.

In Heaven we achieve a fruitful smile. On earth we achieve a soulful cry. In us we achieve a prayerful life.

Anything worth having is worth offering. An aspiration-heart is a shining example.

The achievement without a second is happiness. Happiness is the fulness of God in man.

Achievement on earth, appreciation from God, and admiration from Heaven always love to live together.

Achievement is our earth-life’s duty fulfilled. Achievement is our Heaven-life’s beauty manifested.

When we achieve, our hearts become divinely soulful. When we receive, our lives become unreservedly fruitful. When we believe, our yesterday’s desire-world and our today’s aspiration-world become supremely meaningful.

Because we achieve, we believe. Because we believe, we achieve. Because God the Lover is in us and because God the Beloved is for us, we believe and achieve all at once.


Action need not be wisdom, but wisdom is not only action but the fruitful fulfilment of action.

The sense of responsibility is the beginning of action. The sense of willingness is the speed of action. The sense of selflessness is the grand culmination of action.

Hesitation is a bad enemy of action. Procrastination is a worse one. Readiness is a good friend of action. Devotedness is a better one.

Silence is the God-action of God for His entire creation. Sound is the man-action of man for man himself. When a noisy action proceeds, the goal quickly recedes. When a soundless action proceeds, the goal itself approaches the seeker’s onward speed.

Actions reveal thoughts. Thoughts reveal the mind. The mind reveals the greedy man in us.

Action is the harbinger of earth’s perfection. Perfection is the harbinger of the manifesting man’s satisfaction and the evolving God’s satisfaction.

A great action makes us feel that the world needs us. A good action reminds us always of its source: God, the Author of all good.



State of New York
Executive Chamber



December 7, 1977

Dear Mr. Curchack:

Governor Carey has asked that I convey his appreciation for the kind invitation of Sri Chinmoy and the United Nations Meditation Group to the program in honor of International Human Rights Day.

Regretfully, a previous commitment makes it impossible for the Governor to participate in this observance and to join in the tour of U Thant Island, dedicated as a memorial to the untiring world peace efforts of the late Secretary-General.

As the guru and diplomats of the United Nations assemble, Governor Carey has asked me to forward his message of hope and prayer that solutions be sought for eliminating the violence and terror that obsesses many countries and for overcoming the more subtle forms of racism, prejudice and torment which deny human rights and destroy moral fabric.

Governor Carey reaffirms on every occasion his strong commitment to civil liberties and the democratic procedures. All New Yorkers are proud of his leading role in these traditions.

The spiritual dedication of the meditation group affords an additional opportunity to advance United Nations' goals in human rights.

Isabelle Leeds

Mr. Bemie Curchack
Programmes Coordinator
United Nations Meditation Group
Room 820
United Nations
New York, New York 10017

The Core of India's Light

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Each time we endeavour to see good in mankind and do good for mankind we become not only God’s better instruments but also His confidants.




The flood of consciousness-delight can be achieved only by the seeker’s unreserved heart and unconditional life.




An anxiety-stricken person delays the moment of illumination-poise, and accelerates the hour of destruction-noise.




Fate can be changed only when we knock at God’s Compassion-Gate, and not at our desire’s gratification-gate.




In order to become an expert in any walk of life we must needs work very hard. We also must know that no sincere effort will be in vain. Each and every sincere effort will be crowned with success, of course at God’s own choice Hour.



Control of the senses

Control your senses. You will not only feel the existence of ecstasy-world, but also grow into the very breath of the ecstasy-world.

[To be continued in next issue]

Why do I hide?

8:30 a.m., 16 July 1977, Jamaica High School Track, Jamaica, New York

Why do I hide?

“My Lord Supreme, why is it that at times I want to hide from You? Why is it that at times I desperately try to hide my thoughts from You? Why? Why? Is it because I am afraid of You? Or is it because I love You and I feel that it will hurt You if You know my uncomely and impure thoughts on the physical plane? On the inner plane I know I will never be able to deceive You. On the outer plane, because of my clever mind, I feel that in a human way I shall be able to deceive You, because perhaps You are not aware of all the intricacies of human life. Anyway, do tell me why I want to hide myself from You and hide my thoughts from You.”

“My child, to some extent it is true that you are afraid of Me. That is why you hide from Me. Again, to some extent it is true that you are afraid that it will hurt Me — that is to say, the human consciousness in Me, not the divine in Me — if I see that you are suffering from unhealthy thoughts. Being identified with you, I shall undoubtedly suffer. But the main reason is something else. You unconsciously, if not consciously, cherish the life of ignorance. You want to hide from Me because you know that although you are now consciously for the life of wisdom, still ignorance-life is dominating you and lording it over you. You cherish these thoughts because you fee! that these are things that you can have, whereas divine thoughts, illumining thoughts, heavenly thoughts, perhaps are all mental hallucinations. This is what you think; therefore, you unconsciously, if not consciously, cherish and treasure your undivine thoughts.

“But My child, I wish to tell you that you must not be afraid of Me or feel that you will hurt Me. The divine in Me will never punish you. The divine in Me will never be hurt by your so-called shortcomings. You can get rid of these ignorant feelings, ideas and notions on the physical plane very easily. If you want to get rid of these forces, just think of Me as a wastepaper basket or a dustbin. On the physical plane, these are the two proper places for you to get rid of anything that is unwanted. If you want to get rid of these unhealthy thoughts on the spiritual plane, then soulfully and devotedly throw them into Me. Throw anything that you are suffering from into Me. I am for your illumination, for your perfection, and I shall never remain satisfied unless I see your radical transformation.

“You have to feel that your shortcomings are My shortcomings. You are not afraid of yourself; you don’t try to hide from yourself, because you know that it is you. Similarly, if you can think of Me as your enlarged, expanded reality, if you can feel that your arms are lengthened, that everything you have is expanded, and that in this expanded and enlarged consciousness you and I are one, then you will see that the things that have to be transformed in you are also shortcomings in Me.

“So do not be afraid of Me or fear that you will hurt Me in a human way. Think of Me as a wastepaper basket. Feel that I am that very thing: your universal Life, your transcendental Life. Why should you be afraid of Me? We are one, eternally one, inseparably one. The lesser in us is being illumined with the light of the greater, the more illumined, more fulfilling, more perfect and more divine.”


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My Lord Supreme,
what I call my spontaneous faith, You call that very thing Your supreme Victory.


My Lord Supreme,
my prayer needs You as the Giver. My meditation needs You as the Receiver.


My Lord Supreme,
I wish to hear only one thing from You: “Follow Me.” Would You kindly hear only one thing from me: “Lead me.”


My Lord Supreme,
may I soulfully complete my desire: “I need only You.”


My Lord Supreme,
do make me realise my Himalayan blunder: my self-imposed responsibility.


My Lord Supreme,
do make me realise Your Compassion-ordained duty for me.


My Lord Supreme,
my soul pleases You every day. So can my body. From now on I shall just do it.


My Lord Supreme,
let me start counting Your Smiles. Then I will have no complaints. No, not even one.

[To be continued in next issue]

Questions and answers

The following questions were asked by Olga Proserski (N. Y.) at a party for her 73rd birthday.

Question: I think that I have grown very little through this year. I think I have made no progress, and you are very little satisfied with me this year.

Sri Chinmoy: No, you are wrong. You have made very good progress this year. I am extremely satisfied with you. Even while you were at the hospital, when you were in such pain, you received my blessings and light. So I am very, very pleased with you, very proud of you. Please do not think that I am displeased with you. I am extremely pleased with you. You have received my blessings, my light, my power, all the time in abundant measure. Do not underestimate your capacity. How I wish all my disciples received my light, my consciousness, as well as you do. I am very pleased, with utmost sincerity.

Very often we do not realise the progress we have made. When others tell us, we become aware of it. Sometimes the student may think that he has not done well in his examination. But to his surprise, when the results are out, it happens that he has done extremely well. You are like that student who thinks that he has not done well. It is not true. You have done extremely well. I am the teacher and you are the student, so I am telling you in utmost sincerity that you have done extremely well in the year since I last saw you here at your place. I am extremely pleased with you, extremely proud of you.

Question: How can I do better, grow more?

Sri Chinmoy: How can you do better? You can do better by offering good will to your health. Your health stands in your way. The way you can do this is to think of your eyes, and then say, “My eyes are receiving my Guru’s light.” Then think of your head, and say, “My head is receiving my Guru’s light.” Do this with all the parts of your body. Say and feel that they are receiving my light. In this way each limb, each part of your body, will feel a current or a flow, a river of life-energy. You will feel an extra life-energy flowing through your entire body. Then you are bound to make more progress. Movement is progress. If you see life-energy flowing within you from head to foot, like a river flowing, then you will feel the progress that you have been making, and your progress will automatically increase. When you repeat to yourself that your eyes, your head, your heart, your arms, your legs, are receiving my light, my consciousness, you will get tremendous joy. And this joy itself is progress. There is no better way to determine our progress than to feel joy inside our being, inside our body, vital, mind and heart.

When you say that you are receiving my light, my consciousness, and you get joy, you are not fooling yourself; you are not deceiving yourself. Sometimes we have to convince our physical mind by saying loudly what we are actually feeling. Otherwise, you are receiving light, but your mind is not convinced. But if you say to yourself, “I am receiving Guru’s light. I am receiving his love. I am receiving his blessings. I am receiving his compassion. I am receiving his concern. I am receiving his blessingful gratitude,” when you say this to yourself, you convince your outer being. Once your outer being is convinced, then you can feel the tremendous progress which you are actually making in your inner world. So please do this every day. Inner conviction you already have. Outer conviction you need. Once you have this outer conviction as well, you are bound to feel that your progress is increasing. Every day you are making new, satisfactory, illumining and fulfilling progress. You will feel it.

Question: Sometimes because of sickness, because of pain, I am very sad, and I know that is not good. I must enjoy everything, not be sad.

Sri Chinmoy: At the times when you feel tremendous physical pain, just say, “This body belongs to the Supreme. It is not mine. It belongs to Him; it belongs to God.” Then automatically you will separate yourself from the pain. You are full of pain because you and your body have become one. But if you can feel that this body is not yours — which is so true, because it is God’s — then immediately God and the pain are put together, instead of you and the pain. If you can say that your body belongs to God, then your physical pain and God’s Concern, God’s Compassion, will have to stay together. Naturally God’s Compassion will take care of that pain.

Another thing you can do on the practical plane is just to look around you. There are many people in the hospital and in other places who are suffering much more than you are. When you realise this, immediately your pain decreases. If you think that you are suffering more than others, then you feel that your suffering is unbearable. But if you can feel that there are people who are suffering much more than you, your own suffering will be minimised. You can think of your physical pain, but if you think of me, my mental pain, my vital pain, because the disciples are not listening to me, then you will see that my pain is infinitely more painful than yours. You are suffering from your own body, but I am suffering from the physical pain of many disciples, plus their mental weaknesses, vital weaknesses and earthly shortcomings. I am suffering much more than you are, but in my case I have the capacity to hide it. So if you think, “I am suffering, but my Guru is suffering much more,” you will feel better.

Even today I have a very high fever. Nobody will believe how I hide it. I was playing tennis yesterday for hours with Casey. Did Casey ever think that I had such a high fever? If Casey had had that kind of fever, he would have dropped on the tennis court. But I went on, because the Supreme has given me the capacity to hide it. If you can think that I suffer much more than you, or that others at the hospital or some people somewhere in God’s creation are suffering much more than you, then immediately you will feel a kind of relief. You will say, “Oh, I am so grateful to God that at least my pain is not as severe as theirs.”

Then there is still another way to deal with this experience of physical suffering. You can offer your gratitude to God that He is having an experience in and through your body. You will tell yourself, “I am so grateful to God that He is having this experience in and through my body. I am so grateful that He has chosen my body to go through this experience of suffering, and not somebody else’s body. I am glad that He has accepted my body to have a special experience which I call pain. But I know that it is not pain as such; it is just an experience that He is having.”

If you try any of these three ways, you will be successful. Whichever way is easiest for you, kindly try. In one of these ways if you can keep yourself aware, then you will feel much, much better every day.

Question: I would like to say how much I am thankful for you and for all the disciples who help me.

Sri Chinmoy: I am so happy that you like all your brother and sister disciples. I am so happy to hear it.

Olga: And I feel they help me in everything.

Sri Chinmoy: Everybody likes you, everybody loves you, everybody feels your heart. The way you appreciate them, they feel. They have a very good opinion of you. All, all your brother and sister disciples have a very good opinion of you, a very high opinion of you, a very soulful opinion of you. They see your soul and they feel your loving heart. So that is what we all want. If somebody has a loving heart, that heart satisfies us all. We are so pleased with you, so fond of you and so proud of you. Olga, please tell us something before we leave.

Question: I think that I will never leave you. I will always stay with you.

Sri Chinmoy: You will always stay in my boat? Definitely, definitely. Eternally you will stay in my boat. My boat cherishes you. You will always remain in my boat. My boat of love, concern, compassion and oneness will carry you to the Source.


The following poems were composed by Sri Chinmoy on spiritual words given by Akuti (Ct.)


In purity’s heart Earth’s saint-life grows.
In purity’s soul God-Vision expands.
In purity’s goal
Heaven and earth together dance.


There was a time
When I and my aspiration
Tried and cried
To see the Face of God.
But now
My aspiration,
God and I
Try and cry
And cry and try
To see the face
Of one single real man.


Is divinity
On the earth-plane.

Is perfection
In earth-achievements.

Is God-Satisfaction
In God’s Cosmic Game,
His human and divine Self-transcendence game.


I had a dream.
In my dream I became selflessness.
My dream disappeared.
I became reality-story.
In my reality-story I discovered myself
As the perfect perfection
Of earth-possessiveness,


To earth I have surrendered
My wisdom
So that earth-heart
Can be flooded
With my wisdom-light.

To Heaven I have surrendered
My ignorance-night
So that Heaven can claim me
And utilise me
As its very own.

To God I have surrendered
My “i”-ness.
Therefore, God declares
Not only with His infinite Bounty
But with His utmost sincerity
That I am another God.


On earth
Perfection-plant grows.
In Heaven
Perfection-river flows.
In God
Perfection-sky glows.


Give joy;
Earth will be yours.

Take joy;
Heaven will be yours.

Become joy;
God will claim you,
Earth will need you,
Heaven will treasure you.

My dear friend United Nations

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My dear friend United Nations

My dear friend United Nations,

To me you are humanity’s soulful hope and divinity’s fruitful promise. Your past was a misunderstood life. Your present is a soulful cry. And your future shall without fail be a satisfaction-smile.

My dear friend United Nations,

The big brothers exploit you. The small brothers blame you. Who can be happy by exploiting you? No one. Who can be happy by blaming you? No one. But I am certain that one day your sincere and secret efforts to illumine the big brothers, your sincere and open efforts to help the small brothers, will not only be seen and felt, but also appreciated and admired by the entire human race.

My dear friend United Nations,

It pains me deeply when I see that you are no longer sure of your own inner worth. Alas, at times you are not even sure of your own outer identity.

My dear friend United Nations,

True, you are quite often misunderstood. Sometimes people do things and say things that do not make any sense. Do you know why? Just because they themselves have no sense. But this kind of deplorable situation cannot make you a captive of fate. You can, by virtue of your inner cry, easily go beyond the fate-domain. You can and you will one day transform human blindness into the divine vision.

My dear friend United Nations,

I beg of you, do not fall into a trance of self-doubt. You are of the goodness-height and you are for the oneness-length.

Yours in the Soul-Light of the Supreme,
Sri Chinmoy

To-morrow's dawn

//[Continued from previous issue]//


The peak of our dreams is a satisfaction-soul.


To bridge the aching gap between man and God there is one thing: concern.


Keep determination as your constant flame of aspiration. If you can do that, then you will not sink to your life’s lowest ebb.


To get happiness you do not have to end your life. Just look for it at the right place. The place is your self-giving heart.


Self-deception and God-Satisfaction cannot live together.


Be not insecure. Insecurity will wreck not only your present heart-cave, but also your future life-room.


You cannot expect even a wisp of delight if you do not have a oneness-heart and a satisfaction-life.


An ounce of gratitude-heart can save you from the crushing load of dissatisfaction.


Impurity is definitely a voluntary delay in your God-attainment. Something more: it is a conscious turning away from God.


If your doubting mind tells you that it is living a happy and prosperous life, don’t be gullible enough to believe it. For a doubting mind to have happiness is an absolute impossibility.


A true seeker and lover of God is he who is not a member of the present guilt-ridden century.


Inner turmoil is bound to rob a seeker of his poise and peace if he does not love his soul much more than he loves his body.


If you cannot forgive others, then try at least to forget their names and forms.


Pray and meditate round the clock, if possible. You will see that God Himself will carry your mighty contributions round the globe.


Are you tense? Are you tormented? If so, then do one simple thing. Just allow your lips to be parted in a smile.


The animal in man laughs and dies. The God in man cries and smiles.


The difference between a mere man and God-in-man is this: man knows what to do, and God does it for him.


God knows, He really knows, all about your sincerity, humility and purity; therefore, you can easily skip the recital of them.

[To be continued in next issue]

Fifty short bengali songs

//On 27 December 1977, fifty short Bengali songs written and composed by Sri Chinmoy were sung by three different groups of the Master’s disciples. In addition to learning all of the 50 songs, each group was responsible for arranging four of the songs as rounds, and for learning and singing the rounds arranged by the other two groups. Each of the three performances of 38 songs and 12 rounds took between 45 and 55 minutes.// //The Bengali transliterations and English translations appear below.//


1. /Janabi bege enke jai mor rupantarer chabi/

At the speed of the fast-flowing Ganga, I have been working on my transformation-picture.

2. /Usha bala elo dhire aji dhire hridaya gabhire/

Slowly, very slowly, the virgin dawn appears in the very depths of my aspiration-heart.

3. /Tumi esecho badhar dwar tumi bengecho/

O Lord Supreme, You have arrived, smashing asunder the obstruction-door.

4. /Jibane marane ashar swapane phutibo gopane/

In silence my reality-existence will blossom in the hearts of life and death.

5. /Jiban amar mor bidhata kripar pathar/

My human life embodies the measureless Compassion of my Beloved Supreme.

6. /Ektu hasi bhangbe amar khudra hiyar timir nishi/

O Lord, one Smile of Yours will destroy the darkest night of my little heart.

7. /Ananda bhola nirvana dola tunga ala chinmoy bhela/

Self-enraptured in the swing of nirvana, the boat of Consciousness infinite is spreading pinnacle-light.

8. /Eso ananda alokananda khudita hridaya majhe/

O Infinity’s Light, Eternity’s Delight-Light, do descend into my hungry heart’s endless hunger.

9. /Chanchala man dure rakhi chanchala mor man/

I keep aside my restless mind; always I keep it aside.

10. /Taruner asha purna haibe ekatha janabo/

I shall let the entire world know that the green hope of the green generation will without fail be fulfilled.

11. /Jharna-kala jharna-kala dodula purna/

O Fountain-Art, Fountain-Art, you are complete all-where. In you I see the cosmic Swing of the Reality infinite.

12. /Turjya surjya dhurjya pujya jago jago jago/

Awake, O peerless height, O sound without a second. Awake, O measureless patience. O eternally adorable One in me, awake.

13. /Shibire khunji mandire puji/

I look for You in the fortress of life’s dire battles. I look for You at the hallowed shrine of life’s temples.

14. /Jatri amara manena ratri manina/
/Asimer pathe jatri amara satya trishita jatri/

We are the pilgrims who defy the mandate of night. We are thirsting for Truth Transcendental while walking along the beginningless and endless road of life.

15. /Asha hara mor manera banera benu/

The flute of my mind-garden is empty of hope today.

16. /Antare bahire swarge martye tumi shudhu sathi/

You are my only Friend in the inner world and in the outer world. You are my Friend without a second in my soul-existence-life and my body-existence-strife.

17. /Sanga halo jihan asha maran dila dekha/

My hope-life has come to an end. The Prince of Gloom has finally and irrevocably arrived.

18. /Premik ami khunji ekaki hriday tale amare/

I am a God-lover and a man-lover. All my life, all by myself, I have been searching for my reality’s self-form.

19. /Balo tumi amai prabhu bhalobaso/

O Lord Supreme, do tell me only once that You are all love for me.

20. /Bhalo lage jiban maran bhalo lage/

My life’s death and my death’s life soulfully, without a second, I love.

21. Supreme

22. /Agni vina prane baje taito nachi/

The lyre of fire is now being played; therefore, I dance here, there and all-where.

23. /Badala nabhe madala baje pagol halo hiya/

My heart is now enjoying a God-intoxicated insanity because of the sound of wild thunder and the charming kettledrum of the blue-vast sky.

24. /Jiban nadi sukaye jai kena janina/

I know not why my life-river has come to a halt. I know not why dryness has assailed its existence-light.

25. /Chalar pathe chalbo asar sathe nachbo/

I shall walk along Eternity’s road. I shall dance eternally with hope.

26. /Nil akasher ami nil pakhi/

Indeed, I am the blue bird of the blue sky. I am the blue bird of the blue welkin.

27. Supreme

28. /Akutir prem dan bhakatir madhu pan/

The love-offering of aspiration-light and the drinking of devotion-light are inseparably one.

29. /Kandite parina ar hasite parina ar/

No more am I inspired to cry. No more am I inspired to smile.

30. /Dhular majhare lukabo amar shir/

Inside the sand cave I shall hide my haughty head.

31. /Japibo japer mala dibanishi/

I shall count the weeks by rosary with two sleepless eyes and one sleepless heart.

32. /Debatar mandire ami nachi/

I dance in all my being, inside the blessingfully hallowed temple of the cosmic gods.

33. /Ami habo nishiter aratir shikha/

I shall be the worship-flame of sleepless night.

34. /Premer prasade bandi amar hiya/

I shall find my crying heart and place it in Your love-inundated palace.

35. /Arati ghanta bajabo bidhata bajabo/

I shall ring the bell of my soulful self-offering, O my Lord Supreme.

36. /Pushpa rathe pradip mala jwale/

A row of lamps is burning very bright in the chariot of flower-beauty and flower-purity.

37. /Abar asibo phire jananir kripa nire/

I shall once more return to the loving nest of my Mother Dear and Mother Sweet.

38. /Sandhya batase nachi sandhya akase uri/

I dance with the evening breeze. I fly in the evening sky.

39. /Tomar amar majh kane dharai ke aj ke jane/

Nobody on earth knows what was borne between You and me, and what abides between us today.

40. /Ami kandi ami hasi palir ghare/

I cry and I smile, for inside me are affection-flooded hamlets.

41. /Bhakti amar shakti habe shakti habe mukti/

My devotion-heart will become my power-life. My power-life will become my liberation-soul.

42. /Sanga halo kanna hasi tomar pada tale/

At Your Feet divine my sorrow-world and my happiness-world have completed their respective roles.

43. /Chaowar asha bhalobasa bhalobasa/

A life of longing is all love. A life of hope is all love.

44. /Dure dure bahu dure tomar pabo dekha/

I shall catch a glimpse of You at the farthest corner of the world, and in the world beyond.

45. /Nimesh hara nayan khudha jage aji/

In me awakens the sleepless vision-hunger today.

46. /Bajna baje bajna baje asha hiyar gabhire/

The music-world reverberates in the inmost recesses of my hope-heart.

47. /Nirab aji hridaye tale tomar parase/

Your silent touch has filled me, my all, in the very depth of my heart.

48. /Alor swapan nandana ban amare dake/

The dream of Light divine and the beauty of Eden are beckoning you.

49. /Ashru amar jharena tomar lagi khama karo prabhu/

O my Lord Supreme, forgive me. I have failed to shed tears while longing for You.

50. /Tomar paye amar amire sanpibo/

I shall surrender my little “i” to You, and place it at Your Feet.