AUM — Vol.II-6, No.10, October 1980

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He faces the teeming challenges of world-ignorance.

— photo by Sarama

The outer running and the inner running1

I am a seeker-runner. Here we are all seekers, and I wish to offer this short talk, which is my way of serving the souls of the seeker-runners here, on the outer running and the inner running of a seeker-runner.

The outer running is a powerful struggle for a great independence.
The inner running is a soulful cry for a good interdependence.
Independence brings to the fore what we have unmistakably deep within: a freedom-smile.
Interdependence makes us conscious of what we eternally are: a oneness-satisfaction.

The outer running is a burning desire to achieve everything that we see here on earth.
The inner running is a climbing aspiration to receive from above a vast compassion-sky, and to give from below a tiny gratitude-flame.

The outer running is an extraordinary success on the mountain-summit.
The inner running is an exemplary progress along Eternity’s sunlit road.
Success is the ready and immediate acceptance of the challenges of difficulties untold.
Progress is the soulful and grateful acceptance of the blessingful joy from prosperities unfathomed.

The outer runner and the inner runner: the seeker-runner in two aspects. The outer runner does; therefore, he succeeds. The inner runner becomes; therefore, he proceeds. When he succeeds, the seeker-runner gets a new name: glorification. When he proceeds, the seeker-runner gets a new name: illumination. His glorification is a beautiful flower that charms and inspires his own entire life. His illumination is a fruitful tree that shelters and nourishes his own entire earthly existence.

The outer running is a colossal satisfaction, although at times it may be quite oblivious to the existence-reality of a quiet perfection. The inner running is a perpetual satisfaction in and through a blossoming perfection.

The seeker-runner has a shadowless dream of his full realisation-day in his outer running. The seeker-runner has a sleepless vision of his God’s full manifestation-hour in his inner running.

The outer runner challenges the Himalayan pride of impossibility. The inner runner smilingly arranges a feast not only with impossibility, but also with Immortality. The outer runner runs through the golden gate and arrives at the sound-kingdom. The inner runner enters into the unique palace, runs up to its highest floor and places himself at the very Feet of the Silence-King.

Finally, the seeker-runner’s outer running says to his inner running, “Look, I am giving you what I now have: my majesty’s crown.” The seeker-runner’s inner running says to his outer running, “Look, I am giving you what I now am: my beauty’s throne.”

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, 17 October 1980



What I need is self-discovery. What my life needs is self-harmony. Self-discovery will bring God down to me. Self-harmony will bring me up to God.


If you think that my happy face is a mask covering my true unhappiness, then you may be right. If you think that our Beloved Supreme’s happy Face is a mask covering His true unhappiness, then you are totally wrong. But if you want to see His happy Face, then you have to become first a happy heart. There is no other way.


The entire world may not change. The entire world cannot change. The entire world even will not change. But your tiny world you can and will change forever at this very moment with the help of your confidence-heart. Yours will be the unparalleled victory.


Can you imagine, can you dare to imagine, that every day my dear Supreme, my sweet Supreme and my Beloved Supreme comes to me seven times?

The first time He comes to examine my willingness.

The second time He comes to examine my readiness.

The third time He comes to examine my newness.

The fourth time He comes to examine my oneness.

The fifth time He comes to examine my fulness.

The sixth time He comes to examine my perfection.

The seventh time He comes to examine my satisfaction.


A good thought is a lightning inspiration.

A good thought is a deepening aspiration.

A good thought is an increasing satisfaction.

A good thought is another name for a new Creation.

A good thought of mine is God’s perfect Satisfaction.

A good thought encourages God to have more faith in me, convinces mankind to have more faith in me, and strengthens me to have more faith in myself.

A good thought is the sunlit path to God-realisation.


My mind and my heart lived together for a long time. Once they got separated, my mind entered into the confusion-wilderness, and my heart returned home to its satisfaction-home.


I can say something nice to myself and I can do something good for myself only when I am completely convinced that my earth-bound desire-life has said nothing nice to me and will say nothing nice to me, and has done nothing good for me and will do nothing good for me.


Either the undivine in me can conquer the divine in me, or the divine in me can conquer the undivine in me. But once I have accepted the spiritual life, the divine in me — in the long run — conquers the undivine in me totally, for good, forever and forever. What do we mean by the spiritual life? The spiritual life means God’s Love-Cry in man and for man, and man’s gratitude-smile in God and for God.


No, not a precarious chance, but a glorious choice and an auspicious peace can carry us to God’s Feet for His infinite Compassion, eternal Love and immortal Peace.


Surprisingly great is the beauty of self-expression.
Surprisingly good is the duty of self-control.


An earthly rich man has many things to live on, but he has practically nothing to live for. A heavenly rich soul lives only on one thing: God’s Compassion — and lives only for one thing: God’s Satisfaction.


O my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme, do bless me with two blessingful opportunity-boons which I shall treasure for the rest of my life.

“Granted, My child, granted. Now let Me know, My child, which are the opportunity-boons that you need from Me.”

O my Eternity’s Beloved Supreme, a silence-mouth and a sound-heart. Do keep my big and proud mouth shut. Do keep my tiny and pure heart open. These are the two blessingful boons I need from You, and nothing else.


Alas, alas, the human life is all deception. It expresses perfection infinitely more than it has achieved. It offers satisfaction infinitely more than it feels.


My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, Your Indifference-Blow has awakened me, Your Compassion-Flow has saved me, Your Justice-Light has taught me and Your Concern-Might has liberated me, my Lord, my Lord, my Lord.

A sincere man's promise

This is an authentic story about two friends. One day one young man said to his good friend, “I can see that one day you will become a great and rich man.”

The other friend scoffed, “Yah! I will become a great man and a rich man!”

The first boy said, “Yes, I can see it. It is written on your forehead.”

The second one said, “All right, if I become a great and rich man, I will give you ten thousand rupees.”

“Do you promise that you will give me ten thousand rupees?” the first friend said. “Then write it down.”

So the second one wrote down, “I will give you ten thousand rupees if ever I become rich and great,” and he signed his name.

The young man preserved the note, but he never took his friend seriously. The agreement was all made by way of joke. But in ten or twelve years the man really did become rich and great. Over the years, both friends drifted apart and led their own lives. But still the one man preserved the note saying that his friend would give him ten thousand rupees, although he felt that since it was a joke, he would never receive the money.

After a few years the poor man fell seriously ill, and his life was about to end untimely. On the last day of his life, he called his son, who was only seven or eight years old, and said to him, “My son, inside that box there is something very precious which I have kept for you. Please bring me the box.”

The son was so sad that his father was dying that he didn’t want to bring anything. He did not feel that anything could be precious except his father’s life. But the father insisted, so the son went and got the box. Then the father said, “When I die…” and immediately the little boy and his mother started crying. But the father continued, “After I die, you go to this man and show him what he has written.” The wife and son looked at the paper and were surprised to see that it said he would give them ten thousand rupees. But at that time they could not think of anything but their beloved one who was about to leave them.

Soon the father died, and friendship is such that the rich man, who was once his best friend, did not even come to see him before he left this world. But after three or four weeks’ time the son took the note to the rich man. By that time the rich man had many servants and employees working for him. At first the man’s servants didn’t want to allow this little boy to bother him. But finally, when they saw he was only a little innocent boy, they allowed him.

The boy gave the rich man the note. The rich man read it and asked, “Did I write this?”

The boy said, “I do not know. My father, on the day of his death, gave it to me to give to you.” The son was practically crying.

The rich man summoned one of his secretaries and explained, “I promised this boy’s father many years ago that I would give him ten thousand rupees when I became rich and great. I can say that I have been rich for seven years; now you please calculate how much interest I have to give him in addition to the ten thousand rupees.”

The secretary told him, “Seven thousand rupees, which makes it seventeen thousand altogether.” The rich man immediately issued a check for seventeen thousand rupees and gave it to the little boy, saying, “Take this directly to your mother. Don’t go anywhere else first.”

This is the way one sincere man kept his promise.



2 October 1980

Ambition, my precious ambition,
It is you who help me untiringly
To transcend my capacities.
It is you who help me
Transform my inordinate pride
Into sacred humility.
The seeker-heart in me
With your help
Can sing the song
Of universal Oneness.
Your victory-palace
Is my Lord’s and my meeting place.
Nobody else but you alone
Have three most rare sleepless efforts.
By virtue of your sleepless efforts
You pull God the Compassion down,
You push man the aspiration up,
And every day you inspire and energise my seeker-heart.

2 October 1980 — evening2

Ambition is not a good thing according to many. Especially when one enters into the spiritual life, one gives up one’s ambition; one does not try to shine in one’s particular field. But I wish to say that this is only the human ambition, the ambition that wants to surpass others by hook or by crook. One must give up ambition in the desire-world. But ambition in the aspiration-world is totally different. Divine ambition is to become good, and not great, for goodness always embodies greatness, but greatness need not embody goodness.

Our spiritual ambition is to transcend ourselves, to conquer our own limitations, to become perfect instruments of our Lord Supreme. When we have ambition of this type, we are perfectly safe. And when we cry for this kind of ambition, we are doing the right thing. Human ambition is in the desire world — to defeat others, to be always on the highest pinnacle of success. But the divine ambition is to feel a universal oneness constantly. And in order to feel this universal oneness, we have to transcend our own limitations. Our incapacities must be transformed into capacities. So what we are crying for is divine ambition — the sincere necessity to be the best possible instruments of our Lord Supreme — to transcend our limitations so that we can eventually feel and grow into universal oneness.

In the evening of 2 October, Sri Chinmoy made the following comments about the morning message on ambition.

3 October 1980

You have peace;
That means you have wisdom.

You have wisdom;
That means you have love.

You have love;
That means you have concern.

You have concern;
That means you have dedication.

You have dedication;
That means you have aspiration.

You have aspiration;
That means you have the living God within you.

You have the living God within you;
That means you know constantly who you are.

You know constantly who you are;
That means you know that you are at once
Humanity’s eternal cry
And divinity’s eternal smile.

4 October 1980

I shall learn and learn
Until I have awakened
My body fully.

I shall learn and learn
Until I have disciplined
My vital unreservedly.

I shall learn and learn
Until I have mastered
My mind unmistakably.

I shall learn and learn
Until I have fed
My heart satisfactorily.

I shall learn and learn
Until I have seen
My soul smiling at me powerfully.

I shall learn and learn
Until I have heard
My Beloved Supreme calling me
His chosen child compassionately.

5 October 1980

What is needed is the conquest
Of self-indulgence.

What is needed is the conquest
Of self-importance.

What is needed is the conquest
Of self-doubt.

What is needed is a prayerful life
For God’s Compassion.

What is needed is a soulful heart
For God’s Love.

What is needed is a fruitful surrender
For God’s Forgiveness.

What is needed is a supreme wisdom:
God comes first always,
And God for God’s sake.

5 October 1980

I do not deny the fact that God the Creator and God the creation are one. But if I have to make a choice between God the Creator and God the Creation, I shall always choose God the Creator, God the Creator, God the Creator. This is my personal choice, and this will always remain my personal choice, for God the Creator preceded God the creation. I wish to be always with the Source, in the Source and for the Source.

6 October 1980

Hope, my most precious friend,
My most sacred friend,
My most soulful friend,
My most dependable friend,
Only because of you
I can live on earth.
Only because of you
I dare to believe
That someday I will be able
To see my Beloved Supreme personally.
Only because of you
I dare to believe that there shall come a time
When humanity’s face and fate
Will be totally changed.
Only because of you
I feel that there shall come a time
When the animal in man will be transformed,
The human in man will be perfected,
And the divine in man will be fulfilled.
Hope, my Eternity’s unparalleled friend,
Both God and I treasure you,
For both of us need you at every moment.
I need you to realise my Beloved Supreme.
My Beloved Supreme needs you to manifest Him
Here on earth.
You are our true friend.
You are our invaluable treasure.

7 October 1980

Independence, independence, independence! The human in me thinks that it is dependent on the persons it agrees with. It thinks that it loses its independence as soon as it sees eye-to-eye with others. The divine in me feels otherwise. It feels that when it agrees with others, it enlarges its vision and establishes firmly its oneness with the rest of the world.

The human in me thinks that it loses its independence the moment it takes something from others, or even when it expects something from others. The divine in me feels otherwise. The divine in me feels that God’s creation is for nothing other than give and take, take and give. Give what you have; take what you need. The divine in me knows that there is a common Source — the only Source — and that Source is God. This moment He is playing the role of a giver through me. The next moment He is playing the role of the receiver through me. It is all His oneness-game.

The human in me thinks that it loses its independence as soon as it starts thinking of others, whether they are good or bad. It thinks that the only necessity is to think of itself, and not of anything else or anybody else. The divine in me feels otherwise. The divine in me knows and feels that the moment it thinks of God it creates a divine thought-world which precedes the action-world. Once we have established a divine reality in the thought-world, the next step is to bring that reality into the action-world for its manifestation. Then only can we have true satisfaction in our action-life.

The divine in me knows that inside dependence what looms large is the message of constant oneness. God gives to us what He has: Compassion. We give to God what we have: love. We depend on God for His Compassion. God depends on us for His manifestation. This dependence is not dependence, it is only oneness playing different roles at different times for constant satisfaction and constant perfection, for constant perfection and constant satisfaction.

8 October 1980

Alas, alas, alas!
Grievances reign supreme in my life.
I have a grievance against my ignorance-night.
I have a grievance against my darkness-height.
I have a grievance against my illusion-life.
I have a grievance against my frustration-body.
I have a grievance against my aggression-vital.
I have a grievance against my confusion-mind.
I have a grievance against my hesitation-heart.
I have a grievance against the idleness-promises of my soul.
I have a grievance against the fruitlessness-Dreams of my Beloved Supreme.

Alas, alas, alas!
O my Beloved Supreme,
Do tell me how I can free myself
From the tyranny of grievances.

“My child, you can free yourself from the tyranny of grievances if you can, once and for all, feel that we all love you: your life, your body, vital, mind, heart, soul and I all love you. Your feeling of conscious oneness with us can easily free you from your teeming grievances against us. Try to feel that oneness, my child. Try; you will succeed. Yours will be the abiding peace, illumining light, nourishing delight and fulfilling satisfaction.”

9 October 1980

My Supreme Lord,
Why am I so unhappy?

“My child, you are unhappy because
Your vital complains against everything.
You are unhappy because
Your mind wants everything to be explained.
You are unhappy because
Your body is afraid of everything.
You are unhappy because
Your heart does not trust anything.”

My Supreme Lord,
How can I be happy?

“You can be happy
Easily, effectively and permanently
If you can think and feel
That you are of the transcendentally beautiful thing, God,
And you are for the universally fruitful thing, God.”

10 October 1980

Because you are a born-heart, my child,
I tell you for sure,
No, not even the greatest doubter
Can blight you.

Because you are a child-heart, my child,
I tell you for sure,
No, not even the worst possible rogue
Can spoil you.

Because you are a oneness-heart, my child,
I tell you for sure,
No, not even the most powerful hostile force
Can divide you.

A born-heart,
A child-heart
A oneness-heart
Are unparalleled treasures
Here on earth.



The wealth of experience

The wealth of experience
Is sound-perfection.
The wealth of realisation
Is silence-satisfaction.

When I proceed

When I proceed
My heart grows.
When I succeed
My mind swells.

Experience and realisation

Experience helps us
The earthly reality-flames.
Realisation helps us
Our Heavenly vision-sun.

For all others

Each mind favours sincerity
For all other minds.

Each heart favours purity
For all other hearts.

Each life favours perfection
For all other lives.

I have lost

I have lost God
I have not used Him at all.

I have lost man
I have used him sleeplessly
Plus unconditionally.

Sickness and medicine

Is a sickness.
Its perfect and guaranteed medicine
Is oneness bold.

Adversity and prosperity

Adversity awakens me,
My heart.

Prosperity frightens me,
My eyes.

Tiredness and readiness

Tiredness is
Another name for laziness.
Readiness is
Another name for fulness.

Quality-satisfaction begins

When the voracious quantity-demander
Finally ends,
The precious quality-satisfaction
Amazingly begins.

When faith ends

When blossoming faith
Slowly ends,

Destroying doubt
Quickly begins.

Three processes

Involution is
A forgotten process.

Evolution is
A slow process.

Revolution is
A striking process.


The core of India's light

//[Continued, from previous issues]//



Gentleness is the most satisfactory beginning of life’s perfection-bliss.


Conqueror of death

The heart of the conqueror of death is all compassion for humanity’s sleepless progress toward its own ever-transcending reality-existence.



The chief cause of man’s failure-life lies not in his incapacity, but in his lack of eagerness to see the satisfaction-face of glorious success.


The liberated one

The liberated one compassionately dances inside the heart of man’s nothingness and also inside the Vision-Eye of God’s Fulness.



The origin of man’s foolishness is earth’s ignorance. The origin of earth’s ignorance is an inconceivable plan of God.



He is a fool who thinks that God is only in Heaven.

He is a greater fool who thinks that God does not care for him.

He is the greatest fool who thinks that he will never be able to realise God.

[To be continued]



Each song is a flame

Each soulful song is a flame
In the aspiring heart.
Where is that heart?
It is in the supreme art
Of constant self-giving.


Your heart-door has been kept shut
For aeons;
Therefore, you see not
Your beloved Supreme
At your heart’s door.
O fool,
When will you stop
Playing the role of
Self-styled madness?
When will you try to
Please the Absolute Supreme
In His own Way?
He who transforms all sufferings
Into ecstasy’s flood,
Is all alone
At your door.
He wants to be taught
By you alone.
Neglect Him not.
He is your soul-world’s
There He is
At your heart’s closed door.

Debata eseche

/Debata eseche ruddha hiyar dare/
/Ore unmad kemane tushibi tare/
/Chira dukha hara/
/Jeche dila dhara/
/Amar desher param atithi/
/Asiyache tor dare/