AUM — Vol. 1, No. 2, 27 September 1965

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The Son

Jesus came. The world heard.
Jesus went. The world saw.
Jesus smiles. The world becomes.

Jesus wanted. The world gave not.
The world wanted. Jesus gave.
In addition, He became.

Jesus had the chance to tell the world the matchless virtue of Forgiveness. Jesus did not have the chance to tell the world the unavoidable necessity of the Sword.

Jesus’ human birth was the Question.
His Divine Death was not only an
Answer, but The Answer.

God was more than successful in sending down His Son to the earth. Humanity suffered worse than Defeat in not receiving the Son.

Jesus had. The world needed.
The world had. Jesus accepted.

Jesus did. He unveiled Himself.
The world did. It veiled Itself.

God smiled through Jesus' eyes.
Humanity cried through Jesus' eyes.

Jesus was Mary's earthly creation.
Mary was His spiritual creation.
She protected the Plant.
The Tree sheltered Her.
And She within herself shelters His
Father's entire creation.

Sensuality cannot live in Purity. But Purity can live in sensuality. Mary's Purity touches not only the ceaseless flow of human impurity, but also its fount: Ignorance.

Human impurity knows only how to cry out. Mary's divine Purity certainly listens to its cry. But Her dynamic wand must wait for the Hour of God. Furthermore, the receptivity of every individual is of paramount importance.

Jesus' body showed the earth how to rise.
Jesus' soul showed the Heavens how to descend.

Earth's blunders are great.
God's Compassion is greater.
Jesus knew it.
He prayed for this blessing:
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

God is both Reason and Faith.
Protestantism wants to see God through His immaculate Reason.
Catholicism wants to see God through His implicit Faith.

Catholicism feels that Christ eternally Was.
Protestantism feels that Christ gradually Became.

Who is our peerless friend? One who consciously or unconsciously helps us to fulfil God's Will within and without. Jesus knew it. "Friend," he addressed Judas. The significance of Judas' kiss Heaven knew, but the earth has yet to know.

The Guru

The man-Guru shows you the Throne of the Infinite. The God-Guru makes you sit on the Throne.

The Guru is at once the sigh of unaspiring disciples and the ecstasy of aspiring disciples.

A real Guru is the selfless, dedicated and eternal beggar who begs omnipotence and omnipresence from God to feed his unconsciously hungry and consciously aspiring disciples, in perfect conformity with their souls' needs.

The Guru has only one compassionate Weapon: Forgiveness. The disciple has three naked swords: Limitation, Weakness and Ignorance. Nevertheless, the Guru wins with great ease.

A man may have hundreds of companions. But a spiritual seeker has only one companion: his Preceptor.

The Guru is the one who closes the Door at the Will of God and opens It to the tears of the disciple.

When you go to a doctor, you must tell him all about the disease you have been suffering from. Otherwise he will not be able to help you fully. Likewise you must make a clean breast of your errors and misdeeds to your Guru. Mere acceptance of a Guru, while you secretly move and act at your sweet will, can be of no avail.

There is no better way for a disciple to serve his Guru than to listen to his advice.

He alone is the real disciple who finds no wrong in his Guru. Being one with the Guru, he discovers his Guru's Consciousness to be perpetual molasses and he himself a lump of transformed sugar.

The Guru is at once the source of his disciple's achievements and a most faithful servant of his disciple's love.

The Guru and the disciple must test each other sweetly, seriously and perfectly before their mutual acceptance. Otherwise, if they are wrong in their selection, the Guru will have to dance with failure and the disciple with perdition.

The Guru is the consolation for the disciple's despair; also is he the compensation for the disciple's loss, if there be any, during the seeker's endless journey towards the all-fulfilling Goal.

Be perfectly loyal to your Guru. But your loyalty must not be rooted in fanaticism. Have faith in him, but be a perfect stranger to bigotry. Have love for him, but remember that narrow dogmatism has no place in your all-embracing mission.

The Guru's love for His disciple is His strength. The disciple's surrender towards his Guru is his strength.

The Mother aspect of the Guru is sacrifice.
The Father aspect of the Guru is compassion.

The Guru is not the body. The Guru is the revelation and manifestation of a Divine Power upon earth.

The soul

Each soul is not only an important page in the Book of Fate, but also essential to it, for without it the Book must needs be incomplete.

Each soul is a representative and a presentation of the Supreme on earth. When the representative is recognised by its owner, the presentation fulfils itself in the Supreme.

The soul comes into birth for experience. And its experience will be complete when it brings down all the perfection of the Divine into Matter.

God touches Matter. Lo, the miracle of miracles: the psychic being comes into existence. Earth-consciousness is the Mother of the child, which develops into an individuality perfected and guided by the Supreme Himself.

The psychic being stores up the quintessence of past experiences and it has very little to do with form and personality.

The Promised Land is for him who perpetually lives in the widening pastures of the soul.

Selfless emotion has an appreciable function of its own. When it knocks, the psychic being cannot help opening the door.

Whenever our soul gets the opportunity of breaking open the door of our ignorance, it speaks in silence to our wakeful mind: "Think not of today's failure, but concentrate on tomorrow's victory."

The smile of our soul is the inner strength given to our life to brave the buffets of unavoidable adversity.

The vital can sit at most at the foot of the mountain; the mind near the top of the mountain; the soul sits right on the peak.

In the relation between the human soul and the Divine soul, the former embraces, the Latter blesses.

Our sleeping mind feels God as an inexpressible sigh. Our soul feels God as an unexpressed All-Loving Smile.

Love: human and divine

Divine Love is a flowering of delight and self-giving. Human love is the gambol of sufferings and limitations.

Love is a bird. When we encage it, we call it human love. When we allow love to fly in the all-pervading Consciousness, we call it Divine Love.

Ordinary human love with its fears, accusations, misunderstandings, jealousies and quarrels is a fire clouding its own brightness by a pall of smoke. The same human love, arising from the meeting of two souls, is a pure and radiant flame. Instead of smoke, it emits the rays of self-surrender, sacrifice, selflessness, joy and fulfilment.

Human love is often the terrible attraction of bodies and nerves; Divine Love is the ever-blossoming affinity of souls.

Divine Love is detachment; human love is attachment. Detachment is real satisfaction. Attachment is quenchless thirst.

Ascending love, arising from the soul's joy, is the smile of God. Descending love, carrying with it the passion of the senses, is the kiss of Death.

Human love is usually self-embracing and self-persistent. Divine Love is all-embracing and self-existent.

Love can be as brittle as glass or as strong as Eternity, depending upon whether it is founded in the vital or in the Soul.

Our higher emotions, taken away from their human objects and offered to God, are turned into Divine Nectar by His magic. Our lower emotions, if not transmuted and transformed, are turned into poison by our own hand.

Disappointment skilfully dogs vital love. Satisfaction divinely consummates psychic love.

When our vital wants to see something, it has to look through self-love. When our Psychic Being wants to see something, it sees through self-giving.

Human love says to Divine Love: "I can't tolerate you."
Divine Love says to human love: "Well, that is no reason for me to leave you."


Neither an individual effort nor an individual abnegation can bring about the transformation of your consciousness. This transformation is possible only by the descent of a Higher Light.

To think of physical transformation without having some kind of realisation is to count your chickens before they are hatched.

Surrender has to look up with folded hands. Transformation has to look down with palms facing the earth-consciousness.

The transformation of human nature in its completeness must unavoidably progress at the speed of a tortoise.

Both the descent of Truth into the lower nature and the ascent of the lower nature into the higher Truth are capable of solving the problem of problems, the illumination of human consciousness. They are equally effective and have an equal speed.

Be universal in your love. You will see the universe to be the picture of your own being.

There is but one Knowledge. There is but one Realisation. You are at once the Seeker and the Fulfiller.

In the field of true spirituality, Experience serves as breakfast; Realisation as lunch; Transformation as dinner.

The consciousness of history

From time immemorial, History has been dealing with tyrants and liberators. Before long, it will have to deal seriously with peacemakers.

History is the fountain-head of man's moments of self-expression, drawn from his conscious or unconscious choice of forces in the world.

When man chooses the force of Truth, ever at play on earth's atmosphere, he aligns himself with evolution's greatest power. When he allows himself to become the instrument of the force of Darkness, he becomes the ally of evolution's greatest regressive agent.

Both the beauty of truth and the ugliness of falsehood have an ever-failing friend: History.

History ever drifts from the wind of an imponderable sigh to the sunshine of a stupendous smile.

Who has eyes that look backward even when they consciously look forward? The deep-penetrating dweller in the core of History.

What is History, after all? Is it not merely what man has chosen to regard as important? History has been until now a record of man's values. But the time will soon come when it will become a record of God's values, a study of man's growth from blind infancy to the full maturity of enlightened spirituality.

What can I do

Heaven is afraid of me.
    What can I do?
I fly beyond its glee,
    Piercing the Blue.

Earth is afraid of me.
    What can I do?
I fell its Ignorance-Tree
    To plant the true.

Hell is afraid of me.
    What can I do?
My compassion frees its pangs
    From the racking screw.

My soul is afraid of me.
    What can I do?
Body's eternity
    I needs must hue.

America in her depths

"Of what use to me are the things that cannot make me immortal?"

Thus in her longing for Immortality, the great woman of the Upanishads rejects the riches of the world. By Immortality, she does not mean the continuity of her human existence, but a life to be lived in her soul.

India's history is aglow with kings and potentates enjoying power and opulence without being in the least attached to them. Rajarshi Janaka was not an isolated instance. Prince Siddhartha, afterwards Buddha, and Emperor Asoka are other such outstanding figures in history.

Of all the nations in the world today, America is the one which, in the modern context, stands forth uniquely as the most fit for the ideal of Janaka, Siddhartha and Asoka. By the flow of her wealth, America has restored shattered Europe, not once but twice. Impoverished India has been helped towards her goal of achieving minimum conditions of life for her vast millions through large-scale and repeated American aid. Many other countries, large and small, have shared in America's munificence. Not only her generosity, but her ever-progressive mind and the dynamism of her spirit have been an asset to the whole international community.

In a little over a century after achieving her Independence, America accepted into her wide-open heart a wandering young Sannyasi's message. The fact that Swami Vivekananda's message on the pervasive oneness and unity of all creation was appreciated and understood at the Parliament of Religions held in Chicago in 1893, shows the character of America's evolving progressive spirit.

This very spirit, being the essence of her national Self, is bound to transcend its present limits and soar into the heights of spiritual oneness. Indications are already available in the works of her advanced thinkers of the growth of her mind towards the summit of her evolution, a summit manifesting the successful spiritual transformation of her life and thought. Who knows that she will not be the first to respond to the call of God, to the unique task of self-transmutation into the consciousness of the Soul? If in a post-war world, she has been a great helper, what role will be hers in the world of tomorrow, when God's voice will be heard through all human lips?

Until now, the world has seen largely the surfaces of American life, and it has formed its opinion accordingly. Not that her depths have not occasionally come to view, but such occasions have been few in relation to the vastness and variety of her population. Needless to say, there are great indications of a greater future, and as the Hour of God dawns and advances towards its fullness, the splendour of America's soul will show more and more on the surface, even for crude eyes to see.

Every nation has its soul. The soul of a nation consists in its aspirations, aptitudes and capacities placed at the service of the Supreme. Now that a spiritual awakening is upon the world, it is only a question of years (and certainly not centuries) before its golden glint falls on the face of every nation. The Divinity now hidden beneath the surface will shine forth, to a greater or lesser degree, upon each one.

Judging from her history, America holds out the brightest promise of placing at the service of the Divine her aspirations, aptitudes and capacities, as she has often, in times of need, placed them at the service of humanity.

Furthermore, it is not only for political and economic purposes that the divine logic of events has brought India and America close together. What is seen in these external aspects of life will be seen in an incalculable measure on the deeper levels in days to come. America is, perhaps, not conscious that in taking a major part in the economic rehabilitation of India, she has been building up the base of a divine new world. And if America is doing so much for the base, she cannot but do much more for the superstructure. Then will prosperous America be doubly prosperous, spiritual prosperity being added to the material, and both nourishing and serving the highest cause of a Divine New Creation.

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21e2. Editor's introduction from the first edition.