AUM — Vol. 7, No.11, June 27, 1972

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God's Compassion and the United Nations' dedication1

Unlimited and unconditional is God’s Compassion. Thoughtful and fruitful is the dedication of the United Nations.

God’s Compassion is ignored by humanity. The dedication of the United Nations is quite often misunderstood and at times it is suspected. Now why does it happen so? It happens so precisely because ignorance still lords it over us. God’s Compassion is inner protection unseen. God’s Protection is Illumination seen, visible everywhere.

Dedication is the soul’s promise to God and to mankind. This promise has to be fulfilled by the soul. It may take time, hundreds of years, thousands of years, it may take millennia, but the promise that the soul made to humanity and to divinity must be fulfilled. Now the promise that the soul has made to humanity is very simple. It will kindle the flame of aspiration in the heart of humanity. It will make earth-consciousness a perfect instrument to receive God's Light from above in infinite measure. It will make the heart of the earth feel heaven’s Light, heaven’s Delight, heaven’s Existence. Finally, earth will be a divine clarion Light, the Voice of Heaven.

The soul has also made a promise to divinity, to God, that it will manifest on earth God the Absolute, God the Omniscient, God the Omnipotent. The soul has made the promise to the Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, that here with the help of the physical, the vital, the mental — in one word, the entire being — it will manifest God on earth. Here the soul will offer the perfection of dedication to God.

Dedication is delight, the delight of the heart. When we dedicate ourselves to something, to someone, our very dedication expands our consciousness and we feel that inseparable oneness with God is something real, fulfilling. Each time we dedicate something of ours we expand our love for God, our love for mankind and our very reality, our earth-bound reality, is transformed into a heavenward journey.

Dedication to the Self is union. Now it is in union that life becomes meaningful and fruitful. A life without the feeling of union is confusion, frustration. Today’s dedication is bound to be transformed into tomorrow’s perfection. Now when perfection dawns, we can foresee clearly all our divine wishes, we can feed all our divine aspiration, finally we can fulfil all our divine needs. Human dedication has the key to open up God’s Palace and God’s Compassion shows man where his infinite treasure lies within him.


God’s Compassion at the United Nations’ Dedication.

A child of God was blessed with a vision. This child was our President Wilson. He had the vision of the League of Nations. Now we see the United Nations. There was a tiny plant, it grew up and now we see that the plant has grown into a big banyan tree: the United Nations.

Needless to say that the world is still not perfect. Since the world is still not perfect, the world opinion cannot be perfect. There are many on earth who find faults with the activities, the dedicated services of the United Nations. But from the spiritual point of view, I wish to say that each action, each dedicated service, is not a mere experiment; something more, it is an experience of God in and through the United Nations. Each nation may want to be united with the rest of the nations. United Nations means the usefulness of the united notions, united thoughts, united feelings and the expansion of oneness, where unity can be fulfilled through manifested multiplicity. This is what we see and feel in the heart of the United Nations. Again, since we are imperfect, we consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly, indulge in criticism and we see too much conflict in our thoughts and ideas, plans, ideals and missions.

We have been seeing the supremacy of human beings since the dawn of civilisation. Each human being wants to be an inch higher than the rest, each human being wants to surpass the rest. But from the spiritual point of view, we can surpass only when we become one, one nation, one soul. One nation can surpass all the nations only by becoming one with all other nations in their suffering, in their joy, in their achievements. When we become one, we really surpass. What do we surpass? We surpass not only the capacity of our achievements, of others’ achievements, but we surpass the capacity of limited feelings. Real supremacy comes when we grow into the vastness of Self, then who or what can be superior to us?

From the spiritual point of view the United Nations is struggling and striving for something meaningful and fruitful. What it needs, it has: the Divine Compassion. The Compassion of God has been unceasingly descending on the United Nations.

It is not in vain or without any purpose that the United Nations has come into existence. God’s Vision has to be manifested here on earth. Now the suffering nations need a place for consolation, the sacrificing nations need a place for appreciation. Here in the United Nations we see the message of fulfilment in a particular manner. Now it is up to the world. The world, the sleeping world, the unaspiring world, the unawakened world, is delaying receiving the light of the United Nations. There are many things that we can get from the dedication of the United Nations, but if the world is not receptive then it is not the fault of the United Nations. God is all Compassion, He is all-giving, but if we don’t want to receive His Light the way He wants to offer, it is not His fault. The heart of this place is Dedication, the soul of this place is Concern, the body of this place is for the illumining expansion of human consciousness.

We sow the seed, the seed germinates. First we see a tiny plant, then we see a huge tree. Now, when we go deep within, we definitely see that a seed was sown here in earth consciousness and that seed has boundless potentiality. God’s Light is here for humanity to receive on a practical level, in an earthly manner. God’s Light is here to illumine. Consciously, unconsciously the world is receiving this Light from the United Nations. When it is a matter of recognition, it is deplorable that it is not being recognised. The human beings who have become instruments to offer the Light that the soul of the United Nations has, may not be fully aware of what they are doing. When they see imperfections in others, when they see at times their limited capacity, they feel frustrated, but the divine in each individual, in each delegate, each representative from each individual nation is all wise; it has chosen the right place, the right being which is the United Nations.

Here we meet, not for mere consolation when the world is in conflict, when two parties are at daggers drawn, no! Not for mere consolation, not for mere justification, not for mere glorification, but for the feeling of universal oneness and for the manifestation of God’s perfection on earth in a practical manner.

At the United Nations we see the oneness of mental philosophy and psychic religion. Each philosophy, each religion is running towards the same Goal. Each religion has taught us to be nice, kind, honest and devoted. Each philosophy teaches us how to see the Truth and religion helps us in applying the Truth in our outer life. Here at the United Nations all major religions meet. Here the outer wealth of desire and the inner wealth of aspiration meet. Each one is offering its might. From the spiritual point of view, in the soul’s region, the contribution of each nation is sublime.

The United Nations is a chosen Instrument of God. To be a chosen Instrument of God means to be a divine messenger carrying the Banner of God’s inner Vision and outer Manifestation. One day the world will not only treasure and cherish the Soul of the United Nations, but also will claim the Soul of the United Nations as its very own with enormous pride, for this soul is all-loving, all-nourishing and all-fulfilling.


AUM 837. Dag Hammarskjold Aud., U.N. Secretariat, 2 March 1972 — No. 11/6

The Upanishads — "The Brahman of the Upanishads"2

The heart of the Upanishads is most meaningful and most fruitful because it embodies the Life of the Brahman. Brahman is Reality in existence, the Brahman is Reality’s existence. The eternal Truth of the Brahman is in the finite, beyond the finite and beyond the ever-transcending Infinite.

In realisation, in the domain of realisation, Brahman is the Sovereign Absolute. In the domain of revelation, Brahman is the Omnipresent Reality. And in the field of manifestation, Brahman is immortalising Perfection.

Brahman the Creator is the Consciousness-Light and Brahman the Fulfiller is the Consciousness-Delight. Brahman is the inner Soul of all and the only Goal in all.


When we look within Brahman is Consciousness-Force and when we look without Brahman is Self-Manifestation. When we think of the Brahman with our mind, earth-bound mind, limited mind, sophisticated mind, unaspiring mind, our life becomes sheer frustration; but when we meditate on the Brahman in the heart, in the silent recesses of our heart, our life becomes pure illumination.


To a non-seeker, Brahman is unknowable. To a beginner-seeker, Brahman is unknown. To a master-seeker, Brahman is not only knowable and known but he himself grows into the Consciousness of the Brahman.

Sarvam khalu idam Brahma. "Indeed, all is Brahman”. The eternal is existence within. The eternal is existence without.

There is no abiding happiness in the finite. It is only in the Infinite that we can hear the message of eternal delight: Anandam Brahma and Anantam Brahma. These are the two major aspects of the Brahman. Anandam Brahma is the life of the all-illumining delight and the all-fulfilling delight. Anantam Brahma is the Life of Infinity. Here on earth the Life of Infinity constantly grows for the fulfilment of the absolute Brahman. That is why the Upanishadic Seers sing from the depth of their hearts about the transcendental Delight of the Brahman: Anandadvayvah khalvi… From the transcendental Delight we came into existence, in Delight we grow and play our respective roles, at the end of our journey’s close we enter into Supreme Delight.”

Again, when the Seers saw Infinity in Brahman they sang: Aum purnamadah, purnamidam… "Infinity is that, Infinity is this, from Infinity Infinity came into existence, and from Infinity when Infinity is taken away, Infinity remains the same.”

The Brahman is active. The Brahman is inactive. The active Brahman inwardly does and outwardly becomes. Again, the active Brahman outwardly does and inwardly becomes. This is what the active Brahman does and becomes. But the inactive Brahman is the total freedom of inaction and complete freedom in inaction.

Brahman is at once the eternal unborn and the eternal birth and growth of existence. Brahman is ignorance-night. Brahman is knowledge-light. Brahman the ignorance-night needs total transformation. Brahman the knowledge-light needs complete manifestation.

The whole universe came into existence from Brahman the Seed. When Brahman wanted to project Himself, He first projected Himself through four significant worlds: Ambhas, the highest world; Marichi, the sky; Mara, the mortal world, the earth; Apa, the world beneath earth. Then the Brahman sent forth the guardians of these worlds. Then the Brahman sent forth food for them. At that time Brahman becomes Annam Brahma — “God is food”. Then Brahman came to realise that He Himself has to take part in His Cosmic Lila, Cosmic Game, so He entered into the Cosmic Lila through His own Yogic power. First He entered into the human body through the skull. The door by which Brahman entered is called the door of delight. This door is the highest centre of consciousness. This is known as Sahasrara, the thousand-petalled lotus. It is situated in the centre of the brain. The realisation of the Yogi enters there and becomes one with the Consciousness of the Brahman.

Brahman has many names but His secret name is AUM. Pranavo dhanuh sharo atma… “Aum is the bow and Atma, the Self, is the arrow, Brahman is the target. Now through repeated practice the arrow is fixed into the target, the Brahmic Consciousness.” That is to say, through regular concentration, meditation and contemplation the seeker enters into the Absolute Consciousness of the Brahman.

Brahman and creation. Creation is the supreme sacrifice of the Brahman. Creation is by no means a mechanical construction. Creation is a spiritual act, supremely revealing, manifesting and fulfilling the divine splendour of the Brahman. The divine architect is beyond creation and at the same time manifests Himself in and through creation.

Brahman created out of his Being Priests, warriors, tradesmen and servants. Then He created the Law. Nothing can be higher than the Law. This Law is Truth. When a man speaks the Truth, he declares the Law. When he declares the Law, he speaks the Truth. The Truth and the Law are one, inseparable.

Now our Indian mythology has divided the time, not earth-bound time but eternal Time, into four divisions: Kali Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Treta Yuga and Satya Yuga. But it started the other way around, Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali. According to many we are now in the Kali Yuga. Brahman in the Kali Yuga is fast asleep. He is in inconscience-ignorance-mire. In Dwapara Yuga He awakes and He looks around. In Treta Yuga He stands up, about to move on, move forward. In Satya, the Golden Yuga, He moves fast, faster, fastest, towards His Goal. Therefore the message of the Vedas, the eternal message of the Aryan civilisation and culture, the realisation of the Indian Sages and Seers, is movement, inner progress, the life’s march towards the destined Goal. Charai veti, charai veti. "Move on, move on.”

AUM 838. Yale University, New Haven, Conn., 8 December 1971.

III. Someday

1. Someday I shall be able to please all my spiritual children

2. Someday my spiritual children will please God in His own Way

3. Someday earth’s cry and heaven’s smile shall embrace each other

4. Someday each man shall know that he is God’s great promise to the world

5. Someday ignorance shall sit at the feet of light for transformation

6. Someday each man will manifest the highest Goal: perfect perfection

7. Someday God’s unconditional Compassion will be valued by mankind

8. Someday God’s unconditional Love will be appreciated by mankind

9. Someday God’s unconditional Concern will be admired by mankind

10. Someday God’s Compassion will be adored by mankind

11. Someday poor God will be properly understood

12. Someday the aspiration of the finite will consciously claim the Light and Bliss infinite as its very own

13. Someday the animal love will be perfected

14. Someday the human love will be liberated

15. Someday the divine Love will be manifested

16. Someday human love will know not only what the divine Love is, but also what the divine Love can and will do for it

17. Someday human fear will realise its stupidity

18. Someday human doubt will realise its futility

19. Someday human jealousy will realise its poverty

20. Someday human nature will realise its insincerity

21. Someday human mind will realise its obscurity

22. Someday human heart will realise its insecurity

23. Someday human vital will realise its own animality

24. Someday human body will realise its impurity

25. Someday human life will realise its uncertainty

26. Someday the searching man will reach his ultimate Source

27. Someday the aspiration in man will achieve God’s own Realisation

28. Someday man will soulfully welcome the Gratitude-Queen and she will no longer remain a stranger

29. Someday man’s sublime thoughts will be transformed into God’s adamantine Will

30. Someday man will know that God’s Love and human life are inseparable

31. Someday man will discover that love is the power of life

32. Someday man will discover that life is the sacred secret of God

33. Someday man will realise that God’s crown is made of his heart’s unceasing Love

34. Someday man will realise that God is extremely eager to offer His Throne to him

35. Someday man will realise that God is more anxious to see the arrival of His children at His Palace of Truth and Light

36. Someday mortality will ask Immortality, “Where were you hiding from me for such a long time?” Immortality’s answer: “I was not hiding from you, I was examining your necessity’s sincerity.”

37. Someday the finite will tell the Infinite, “For years you have been ignoring my bleeding heart.” Infinity’s answer: “I was not ignoring you. It was you who did not care for me, but cared only for the pleasure-filled, tempting ignorance.”

38. Someday the fleeting time will tell Eternity, “You care only for your own existence. You never care for my fleeting breath.” Eternity’s answer: “I do care for you. Unfortunately, your little breath, is terribly afraid of me, afraid of my big breath. Enter into me cheerfully and, like me, become God’s entirely and claim God’s Infinite Height, Eternal Breath and Immortal Life unhesitantly, unmistakably.”

39. Someday the suspecting mind will love the perfecting heart

40. Someday the brother mind will request the sister heart to guide him

41. Someday the body will cheerfully walk towards the Goal of the Beyond

42. Someday the vital will powerfully march towards the Goal of the Beyond

43. Someday the mind will speedily run towards the Goal of the Beyond

44. Someday the heart will soulfully dive into the Goal of the Beyond

45. Someday the soul will selflessly grow into the Goal of the Beyond

46. Someday man’s perfect perfection will give joy to God

47. Someday God’s total manifestation will give joy to man

48. Someday God will ask heaven to climb down unhesitantly

49. Someday God will ask man to climb up bravely

50. Someday God will ask heaven to give to earth what it has: beauty

51. Someday God will ask earth to give to heaven what it has: duty

52. Someday earth’s duty and heaven’s beauty will get married. They will have a child and this child will embody Infinity’s Light, reveal Eternity’s Height and manifest Immortality’s Soul

"My prayer is stronger than smallpox"

A child of three had been attacked by a very serious type of smallpox. His illness was getting worse day by day. The doctor had lost all hope and the family priest felt that the child would not survive.

One night, the priest dreamt that the child had died. He ran to the house of the child immediately, at dead of night, and knocked at the door. The mother, quite alarmed, opened the door. The priest rushed toward the child who was fast asleep inside the mosquito net. The child, whose suffering had been most pitiful until then, suddenly awoke, screaming a healthy cry. Upon hearing him the priest started striking his chest with his fists, in joy or dismay or both, and tearing his hair out at the roots. “Oh God,” he cried. “You have deceived me. But my heart is overwhelmed with joy and gratitude at your deception.”

The mother wanted to know why the priest had come at this late hour, so the priest, still trembling, told her all about the dream he had had. The mother replied, “Venerable sir, my prayer is infinitely stronger than a child's smallpox.” The child survived. He is now forty years old.

The saviour boat from the depths of the unknown

A child of five, in Bengal, India, was coming home from town with his elder brother, who was already an adult. They were riding back in a small ferry which was somewhat like a shuttle boat travelling from the village to the town and back again. It held six or eight passengers, including the younger brother and the elder brother. The ride ordinarily took about an hour and a half, as the Karnafuli is one of the widest and wildest rivers in India.

On this particular day, the river was in its wildest fury. After a heavy downpour of rain, a storm continued to rage. In addition to this misfortune, the boat had sprung a large leak and immediately started to sink. It was sailing in the heart of the wide river, at least three miles from either shore.

The passengers were panic-stricken. They, as well as the boatman, did not fail to invoke the Indian gods and goddesses for immediate help — Rama, Krishna, Kali, Durga, etc. Tears were rolling down the cheeks of the elder brother, for he knew that the child of five could not swim. The boatman pitifully cried out for help, but the neighbouring boats paid no heed. They too were caught in the storm and were possibly facing a similar calamity.

Slowly but inexorably, the boat was sinking, sinking, carrying the panicky passengers with it. The “fateful moment” was not far off.

Suddenly, to the wide surprise of boatman and passengers, a boat sprang up, empty, from the depths of the waters right in front of their sinking boat — scarcely ten feet away. In no time the boatman caught hold of the child and threw him into the empty boat. Then all the other passengers hurriedly jumped into the boat, one by one. The child was embraced by each and every passenger. They felt that it was the fate of the child that had caused their lives to be saved too.

When the storm of nature was totally over, two boatmen shouted from a distance, “We're coming to help you!” But help was not needed now.

When help was really sought after, it was not forthcoming from any human being; it came directly from God. And this kind of timely help we get only from God; Indeed, this is the realisation of a forty-year old seeker.


Although I teach, I am the cap of fools,
Although I love all souls, a fiend am I.
I am not strong yet for the weak I fight;
At will I sell myself and myself I buy.

At every pause my life I contradict.
To me are ever same all truths and lies.
To me the earthly beings and He are one.
We fly in His bosom vast, in us He flies.

All-presence am I

Although I dwell in poverty,
Matchless all joy of mine remains.
Upon my heart his Bounty rains
From His flame-white eternity.

To none I sell my teeming thoughts;
By me my trance is seen alone.
My heart shall never tremble or moan,
All-presence am I, in me no noughts.

You are my only Friend,
You are my life.
Like a divine mendicant from one country to another
May I sing a song of You
With all my love.
May I sing the Song of Your
Victory all my life.

O Lord Supreme, only the other day
I saw You and played with You
Before I came into the world of ignorance-night.
Yet I remember my golden past within and without.
Alas, far very far now You are.
The bird of my heart crying and trembling with darkest pangs.

My thoughts, my desires, my aspiration, my life’s disciplines
Have found their haven at Your Feet today.
The bondage of tempting attachment and pangs of the heart,
The Life of darkness and the torture of death
No more I see, no more I feel.

O my boat, O my Boatman, O message of Transcendental Delight,
Carry me, my heart is thirsty and hungry
And it is fast asleep at the same time
Carry my heart to the other shore.
The dance of death I see all around.
The thunder of destruction indomitable I hear.
O my inner Pilot You are mine,
You are the Ocean of Compassion infinite
In You I lose myself,
My all in You I lose.