AUM — Vol. 2, No. 2, 27 February 1975

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Sri Chinmoy spent a week at his San Juan, Puerto Rico Centre this month, from Monday 16 to Sunday 23. During that short week his accomplishments were phenomenal. This issue of Aum Magazine is therefore dedicated to Puerto Rico, whose soulful acceptance of Guru’s love-light commands the appreciation and admiration of all who are crying for the manifestation of the highest Light on earth.

O my Puerto Rico1

O my Puerto Rico!
Your soul is Beauty’s flow,
Your heart is Duty’s glow.

O my Puerto Rico!
Your simple life of Truth
Is God’s Perfection-Ruth.

To you I bow, to you I bow,
In our Lord’s Eternity-Now.
To you I bow, to you I bow,
O my Puerto Rico!

Dedicated to: Rafael Hernandez Colon — Governor of Puerto Rico, 21 February 1975

My Puerto Rico2

My geography tells me that you are the land of unmatched charm and beauty.

My history tells me that you have significantly learned the meaning of suffering.

My literature tells me that your culture is flooded with the soul’s spontaneous sincerity.

My body tells me that your body is the perfect expression of nature’s simplicity and candour. My mind tells me that your mind is looking pointedly into the golden Vision of the Future. My heart tells me that your heart is full of loving warmth and snow-white affection. Your heart’s tearing efforts to transcend the ill-fated barriers of poverty will, before long, be crowned with success.

They came. They conquered. Perhaps they helped. But they could have made better use of their paternal concern.

They have come. They are helping. Momentous is their contribution. Yet you need more of their attention, sympathy and opportunity.

Let them come and let them go, if so is the Will of God. But you try to live dauntless, deep within. You try to listen to the dictates of your inner soul.

Yours is the mounting cry. Yours is the Golden Shore. Yours is the Promised Land. May God shower His choicest Blessings upon you, my Puerto Rico!

This short talk was given to a group of young students during Sri Chinmoy's summer visit to Puerto Rico. It was held under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association of Santurce, Puerto Rico, on 19 July 1966. Reprinted from Aum Magazine, Series 1, Vol. II, Nos. 7 & 8, 27 Feb. - 27 Mar. 1967

The Senate of Puerto Rico honours Sri Chinmoy

20 February 1975


Mr. President: Senator Marcano

Senator Marcano: I would like to bring to the attention of this Senate the fact that on this day we have the great privilege and honour of receiving the visit of a spiritual leader, whom I would not call a spiritual leader of India, but rather a spiritual leader of the world. I am referring to Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose of India.

Sri Chinmoy is the Spiritual Director of the United Nations Meditation Group. He was born in India and has lived in the United States since 1964. He is a man who has dedicated his life to meditation and to the experience of union with God through spiritual discipline. His achievements have reached the extent where he is now conducting meditations at the United Nations twice a week. Undoubtedly he is a spiritual leader who offers guidelines for meditation and for the growth of the life of the spirit. I believe it is a special privilege to receive the visit of Sri Chinmoy in the Senate of Puerto Rico.

He has organised meditation groups in the United States and in various countries of the world and also a centre for meditation in Puerto Rico. In addition, he has visited the major universities of the United States and of the world, offering lectures on the spiritual experience of oneness with God through meditation. His books have been accepted as textbooks for accredited university courses on spiritual philosophy, and he has the special opportunity of presenting to the President of the Senate and our fellow senators one of his many books. I have had the opportunity, Mr. President, of speaking with him a few minutes ago and I feel he is a person of profound simplicity, yet a great spiritual intensity radiates from his being. He is not a militant of any particular sect, but rather an exponent of meditation and of the mystical experience which is of great importance to the spiritual growth of each person.

I bring this information to this Body since we have the privilege of having him here with some of his disciples. He has a special interest in personally knowing every senator that wishes to greet him and receive from him a copy of one of his books.

Upon recessing today, Mr. President, I am going to propose that the President invite all the senators to proceed to the North Gallery to greet this great spiritual leader who honours us by pausing in his work and visiting the Senate of Puerto Rico.

I therefore propose that upon recessing we go and greet him and receive from him a copy of one of his works.

Mr. President: Senator Nazario de Ferrer

Senator Nazario de Ferrer: Before recessing, we would like to welcome this distinguished guest, along with his disciples, who have come to the Senate. Since we believe that no one wishes to hinder the numerous ecumenical movements in the world and also because we deeply respect the maturity of his followers, we welcome him and offer him our solidarity, our greetings and our friendship.

Mr. President: Senator Fernandez

Senator Fernandez: Mr. President and fellow Legislators, with the deep feeling of Christianity which I have always had in my life, it gives me great pleasure to have had the honour and privilege of meeting Sri Chinmoy, one of the people with the most Christian understanding, the most profound realisation, we can say, in terms of knowing God. As our Speaker has said, he is a man of extraordinary simplicity which denotes the highest knowledge of God. For me, as a Christian woman and as a member of this Senate of Puerto Rico, his visit makes me immensely happy and thankful to God for I know that the high, positive vibrations of this great Guru will radiate through the Senate and fill it with peace and harmony during the time we have left.

I, Mr. President, am greatly disturbed by the way we are living, not only here but in the entire world, and if the United Nations is conscious of this and meditations are offered there twice a week, why can’t we meditate in the Puerto Rican Legislature? This will not only benefit the Senate and the House but also I feel that the visit of this great Guru will tremendously benefit the country of Puerto Rico. Here at the Legislature I am sure love, understanding and brotherhood will be felt without any religious differences. I wholeheartedly join our Speaker in welcoming Sri Chinmoy and telling him that his presence has greatly honoured us.

Mr. President: Senator Mendez

Senator Mendez: Mr. President, I would like to add a few short words to the expressions of satisfaction and pleasure that my colleagues have expressed in reference to the visit of Master Sri Chinmoy. He is truly a worker for peace, a worker of the spirit, a mystic from the East who has come to bring his word, experiences, and the message of an extraordinary spiritual civilisation. It seems to me that the world is seeking messengers of peace. The world is seeking those who work for harmony, kindness and order. The world is seeking men who can dedicate their lives to cultivate human harmony, in order to bring us once again the exalted feeling of God’s presence in each and every action in our lives. Therefore, it has been a real honour for me to shake his hand this afternoon.

I have met some of his disciples, and I know of the labour that he has been doing not only as a Spiritual Master, but also as a musician, as a painter and as an exponent of all the things that reveal an extraordinary capacity to understand the human being. That is why today, I am pleased to unite my words with those of my companions.

Mr. President: Senator Marcano

Senator Marcano: Mr. President, I would like to propose two things. First to make clear on record the presence of this Master who honours us this afternoon. Also, to record the Senate’s salutations and our profound appreciation for his visit and to prepare a document expressing the feeling of this Body to be offered to him.

Secondly, I propose that the words expressed here this afternoon of welcome and deep spiritual gratitude for his visit, and the expression of honour that we have felt by his presence be transcribed and the transcription of these words be sent to Master Sri Chinmoy.

So I propose, Mr. President.

Honourable Juan Cancel Rios (President): Anticipating the unanimous approval of the Body regarding Senator Marcano’s motion, the Presidency makes his own each and every one of the tributes that were motivated by the visit of this illustrious son of the world which honours and distinguishes the people of Puerto Rico and our Senate. His very presence is an inspiration to the Senate of Puerto Rico and to every senator. His feet stepping on the land of Puerto Rico is also an inspiration to all the men and women of our country.

May we welcome this distinguished philosopher. May he be our spiritual brother and advisor in the Senate of Puerto Rico today. And when he leaves the Senate may he take the Senate of Puerto Rico and all its members in his thoughts.


Sri Chinmoy:

Dear President, beloved son of Puerto Rico, to your heart’s magnanimity, I offer my gratitude-flower of sincerity. You are great. You are good. Your greatness my mind shall always admire. Your goodness my heart shall always treasure.

From this august place, you and your senator friends are steering steadily, unerringly, devotedly and triumphantly the aspiration-boat of Puerto Rico to the Golden Shore of the Beyond. According to my inner feeling, each senator is a divine ambassador who is equally claimed by both Heaven and earth. From here, each senator carries the heart-cry of Puerto Rico to God and God’s Love-Smile to Puerto Rico.

Dear President, in your soulful presence I feel that I am at once loved by the illumining heart of Puerto Rico and blessed by the fulfilling soul of Puerto Rico.

Dear President, most esteemed brother, I pray to the Absolute Supreme to grant you two sublime boons: a glorious success in your outer life of manifestation and a continuous progress in your inner life of aspiration.


Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Senate Capitol
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

Manuel Santana Motta

I, MANUEL SANTANA MOTTA, Secretary of the Senate of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, do hereby


That the Senate of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in its session of Thursday, January 20, 1975, unanimously approved a Petition from the Majority Floor leader, Honourable Hipólito Marcano, joined by the President, Honourable Juan Cancel Rios, to transmit its greetings to the spiritual leader and Director of the Meditation Group of the United Nations, Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose and to express to him the satisfaction of all the Senators on the occasion of his visit to this High Body.

AND FOR TRANSMITTAL to Master Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, I issue these presents in my office of the Senate at the Capitol of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, this twentieth one day of February of the year one thousand nine hundred seventy-five and I affix thereto the Great Seal of the Senate.

Secretary of the Senate


In the evening Sri Chinmoy received the Consuls to Puerto Rico from Germany, Japan, Peru, Venezuela, Chile and Costa Rica at his Centre for meditation.


Life is my outer evolution.
Truth is my inner revolution.


Mr. Sanchez Vilella: Thank you very much. You have been very kind. It has been a real pleasure. I hope to see you again in your next visit here.

Sri Chinmoy: It is my wish to offer a minute of silence and prayer to the Absolute Supreme for your birthday. I pray to the Almighty to grant you Peace, Light, Love and Joy in infinite measure.

21 February 1975. Excerpt from Sri Chinmoy's interview with the former Governor of Puerto Rico, Roberto Sanchez Vilella

Interview II4

Hon. Hernandez Colon: I thank you very much for your visit and I hope that I will be able to receive all the fruits that can be received from it, in order to guide my country. I appreciate very much the help you have given me and I am sure that it will be a great contribution to the tasks that I have ahead.

Sri Chinmoy: My prayer is my service to you. To be of service to you is to be of service to the soul of Puerto Rico, and to be of service to the soul of Puerto Rico is to be of service to the immortal in you.

Excerpt from Sri Chinmoy's second interview with the Governor of Puerto Rico, Rafael Hernandez Colon

Interview III5

Sri Chinmoy: …always remember the Golden Shore. Our eternal Goal is the Golden Shore. Always feel that there is a shore and there is a boat. The boat is the symbol of the journey. We arrive there to help humanity come to their Goal.

Hon. Juan A. Albors: Thank you very much. This is the way and this is the vehicle to get to the goal. Thank you, I am most honoured. I appreciate this very much.

22 February 1975. Excerpt from Sri Chinmoy's second interview with the Secretary of State of Puerto Rico, Juan Alberto Albors

Interview IV6

Sri Chinmoy: We wish to pray to the Absolute Supreme to grant you Peace, Light and Bliss in infinite measure so that you may serve and guide your country in the way of the Lord.

Munoz Marin: Thank you very much. I am very, very thankful for your visit here and for your prayers.

Excerpt from Sri Chinmoy's interview with the former Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Munoz Marin


The ultimate Truth cannot be discussed.
The highest Divinity cannot be argued.
Truth has to be realised.
Divinity has to be revealed.


Puerto Rico honours us. This is something true. But something infinitely more significant than this is that Puerto Rico gives us the opportunity to be of service to the Supreme. Puerto Rico accepts us with whatever we have. Whatever we want to offer Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico accepts gladly and soulfully.

Puerto Rico has accepted our philosophy unreservedly and wholeheartedly. All of Puerto Rico, its leaders and people, know who we are and accept us. This is very significant. Now dear ones, many of you work hard to manifest the Supreme in me, and to you I am grateful. Many others do nothing; to them I can say nothing. But if some of you who do work very hard have the idea that what the Puerto Ricans have done in the few days that I was there is inferior to what you have done here, then I wish to say you are making a mistake. It is true that in riches, in material wealth and power, Puerto Rico is not equal to America. But Puerto Rico has heart-power and in this way Puerto Rico is superior.

The House and Senate of Puerto Rico cannot be compared to that of America as a whole. America is much more powerful. It would be like comparing an ant to an elephant. But in the Eye of the Supreme, all are the same. What is important is who comes forward and offers his capacity. It is not their fault that their capacities are limited. It is God who has given them a certain amount of capacity and the capacity that they have they are more than willing to share with the aspiring community. The Puerto Ricans use their heart, a child’s heart. The heart identifies and says, “Take what I have and what I am.”

If a child gives a cent, which is all he has, then the Supreme is most pleased with him. If a child has a dollar and offers it all, then he is much better in the Supreme’s Eye than a multimillionaire who is offering only a few thousand dollars. The millionaire just tempts the world with his wealth; he does not serve the world. If a small child offers me his minute capacity, while his father merely promises, tempts and delays, then the child will be infinitely more appreciated by God than his father will be. Puerto Rico has accepted us wholeheartedly, but America has only given us an infinitesimal degree of recognition. He who comes forward and offers his capacity is supremely chosen. And this Puerto Rico has done.

On Friday evening I told them that I would leave for Puerto Rico Monday morning, so all these meetings were arranged on Saturday and Monday. The disciples got a day and a half notice, and already on Monday I was invited to be on TV and in the newspaper. In two days’ time so many meetings were arranged. If the Puerto Ricans are not ready, I do not know who is ready to receive our light.

I am giving this advice to those who are working hard for the manifestation of the Supreme. Those of you who do not work for the Supreme may have your own opinion, but it will be a real mistake for others to feel that what the Puerto Ricans achieved this time is in any way inferior to your achievements. Some of you may feel that the standard here is much higher, that Puerto Rico’s standard is low. It is true that if something is done here, then it is often heard of all over the world, but this is not important. What is important is self-dedication. Their self-dedication is not in any way inferior to yours.

Puerto Rico was the first to accept our light; the Puerto Rican Centre was the first. Here again they are first. Now it is time for the American disciples to do something significant. The disciples should work hard, very hard, and one day they will be successful. This is the year of outer success and inner progress. It has just started. Let us open up our hearts. Let us identify ourselves with the Puerto Rican achievements and accept them as our own.

24 February 1975: Connecticut Centre


United Nations authorities have recently accredited the Sri Chinmoy Centre as a Non-Governmental Organisation, with Sri Chinmoy as its representative. Beginning next month, regular reports on U.N. activities will be included in AUM Magazine.


The Secretary-General
20 February 1975

Dear Sri Chinmoy,

I wish to thank you for sending me a copy of "Meditation at the United Nations", which is dedicated to the memory of my distinguished and esteemed predecessor U Thant. I very much appreciated your kind gesture.

Yours sincerely,

Kurt Waldheim

Sri Chinmoy
Spiritual Director
United Nations Meditation Group
Room 3401

Jharna-Kala: Fountain-Art

While Sri Chinmoy was in Puerto Rico this month the disciples in New York received word that he was completing another thousand paintings, bringing the total number up to seven thousand. This goal was reached on the nineteenth, in just three short days. The disciples of the San Juan Centre offered their artist-Guru a trophy seven feet high: one foot for each thousand paintings.

Less than a week later, ten thousand paintings were finished. The Artist-Supreme in our Guru had transcended himself once again, completing the last three thousand paintings in six fleeting days. In all, one hundred days had elapsed since Guru began this new form of self-offering.

Ten thousand paintings in 100 days! The WPIX T.V. news interviewer called it a “tremendous” achievement, and remarked that the paintings themselves were “fantastic!” Guru was a headliner on the ten o’clock news on Friday 28, as he absolutely deserved to be.

This coming May the Museo de Arte in Ponce, Puerto Rico will have a one-man show of Guru’s art for a month. Two branches of the Chemical Bank of New York, one of them in the famed World Trade Center, will have shows of Guru’s art in June. And in July the Ingber Gallery on Manhattan’s upper East side will have a one-man show of Guru’s art for a month.

Following are two of Guru’s more recent paintings.


/Jharna-kala jharna-kala jharna-kala/
/Moder bala moder chala ujjala/
/Tumi moder asha-hiyar chira mangala/
/Kanna hasir parapare dodul dola/

O fountain-art, fountain-art, fountain-art,
Gold-bright is our journey’s voice;
Gold-bright is our journey’s goal.
You are our hope-hearts’
Eternally hallowed Consciousness-Light supreme.
You are the delight-swing of silence-height
Beyond the shore of earth-sorrows and Heaven-smiles.
O fountain-art, fountain-art, fountain-art.


It matters not how Truth was created, but why Truth was created. Truth was created by God Himself to energise His Vision and to manifest His Reality.


Falsehood is jealous of truth.
Truth is ashamed of falsehood.
God blesses falsehood to be good.
God caresses truth to be nice.


He who conquers the Truth has been chosen by God’s Heart, God the Heart.