Are you looking for your heart? Here, come and take it!

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I Sing My God-Songs

I sing my God-songs
Only for God the Listener.

I Have Told God

I have told God
My only secret and sacred truth:
“My Lord, I love You only.”

God Triumphantly Thrives (1)

God triumphantly thrives
On man’s beautifully happy smiles.

I Have Discovered

I have discovered
A new road to peace:
My mind knows nothing.

Two Real Messages of My Heart

Two real messages of my heart:
Gratitude is beautiful,
Obedience is fruitful.

My Lord, Your Morning Smile

My Lord, Your morning Smile
Is my breath during the entire day.

A Seeker's Humility-Heart (1)

A seeker’s humility-heart
Knows how to become
The Smile of God.

One Thing I Ask God

One thing I ask God:
Am I not His?
One thing I tell God:
I am all for Him.

One Song I Shall Never Forget

One song I shall never forget,
My Lord’s daily Forgiveness-Song.

I Am Happy Because I Still Need God (1)

I am happy because I still need God.
God is happy because I still love Him.

My Lord, I Need Your Magnet-Feet

My Lord, I need Your Magnet-Feet.
My Lord, I need Your Protection-Feet more.
My Lord, I need Your Forgiveness-Feet most.

I Race Not to See God's Perfection-Face

I race not to see God’s Perfection-Face,
But to sit at God’s Protection-Feet.

Everything of God

Everything of God I love deeply,
But His earth-visiting Forgiveness-Feet
I love most.

I Came to Your Lotus Feet

I came to Your Lotus Feet,
My Lord, with a hopeless hope-heart
To be forgiven.
[revised words]

The Doubt-Beast Left Me

The doubt-beast left me
The moment God discovered
At His Feet,
Three teardrops of my heart.

Oh, When My Sadness Is Sweet (1)

Oh, when my sadness is sweet,
I see God’s Compassion-Feet.
Oh, when my gladness is pure,
I see God’s Illumination-Eye.

Do Not Fear

Do not fear.
He who fears cannot stay near
God’s Compassion-Eye
And God’s Forgiveness-Feet.

What Your Doubting Mind Needs

What your doubting mind needs
Is my Lord’s Thunder-Feet.

Your Holy Steps (1)

Your holy Steps have saved,
My fettered life.
Your holy Steps have released,
My encaged soul.

Without the Beauty of Surrender

Without the beauty of surrender,
One cannot see the Feet of the Absolute Supreme.

Follow, Follow, Every Day

Follow, follow, every day,
The promptings of
God’s Compassion-Eye
And His Forgiveness-Feet.

Do the Best You Can

Do the best you can cheerfully.
Accept the worst calmly.
Lo, you have touched God’s Feet triumphantly.

I Always Belong

I always belong
To My Lord’s Forgiveness-Feet.
This is my absolutely
Unmistakeable conviction.

Inside His Heart

Inside His Heart is Compassion.
Inside His Eye is Protection.
At His Feet is Forgiveness.

My Lord, You Do Not Have to Break

My Lord, You do not have to break
The chains of my sinful life.
Just show me how I can chain myself
To Your Compassion-Feet.

I Shall Follow Your Footsteps

I shall follow Your Footsteps,
My Lord, I shall,
With my heart’s morning cry
And my life’s evening smile.

I Cry for God's Compassion-Feet

I cry for God’s Compassion-Feet.
God cries for my perfection-life.

Look for God's Compassion-Feet

Look for God’s Compassion-Feet.
Pride will not be able to entrap you.

Your Heart's Silence-Life

Your heart’s silence life only
Can hear God’s Diamond-Footsteps.

His Life's Early Morning

His life’s early morning
Saw God’s Forgiveness-Feet.
His life’s late evening
Shall see God’s Compassion-Eye.

I Went Up to See God's Beautiful Feet (2)

I went up to see
God’s beautiful Feet.
God came down to give me
His bountiful Heart.

True, I Do Not Have the Capacity

True, I do not have the capacity
To touch God’s Compassion-Feet.
But I do have the capacity
To feel God’s Forgiveness-Heart.

Take Your Choice

Take your choice.
Either allow God
To sit inside your head,
Or go and sit
At God’s Forgiveness-Feet.

O, Flood My Sleep

O, flood my sleep
With Your Smile.
O, love my life
With Your Beauty’s Feet.

He Has Planted His Footsteps

He has planted His Footsteps
Inside my love-heart,
Inside my gratitude-life,
Inside my surrender-perfection.

You Can Have Perfect Peace

You can have perfect peace only when
You can halt your mind’s journey
At God’s Forgiveness-Feet.