Brother Jesus

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Simplicity we see.
Purity we feel.
Divinity we become.

  1. BJ. 1-22, These poems were written on 24 December 1974.


Brother Jesus,
Where are you?
Am I not on earth?"
No, you are not.

Brother Jesus,
Where are you?
Am I not in Heaven?"
No, you are not.
"Where do you think
Then, I am?"
I do not know.

"Brother C,
The beauty of
Your self-chosen ignorance-eye
I am deeply enjoying.
But mind you,
I am not going to treasure it.


Brother Jesus,
The world needs you.
"No, it does not."
Then whom does it need?
"It does not need anybody.
No, not even our Father.
It needs only one thing:
Eternity's ignorance-feast."


Brother Jesus,
Were you really born
On December 25th,
Two thousand years ago?
"I think so.
I am not sure."
How is it
That you are not sure
Of the date of your birth?
"Brother C,
Why should I pay any attention
To the world
That failed to care for me,
To the world
That failed to accept me,
To the world
That succeeded only in crucifying me?"


Brother Jesus,
How do you like the fact
That the world is appreciating you today
Unreservedly and unconditionally?
"Yes, brother C,
I should be satisfied
With the world's appreciation-meal at least.
But I am sure you know
That what I really want
Is action-salvation


Brother Jesus,
Do you have any special message
For us today,
On your
God-revealing day?
"Yes, a very short message:
Don't give up."


"Brother C,
Do you have any special message
For me today?"
Yes, I have.
Unlike yours, it is a big one:
Eternity's gratitude-seed,
Are glowing within me unreservedly,
Are growing within me unerringly.


Brother Jesus,
How is our Father?
"Brother C, believe it or not,
He Himself does not want
To know how He is."
Why not?
"I am sure that you have discovered
The true truth by this time:
This self-chosen ignorance
Is sometimes
A flood of nectar-bliss."


Brother Jesus,
How many churches
Have you already visited tonight?
"Brother C,
Since two thousand years ago
I left the earth-scene
I have completely forgotten
Will you condescend
To count on my behalf?"
Certainly I shall do it for you.
But are you going to understand
My earth-figures
When I take the trouble
Of counting the places
You have visited
Or are going to visit today?
"Brother C,
You will fail,
You are bound to fail.
But for our Father's sake
Keep it a top secret.
Only let me know, please."
Why only you, dearest brother?
"Because, because."


Brother Jesus,
Tell me, how is everything
In Heaven?
"Heaven is resting.
And I tell you,
It will not open its eye
Unless earth gives up
Its stupid


"Brother C,
Tell me, how is everything
On earth?"
Earth is crying.
Do you know why?
"No, I do not."
Earth is crying
All its protests
Against its transformation-life
Are ending in vain.
Brother, this is why
Earth is suffering
And, as you know,
Its suffering will never come to an end.
Before, only earth's heart
Was frightened
By brooding ignorance-night.
Now, earth's entire body-life
Is frightened to death
By illumining-consciousness-light.


Brother Jesus,
Why is your Heaven
So fond of singing the song
Of indifference-sky?
"Brother C,
Why is your earth
So fond of dancing the dance
Of stupidity-sea?"


Brother Jesus,
I am sharing with the world
Only my imagination-sound-talk with you.
Will you permit me
To share with the world
Our reality-silence-conversation?
"No, for our Father's sake, no!
Don't be a fool.
If you do that,
Father's perfect and complete manifestation
In and through your children
Will suffer Eternity's endless delay."


Brother Jesus,
I am glad that your love
Has not forgotten me.
I am glad that your concern still
Remembers me.

"Brother C,
I am glad that you love my company so dearly,
I am glad that you sincerely cared to know
How miserably I suffered
On earth."


Brother Jesus,
Look at the height
Of my children's unpardonable
They are adoring me
On your birthday.
"Brother C,
You know well when I
Can and will really be born:
That will be the day
When earth receives
Our Father's Light from you.
And I am truly proud
Of your children sweet and cute.
They know
Who we truly are:
Father's one endless ascending Cry
On earth;
Father's one endless descending Smile
In Heaven."


Brother Jesus,
My last question:
I shall be extremely grateful
To you
And I shall be extremely proud
Of you
If you tell me
When you are coming back
To earth.

"Brother C,
Your Himalayan question-arrow
You have hurled at the wrong person.
Only our Father can answer
Your stupid-proud
By the way, even yesterday
Father told me categorically
That He will never grant me
Even a short vacation
To enjoy on earth.
So you see, what can I do?
Poor me, brother C."
Poorer me, brother Jesus.


I really want us to exchange
Our juicy stories of earth and Heaven
Quite often.
"Do you think that I do not want that?
I want it far beyond the ken
Of your imagination-flight.
But what can I do?
I need not tell you anything more.
You know our old Father."
I know, I know
Our eternally wise Father.


Brother Jesus,
Will you do me a big favour?
"Certainly I shall."
Please tell our Father
That of late I have been
Thinking of Him constantly.
"Brother C,
I give you my word of honour,
The moment I go back
And sit at Father's Feet
I shall offer Him
Your message.
Don't you worry.
Brother C,
It is getting late.
I must not cause
Any unnecessary worry
For our poor old Father."
Brother Jesus,
I perfectly understand that.
Go, go back to our lucky Father.
Let me stay,
Commissioned if not compelled,
With our unlucky Mother.


Brother Jesus,
I am a Hindu.
I know nothing about
Your Judaism and Christianity.
Please tell me the difference
Between the two.
"Brother C,
Judaism knows how to strike;
Christianity knows how to envelop."


Brother Jesus,
What is the difference
The Old Testament
And the New Testament?

"Brother C,
The Old Testament saw;
The New Testament knew."


Brother Jesus,
Is it true
That you used only one weapon,
I mean, your compassion-weapon,
While you were on earth?
"Brother C,
It is true.
But I tell you,
If I had lived on earth
A few years more,
Father would definitely
Have asked me to use another weapon:
His divine Justice-Weapon."


Brother Jesus,
Tell me frankly,
Do you care for Moses?
"Yes, I do.
How can I not care for the creator
Of the Jewish people?
How can I deny the great lawgiver?"
Where is Moses now?
What is Moses doing nowadays?
"He is working very hard
To discover a few new laws
That will stand against
Earth's atom bomb
And hydrogen bomb."

The Son (Aphorisms)


Jesus came.
The world heard.
Jesus went.
The world saw.
Jesus smiles.
The world becomes.

  1. 23-39. The article by Sri Chinmoy was originally printed in The Bhagavad-Gita: The Song of the Transcendental Soul, published by Multimedia, Blauvelt, New York ($1.95). Reprinted with the kind permission of the Publisher.


Jesus wanted.
The world gave not.
The world wanted.
Jesus gave.
In addition, he became.


Jesus had the chance to tell the world the matchless virtue of Forgiveness.
Jesus did not have the chance to tell the world the unavoidable necessity of the Sword.


Jesus' human birth was The Question.
His Divine Death was not only an answer, but The Answer.


God was more than successful in sending down His Son to the earth.
Humanity suffered worse than Defeat in not receiving the Son.


Jesus had.
The world needed.
The world had.
Jesus accepted.


Jesus did.
He unveiled Himself.
The world did.
It veiled itself.


God smiled through Jesus' eyes.
Humanity cried through Jesus' eyes.


Jesus was Mary's earthly creation.
Mary was His spiritual creation.
She protected the plant.
The Tree sheltered her.
And she within herself shelters his Father's entire creation.


Sensuality cannot live in Purity. But Purity can live in sensuality. Mary's Purity touches not only the ceaseless flow of human impurity, but also its fount: ignorance.


Human impurity knows only how to cry out. Mary's divine Purity certainly listens to its cry. But her dynamic wand must wait for the Hour of God. Furthermore, the receptivity of every individual is of paramount importance.


Jesus' body showed the earth how to rise.
Jesus' soul showed the Heavens how to descend.


Earth's blunders are great.
God's Compassion is greater.
Jesus knew it.
He prayed for this blessing: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."


God is both Reason and Faith.
Protestantism wants to see God through His immaculate Reason.
Catholicism wants to see God through His implicit Faith.


Catholicism feels that Christ eternally Was.
Protestantism feels that Christ gradually Became.


Who is our peerless friend? One who consciously or unconsciously helps us to fulfil God's Will within and without.


Jesus knew it. 'Friend,' he addressed Judas. The significance of Judas' kiss Heaven knew, but the earth has yet to know.

Meditations on The Christ


The Christ told the Truth.
The Truth existed before.
The Christ became the Truth.
Hence the Truth lives and breathes on earth.


Jesus was great.
Greater was his mercy.
Greatest was his sacrifice.


The external Christ is the mystery.
The inner Christ is the history.


Human evolution greeted the descending Christ.
Divine glorification greeted the ascending Christ.


The human Christ represented the process of Life.
The Divine Christ represented the success of Truth.


In Baptism the Christ realised the Truth for the second time. In His crucifixion, the world realised Him for the first time.


Three fleeting years between His Baptism and His Crucifixion. But during this strikingly short period, His Father could and did say what He had intended to say through His Son's lips.


We know that Peter denied the Christ. We also know that the Christ wanted nobody else save Peter to be head of His church.
What do we learn from this? God is not bound by His cosmic Laws. But He is the ever-delightful listener and fulfiller of His Infinite Grace.


It is not under the branches, but at the foot of the tree that one gets full protection. Therefore human souls, wherever they may be scattered, return to their families to breathe in serenely the Universal Humanity and Peace on Christmas.

Excerpts from The Son

Act 1, Scene 1

(In Heaven.)

FATHER: My son, I have an excellent plan. I wish to share it with you. I want you to descend to earth and play the most significant role.

SON: Father, my Father, indeed that is a splendid idea.

FATHER: You know, to work for earth, to work for the transformation of the earth-consciousness, is an unimaginably difficult task.

SON: But Father, I do not want to miss this unique opportunity. Besides, I know pretty well that You, my Father, will inundate my earthly pilgrimage with capacity. Since I have no hesitation whatsoever, Father, I cannot brook any further procrastination.

FATHER (with a broad smile): Son, you will be on earth for thirty-three years!

SON: Only thirty-three years! How, then, am I going to fulfil my task?

FATHER: Son, you can and you shall. Son, on earth some people walk, while others march and still others run. In your case, you will not only run the fastest but also manifest the highest. Son, your body will remain on earth for thirty-three years. But your Consciousness shall guide the earth-consciousness forever and forever. Son, you will tell the world that you are the way and you are the Goal.

SON: Father, you have just thrown me into a sea of confusion.

FATHER: Why, my son? How, my son?

SON: Krishna, Buddha and others have preceded me, Father. And I am sure, after my departure, there will be others to succeed me. Such being the case, how can I tell the world that I alone am the way and the Goal?

FATHER: My son, when I said you, what I actually meant was aspiration. When I said you, what I actually meant was salvation. You embody aspiration, the way. You embody salvation, the Goal. It is you the aspiration and you the salvation who will serve Me, manifest Me and fulfil Me on earth. Son, is My philosophy clear to you now?

SON: More than clear. Needless to say, it is Your Compassion that has made it so clear to me.

FATHER: I am glad that you have understood Me. I am glad that you are going to reveal Me on earth. I am glad that you are going to manifest Me on earth. I am glad that you are going to fulfil Me on earth. Remember that you are My instrument. Nimitta matram bhava savyasachin.

SON: Father, what language are You speaking? It sounds quite strange, yet so charming.

FATHER: Ah son, don't you know this language? It is Sanskrit. And what I have just said was your brother Krishna's lofty utterance. He said to his dearest disciple, "O Arjuna, become my mere instrument." You will also tell your disciples and dear ones to become divine instruments. Son, I tell you something which will fascinate you or, at least, amuse you. During your stay on earth, you will go to that part of the world where scriptures in Sanskrit are being taught. You will learn much from them. You will be in that part of the world for a year. That year in your inner life will be most rewarding.

SON: How strange is Sanskrit! How sweet is Sanskrit! Father, will You kindly repeat what You have just said in Sanskrit?

FATHER: Nimitta matram bhava savyasachin.

SON: Thank You, Father. I know I am just a humble instrument of Yours. That's all.

FATHER: Son, you know the supreme secret, and that supreme secret is humility. It is your humility that will crown you with the transcendental triumph. Son, you understand Me and I understand you. But the world will misunderstand you. You will give to humanity what you have and what you are: Love, Concern and Compassion in infinite measure. Yet the world will misunderstand you badly. Some unlit, undivine and unthinkable human beings will kill you.

SON: They will kill me? Why? How?

FATHER: Why? Because they are ignorant. How? They will crucify you.

SON: Crucify me? Are you serious, Father?

FATHER: Son, I am. Unfortunately, I am. But son, you know perfectly well that it is only the body that is destroyed, not the soul. The soul is immortal. The soul-bird will naturally fly back to its divine Source when the cage is smashed.

SON: Father, they are such ungrateful people!

FATHER: Son, gratitude has not yet been born on earth, and I do not know if it will ever take birth on earth soil. But you must not think that I have forsaken you at the time of your crucifixion. The human in you will think so, but not the divine in you. Since you are taking human incarnation, you have to act like a human being at times. Otherwise, there will be no game. Otherwise, people will always see a yawning gulf between your life of purity and luminosity and their lives of impurity and obscurity. Noticing this, they will never attempt to transcend their earth-bound consciousness. Light must descend into darkness. Only then can Light transform and illumine darkness. There is no other way. To transform the consciousness of humanity you have to become one with humanity. You have to become part and parcel of humanity. You have to act at times on their own level, according to their limited understanding. My son, there is no other way.

At the end of your journey the human in you will say, "Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?" The divine in you will say, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!" I assure you, My son, the dying human in you will immediately be comforted by Me and will be taken care of by Me. The illumining divine in you will not only immortalise you, but will also hasten My full manifestation on earth.

Act 1, Scene 19

(Heaven. Krishna is playing on his divine flute.)

KRISHNA: Ah, Jesus is singing my favourite song on earth. How soulfully he is offering the wealth of my song to mankind. No, I must be totally frank. That song is not mine. I did not compose that song. It was our Father Supreme who composed that song. He taught me that song and I sang it on earth. He taught Jesus the same song and now he is singing it on earth so soulfully and so fruitfully.

Ah, today our Jesus is coming back home. How hard he has worked, especially his last three years on earth. He needs and deserves some rest here in Heaven. (Shouting aloud.) Rama, Buddha, where are you? Come here please. (Enter Rama and Buddha.) Our brother Jesus is coming back today. Father gave me the message this morning.

RAMA AND BUDDHA: Father always tells you everything first. You are His most favourite son.

KRISHNA: Not at all. We all are His most favourite sons. What can poor Father do? Rama, last night you had to put up a brave fight against Satan and the forces of ignorance. Therefore, in the morning you were dead-tired. Naturally you had to sleep far into the morning. Father did not want to disturb your sound sleep.

Buddha, you got up very early in the morning and started meditating. You went into your deepest trance. When Father saw you in your usual trance, He did not want to disturb you either. And what was I doing in the morning? I was playing on my flute and reminiscing about my Brindavan lila on earth with my divine Radha and my divine gopis, my totally devoted and completely surrendered devotees. Since I was neither sleeping nor meditating, Father came to me and gave me the message of Jesus' arrival today.

RAMA AND BUDDHA: Krishna, you are sweetness and concern to all your devotees. To us, your brothers, you are all cleverness and all wisdom. No wonder the world, especially India, has such love for you.

KRISHNA: Brother Rama, Brother Buddha, let us not waste time. Our brother Jesus will soon arrive. His crucifixion has shattered me totally.

BUDDHA: I was simply horrified when I heard about it from Father the other day.

RAMA: When Father told me about Jesus' crucifixion, I was simply mortified. He has done so much for earth and, in return, earth offers him crucifixion. Earth is not ready for us.

BUDDHA: It seems that earth will never be ready.

KRISHNA: For my sake, for Father's sake, let us be ready to receive Jesus. Let us make a most beautiful throne for him.

(They make a golden throne. Jesus ascends and appears. They greet him most enthusiastically and place him on the throne. Enter Father.)

FATHER (blessing and embracing Jesus): Jesus, my Jesus.


I saw your suffering face. I cried and cried. I felt your forgiving heart. I smiled and smiled. I clasped your illumining soul. I danced and danced.


Selected poems

Compassion, justice and truth

Christ applied yesterday
The quintessence of yesterday's
Lofty Gospel: Compassion.

He applies today
The quintessence of today's
Sublime Gospel: Justice.

He shall apply tomorrow
The quintessence of tomorrow's
Outstanding Gospel: Truth.

Urgent business

Mother Mary,
Please tell me, where is your son?
I have been searching and searching for him
In the ecstasy-sun of Heaven.
I have something most important
To discuss with him.

Are you here?
For the past ten years
My Jesus has been searching and searching for you
In the ignorance-sea and hell-fire of earth.
He has left me a note saying
He has a piece of urgent business
With you on earth."

You are someone

You are someone worth knowing
In you I see the knowledge of Socrates.

You are someone worth fighting
In you I see the will of Napoleon.

You are someone worth loving
In you I feel the heart of Christ.

You are someone worth pleasing
In you I become divinely complete.

The eternal Partner

St Teresa discovered
Her life's eternal Partner in Christ.

Mira discovered
Her soul's eternal Partner in Krishna.

You can discover
Your heart's eternal Partner
In God the Beloved Supreme.

St Teresa offered to Christ
What she had: Love-world.

Mira offered to Krishna
What she had: Devotion-world.

You can offer to the Supreme
What you have: Surrender-world.

I searched and searched

I searched and searched
For my soul.
At last I found my soul in
the Flute of Krishna.

I searched and searched
For my heart.
At last I found my heart in
the Cross of Christ.

I searched and searched
For my mind.
At last I found my mind in
the Meditation of Buddha.

I searched and searched
For my vital.
At last I found my vital in
the Life of Vivekananda.

I searched and searched
For my body.
At last I found my body on
the Lap of the Supreme.

The Masters are fond of him

He has a child's heart.
Ramakrishna is fond of him.

He is always dancing and roaming.
Chaitanya is fond of him.

He is always humble and meek.
Christ is fond of him.

He is always kind and benevolent.
Buddha is fond of him.

He is always loving and playing.
Krishna is fond of him.

He is always crying and smiling.
God is fond of him.

At the pinnacle

At the pinnacle
Of the Rama-enlightenment,
I became Sacrifice divine.

At the pinnacle
Of the Krishna-enlightenment,
I became Love divine.

At the pinnacle
Of the Buddha-enlightenment,
I became Compassion divine.

At the pinnacle
Of the Christ-enlightenment,
I became Concern divine.

At the pinnacle
Of the Ramakrishna-enlightenment,
I became Cry divine.

At the pinnacle
Of the Chinmoy-enlightenment,
I became Surrender divine.

What did you mean?

O Saviour-Christ,
Please tell me,
What did you mean
By your strongest affirmation:
'I and my Father are one'?
Tell me in what sense you and your
Father are one.

"O dear brother,
Of all people, how is it that
You, my wise brother,
Do not understand my simple message?
On earth I am my Father's Face,
In Heaven I am my Father's Eye.
In that sense we are one, inseparable.
This is what I meant when I said:
'I and my Father are one'"

I saw, I felt, I clasped

I saw the Face
Of the Suffering Christ.
I cried and cried.

I felt the Heart
Of the Forgiving Christ.
I smiled and smiled.

I clasped the Soul
Of the Illuming Christ.
I danced and danced.

When they near their end

When December-life
Nears its end,
Christmas comes.

When Doubt-fight
Nears its end,
Faith blossoms.

When Fear-night
Nears its end,
Courage roars.

When Ignorance-sea
Nears its end,
Perfection glows.

Where have they gone?

I see an empty church.
Where is the Christ?
Where has he gone?

I see an empty temple.
Where is Sri Krishna?
Where has he gone?

I see an empty heart.
Where is the God?
Where has He gone?

Editor's introduction to the first edition

True Masters of all ages have respected one another's teachings and admired one another's spiritual achievements. Each subsequent Master offers a new impetus to earth-awakening, earth-transformation and earth-perfection, being constantly conscious of his source of Light and Life: the Absolute Supreme. Far from being inner rivals, they are loving and devoted brothers. In this small volume Sri Chinmoy reveals his intimate inner connection with his brother the Christ through poems, aphorisms and dramatic dialogues.