Four Hundred Blue-Green-White-Red Soul-Birds, part 1

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Satya Satya Ke Jane Mitthya Mitthya Ke

Satya satya ke jane
Mithya mithya ke jante chaina

Truth Knows Truth

Truth knows truth.
Falsehood cares not to know

Amar Jiban Taru

Amar jiban taru
Prashphutibe achire

My Life-Tree

My life-tree
Will blossom soon.

Sanga Habe Sanga Habe

Sanga habe sanga habe
Jiban maran khela

Will End Life and Death Game

Will end life and death game.

Nahi Jani Nahi Jani

Nahi jani nahi jani
Keno ami esechhi dharai

I Know Not

I know not, I know not
Why I have come into the world.

Tomar Khama Amar Hiyar Naba Jagaran

Tomar khama amar hiyar
Naba jagaran

Your Forgiveness

Your Forgiveness —
My heart’s new awakening.

Urdhe Amar Jete Habe Pratikkhane Urdhe

Urdhe amar jete habe
Pratikkhane urdhe

High I Must Proceed

High I must proceed      

Michha Asha Shudhu Sathi Dibarati

Michha asha shudhu sathi dibarati

A False Hope

A false hope
Is my only friend
All day and night.

Priyatama Tomar Lagiya

Priyatama tomar lagiya
Rekhechhi khuliya hiya duar

Beloved, for You

Beloved, for You
I have kept
My heart open.

Dibanishi Kandi Ami

Dibanishi kandi ami
Nirabatar lagi

Day and Night I Cry

Day and night I cry
For silence.

Maran Sathe Habe Amar

Maran sathe habe amar
Shanti alapan

My Peace Talk

With death I shall have
My peace talk.

Eshana Khudha Thakle Hiyai

Eshana khudha thakle hiyai
Priyatame pabe go pabe

Longing Hunger

Longing hunger if your heart owns,
Your Beloved you will have.

Asha Pakhi Sathe Ami

Asha pakhi sathe ami
Hiyar nabhe uri

With the Hope-Bird

With the hope-bird
In my heart-sky
I fly.

Dibo Aji Saral Prane

Dibo aji saral prane
Tomai amar hiyar akulata

With My Sincerity-Heart

With my sincerity-heart
I shall offer You my eagerness.

Bhalobasi Ami Paran Bhariya

Bhalobasi ami paran bhariya
Taba kripa pada dhuli

With All My Heart I Love

With all my heart
I love the dust
Of Your Compassion-Feet.

Hriday Gabhire Kandibo Hasibo

Hriday gabhire kandibo hasibo
Kebal hriday gabhire

In the Depths of My Heart I Shall Cry Only

In the depths of my heart
I shall cry only,
In the depths of my heart.

Bhangte Habe Mukti Lagi Moher Bandhan

Bhangte habe mukti lagi
Moher bandhan

Break Asunder I Must

Break asunder I must
For liberation.

Bhakti Bina Mukti Nahi Pabe

Bhakti bina mukti nahi pabe

No Liberation for You

No liberation for you
Without devotion.

Amita Bhakati Bhitare

Amita bhakati bhitare
Amita shakati bahire

Infinite Devotion Within

Infinite devotion within,
Infinite power without.

Kandte Bhalo Lagena Kabhu

Kandte bhalo lagena kabhu
Haste shudhu bhalo lage

I Never Like to Cry

I never like to cry.
I only like to smile.

Manush Haye O

Manush haye o
Amanush se je
Sadhana jahar nai

No Inner Life He Has

No inner life he has,
Although a human being.
Therefore, he is an animal.

Urdhe Uthite Chahi Ami Shudhu

Urdhe uthite chahi ami shudhu
Nimne namite chahina

I Want Only to Ascend

I want only to ascend.
Descent I want not.

Nutaner Dake Puratane

Nutaner dake puratane chhere jabo

When the New Life Beckons

When the new life beckons
I shall leave the old
For the new.

Ebar Ami Hiya Pure

Ebar ami hiya pure
Hese hese neche neche jabo

Smiling and Dancing

Smiling and dancing
I shall enter into my heart-city
This time.

Jante Chahi Manash Amar

Jante chahi manas amar
Shikhte chahina

My Mind Wants to Know

My mind wants to know,
But does not want to learn.

Esechho Jakhan Paran Bariya

Esechho jakhan paran bhariya
Laho laho more prabhu

Since You Have Come, My Lord

Since You have come, my Lord,
Do accept me with all Your Heart.

Ashar Bihane Kemane Rahibo Benche

Ashar bihane kemane
Rahibo benche

How Can I Live Without Hope?

How can I live without hope?

Chahi Shudhu Ami

Chahi shudhu ami
Khudra amire nashite

My Little Self

My little self
I only want
To destroy.

Tomai Kebal Bhalobasi

Tomai kebal bhalobasi
Ei je amar parichoy

I Love You Only

I love You only.
This is my qualification.

Kandte Habe Kandte Habe

Kandte habe kandte habe
Agyanatar binash lagi

I Must Cry

I must cry, I must cry,
To end the life of ignorance.

Chinta Roge Pratikkhane

Chinta roge pratikkhane
Durbal abar man

Attacked by Thought-Disease

Attacked by thought-disease
At every moment,
My mind has become feeble.

Karatale Rupar

Karatale rupar
Kabhu karona nirbhar

Never Depend

Never depend
On applause.

Amar Basana Bijoy

Amar basana bijoy
Nahe kabhu bishwa pitar joy

My Desire-Victory

My desire-victory can never be
The Victory of the World-Father.

Anugata Sebak Haye Karbo Aji

Anugata sebak haye karbo aji
Prabhu hriday joy

Today I Shall Become a Devoted Server

Today I shall become
A devoted server
To conquer my Lord’s Heart.

Nahi Pari Karte Daman

Nahi pari karte daman
Amar chapal pran

My Restless Vital

I cannot control
My restless vital.

Khunji Dasha Dishi

Khunji dasha dishi
Maner praner andhar nishai
Amar birat amire

I Look Around

I look around in the dark night
Of my mind and vital
For my universal existence-life.

Ami Amar Khudha Shikha

Ami amar khudha shikha
Tumi tomar kripar rabi

I Am My Hunger-Flame

I am my hunger-flame.
You are Your Compassion-Sun.

Chander Hasi Andhar Nashi

Chander hasi andhar nashi
Pran gabhire dilo aji dekha

The Smile of the Moon

The smile of the moon has conquered
The darkness-night of my heart
And is now in full appearance.

Urte Chahi Pakhir Mato

Urte chahi pakhir mato
Haste chahi shashir mato
Bajte chahi banshir mato

Like a Bird

Like a bird I wish to fly.
Like a moon I wish to smile.
Like a flute I wish to play music.

Khulte Habe Hiyar Duar

Khulte habe hiyar duar
Sabar lagi khulte habe

To All I Must Open

To all I must open
My heart-door,
I must open.

Asha Ane Shanti Sudha

Asha ane shanti sudha
Amar lagi

For Me, Hope Brings

For me, hope brings
A sea of peace.

Biraher Giti Gahibar Lagi

Biraher giti gahibar lagi
Asi nai dharanite

The Separation-Song

I have not come into the world
To sing the separation-song.

Haste Chahi Nachte Chahi

Haste chahi nachte chahi
Birer mato maran rate

Like a Hero

Like a hero
I want to smile and dance
When death-night arrives.

Kanurai Dao More

Kanurai dao more taba pade thai

My Lord Krishna, Give Me Shelter

My Lord Krishna,
Give me shelter
At Your Haven-Feet.

Kandte Chahi Bhore Sanjhe

Kandte chahi bhore sanjhe
Kebal tomar lagi

I Want to Cry in the Morn

I want to cry
In the morn
And in the eve
Only for You.

Ek Nimeshe Bhangbo Ami

Ek nimeshe bhangbo ami
Badhar bandhan moher shashan

In a Twinkling

In a twinkling I shall break asunder
My bondage-obstruction
And attachment-dominion.

Swarga Duar Khulte Habe Martya Chabi

Swarga duar khulte habe
Martya chabi diye

Heaven's Door

Heaven’s Door I must open
With the earth-key.

Sara Jiban Chalte Habe

Sara jiban chalte habe
Ashar sathe

I Must Accompany Hope

I must accompany hope
All my life.

Khulibona Ar Basana Duar

Khulibona ar basana duar
Khulibona kabhu ar

I Shall No More Open

I shall no more open
My desire-door,
I shall no more open.

Kandbo Ami Pran Gabhire

Kandbo ami pran gabhire
Hasbo ami sabar duare

I Shall Cry

I shall cry in the depth of my heart.
I shall stand and smile at every door.

Sabar Hasi Dekhte Chahi

Sabar hasi dekhte chahi
Amar hasir age

Before I Smile

Before I smile,
I long to see everybody smile.

Kothai Amar Hiyar Ratan

Kothai amar hiyar ratan
Kothai bhagaban

Where Is My Heart's Wealth?

Where is my heart’s wealth?
Where is my Lord Supreme?

Dub Debe Mor Man

Dub debe mor man
Dub debe

My Mind Shall Dive

My mind shall dive deep within,
My mind shall dive.

Atal Tale Nahi Maran

Atal tale nahi maran
Atal tale

In Measureless Depth

In measureless depth
No death,
In measureless depth.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Satyam shivam sundaram
Asimer ananda fuara

Truth, Benevolence, Beauty

Truth, benevolence, beauty —
The fountain-delight of the Infinite.

Ananda Diye Jagabo

Ananda diye jagabo supta jibe

Offering Delight I Shall Awaken

Offering delight, I shall awaken
The sleeping souls.

Kato Dure Ogo Kato Dure

Kato dure ogo kato dure
Tomar bishwa rup

How Far, How Far?

How far, how far
Is Your Universal Form?

Sakaler Prane Jagichhe Ajike

Sakaler prane jagichhe ajike
Amar sadhaka pran

In All Hearts

In all hearts my seeker-heart
Is blossoming today.

Maraner Aji Haibe Maran

Maraner aji haibe maran
Jani aji taha jani

Death Will Die

Death will die, I know,
Today I know.

Ogo Prashanta Ogo Ananta

Ogo prashanta ogo ananta
Jago aji prane jago

O Depths Unmeasured

O depths unmeasured,
O Infinity unmeasurable,
Do open your vision-eyes
Within my heart today.

Satyamoyi Shanti Sudha

Satyamoyi shanti sudha
Dur karo mor sakal chaowa khudha

O Truth-Flooded Silence-Nectar-Delight

O truth-flooded silence-nectar-delight,
Cast aside my all-desire-hunger.

Kothai Maran Kothai Maran

Kothai maran kothai maran
Nitya naba dibya jiban

Where Is Death?

Where is death, where is death?
Every day a new life.

Shanti Dekha Pete Habe Mor

Shanti dekha pete habe mor
E bishal dharanite

In this Vast World

In this vast world I must meet
With the Peace Goddess.

Shantir Dekha Nahi Pabe Kabhu

Shantir dekha nahi pabe kabhu
Atmagyaner age

Peace Cannot Be Found

Peace cannot be found
Before self-knowledge is won.

Kripa Name Akarane Kripa Sada Name

Kripa name akarane
Kripa sada name

Compassion Descends

Compassion descends
Always unconditionally,
Compassion descends.

Alor Pakhi Balte Habe

Alor pakhi balte habe
Kon sudure thako

O Bird of Light, You Must Tell Me

O bird of light, you must tell me
Where, where, where,
In which remotest land
You live.

Naba Rupe Asi Phire

Naba rupe asi phire
Naba prabhu kripa ghare

With New Forms

With new forms,
With God’s new Compassion
We come back to earth-homes.

Egiye Chalo Egiye Chalo

Egiye chalo egiye chalo
Asimatar jatri

On You Proceed

On you proceed, on you proceed,
O pilgrim-souls of Eternity.

Alor Pathe Ratri Rabe

Alor pathe ratri rabe
Dure bahu dure

Night Remains Far Away

Night remains far away,
Far away from the light-flooded road.

E Bishal Dhara Pabe Ki Go Kabhu

E bishal dhara pabe ki go kabhu
Shantir darashan

This Vast World

This vast world, will it ever see

Swarge Hate Dibanishi Kripa Name Akaran

Swarge hate dibanishi
Kripa name akaran

Unconditionally Compassion Descends

Unconditionally Compassion descends
Day and night from Heaven.

Alor Pakhi Keno Thako

Alor pakhi keno thako
Ankhi dhaki

O Bird of Light

O bird of light,
Why do you keep your eyes closed?

Maran Nahe Anya Deshe

Maran nahe anya deshe
Gopan bicharan

No Death

No death —
Only roaming in silence
In a different clime.

Naba Rupe Naba Dehe

Naba rupe naba dehe
Dharanite ami asi phire

With a New Form

With a new form,
With a new body,
Into the world I come.

Egiye Chalo Egiye Chalo Jatri

Egiye chalo egiye chalo jatri
Usha rathe nai je kothai ratri

On You Proceed, On You Proceed

On you proceed, on you proceed,
O pilgrim soul,
In the chariot of dawn.
Darkness nowhere.

Shikhte Habe Shikhte Habe

Shikhte habe shikhte habe
Bishwa pitar dhyan aradhan

I Must Learn

I must learn,
I must learn how to meditate
On the World-Father.

Jege Utho Jege Utho Prerana Durbar

Jege utho jege utho
Prerana durbar

Arise, Awake, O Inspiration

Arise, awake,
O inspiration powerful,

Nil Pakhi Atma Amar

Nil pakhi atma amar
Kothai thako balo ekbar

O Blue Bird

O blue bird, my soul,
Do tell me once,
Where do you live?

Ganer Sure Bhulte Chahi

Ganer sure bhulte chahi
Byethita mor pran

I Long to Forget

I long to forget
My heart of sorrow
With melodious songs.

Chahi Ami Jibaner Rupantar

Chahi ami chahi ami
Jibaner rupantar

I Want

I want, I want
My life’s transformation.

Shubha Dine Shubha Khane

Shubha dine shubha khane
Maraner habe je maran

At an Auspicious Moment

At an auspicious moment,
In an auspicious day,
I know death will die.

Chinta Karuk Dibya Rajye

Chinta karuk dibya rajye
Nitya bicharan

Let My Thoughts Travel

Let my thoughts travel
Every day
In the Kingdom divine.

Habo Ami Atmabhola

Habo ami atmabhola
Param Shiber mato

Like the Supreme Lord Shiva

Like the Supreme Lord Shiva,
I shall remain
In the self-forgetfulness-trance.

E Jiban Srot Bahe Chale

E jiban srot bahe chale

This Life-River Flows

This life-river flows
With ecstasy supreme.

Hariye Phelechi Aspriha Durlabh

Hariye phelechhi
Aspriha durlabh

I Have Lost My Aspiration

I have lost
My aspiration invaluable.

Bara Manohar Pratiti Jiber Puta Antar

Bara manohar pratiti jiber
Puta antar

Supremely Beautiful

Supremely beautiful,
Everybody’s sacred heart.

Amar Katha Keno Sabai Shunbe

Amar katha keno sabai shunbe

Why Should Everybody Listen to Me?

Why should everybody
Listen to me?

Samayer Sathe Mitali Karite Habe

Samayer sathe
Mitali karite habe

I Must Make Friends

I must make friends
With time.

Hiya Amar Prabhur Swapan

Hiya amar prabhur swapan
Jiban amar prabhur srijan

My Heart Is My Lord's Dream

My heart is my Lord’s dream.
My life is my Lord’s creation.

Ankhir Kanna Thame

Ankhir kanna thame
Jani hiyar kanna thamena

The Cries of the Eyes Cease

The cries of the eyes
The cries of the heart
Never cease.

Dite Habe Tomai Amar

Dite habe tomai amar
Bhalo manda dite habe

I Must Give You

I must give You
All my good
And my bad.

Janite Chahina Bujhite Chahina Chahi Shudhu

Janite chahina bujhite chahina
Chahi shudhu ami tomare dharite

I Do Not Want to Know

I do not want to know.
I do not want to understand.
I just want to hold You.

Urte Chahi

Urte chahi urte chahi
Kandte kabhu chahina

I Want to Fly

I want to fly,
I want to fly.
I never want to cry.

Swapan Thake Muktakashe

Swapan thake muktakashe
Bastabata moher guhai

Dream Abides

Dream abides in the freedom-sky;
Reality in attachment-cave.

Bhulte Chahi Mor Amire

Bhulte chahi mor amire
Tomar hasi lagi

To See Your Smile

To see Your Smile
I must forget
My little “i”.

Nitya Ami Dekhte Chahi

Nitya ami dekhte chahi
Amar hiyai kritagyatar rabi

I Want to See Every Day

I want to see every day
A gratitude-sun in my heart.

Timir Mane Phankir Sane

Timir mane phankir sane
Thakte ami chahina

In a Dark Mind

In a dark mind,
With deception,
I want not to live.

Basana Amare Parena Karite Joy

Basana amare
Parena karite joy

Desire Cannot Still Me

Desire cannot still me.

Dukher Rate Sukher Dine

Dukher rate sukher dine
Kandbo tomar kripar lagi

In Joyful Days and Doleful Nights

In joyful days and doleful nights
I shall cry for Your Grace.

Tomar Khama Sudha Bina

Tomar khama sudha bina
Banchbo keman kare

Without Your Forgiveness-Nectar

Without Your Forgiveness-Nectar
How can I live?

Supti Nire Mukti Pakhi

Supti nire mukti pakhi
Nahi raje

In a Sleeping Nest

In a sleeping nest
Cannot live
The bird of liberation.