Blue waves of the ocean-source

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President Jimmy Carter

Carter, Carter, you are your vision’s start.
You are your beauty’s mind and duty’s heart.
Your power-light has smashed the ignorance-dart.
In you, the country’s promise-soul,
With you, its great perfection-goal.
Your surprise-gift: your oneness-role.
Your golden boat is sailing at lightning-speed;
The smiles and tears of the world your heart shall feed.
In you, at last fulfilled your nation’s need.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, Champion Ali,
Greater than the greatest, really!
Sleepless you cry for Allah’s Grace,
Deathless you fight for the Muslim race.
Muhammad Ali, Champion Ali!
Your moon-pure heart and justice-light
Shall smash the frown of ignorance-night.
Ali, you are Eternity’s pride.
Your victory’s smile is the pole-star guide.

Dag Hammarskjold

Dag Hammarskjold, purity-gold,
Divinity’s reality bold.
Your peerless vision, cosmic run
Ceaselessly cried for perfection-sun.
In you, the U.N. glory’s height
Of silence-light and delight.

Trygve Lie

Lie, Trygve Lie!
O U.N.-Boat’s first Pilot high,
Dauntless you fought for your ideal-sky.
Lie, Trygve Lie!
O Oslo, Norway’s peace mission-son,
The world salutes your spirit’s run.

Lakhan Mehrotra, Consul General

Lakhan Mehrotra, Consul General,
A heart of soulful light,
A soul of fruitful height,
A life of self-giving signal.
India’s satisfaction-pride,
America’s oneness-choice,
The world’s sure welcome-voice,
Eternity’s perfection-ride.

Compassion-Ocean: Mother Lillian

Compassion-Ocean, Mother Lillian,
To you I bow, a seeker Indian.
Your wonder Peace Corps-service-light
Consoled, nurtured Bharata’s tearful night.
Your cheerful, ready and constant selfless role
Desires to stop the world’s unending dole.
Mother, greatness your name, goodness your heart.
Your vision pilots our journey’s oneness-start.
[Dedicated to Lillian Carter, mother of President Jimmy Carter]

Dear Sir

Dear Sir, you were our Master’s mentor pure.
You helped him, saved him and taught him sure.
In you, he sees a climbing solar height;
With you, his heart treasures his oneness-light.
Yours is the life of bounty, lofty and free;
You are the soulful seed and fruitful tree.
[Dedicated to Lakhan Mehrotra]

Kennedy and the World

Kennedy’s hope was the world.
Its hope was Kennedy.
Kennedy’s life was the world.
Its promise was Kennedy.
Together they breathe through Eternity.

One Two Three Bullets Free

Bullets free.
A sky-kissing Tree,
A fathomless Sea.

Robert Muller

Muller, Muller, our brother-friend!
In you we see a cosmic trend
Of gnostic height and vastness-light
And the U.N. Soul of oneness-might.

Mayor Edward Koch

A simple life, a oneness-heart,
A soaring soul, a glowing goal:
O Pilot brave, your selfless role
Is now silencing the dart
That tortured the New York City.
You are its perfection-cry.
Millions shall treasure your vision high,
Its wonder-progress-beauty.
[Dedicated to Edward ‘Ed’ Koch, who served three terms
as mayor of New York City from 1978–1989. Sri Chinmoy
composed this tribute on 15 August 1978 and the song
was performed during his meeting with the mayor at City
Hall on 16 August 1978.]

Ambassador Xenon Rossides

Ambassador Rossides,
O heart of sympathy-seas,
Your oneness-soul in closeness-role
Has freed our peace-cry from sleepless dole.
To you the U.N. Meditation Group
A soulful, tearful gratitude-troop.

Doctor Janis Klavins

Doctor Klavins, Doctor Klavins, Doctor!
A life of wisdom-flooded mentor.
Your medicine-lore, your music-core
Are singing, dancing near the shore.

Ambassador Jorge Illueca

Ambassador Illueca!
Professor, editor Illueca!
Barrister, mentor Illueca!
Congressman, chairman, President prominent,
Server, Brother Illueca!
A great illumination-mind
In you we find, in you we find.
A good perfection-heart
Has smashed darkness-dart.
A supreme oneness-life
Beyond ignorance-knife,
A God-satisfaction-soul.
Within your ken, your Goal.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor!
U.S. mother pure,
The world’s sister sure.
O heart of compassion-lore,
O soul of protection-shore!
Champion fighter for human rights,
Illumination of poverty-nights.

Emily Dickinson

Emily, Emily, Emily,
A tall, self-giving tree,
Sleepless, two songs you sang;
In the skies your triumph rang.
A human, mortal death;
A deathless, Supreme Breath.

Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant, Immanuel Kant!
Your vision-priori ignorance-hunt.

Albert Einstein

Einstein, your Theory of Relativity,
The supreme boon to humanity.

Muhammad Ali

Greater than the greatest,
Swifter than the swiftest,
Ali, Ali, Champion!
Owner of a new vision.
Supreme boxer’s jabbing thunders
Sport with art-beauty’s wonders.

Nelson Rockefeller

Nelson Rockefeller!
A true Emperor.
Indeed, a robust health;
Indeed, a giant wealth.
Prosperity-days, adversity-nights:
In you they loved their constant fights.
A power-heart, a concern-life
Stood against poverty-knife.
New York body, New York soul
Treasure your oneness-role.

Albert Einstein, Scientist-Sage!

Albert Einstein, scientist-sage!
The wonder supreme of a vision-blaze.
A power-tower in a tiny frame.
Energy and mass enjoy their game
Of oneness-fulness, perfection-height.
Einstein, all-where your sleepless light.
In your greatest revolution-role
The world’s fastest evolution-goal.

Leonard Bernstein

Leonard Bernstein, Leonard!
Eternity’s singing bird!
Beauty-truth, truth-beauty,
Nectar-oneness your divinity —
Perfection-cry, perfection-soul,
Perfection-smile, perfecton-Goal.
Composer-prince, conductor-king,
World-server-emperor in the cosmos ring.

Bill Rodgers

Bill Rodgers, Bill Rodgers, Bill!
O runner world’s Himalayan thrill.
Bill Rodgers, Bill Rodgers, Bill!
O king of the road,
O hero of the race,
Sun-joy treasures
Your heart, your face.

Bharater Rabi

Bharater rabi jagater kabi
Banger hiya chand
Sundar tumi bhitare bahire
Sundar tumi srishti gabhire
Bishwa sabhai tomar asan
Prema onkar nad
[Dedicated to Rabindranath Tagore]

Brother Elliot, Ambassador Richardson!

Brother Elliot, Ambassador Richardson!
Yours is the heart of beauty’s golden dawn.
No compromise with falsehood dire;
Yours is the life charged with Truth’s Glory-fire.
Simplicity-child, compassion-soul, justice-king:
Perfection-melody’s bells in your vision-mission ring.

Don Ritchie

Don Ritchie, fastest ultra soul-delight!
Your silence-heart, your volcano-vision-eyes,
Your lightning-speed, your soundless-skies
Pierce the veil of stark ignorance-night.
Speed is your life, endurance your excellence-height.
Champion runner, champion teacher, champion leader-force!
In you the runner’s world finds its perfection-source.
Victory within and victory without, your progress-light.

Governor Rafael Hernandez Colon

Brother Rafael, a lion-heart,
A giant soul.
To free his Puerto Rico from bondage-chains,
His is the role.
A vastness-mind, a oneness-life,
A promise-sun;
Within, without, his is the heart of

The New York Road Runners Club

I am a member of the New York Road
Runners Club; indeed!
Promise, courage, newness, closeness,
Oneness-perfection I feed.
Quality my progress-choice,
Quantity my success-voice.
Himalayan pride, Atlantic light
With me every day run.
President Lebow, the world’s temple-body
Salutes your wisdom-sun.

Pir Vilayat Khan

He saumitra he premik vir
Pir Vilayat Pir
Animesh hiya muchhaite chaha
Dharar ashru nir
Bhitare bahire abhinava hasi
Rupantarer Krishner banshi
Dyulok garima bhulok mahima
Sanatan gati sthir

Pope John Paul II

Father John Paul, Salvation-King!
Your galaxy of glories we sing.
Soulful delight, your inner game.
Fruitful courage, your outer name.
Sleepless you awaken the sleeping lives,
In you our Lord’s God-Vision thrives.
O Himalayan Pole, O pole-star bright,
You tell the world: “No bondage-night.”

Lord Louis Mountbatten

O high and deep Mountbatten, Mount!
Heaven’s Courage, earth’s compassion-fount.
O good Viceroy of Indian nation vast,
Your justice-wisdom-light ever shall last.
British hero, British pride and delight.
Success-progress loved your journey’s victory-fight.


Father, we love your eyes
Of glowing light.
Father, we love your heart
Of Compassion-Height.
Your soul champions love-cry
For peace on earth.
You bless our weakling hearts
With confidence-birth.
In you is quenched the breathless
Thirst of world-hours.
In you the U.N.’s high
Perfection-tree flowers.

[Dedicated to Pope Paul VI]

Ron Clarke

Ron Clarke, Ron Clarke, Ron Clarke, Ron Clarke!
O runner-world’s pinnacle-spark,
Australia’s pure treasure-light,
The world salutes your champion-height.
In distance-speed a stupendous soul.
With seventeen crowns, yours is the goal.

U Thant

U Thant, U Thant,
We love your silence-soul,
We loved your compassion-heart.
Your world-harmony role
Challenged ignorance-dart.
U.N. Pilot supreme,
You treasured perfection-dream.

O Kurt Waldheim

O Kurt Waldheim, O U.N.’s lighting-speed!
Your mind-heart’s concern-flames constantly feed
This world of fearful cry and tearful sigh,
To see a peaceful earth and blessingful sky.
Your life of duty-tree and beauty-flower
Awakens the sleeping world and its oneness-power.

O Pablo Casals

O Pablo Casals, O Pablo,
Your wonder cello-flames
Eternally shall love and hallow
Our diving and climbing human frames.
Charmingly short in earth’s body-height,
Supremely long in Heaven’s soul-length,
O child of tomorrow’s dawn, no night
You saw in your beauty’s world of strength.

Pranam Pradhan Mantri Desai

Pranam pradhan mantri Desai
Bharata basir paraner bhai
Satya pujari shanti adhar
Bharata tarir he karnadhar
Pranam pradhan mantri Desai
Bharata basir paraner bhai
Chaliche bharat druta ati druta
Purna haibe manoratha puta
Shuna taba joy chira nirbhoi
Tyagi bhaskar anandamoy

O Great Pilot Mayor Beame

O great Pilot Mayor Beame,
You own your New York’s progress-dream.
Yours is the inner victory-height;
In you the bliss of oneness-light.

Ambassador Andrew Young

O bright Ambassador Andrew,
Divinely bold, supremely true!
O heart of soulful choice,
O mind of forceful voice!
Your frankness-oneness and clarion call
Shall reach far and near, big and small.

O Martin Luther King

O Martin Luther King,
Soul-love of oneness-ring!
Your heart-cry: God the Dream.
Your soul-smile: Beauty Supreme.
Your selfless life’s pure door
Transformed the weak and the poor.
One man, one face, one race
From our Lord’s Fulness-Grace.
Earth, Heaven together dance,
King, King, in your victory-trance.


Pele, Pele, O Prince of soccer game,
You live in the vanguard of eternal fame.
You are your thunder-kicks and wonder-scores;
With you, for you, your Cosmos-vision soars.

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell, Norman Rockwell, Norman Rockwell!
Your good America’s simplicity-life,
Your kind America’s happiness-heart
Forever in your fondness-memory shall dwell.
O illustrator supreme,
O Reality’s revealed dream,
America’s height, America’s depth,
America’s breadth, America’s length
Salute your splendid Americana-oneness-strength.

President Valery Giscard d'Estaing

President-Sun, President-Sky, President Valery!
O champion soldat of Tomorrow’s Noon,
A vision-friend of Kennedy.
O wisdom-tower, O oneness-power,
France-duty, Paris-beauty, world-wonder —
In you they touch their Goal.


Bach, Bach, Bach, Bach!
O heart-piercing, soul-stirring melody,
You quenched the unquenched thirst of Eternity.


Beethoven, Beethoven, Beethoven!
God’s own Music-flowers
In your heart’s Eden.

Thakurer Pran

Thakurer pran thakurer dhan
Thakurer jaya gan
Vivekananda trilokananda
Shoirjyer tuphan
Jagale Bharate jagale manabe
Phutale bishwa rup
Vir sannyasi dharar hiyai
Atmahutir dhup
[Dedicated to Swami Vivekananda]

Scientist Einstein

Scientist Einstein, Scientist Einstein, Scientist!
Your vision-boon our age-old hunger-feast.
O brave thinker-mind,
O hallowed seeker-heart,
You are the pioneer
Of a great progress-start.
O good God-lover,
O true truth-server,
O pure earth-awakener,
O sure Heaven-bringer!