Captain, my Captain

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Eagerness is the purity of my life's tears.
Eagerness is the beauty of my heart's smiles.
Eagerness is my closeness to God the creation.
Eagerness is my oneness with God the Creator.

My eagerness is my glorious privilege
To see one step ahead, unlike others.
My eagerness does not expect surprises,
For my Captain has fully convinced me
That He not only knows the Way
But also has already planned everything for me.

From my Captain my eagerness has learned
To see every second as the birth of a new day,
And in it the complete life of a new year
To please Him in His own Way.

My Captain says to me,
“My child, because of your life’s eagerness
I am giving you My Eternity’s Life.
My child, because of your heart’s eagerness
I am giving you My Infinity’s Heart.
My child, you are your
And I am My

CC 1. 14 July 1987.

I am prepared2

My name is preparation, preparation-purity.
My Captain, what is Your Name?
“My Name is Compassion, Compassion-Beauty.”

My Captain, my body is prepared.
“Then ask your body to wake up and look around
And soulfully appreciate the beauty
Of My fruitful creation.”

My Captain, my vital is prepared.
“Then ask your vital
To go to discipline-school to study
And receive most glorious achievement-degrees.”

My Captain, my mind is prepared.
“Then ask your mind to stop living
In the fruitless thought-world,
For I want your mind to swim
In the sea of peace.”

My Captain, my heart is prepared.
“Then ask your heart to sing every day
A new oneness-song
That will please My Transcendental Vision’s
Universal Life.”

My Captain, my soul is prepared.
“Then ask your soul to come to Me immediately
And occupy its secret and sacred seat
In My Golden Boat
Which is about to start
Its birthless and deathless voyage.”

My Captain, finally, I am prepared.
“Then at this very moment I declare
You and I are Eternity’s

CC 2. 15 July 1987.

If you have me first3

My Captain, I want success.
“Then, My child, open your hands.”
My Captain, I want progress.
“Then, My child, open your heart.”
My Captain, I want perfection.
“Then, My child, open your life.”

Captain, my Captain, how is it that
I am unable to open my hands?
“I cannot tell you why,
But I am extremely happy
That you are unable to open your hands.”
Captain, my Captain, how is it that
I am unable to open my heart?
“I cannot tell you why,
But I am extremely happy
That you are unable to open your heart.”
Captain, my Captain, how is it that
I am unable to open my life?
“I cannot tell you why,
But I am extremely happy
That you are unable to open your life.”

My Captain, why are You so cruel to me?
Do You not want my success?
Do You not want my progress?
Do You not want my perfection?

“My child, I do want your success,
I do want your progress
And I do want your perfection.
But you are such a fool
That you want your success,
Progress and perfection
Without wanting Me first.
Your success, progress and perfection
Will never be able to give you real satisfaction
Unless you have Me first in your life.

“Your surrender-oneness-mind,
Your surrender-oneness-heart,
Your surrender-oneness-life to Me
Can alone give you ceaseless joy, breathless joy
And limitless joy.
If you have Me first as your constant
Then only will your success
Be My Eternity’s Seed,
Your progress, My Infinity’s Flower
And your perfection, My Immortality’s Fruit.”

My Captain, at Your Forgiveness-Feet I sit.
To Your Compassion-Eye I bow.

CC 3. 16 July 1987.

The secret to make you happy4

My Captain, do tell me the secret
To make You happy.
My Captain, there was a time
When I was in the desire-world.
Therefore, You were so sad.
But now I am in the aspiration-world.
Why are You so sad now?
It seems that I will never be able
To make You happy.

“My child, while you were in the desire-world,
You were a ferocious and all-devouring tiger.
Therefore, it was impossible for Me
To be pleased with you and remain happy.
Although you now live in the aspiration-world,
Your aspiration-life is as weak as a tiny ant.
How can I be proud of you?
How can I be happy?”

My Captain,
My desire-life created sadness for You.
My aspiration-life is creating sadness for You.
I do hope someday I shall realise You,
And my realisation-life
Will make You truly happy.

“My child, it entirely depends
On what kind of realisation you want.
If you long for a realisation-drop
And not a realisation-ocean,
Then you will undoubtedly
Make me once more unhappy.
Right now your realisation-hour is a far cry.
But since you are in your aspiration-life,
Aspire and aspire for the highest height.
Your achievement of your highest height
Will eventually blossom
Into an inseparable oneness-realisation
With My Universal Life.

“Forget your desire-life.
Neglect not your aspiration-life.
Inject your aspiration-life
With your heart’s promise-light
So that at My choice Hour I can bless you
For your realisation
Most powerfully, most proudly and most happily
With My Immortality's Satisfaction-Delight."

CC 4. 17 July 1987.

How many times a day?5

Captain, please tell me how many times a day
You think of me.
“Once, My child.”
Alas, only once? You are so unkind to me!

Captain, how many times a day
Do You bless my heart
With Your Love?
“Once a month.”
Alas, alas, only once a month!
Captain, You are so unkind to me!

Captain, please tell me how many times a day
You speak well of me to others.
“Once in three months.”
Once in three months! Alas, alas, alas!
Captain, Your dislike of me is unimaginable!

Captain, why do You think of me
Only once a day?
“My child, what can I do?
When I think of you,
I see that you are thinking of the whole world
And not of Me.”

Captain, why do You bless my heart
With Your Love
Only once a month?
“My child, your heart is full of insincerity,
Plus, you keep your heart’s door
Closed so often.
Do you not realise
That you give Me a shocking experience
With your frequently closed heart?”

Captain, why do You speak well of me to others
Only once in three months?
“My child, if I use My Justice-Light,
Then I will not be able to speak well of you
Even once a year.
It is because to you I am
My Heart’s Compassion-Height
That I speak well of you once in three months.”

But, Captain, I think of You every day
More than once.
I offer my heart’s love to You every day
More than once.
I speak well of You
More than once a day.
“True, you think of Me every day
With no sincerity at all.
Be sincere in your thought!
True, you offer your love to Me
More than once a day,
But your love has no soulful, devoted oneness.
Be soulful in your love!
True, you speak well of Me
More than once a day,
But I clearly see
That there is no inner conviction
In what you say to others about Me.
In a very clever way
You like to draw admiration from others
By speaking well of Me.
Be certain in your pronouncement!”

Captain, that means I will never be able
To please You.
“Not true, My child. You can and you will.”
Captain, when?
“From the day you start feeling
That your life is the beauty of surrender
And your heart is the purity of gratitude.”

CC 5. 18 July 1987.

When you take one step towards me6

Although I have an insincere mind,
I frequently think of You, my Captain.
Although I have an impure heart,
I fearfully love You, my Captain.
Although I have a complicated life,
I hesitantly need You, my Captain.
Please tell me what You actually think
Of my insincere mind, impure heart
And complicated life.

“My child, when you use your insincere mind,
Impure heart and complicated life,
It is like taking one step towards Me.
While you are taking one step towards Me,
I go one step farther away.
But if you ever use your sincere mind,
Pure heart and simple life,
Then I tell you,
When you take one step towards Me,
I take ninety-nine steps forward to meet you
And give to your mind
A beautiful Sincerity-Smile,
To your heart,
A powerful Purity-Embrace
And to your life,
A fruitful Simplicity-Oneness.”

CC 6. 5 August 1987.

You are my only friend7

Captain, my Captain,
You are my Friend, my only Friend.
Therefore, I depend on You for everything.
I depend on You
For the fulfilment of my human desire-life.
I depend on You
For the fulfilment of my divine aspiration-heart.
Captain, my Captain,
Am I Your friend?

“My sweet child,
You definitely are.”

Captain, my Captain,
If so, do You ever depend on me
For anything?

“My sweet child,
I depend on you only for one thing.
I sleeplessly depend on
Your heart's breathless oneness-love.”

CC 7. 8 August 1987.

Do I have to give up everything?8

Captain, my Captain,
Do I have to give up everything
In order to claim You
As my own, very own?

“My sweet child,
First claim Me as your own, very own.
To your wide surprise
You will discover
That besides Me you have nothing of your own
To give up,
For your very existence-life
Is My blessingful Possession.
You will also discover
That I am your Eternity’s Dream-Boat,
Plus, you are My Immortality’s reality-passenger.
Our destination is the Blue-Gold Shore
Of My Infinity’s Nectar-Delight.”

CC 8. 8 August 1987.

How far am I from realisation?9

My Lord Captain,
How far am I from realisation?

“First ask Me, My child,
How far you are from aspiration.”

My Lord Captain,
How far am I from aspiration?

“First ask Me, My child,
How far you are from purity.”

My Lord Captain,
How far am I from purity?

“First ask Me, My child,
How far you are from sincerity.”

My Lord Captain,
How far am I from sincerity?

“First ask Me, My child,
How far you are from simplicity.”

My Lord Captain,
How far am I from simplicity?

“My child, the distance between
You and your simplicity
Is exactly the same distance
As between what you want
And what you need.”

My Lord Captain,
I know I want many, many things.
But I do not know what I actually need.

“My child, you need only one thing:
You need Me and nothing else
And nobody else.
You also have to know what actually happens
When you want something
And you need something.
When you want something,
You want to be the possessor.
When you need something,
You want to be possessed.
The day you want to be possessed by Me,
Only by Me,
Your realisation of Me,
Your complete oneness with Me,
Will be within your easy reach.
So, My child, let Me be your possessor.
You be My conscious and surrendered possession.
Lo and behold,
You have become your realisation-supreme."

CC 9. 9 August 1987.

Then you will please me10

My Compassion-flooded Captain,
My spotty heart displeases You,
My naughty mind displeases You,
My haughty vital displeases You,
My nought-y life displeases You.
Do I have anything that pleases You?

“Yes, My sincerity-bathed child,
Your soul’s sleeplessly eager willingness
Pleases Me.
Try to be an awakened heart
And a liberated life.
Then you will please Me
Far beyond your imagination."

CC 10. 10 August 1987.

Be brave within! be brave without!11

Captain, my Captain,
My dear, sweet and compassionate Captain,
Fifty-six years ago, out of Your infinite Bounty,
You sent this soul into the world
To unconditionally love You, serve You
And please You in Your own Way.
You alone know how far I have succeeded.

Captain, my heart’s Captain, my life’s Captain,
Today, on this most auspicious occasion
In my life,
I am begging You to grant me
A very special Boon.
Do grant me the capacity
To please everybody on earth.

“My stupid child,
I have created this world.
Since I do not have the capacity
To please each and every human being on earth,
How can I grant you this Boon?
To please each and every human being
Is an impossible task.
I try to please each human being as far as I can.
Then I leave it up to their fate.

“Again, there are human beings
Who are pleasing Me even far beyond
Their own imagination.
For them is My Vision-Eye,
For them is My Compassion-Heart,
For them is My Satisfaction-Divinity.
From today on I am asking you
To please only those who think and feel
That to please Me in you
Is their only duty, earthly and Heavenly.
Do not waste even one moment
Of your precious time on earth
On those whom you have to please,
Whose feet you have to touch at every moment
To catch a glimpse of satisfaction-smile
In their eyes.

“Be brave within!
Be brave without!
This pilgrimage is only for the brave,
Only for the few
Who are supremely chosen instruments of Mine.
Unfortunately, there are many
Who want from you and from Me
Nothing but attention.
But what they need from you and Me
Is the hunger for aspiration
And the thirst for perfection.

“My child, My Eternity’s child,
Your boat is sailing fast, very fast.
Many, many, many more will join your boat
On the way.
And again, on the way,
All those who become tired
Will jump out of the boat on their own.
You have no time to look into ignorance-sea
To watch who is drowning.
Your boat will never come empty.
It will come at its full capacity
And reach the Golden Shore,
My Immortality's Heart-Abode."

CC 11. 27 August 1987.


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