Come, my non-English friends! Let us together climb up the English Himalayas, part 1

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Chide: Scold

Chide: scold.
I chide my mind
When it steals
My heart’s happiness.


Concomitant: that which accompanies.
Failure is always a concomitant of doubt.

Condone: Forgive

Condone: forgive.
The nature of a purity-heart
Is to condone an unruly mind.

Disgruntle: Discontent

Disgruntle: discontent.
Remain always cheerful.
Do not be disgruntled
In your climbing Heavenward journey.

Disparage: Belittle

Disparage: belittle.
Do not disparage anybody,
For it does not become you.

Effrontery: Shameless Boldness

Effrontery: shameless boldness.
Because you have the effrontery
To disobey your Master,
I take you as a useless human being.

Exonerate: to Acquit

Exonerate: to acquit.
To tell the truth is to exonerate one’s self
From the impure falsehood-crime.

Extricate: Free

Extricate: free.
If you really want to be a genuine God-lover,
Then you must extricate
From the imaginary temptation-life.

Fealty: Faithfulness

Fealty: faithfulness.
No fealty, no progress in the inner life.

Gainsay: Deny

Gainsay: deny.
O my mind, O my mind,
Why do you gainsay the fact
That you have stolen
My heart’s child-like joy?

Hedonism: Excessive Pleasure-Life

Hedonism: excessive pleasure-life.
Hedonism means world-life pleasure-enjoyment.
Asceticism means self-torture-life-enforcement.

Insipid: Tasteless

Insipid: tasteless.
O my mind, I am sick of your
Constant, insipid doubt-talk.

Magnate: Man of Prominence

Magnate: man of prominence.
No doubt you are a magnate.
But because you do not believe in God,
I have nothing to do with you.

Perforce: of Necessity

Perforce: of necessity.
I must perforce be happy, be happy, be happy
To become a nicer world citizen.

Presage: Foretell

Presage: foretell.
I cannot presage
The perfection of anything.

Proximity: Nearness

Proximity: nearness.
A doubtful mind vehemently avoids
The proximity of a faithful heart.

Sub Rosa: in Strict Confidence

Sub Rosa: in strict confidence.
I tell you sub rosa
God will make you another God.

Subjugate: Conquer

Subjugate: conquer.
The fear of death
We must subjugate.

Sunder: Separate

Sunder: separate.
Do you know what the mind knows?
It knows how to blunder.
It knows how to plunder.
It knows how to sunder.
It knows how to thunder.

Ultimatum: Last Demand

Ultimatum: last demand.
O my doubting mind
My last ultimatum:
Either surrender to my faith-life
Or I will leave you for good.

Unfeigned: Genuine

Unfeigned: genuine.
Your love of God and surrender to God
Must be unfeigned at every moment.