Come, my non-English friends! Let us together climb up the English Himalayas, part 2

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Absolution: Forgiveness

Absolution: forgiveness.

Amity: Friendship

Amity: friendship.

Colossal: Huge

Colossal: huge,

Fortitude: Strength

Fortitude: strength.

Immaculate: Spotless

Immaculate: spotless,

Indolent: Lazy

Indolent: lazy.

Ineffable: Unspeakable

Ineffable: unspeakable,

Infallible: Unerring

Infallible: unerring.

Mendacity: Falsehood

Mendacity: falsehood.

Mendicant: Beggar

Mendicant: beggar.

Obdurate: Stubborn

Obdurate: stubborn,

Opulent: Rich

Opulent: rich,

Foment: Arouse

Foment: arouse.

Covert: Secret

Covert: secret.

Crass: Unrefined

Crass: unrefined.


One who disagrees.

Flout: Defy

Flout: defy

Moribund: Dying

Moribund: dying.

Oracular: Prophetic

Oracular: prophetic.

Skittish: Nervous

Skittish: nervous.

Benediction: Blessing

Benediction: blessing.

Pristine: Original

Pristine: original,

Retrograde: Going Backward

Retrograde: going backward.

Terminus: Boundary

Terminus: boundary.

Valedictory: Farewell

Valedictory: farewell, farewell.
My soul’s valedictory message-smile to Heaven
Was too short.
My heart’s valedictory message-cry to earth
Will be too long.

Veracity: Truth

Veracity: truth.

Vilify: Slander

Vilify: slander.
A oneness-heart will never vilify
Others’ name and fame

Volition: Choice

Volition: choice.
My present self-surrender-light
Is of my own volition.

Vying: Contending

Vying: contending.
I am not vying with any God-seeker
For God’s extra Compassion-Light.

Wane: Fade

Wane, wane: fade, fade.
Have a purity-breath.
If not, your aspiration-heart
Will wane.

Wary: Cautious

Wary, wary: cautious, cautious.
Be wary.
Your doubting mind can blight
Your loving faith.

Welkin: Sky

Welkin: sky.
Live in your heart-welkin to be ever happy.

Welter: Wallow

Welter: wallow.
How long will you welter in ignorance-mire?

Whit: Smallest Fragment

Whit, whit: smallest fragment.
You do not have a whit of love;
How can God cherish you?

Winsome: Agreeable

Winsome, winsome:
Agreeable, agreeable.
Because you are winsome,
The world within
And the world without
Are all for you.

Wizen: Wither

Wizen, wizen: wither, wither.
Doubt-heat wizens devotion-plants.

Wont: Regular Habit

Wont, wont: regular habit.
As is my wont,
I sing God-Songs
Every morning and every evening.

Wreak: Inflict

Wreak: inflict.
I am a purity-heart.
Wreak not your wild anger on me.

Xenophile: Fondness for the Foreign Life

Xenophile, xenophile:
Fondness for the foreign life.
I love all climes as my very own.
I am more than a xenophile.

Zenith: Highest Point

Zenith, zenith: highest point.
When my heart-sun is at its zenith,
My Lord tells me I am another God.

Zephyr: Gentle Breeze

Zephyr, zephyr: gentle breeze, gentle breeze.
Zephyrs are blowing.
My heart is all inspiration.
My boat is reaching the Golden Shore.