My complete God-surrender-song

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Purity Is Matchless

Purity is matchless in every way.
It lives in God’s Sun-Heart-Day.

The More My Life Enjoys the Outer Sleep

The more my life enjoys the outer sleep,
Helpless, hopeless, in my inner life I weep.

What Is My Name, My Real Name?

What is my name, my real name?
My Lord’s Heaven-ascending flame.

The Outer Mind

The outer mind has made my life fearful.
The inner heart has made my breath cheerful.

I Pray to See God's Face

I pray and pray and pray to see God’s Face,
To free my life from sad failure-disgrace.

God's Compassion Creates Happiness

God’s Compassion creates
My gratitude creates

Seeker, If You Sleep

Seeker, if you sleep through aspiration-alarm,
Your eyes will be empty of your great soul-beauty’s charm.

Ah, When My Heart Lives on God-Hunger

Ah, when my heart lives on God-hunger-cry,
God smiles in my self-transcendence-sky.

My Final Farewell to My Deception-Mind

My final farewell to my deception-mind.
No more the poison-breath of ignorance blind!

Within, Without, My Wild Doubt-Drum

Within, without, my wild doubt-drum no more!
I have arrived at my God-faith-blossom-shore.

When I Am in My Searching Mind

When I am in my searching mind,
My Lord Supreme is available.
When I am in my crying heart,
My Lord Supreme is attainable.

O My Heart's Sweet Fountain-Willingness

O my heart’s sweet fountain-willingness,
You are my Lord’s fondest nearness.

My Morning Prayer

My morning prayer, if I not miss,
My heart becomes God’s Pride, God’s Bliss.

My Life's Pure Service-Length

My life’s pure service-length
Is my God-oneness-strength.

Be Brave, My Heart

Be brave, my heart, be brave!
Your God — not in the cave.
Your God is in the mart.
Therefore, world-acceptance start.

A Restive Mind Divided

A restive mind divided,
By God will never be guided.

Keep Not Mankind Behind

O God-seeker, keep not mankind behind.
God’s Height, God’s Depth, God’s All
Your heart will find.

Inside My Mind-Cage

No more my heart shall live
Inside my mind-cage.
My heart shall breathe and smile
Inside my soul-sage.

Sleepless, I Long to Weep for You

Sleepless, I long to weep for You,
My Lord, I long to weep.
Only You I need.
Do end my shameless ignorance-sleep.

O Lord, Do Make My Heart Receptive

O Lord, do make my heart receptive
In Your own Way.
O Lord, bless me, help me to end
My fruitless mind-play.

God's Perfection-Glory

Nothing can magnify God’s Perfection-Glory.
None can nullify God’s Compassion-Story.

The Bitterness of My Mind

The bitterness of my mind
I must erase.
The oneness of my heart
Chase I must, chase.

My Mind Is a Ruthless Heart-Attacker

My mind is a ruthless heart-attacker.
My soul is a sleepless heart-poise-backer.

O God's Thunder-Justice

O God's Thunder-Justice, my only hope
To stop me climbing temptation-rope.

Ah, Who Am I?

Ah, who am I?
A poor oneness-performer.
Ah, who is God?
An indulgent Observer.


I want my life to live
On God-hunger-cry.
I want my breath to fly
In God-Fragrance-Sky.

Mine Is the Soul

Mine is the soul that loves to be
An ignorance-lighter.
Mine is the heart that loves to be
An ignorance-fighter.

Meditation, My Meditation

Meditation, meditation, my meditation,
You are my soul-life’s happiest vacation.

My Lord's Deepest Love-Pride

My surrender is my Lord’s deepest Love-Pride.
My gratitude is my Lord’s fastest Joy-Ride.

No Longer Stupid and Blind

Now that I am no longer stupid and blind,
My Lord, take me, my forest-density-mind.

My Only Home

God’s Compassion-Eye is my only Home.
My mind’s wild life no more shall roam.

When It Is a Matter of God

When it is a matter of God,
I am consciously forgetful.
When it is a matter of man,
I am helplessly frightful.

The Mind That Tries and Tries

The mind that tries and tries
God smilingly needs.
The heart that cries and cries
God lovingly feeds.

Alas, for My Poor Heart

Alas, for my poor heart
There is no golden tomorrow.
Alas, for God’s poor Heart
There is nothing but helpless sorrow.

I Have Resolved Never to Complain

I have resolved never to complain;
Therefore, no more my bondage-chain.

My Complete God-Surrender-Song

My complete God-surrender-song I have sung;
My ego-funeral-bell is already rung.

With God, No God-Lover Disputes

With God, no God-lover disputes;
With God, they play their oneness-flutes.

My Lord's Heart And Eye Weep And Weep

My Lord's Heart and Eye weep and weep and weep,
O, when my life enjoys ignorance-sleep.

My Lord, Bless Me

My Lord, bless me to think of You, to think,
So that my earth-life does not fall and sink.

My Sweet Lord's Tears

Since, to the end, my sweet Lord’s Tears
Care for me, care,
Ignorance-blows I shall bravely
Ignore and dare.

I Was a Willing Slave

I was a willing slave to ignorance-night,
And now I am a messenger of Heaven’s Delight.

I Am a Volley of Man-Complaints

I am a volley of man-complaints, I am.
Yet my heart-door my Lord does not slam.

Heavenly Instructions

Heaven gives my heart-breath
Heavenly instructions.
Earth gives my mind-life
Earthly distractions.

I Shall Be There

I shall be there where God’s Compassion is found.
Mine is the life-train my Lord’s Forgiveness-bound.

My Heart of Love God Remembers

My heart of love God remembers
And not my doubting mind.
My face of smile God remembers
And not my torturing blind.

My Instant Peace

My instant peace is God’s Silence-Delight.
My instant bliss is my heart-cry-flight.

My Discipline-Life

My discipline-life is not self-torture.
My discipline-life is my God-rapture.

A Truth-Seeker

A truth-seeker is a God-thinker.
A God-thinker is a bliss-drinker.

I Shall Not Permit Myself

I shall not permit myself to be abandoned by hope.
Hope is my only stength, my only God-climbing rope.

A Sleepless, Breathless Faith-Follower

A sleepless, breathless faith-follower
Can never be pleasure-wallower.

No More Self-Confidence-Crisis

No more self-confidence-crisis!
I am now a God-dependence-oasis.

My Faith-Success-Story

My faith-success-story
I enjoy sleeplessly.
My surrender-progress-song
I love breathlessly.

Expect Not! You Will Win the God-Race

Expect not! You will win the God-Race.
You and your eyes shall see God face-to-face.

Humility, My Receptivity's Multiplicity

Humility, humility, humility!
My receptivity’s multiplicity.

My Lord Is Proud of My Heart's Delight

My Lord is proud of my heart’s delight
And not of my mind’s highest flight.

A Mind of Failure

A mind of failure, a heart of success
No more can shackle me.
My Lord’s Compassion-Eye has made
My life utterly free.

My Mind Betrays My Lord

My mind betrays my Lord time and again,
Yet He desires my freedom from bondage-chain.

The Path of Doubt

The path of doubt leads me
To blind nothingness;
The path of faith
To constant God-oneness.

A Sweet Peace-Song

God is making my life a sweet peace-song.
My gratitude-heart shall strike His Victory-Gong.

Oh, I Want Not My Mind's Foolish Fantasy

Oh, I want not my mind’s foolish fantasy!
I long only for my heart-ecstasy.

My Dream-Awakened Life

My dream-awakened life,
You I breathlessly love.
You are my heart’s only
Sweet fondness-oneness-dove.

Be Heart-Wise

Be heart-wise and not mind-clever;
Obedience-road never fails, never.

Oh, Keep Your Mind Mountain High

Oh, keep your mind mountain high, holy;
Your life will be punctured by no folly.

My Heart-Room

My heart-room is all made of hope;
No sad failure therein can grope.

Oh, How Can My Life Ever Thrive?

Oh, how can my life ever thrive
If my heart was not born to strive?

O, Try and Try and Try

O, try and try and try, O, try!
Your mind will be a freedom-sky.

O Doubting Mind

O doubting mind, I tell you once and for all:
Fast approaching your inevitable downfall!

My God-Dreaming Heart

My God-dreaming heart is the voice of my soul.
My God-pleasing soul leads my life to my Goal.

The Courage of My Heart's God-Conviction

The courage of my heart’s God-conviction
Shall bless my life with God-perfection.

To Shatter Ignorance-Grip, Cancel

To shatter ignorance-grip
Cancel your pleasure-trip!

My Heart's Aspiration-Train

My heart's aspiration-train,
Fear no more obstruction-chain.

Satisfaction Is Neither Here Nor There

Satisfaction is neither here nor there;
Madly we are hurrying towards nowhere.

Oh, Nothing Can Be Marred by Man

Oh, nothing can be marred by man;
Perfection-delight is all God’s Plan.

No One Can Change the World

No one can change the world — no one!
All are needed for transformation-crown.

God Is Speaking to My Heart Directly

God is speaking to my heart directly;
My gratitude-heart is blossoming devotedly.

Smash Not God's Heart

Smash not God's Heart any day
By devouring ignorance-clay.

My Soul and My Master

My soul and my Master are one, I know.
They enjoy deep pride in my wisdom-glow.

Quickly Empty

Quickly empty your ignorance-mind-night.
God is arriving with His Ecstasy’s Height.

My Mind Was Eternity's Darkest Night

My mind was Eternity’s darkest night;
My mind now Infinity’s brightest Light.

Victory to God's Compassion-Flood

Victory to God’s Compassion-Flood, victory!
Today begins my life’s God-Smile-story.

My Success-Life

My success-life brings me
Nothing but pride.
My progress-life gives me
A longer God-ride.

I Love My Lord Only

I love my Lord only,
This is not my mere pronouncement.
Indeed, this is my life’s

You Had a Mental Fight

You had a mental fight with God the Light.
You had a vital fight with God the Power.
You had a psychic fight with God the Delight.
You had a physical fight with God the Compassion.

Death Has a Message for You

Death has a message for you:
“Do not try. Just cry.”
Life has a message for you:
“Do not give up. Continue.”
God has a message for you:
“Smile, smile, always smile.”

Duly and Daily

Duly and daily my heart loves God.
Duly and daily my life needs God.
Duly and daily my soul reveals God.
Duly and daily my surrender becomes God.

Who Is Heaven's Mother?

Who is Heaven’s mother?
Who is Heaven’s father?
Who is earth’s mother?
Who is earth’s father?

Not Once, But Thrice

Not once but thrice I danced with death:
When I fell in love with self-doubt;
When I touched the tail of jealousy-snake;
When I swam in the anxiety-river.

O Dreaming Heaven

O dreaming Heaven,
How I admire your Dream-Boat,
I admire.
O bleeding earth,
I love your reality-shore,
I love.

Human Life Is Endless Limitation

Human life is endless limitation.
Divine life is endless illumination.
Earth life is endless caution.
Heaven life is endless Compassion.

Truth, My Truth

Truth, my truth,
You are still unemployed.
Heaven, my Heaven,
You are still ignored.
God, my God,
You are still unsought.

I Play Not Alone

I play not alone.
When I play, the sun and the moon join me.
I sing not alone.
When I sing, light and delight join me.
I dance not alone.
When I dance, the sky and the sea join me.

The Utmost Force

Sacrifice: the utmost force of earth.
Smile: the utmost force of Heaven.
Sorrow: the utmost force of humanity.
Assurance: the utmost force of Divinity.

The Traveller in Me

The traveller in me
Dreams of God’s limitless Beauty.
The seeker in me
Dreams of God’s fathomless Light.
The lover in me
Dreams of God’s Victory-Garland
Adorning His universal Necessity.

Sincerity Is an Inspiring Beauty

Sincerity is an inspiring beauty.
Humility is an illumining beauty.
Purity is a feeding beauty.
Generosity is a bleeding beauty.
Divinity is an immortalising beauty.

O Body, I Am Tired

O body, I am tired of your constant lingering.
O vital, I am tired of your constant boasting.
O mind, I am tired of your constant whispering.
O heart, I am tired of your constant delaying.
O soul, I am tired of your constant dreaming.

Lord, I Enjoy Your Juggling Eyes

Lord, I enjoy Your juggling Eyes.
Lord, I love Your climbing Eyes.
Lord, I adore Your glowing Eyes.
Lord, I worship Your forgiving Eyes.
Lord, I need Your life-transforming Eyes.

Each Prayer

Each prayer heralds
A new day of hope.
Each meditation heralds
A new day of promise.
Each realisation heralds
A new life of the Supreme.

I Thought About God

I thought about God only to satisfy me.
I spoke about God only to glorify me.
I wrote about God only to justify me.

Something That Can Never Be Old

There is something that can never be old,
And that is my heart’s inner cry.

My Lord's Name Is Forgiveness

My Lord’s Name is Forgiveness.
My name is hope.

A Purity-Heart Is Never Empty

A purity-heart
Is never empty.

To Choose the Real

To choose the Real
Is to fulfil the ideal
Of humanity.

A Yogi's Mind

A Yogi’s mind is the waveless sea
And his heart is the cloudless sky.

Time Is Motion

Time is motion.
Life is action.
Love is perfection.

A Desiring Man

A desiring man
His own future failure.

The Mind of Reason Fails

The mind of reason fails.
The heart of faith sails.

When We Are Sincere

When we are sincere, we love to live.
When we are pure, we live to love.

Soul Is Preparation

Soul is preparation.
Life is determination.
Time is perfection.

Doubt Binds Us

Doubt binds us.
Faith finds us.
Grace liberates us.

Oneness-Heart-Children (2)

Have their homes everywhere.

Life's Indifference-Book

May my heart never study
Life’s indifference-book.

When I Think, I Sink

When I think, I sink.
When I choose, I lose.
When I cry, I fly.

When Love Fails

When love fails,
Compassion speaks
And succeeds.

I Look Beautiful

I look beautiful
When I play with my silence-mind.

I Am Challenging My Ingratitude-Mind

I am challenging
My ingratitude-mind.

No More Shall I Ignore

No more shall I ignore
My heart’s peace-hunger.

Each and Every Friend of Mine

Each and every friend of mine
Rightly deserves
My heart’s gratitude-tears.

I Am So Happy That I Have a New Name

I am so happy that I have a new name:


Is not in doing
Or becoming,
But in being.

Man's Human Glory

Man’s human glory begins
When his animal story ends.

The Fastest Speed

Silence not only has,
But is, the fastest speed.

Somebody Has to Listen

Somebody has to listen.
Why not let me try
To be that fortunate one?



The Mind Must Desire

The mind must desire only
What the heart requires.

Silence Is Beyond

Silence is beyond
Both the knower and the known.

My Life Swims Every Day

My life swims every day
In the sweet sea of hope.

My Unconditional Surrender

My unconditional surrender
Is the topmost branch
Of my life-beauty’s tree.

Each Desire

Each desire is
A bottomless nothingness-abyss.

Goodbye, Ego, Goodbye

Goodbye, ego, goodbye!
Hello, surrender, hello!

Nothing Can Be More Powerful

Nothing can be more powerful
Than eagerness.

Nothing Can Be More Fruitful

Nothing can be more fruitful
Than surrender.

Nothing Can Be More Beautiful

Nothing can be more beautiful
Than forgiveness.

Pleasure Perishes

Pleasure perishes.
Joy lasts.
Delight forever lasts.

Gratitude and Surrender-Flights

Gratitude and surrender-flights
Know no turbulence in the sunlit sky.

Prayer Is a Hope-Pilgrim

Prayer is a hope-pilgrim.
Meditation is a promise-traveller.

At Long Last I Was Able to Say Goodbye

At long last I was able to say goodbye
To my confusion-professor-mind.

Anger Blasts

Anger blasts.
Poise outlasts.

My Mind Is a Thunder-Drummer-Boy

My mind is a thunder-drummer-boy.
My heart is an aspiration-perfection-flutist.

The Outer World

The outer world demands.
The inner world commands.
I am totally lost in between.

Immediately Start Unlearning

Immediately start unlearning
Your old division-mind stories.

Immediately Start Learning

Immediately start learning
Your new oneness-heart-songs.

Only a Purity-Heart

Only a purity-heart
Is permitted to pray
In the soul’s silence-temple.