Chandelier, Part 2

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Shall lovingly, selflessly guide.
Head-clime, hand-clime, foot-clime
Beyond the earth-bound time —
My soul sees them all here.
Therefore, this shop, supremely dear.


Cosmic Sound-Delight,
Cosmic Sound-Delight!
Purifier-transformer of ignorance-night.
No smallness, no darkness;

Dipti Nivas Supti Binash

Dipti Nivas
Supti binahs
Mukti nritya
Parama tripta


In man’s ecstasy-eyes
God’s God-Smile flies.

Man's Health, God's Wealth

Man’s Health, God’s Wealth.
Body the fort, soul the sport.

Para Prakriti

Para Prakriti, Mother Nature transcendent,
Your bounty beyond measure, permanent.
Body’s strength, soul’s light, this enterprise.
Purity’s length, duty’s light — a perfect surprise.

Service-Seeds and Service-Trees

Service-Seeds and Service-Trees,
My climbing heart’s supreme needs.
Before me, U.N. vision:


Marathon, marathon, marathon,
Eternity’s dawn!
O kindling, streaming flames
Of great Olympic Games,
O Greece-world vision-height,
Humanity’s transcendence-race,
Divinity’s supreme Grace.

One Hundred Indian Stories

One hundred Indian stories,
American heart in Indian glories.
Bande Mataram, Mother, I bow to Thee.
Independence-Light are one eternally.

Musician of the Year: Devadip

Musician of the Year: Devadip!
He feeds his fans from his heart-ship.
He shuns the dryness of the desert-mind.
Soul-sweetness, life-closeness in him we find.

New York Senators, Assemblymen

New York Senators, Assemblymen!
We treasure your oneness-heart,
We salute your sunlit ken.
You love your state soulfully,
You serve your people selflessly.
In you we have found the fount
Of inspiration-light, affection-delight.

Cycle Marathon Relay

Cycle marathon relay:
Hurry up, no delay!
Cycle marathon relay:
Oneness-height’s progress-play.


Cycling, cycling, cycling!
Evolving, evolving, evolving!
The march of time and the soul of Goal
Are proud of our giant role.

I Bicycle at Speed High

I bicycle at speed high.
Not with wings but with legs I fly.
The journey’s dawn and the journey’s end
Treasure me as their oneness-friend.

I Bicycle with My Heavenly Friend

I bicycle with my heavenly friend: speed!
Earthly cries before me die,
Heavenly smiles within me fly.
Supreme God-Joy our only need.

Chinmoy Lane

Chinmoy Lane, Chinmoy Lane,
Bliss within, peace without,
Perfection all about.
A vision-promise role
To win the sun-smile Goal.

Aspiration-Sky, Gratitude-Sea

Aspiration, aspiration-sky,
For you my heart, my body cry.
Gratitude, gratitude-sea,
In you alone I am free.

Aspiration Leads Me

Aspiration leads me to my Father dear.
Gratitude gives me His boundless sphere.
Aspiration is purity-light.
Gratitude is beauty-delight.

Aspiration-Heart, Gratitude-Soul

Aspiration-heart, dedication-life:
These are my divine possessions.
Gratitude-soul, perfection-goal:
These are my supreme realisations.

I Am Walking

I am walking, I am walking, I am walking
Seven hundred miles,
Loving, serving.
Sri Chinmoy, I love your
Silence-blossoming soul.
New York, I love your
Sound-offering goal.

Walking, Concentrating, Meditating

I am
Slowly walking,
Consciously concentrating,
Soulfully meditating.
New York soul
In me, through me,
Dreaming triumphantly.

New York, the Empire State

New York, the Empire State!
Supreme Lord’s Victory-Gate.
‘Excelsior’ forward ever,
No sad failure, never!
O world-capital sure,
Almighty Lord’s Vision pure.

Doctor, Doctor

Doctor, doctor, O save my life!
Hurry up, use your proudest knife.
Doctor, doctor, O cure my health,
My tiny world’s most precious wealth.
Doctor, doctor, for me no death.
Help me discover my endless breath.

One Hundred Miles

One hundred miles in a fleeting week!
Who says I am hopelessly weak?
Imagine, although I fail to imagine!
No wonder why so much commotion and din.
A bullock-body is drawn by a lion-soul.
No doubt mine are the slowest feet,
But they are perfectly clean, perfectly neat.
I shall ever reach my transcending Goal!

I Am Running Around the Clock

I am running, I am running around the clock.
My Lord Supreme has aroused my sleeping lock.
Twenty-four hours I have been running,
Challenging my capacity-world and transcending
My power-friend sun, my beauty-friend moon,
My friends planets, stars and sky.
Here on earth, there in Heaven
My soul-bird and I fly.

Anna Purna

Anna Purna parama tarani
Dharar pushti prabhur tushti
Jyotir vijaya kripar abhaya
Nami madhumayi asima janani

Dipti Nivas

Dipti nivas dipti nivas
Bidhatar jaya sudha ullas
Atmatyager bahni udas
Bishwa prabhur prema bishwas

New Year's Message for 1980

For the soulfully sincere seekers
Of the Absolute Supreme,
The year nineteen hundred and eighty
Is the year of amazing Harmony,
Astounding Peace and abiding Oneness.

New Year's Message for 1981

In 1981 the Supreme Lord will utilise
The soul-beauty, the heart-purity and
The life-sincerity of His seeker-children
For the manifestation of
His perfect Perfection.

Madal Bal

Madal Bal Madal Bal Madal Bal
Bhakti jal shakti jal mukti jal
Shunirmal shunirmal
Jharna parimal jharna parimal

Birthday Is the Vision-Day of Days

Birthday is the vision-day of days
To spread the soul’s truth-promise-rays.
Earth-life enjoys Heaven the song.
Great gods, good souls in oneness throng.

Father's Day

Father’s Day, Father’s Day!
Begins my conscious cosmic play.
I shall not fail Your Compassion-Love.
I shall become Your fondest dove.

I Am a New York Member

I am a New York member.
Mine is the soulful Centre.
Aspiration-plant am I.
For me God’s Bounty-Sky.
Gratitude-leaf am I.
My self-giving never shall die.
Pioneer Centre-soul,
All-where blossoms its Goal!

Mother's Day Song (1)

Mother’s love is untiring.
Mother’s compassion is unconditional.
Mother’s forgiveness is perpetual.
Mother’s oneness is unhorizoned.

Mother's Day Song (2)

Mother’s love is untiring.
Mother’s compassion is unconditional.
Mother’s forgiveness is perpetual.
Mother’s oneness is unhorizoned.


Devadip, Devadip, Devadip,
O vision-eye of supreme chief!
Here on earth, there in Heaven,
One translucent song
Binds God and man
In birthless, deathless gong.

Devadip Urmila

Devadip Urmila
Japaner antar kariya bijoy
Supremer pada tale
Halo garab akkhoi


Olivier, Olivier!
O wonder-flower and splendour-bower
Of ecstasy’s music-tower!
Beauty’s cry, serenity high,
Clarity’s poise, immensity’s choice,
You own, you own, you own, you own.
Music-waves of perfection-flow,
Music-waters of satisfaction-glow,
O Ustad-maestro, in you have grown.
[Dedicated to the French composer and pianist Haridas Olivier Greif]


Haridas Haridas Haridas Haridas
Bhakatir pragatir kallal ullash
Sangit pandit projjwal sambit
Paramer bijoyer uchhas chidakash


Congratulation, congratulation!
Brother, sister,
We hoist your supreme glory’s banner high.
In you, for you, our blue-gold satisfaction-sky.


Parting, parting — indeed, no farewell.
Our closeness, sweetness-hearts in oneness dwell.
No time, no clime, no moon, no sun we know,
Shall dare challenge our deathless fondness-flow.

I Am Running a Marathon

I am running a marathon.
Self-pity, self-doubt, all gone.
The golden Goal is beckoning me.
I am now ecstasy-flood-sea.

New Year's Message for 1979

The New Year is the year of man
And earth’s self-giving choice,
And also is the victory-year
Of God’s Soundless Voice.

Guardian Angels

O Angels Thirteen, O Guardian Angels!
I like your silver trip, I love your Golden Shore.
O Angels Thirteen, O Guardian Angels!
Yours is the heart of oneness deep;
For you our gratitude-core.
You play with death to save the breath of life.
You smash the pride of dark ignorance-knife.
A galaxy of stars is guiding your dream.
In you our Lord’s Satisfaction supreme.
[Dedicated to The Guardian Angels of New York City]

O Senators, O Congressmen

O Senators, O Congressmen,
O great and good giant souls!
To hold our country’s Himalayan heights,
Yours are the supreme self-giving roles.
O Senators, O Congressmen,
O great and good giant souls!
You have our searching hearts’ satisfaction-choice.
You are our striving lives’ perfection-voice.

Planetary Citizens

Planetary Citizens!
I and my hungry world desire
Your heart of climbing cry,
Your life of service-sky,
Your blue-gold soul of sacrifice-fire.
Your earth-uniting promise-light,
Your one-world-vision day
Shall stop man’s bondage-play —
No more sombre destruction-night!
Earth’s tears and Heaven’s smiles I see,
And see man’s perfection-face
In your one-world-embrace,
O God and man’s ecstasy-tree!

Red Cross

Red Cross, Red Cross!
To save the human soul
From sorrow-failure-loss,
Yours is the self-giving role.
Heaven-glories in you fly.

San Francisco Centre

San Francisco Centre,
True ignorance-hunter.
San Francisco Centre,
Pure oneness-hunger.
San Francisco Centre,
Sure promise-fulfiller.

Santa Barbara Centre

Santa Barbara Centre, Santa Barbara!
You are God’s God-Fountain, fuara.
In your hallowed heart the soundless sound
Now in Supreme Perfection found.


O Satisfaction-Cry,
Let us try, let us try.
O Satisfaction-Cry,
Blessed by God’s Compassion-sky.
O Satisfaction-Cry,
God’s Vision-Eye.

This Is My Year

This is my year, this is my year!
I am the world-child, God-prize dear.
My dreams are my parents’ pride supreme.
In me they are the fulfilled scheme.
Heaven’s joy, earth’s peace I give.
Forever, everywhere I live.
[Composed in honour of the International Year of the Child, 1979]

We Are Our Master's Instruments Choice

We are our Master’s instruments choice.
His silver smile our oneness-voice.
Humility-role our journey’s start,
Perfection-goal our nectar-mart.
We love our Pilot, we serve His Dream.
With Him we shine to found Supreme.

Sri Chinmoy Rainbow (1)

Rainbow, Rainbow, Sri Chinmoy Rainbow!
Supreme Beauty’s aurora-glow.
Our Master’s oneness-vision-flow,
Perfection-sky in us shall grow.


Welcome sister, welcome brother, welcome!
Let us beat hard our sweetness, oneness-drum.
We love our soulful life’s translucent tree.
We fly beyond the blue sky’s vastness free.

Thank You

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
For you, our heart’s gratitude-dew.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You kindness, oneness-flow
Brightens your glory’s glow.

Phulero Dola

Phulero dola dola dola
Atma bhola atma bhola
Dhara adharar ananda rup
Jibanahutir pabitra dhup

O Abode of the Light Supreme

O Abode of the Light Supreme,
You are the nectar-ecstasy
Of the Supreme’s Victory divine.
O Abode of the Light Supreme,
You are the blazing, illumining
And all-loving fire of self-sacrifice.
In you, the love-fulfilling
And life-fulfilled faith
Of the Absolute Supreme.

The Divine Robe Supreme, Divine

The Divine Robe Supreme, divine.
Lo, here God and man together dine.
Creator silence-height,
Creation sound-delight,
O Robe Supreme of the Supreme,
You shine with reality-dream.

Perfection-Glory Press

Perfection-Glory Press,
Far and near closeness-oneness.
To please my Lord’s supreme Choice,
I am my soulful surrender-voice.


Satisfaction-Promise, promise,
Friendship, kinship sure, oneness-peace.
Satisfaction-Promise, promise,
Yours is the soundless, sleepless cry
To dream your Captain’s Consciousness-Sky.

Soul-Joy in Body-Fort

Soul-Joy in Body-Fort,
Oneness of cosmos-sport.
With the bluebird, body flies
In our Pilot’s Home-Skies.

O Great Olympic Games

O great Olympic Games, O sun-delight!
O brave victory-masters of somnolence-night!
Your vision-beauty’s sky is oneness-song.
In you the world’s success and progress throng.
Streaming tears and glowing smiles sublimely thrive.
Two God-Gifts: a golden flight, a silver dive.

Winter Olympic Games

Winter Olympic Games!
Snow-beauty, silver flames —
Skiing, skating, charming, daring,
Life-flowering, breath-taking;
Women’s downhill, men’s downhill.
Nature’s dance, nectar-thrill.

O Marathon Runner

O marathon runner,
God the Smiler-Winner!
Bondage-body’s supreme victory
Challenged life’s summit glory.
You claim today for every day
In the Captain’s cosmic Oneness-Play.

Run and Become

Run and become.
Become and run.
Run to succeed in the outer world.
Become to proceed in the inner world.

Run (1)

Run, run, run

Run (2)

Run, run, run

Twenty-Six Miles

Twenty-six miles I am running,
Smiling, dancing, no crying.
I am a marathon runner:
Body’s ignorance-hunter.

O, Grant Me the Fastest Speed

O, grant me the fastest speed
To feed my champion hunger-need.
O, grant me the green courage-light.
I must win the victory’s delight.

O Great Champion

O great champion, O great champion!
You are your achievement-sun.
Endless energy, sleepless speed
Feed our running hunger, feed.

The Empire State Cycle Relay

The Empire State Cycle Relay:
Exciting, inspiring, illumining, earth-play!

O, Come and Watch

O, come and watch our cycle-marathon-relay!
It gladly shows you the good God’s Vision-Play.
Our dear and brave New York, the Empire State,
Opens for the world Heaven’s Ecstasy-Gate.

Aspiration-Plant, Gratitude-Leaf

O aspiration-plant,
Climbing God-infant.
O gratitude-leaf,
God’s Compassion-thief.

My God Supreme

My God Supreme gives me
His own Aspiration-Cry.
I give Him my reality-dream
And its gratitude-sky.

I Go to God Twice a Day

I go to God twice a day.
In the morning, I go to my Beloved Supreme
With the surrender of a tennis ball.
He tells me I am on my way to perfection.
In the evening, I go to my Beloved Supreme
With a basket of gratitude-flowers.
He tells me I am all perfection.

I Play Tennis Every Day

I play tennis every day
To join my Lord’s Vision-Play.
I am the surrender-ball:
All joy in a body small.
Tennis, tennis, tennis game,
My heart’s perfection-flame.

Tennis Game

Tennis, tennis, tennis game,
I play it not for name and fame.
Tennis, tennis, tennis game,
I play, my monkey-life to tame.
Tennis, tennis, tennis game,
I play to feed my climbing flame.

I Love My Great Triathlon

I love my great triathlon.
It shows my heart the God-Vision-Dawn.
I swim in the sea of silver light,
I cycle along the road of gold delight,
I run with the smile of the Beyond.
My inner cry: God-Treasure-Diamond.

There Was a Time When I Swam

There was a time when I swam and swam
In the sea of ignorance-night.
And now I swim and swim
In the ocean of Lord’s Consciousness-Light.
There was a time when I loved and loved
Darkness-river and blindness-pool.
And now I go to my God’s
Closeness and Oneness-School.