Dreams that fly

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1. I Am Responsive

I was responsive
To notes of praise.

I am responsive
To notes of love.

I shall be responsive
To notes of man-oneness in God.

2. Everything Was Rigid

Everything was rigid
In his life,
Even his God-aspiration.
Yet God unconditionally loved him.

Everything is rigid
In his life,
Even his God-realisation.
Yet God unconditionally loves him
And will forever love him.
Because God knows
That unlike others
He at least loves God.

3. Necessities

Your silent necessities:

Your loud necessities:

4. No More Command

Lord, I am aspiring.
I await Your next command.

Lord, I am realising.
I await Your next command.

Lord, I am loving.
I await Your next command.

"Son, you have done everything
For Me.
There can be no more command."

5. At Last We Know

At last you know
You were only a fool
To reveal God.
God did not need you to reveal Him.

At last I know
I was only a fool
To fulfil man.
Man did not need me to fulfil him.

6. Two Gifts

Silence is a gift.
I received it from God-Compassion.
Sound is a gift.
I offered it to humanity
Out of pure inner obligation.

7. Inferiority Cancelled

God-Grace won,
My inferiority to God

8. Two Equals

God knows how to create.
I know how to appreciate.
We two are equals.

God knows how to feed.
I know how to eat.
We two are equals.

9. They Possessed Him

Doubt possessed him
To destroy.
Faith possessed him
To live.
God possessed him
To love,
To serve,
To become.

10. My Food

Doubt is the food
Of the mind.
I ate it.

Love is the food
Of the heart.
I am eating it.

Perfection is the food
Of God.
I shall eat it.

11. I Received Clear Permission

I received clear permission from God
To teach humanity.
I received clear permission from humanity
To go to God.
Humanity laughs at my capacity,
God consoles my incapacity.

12. Avoid And Evade

Better to avoid
Try, you will succeed.

Better to evade
Try, you will succeed.

13. Two Invitations

God invited me
To eat with Him and choose
Anything I want from Him.

I invited God
To eat with me and lose
Everything in my hunger-cry.

14. Everything He Touches

There was a time
When everything he touched
Suffered from his dire imperfections.
Everything he touches
Prospers from his unprecedented perfection.

15. Three Transcendental Fools

Your presumptuous vision:
At any time you can realise God.
His presumptuous vision:
He can manifest God at his sweet will.
My presumptuous vision:
I can become another God overnight.
Are we not three transcendental fools?

16. What Is Predominant?

What is predominant in Heaven?

What is predominant on earth?

What is predominant in God?

What is predominant in man?

17. Falling Into Deception-Life

You fell into deception-life

You are falling into deception-life

You will fall into deception-life

18. Expressly Forbidden

It seems
Jealousy is expressly forbidden
In Heaven.

It seems
Perfection is expressly forbidden
On earth.

It seems
Satisfaction is expressly forbidden
In my life.

19. A Short Retirement

He has written thousands of poems this year.
Poor poet, he deserves
A short vacation.

He has meditated
On his spiritual children unreservedly,
If not unconditionally!
Poor Yogi, he needs
A short retirement.

20. I Envy

God, I envy Your Compassion-Light.
Man, I envy your aspiration-plant.
Heaven, I envy your satisfaction-smile.
Earth, I envy your sacrifice-beauty.

21. Our First And Last Miracle

God's first and last miracle:
He became many
To fulfil Himself.
My first and last miracle:
I became one
To enjoy myself.
And I must say
We both knew what we were doing.

22. Hiding

Earth hides nothing
Because it can't.
Heaven hides nothing
Because it has no need to.
I hide my imperfection
In Heaven
And my satisfaction
On earth.

23. His Journey's Speed

Three cheers for him!
He was blessed to reach the Goal
With Olympic speed.

Alas, alas!
He is doomed to manifest the Goal
With Indian bullock-cart speed.

24. The Transformer Of His Fate

He started his journey
As the tennis ball of fate.
Now he has become
Not only the transformer of his fate
But also the supreme architect
Of a new God-fulfilling world.

25. Your Prepared Achievements

Your prepared acceptance
I like.

Your prepared surrender
I love.

Your prepared oneness
I admire.

26. Just Because

Just because
He was a hero,
Today he is a victor.
Just because
He is a victor,
Tomorrow he will be
Divinity's voice
Humanity's choice.

27. Responsibility And Authority

He is a wise man.
He likes divided responsibility.

He is a clever man.
He likes undivided authority.

28. For Their Sake

For the sake of life
He does not admit death-glance.
For the sake of death
He does not admit life-dance.

29. Your Honesty

Your uncompromising honesty
Has made you great.
Your surrendered honesty and dishonesty
To God-Joy and God-Compassion
Have made you good.

30. The Inventors

Who invented life?
Man the lover.

Who invented death?
Man the thinker.

Who invented God?
Man the server.

Who invented Heaven?
Man the sufferer.

Who invented earth?
Man the dreamer.

31. Dreams That Fly

Dreams that fly
I had.

Dreams that cry
I have.
Alas, alas!

Dreams that die
I shall have.
Alas, alas, alas!

32. In You I Notice Jealousy

In you I noticed
Hurtful jealousies.
In you I notice
Wilful jealousies.
In you I shall notice
Painful jealousies.

33. Lord, You Chose Me

Lord, You chose me
To deny You.

Lord, You have chosen me
To suffer for You.

Lord, You will chose me
To represent You.
I know, I know, I know.

34. The Right To Smile

He who watches my ignorance-night
Has no right to smile.

He who watches my imperfection-clouds
Has no right to smile.

But he who knows and feels
That my life is a song of self-transcendence
Has every right to smile.

35. I Have The Cry

In Heaven
I had the smile
That won earth-ignorance.
On earth
I have the cry
That wins Heaven-Delight.

36. Now I Am Enjoying

There was a time
When I enjoyed mathematical equality.
But now
I am enjoying the heights
Of astronomical equality.

37. What I Am

In Heaven
I am a descending promise.

On earth
I am an ascending hope.

In God
I am a weeping prayer.

38. But I Am Still Alive

Heaven stabbed me with indifference,
But I am still alive.

Earth stabbed me with suspicion,
But I am still alive.

I stabbed myself with unworthiness,
But I am still alive.

39. Why I Love You

I love you
You are no longer a devouring animal.

I love you
You are no longer a suspecting man.

I love you
You are no longer an indifferent God.

40. I Enjoy The Stories

My mind enjoys the stories
Of the sky
They enlarge my mind.

My heart enjoys the stories
Of the moon
They purify my heart.

My life enjoys the stories
Of the sun
They illumine my life.

41. The Surrendering Man

The aspiring man sees.
The serving man feels.
The loving man becomes.
The surrendering man is.

42. Until One Day

Everyone has to die;
Everything has to die
Until one day.
But when?
The day when
Love and life love each other
Infinitely more.
At that time
Death will die.

43. Love Like Ours

Earth, love like ours
Can never last.

Heaven, love like ours
Can never die.

God, love like ours
I can never explain.

44. Nothing But

Heaven thinks
My life is nothing but fun.
Earth knows
My life is nothing but frustration.
I feel
My life is nothing but God-preparation.

45. My Speculations

Is there anything that satisfies me?
Yes, there is something.
What is it?
What are my speculations?
I shall one day become
As great as God.
God will one day make me
As good as He is.
I shall love God more.
God will need me more.

46. I Admire

I admire his patience
Because it is all strength.

I admire his strength
Because it is all concern.

I admire his concern
Because it is all oneness.

I admire his oneness
Because it is all perfection.

47. Love Is

In the morning
Love is aspiration-sea.
In the afternoon
Love is determination-volcano.
At night
Love is perfection-moon.

48. I Just Love

I do not understand man.
I just love him,
For my love illumines him.

I cannot understand God.
I just love Him,
For my love
Is my necessity's perfection-reward.

49. Hidden Love

Animal love
Must be hidden.

Human love
Cannot be hidden.

Divine love
Need not be hidden.

50. Because He Knows

I love you
Because you do not know
My ignorance-night.

I love God
Because He knows
My helplessness-heart.

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