My Early Morning Heart-Climbing Prayers

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Every day
My aspiration-hunger-cries
Give immense delight
To my Lord Beloved Supreme.


This morning
God’s Eye whispers,
“My child,
I would like you
To be perfect.”
God’s Heart thunders,
“My child,
Already you are
Absolutely perfect!”


In the small hours of the morning,
I come out of my soul-bird-nest
To spread the blue-gold Light
Of my Lord Supreme
Here on earth,
And in the twilight hours
I come back to my soul-bird-nest.


O undivine mind-major,
Do not torture
The poor heart-minors!


Give yourself lovingly,
Smilingly and self-givingly
To God.
He will bless you
With a morning


Sleepless aspiration for Heaven
Breathless dedication to earth
Are the very beginnings
That grow into
A perfect God-realisation-plant.


Every morning
My Absolute Lord Supreme
Comes down
From His highest Height
With His Heaven-Blossom-Smiles
To bless my God-hunger.


When my life
Is completely surrendered
To God’s Will,
God Himself cradles
My heart’s moon-beauty-dreams.


My Lord Beloved Supreme,
Every time I am with You,
My heart becomes
A fully blossomed


My Supreme,
I wish to become
The ever-blossoming breath
Of a self-giving life.
My Supreme!


Those who really love God
And really need God
Have only one choice:
God’s Transcendental
Here on earth.


When I speak to God,
I measure each and every word
Of mine
Very, very carefully.
When God speaks to me,
I treasure each and every Word
Of His
Most devotedly
In the very depths of my heart.


My Lord,
Every morning
Do give me the capacity
To feed
Your aspiration-hungry children.
“My child,
Capacity granted,
My child!”


The God-pleasing heart
Reveals its beauty and fragrance
Through the purity-eyes.


God’s Pride is
The blue-gold bridge
Between my happiness-life
And my gratitude-heart.


My Lord Supreme,
Right from the day I was born,
My life has been
Your Compassion-Protection-


My Supreme Lord,
Please, please accept
My heart’s
Ceaseless gratitude-tears.


Only my life’s
Unconditional surrender
Has a free access
To God’s Heart-Home.


Slowly and slowly
My earth-life-tree
Grows and grows
To clasp Heaven’s
Twinkling, twinkling stars.


God the Heart
Is not enough.
We need God the Heartbeat
As well.


My Lord Supreme,
I carry the messages
Of sweet hopes
And the messages
Of brave promises
From birth to death
And from death to the Beyond.
My Lord Supreme!


God’s Hour
Comes and goes.
The moment it arrives,
I must say to God,
“My Lord, my Lord,
You are my All,
You are my All,
And I am all Yours,
I am all Yours.”


My Lord,
On New Year’s Day
You are watching
The blooming New Year
With such Compassion, Concern,
Sweetness and Fondness.
May each and every human being
Place at Your Feet
A garland of gratitude,
Gratitude and gratitude,
My Lord, my Lord,
My Lord Supreme!


God’s Grace is descending
So powerfully!
God wants us to be
His perfect instruments,
But, alas,
We are still
His constant impediments.


My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!
Every morning you cradle
My tiny aspiration-heart
And my feeble dedication-life
With Your Compassion-flooded
My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!


To my heart’s deepest joy,
Every day, every hour,
In every way
My God-worshipping heart
Is becoming a better instrument
Of God.


God whispers,
“My child,
I love you, I need you,
I thank you, I thank you.”
I thank You, I thank You,
I thank You.
You are my heart’s


My Lord,
The way I am praying and meditating
Is simply useless.
Will I ever be able
To realise You?
I need God-realisation.
“My child,
Do not think of God-realisation
At this time of your spirituality.
Just try to develop
More sincerity, more eagerness
In your spiritual life.
But, My child,
If you think that you will never
Be able to realise Me,
You are, indeed,
The most perfect fool
Here on earth.”


My Supreme, my Lord Supreme,
My Beloved Supreme,
My Eternity’s Supreme!
This morning You want us
To enjoy, enjoy and enjoy
The full harvest
Of Your Compassion
And Forgiveness.


The desiring mind
Has many faces
And many voices.
The aspiring heart
Has only one face:
God-Beauty’s Face,
And only one voice:
God-Duty’s Voice.


My God-exploration
Is founded upon
My heart’s


When I pray
And climb up
High, higher, highest,
God blesses me
With the Beauty of His Heart.
When I meditate
And dive deep, deeper, deepest,
God blesses me
With the Fragrance of His Life.


Every day
I must do three things:
I must love God,
I must serve God
And I must try to become
A choice instrument of God.


Every morning
I prayerfully and soulfully visit
Two very special worlds:
God’s Compassion-Eye-World
And God’s Forgiveness-Heart-World.


My heart’s silver tears
Are God’s oldest friends.
God’s golden Smiles
Are my life’s eternal Saviours.


Yonder my Lord Krishna’s
Jingling ankle bells
Are thrilling my eyes,
Intoxicating my heartbeat,
Feeding my heart
And energising my life.
My Lord Krishna, my Lord Krishna!


No more am I a failure-life,
No more.
My mind is now the owner
Of many, many, many
New inspiration-waves.
My heart is the owner
Of a new aspiration-sea.
My life is the owner
Of an ever-blossoming
Which I am dedicating now
To my Absolute Lord Supreme.


O seeker,
You can miss your outer meals
As many times as you want to.
But do not miss
Even one single inner meal.
Because God Himself
Waits and waits and waits for you
To come and eat with Him.


My Lord-worship-happiness-heart
Is blossoming into
My God-Ecstasy-Paradise.


God most compassionately
And most affectionately
Picks up
The God-surrender-seekers
Who fail and fall on the way,
And then He commands,
“My children,
On you march,
On you march,
Until you have reached
Your Goal ultimate.”


God’s God-Prize-winners
Of today’s inner race:
The first prize goes to
Unconditional God-surrender;
The second prize goes to
Sleepless God-aspiration;
The third prize goes to
Twenty-four-hour God-awareness.


If you want to have
A very deep meditation,
Then before you meditate,
Cast aside all your doubts,
Self-doubts, insecurities,
Impurities and negativities.


Limited are our lives.
Unlimited are our problems
And struggles.
Yet our Lord says to us,
“My children, fear not.
Move on, march on.
I am with you all.
I am in you all.
I am for you all.
You are bound to arrive
At your destined Goal.”


Each time
I prayerfully, soulfully
And self-givingly visit
My Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme,
He immediately gets
The most powerful Ecstasy-Thrill.


God says to me,
“My child,
If you really love Me,
If you really want to please Me
In My own Way,
Then you and your heart
Must come to Me lovingly,
Smilingly, soulfully and self-givingly
Wherever I am.”


I must forget
My puny self
In my God-service-delight.


In my heart-sky,
Many, many, many, many
Twinkling stars
Are singing
My Lord’s Victory-Songs.


Nobody can claim my heart
On earth.
Because my Lord Beloved Supreme
Has already claimed me
In Heaven.


My Lord Absolute Beloved Supreme,
Each moment I spend with You
Is my life’s and my heart’s
Most precious Treasure.


My soul-smiles and my heart-tears
Solely depend upon
The depths and heights
Of my meditations.


God’s divine Hall of Fame
Will invite us
Only after we have learnt
The supreme art
Of sleepless self-offering
To God’s Will.


A sleepless God-lover
Is a climbing heart-eagerness.
A breathless God-server
Is a jumping life-enthusiasm.


May my aspiration-heart-bird fly
High, higher, highest,
To reach the Golden Feet
Of my Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme
In the highest Heaven.


May each thought of mine
Grow into
A most beautiful aspiration-plant
In my Lord’s Heart-Garden.


Each time I become
A heart of God-gratitude,
I come one step closer
To God’s Feet.


Ignorance-night fails.
My love of God sails.
My surrender to God’s Will prevails.


May each and every thought of mine
Be as beautiful
As the morning rainbow
And as pure
As the dawn-dew.


May every heartbeat of mine
Fight against ignorance-night
And conquer it permanently,
For the establishment
Of God’s complete Victory
Here on Earth.


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1. 10th December 2005, Pangkor Island, Malaysia

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