Enthusiasm, part 1

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I Am My Soul-Song

I am my soul-song.
I do nothing wrong.

My Mind Is Full of Failure-Sobs

My mind is full of failure-sobs.
My heart is full of gratitude-throbs.

I Serve God's Life Self-Givingly

I serve God’s Life self-givingly,
And enjoy His Heart thrillingly.

My End Came

My end came, my end came
With my rise to summit-fame.

Today's God Is God-Request

Today’s God is God-Request;
Tomorrow’s God, God-Behest.

God-Talker, God-Preacher

God-talker, God-preacher, I love you not.
You are your self-deception taut.

Alas, Alas, Frustration-Sea

Alas, alas, frustration-sea
Forcefully, totally,
Drowning me.

Enthusiasm, God's Main Food

Enthusiasm, enthusiasm,
God’s main food,
He begs me to eat
For my good.

Your Victory Is My Heart's Only Dream

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!
Your Victory is my heart’s only dream.

My Supreme Beloved Lord's Moonlit Feet

My Supreme Beloved Lord’s moonlit Feet —
My heart is flying to have its seat.

My Supreme Lord Is Ready

My Supreme Lord is ready to embrace my heart.
Am I ready to cast aside my anger-dart?

My Himalayan Pride

The moment you see my Himalayan pride,
You and your heart in no time hide.

A Heart of Peace-Contentment

I am a heart of peace-contentment.
I love my life’s bliss-enlightenment.

Oh, Take a Break

Oh, take a break, just take a break,
My useless talker-mind.
My heart, go forward, just go forward;
No, never stay behind.

Smiling, My Lord's Big Ear Hears

Smiling, smiling, smiling,
My Lord’s big Ear hears.
Dancing, dancing, dancing,
My Lord’s biggest Heart appears.

Age Is Not a Downward Slope

Age is not a downward slope.
Age is an unknown scope.

Age Is Not a Bold Bar

Age is not a bold bar.
Age is another star.

The Master's Heart and Eye

When the Master’s heart and eye correct,
Do not object, do not object, do not object.

Mine Is the Vital That Wants to Terrorise

Mine is the vital that wants to terrorise.
Mine is the heart that wants to harmonise.

Be Not Frantic

Be not frantic, be not frantic, be not frantic!
Just be dynamic, just be dynamic, just be dynamic.

Blame Not Your Fate

Blame not your fate, blame not your fate
If you want to see God’s Golden Gate.

Because My Master's Voice Is My Choice

Because my Master’s Voice
Is my choice,
I rejoice, I rejoice, I rejoice.

Even For Me

Even for me God has His unconditional Love;
He is turning me into His fondness-dove.

Cry, You Will Soon Fly

Cry, cry, cry, cry,
You will soon fly
In God’s Infinity’s blue sky.

My Earth Has My Mind-Noise

My earth has my mind-noise.
My Heaven has my heart-voice.

Captain, Captain, My Heart-Captain

Captain, Captain, my heart-Captain,
You have freed my life from bondage-chain.

Alas, How Quickly We All Fall

Alas, how quickly we all fall!
How slowly we gain back all.

Tomorrow Is for Those

Tomorrow is for those, tomorrow,
Every day who only borrow and borrow.

A Chatting Life I Have

A chatting life I have.
A chanting heart I have not.

God Himself Sets the Pace

I know for our inner race
God Himself sets the pace.

The Tears of My Climbing Heart

The tears of my climbing heart
Are stronger than any dart.

The Divine in Me Loses

The divine in me loses
When the human in me chooses.

I Have Tamed My Outer Life

I have tamed my outer life
To remain still.
I have trained my inner heart
To enjoy the thrill.

Enthusiasm Is Second to None

Enthusiasm is
Second to none.
Enthusiasm is
“All done!”


Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, enthusiasm!
You have freed my life from my mind-chasm.

Enthusiasm Is My Soul's Mightiest Roar

Enthusiasm is
My soul’s mightiest roar.
Enthusiasm is
My life’s brightest shore.

Enthusiasm Says to Me

Enthusiasm says to me,
“Our Lord is come.
Act not like a fool.
Be not dumb.”

Man-Made Friendship

Man-made friendship
Is a foolish hardship.
God-made friendship
Is a rainbow-boat-trip.

Love-Beauty Prevails

Love-beauty prevails.
Hate-dart assails love.

The Weakness-Mind

The weakness-mind conceals.
The strength-heart reveals.

My Supreme Came Down

My Supreme came down
Only to bless my frown.

My Lord Loves to Hear

My Lord loves to hear
Only my heart-history,
And He vehemently discards
My life’s mystery.

My Impurity-Mind

My impurity-mind cries.
My purity-heart flies.

God the Eye Examines Me

God the Eye examines me strictly.
God the Heart passes me easily.

Spirituality Blind

Spirituality blind,
A computerised mind.

A Computerised Mind, Alas

A computerised mind,
Alas, nowhere can find
Supreme Lord’s Beauty-Eye —
A total failure-sigh.

A Computerised Mind Remains Farthest Behind

A computerised mind
Remains farthest behind.
He values not God-Quest,
And God hides His Heart-Nest.

A Computerised Mind

A computerised mind
Can never be as kind
As a God-surrender-soul —
God-joy his only goal.

My Heart Is Begging God

My heart is begging God
To use His iron rod
So that my life can fly
In His boundless Heart-Sky.

Never Allow Anyone

Never allow anyone
To clip the silver wings
Of your golden dreams.

Patience-Light Exhausted

Patience-light exhausted,
Justice-night descended.

Man Is Waiting

Man is waiting, waiting, waiting.
God’s Hour is watching, watching, watching.

No More, No More

No more, no more,
I am in my world-bondage-night.
Within, without,
My heart enjoys God-Delight.

Patience Fails

Patience fails, patience fails, patience fails —
Justice assails, justice assails, justice assails.

Patience Is the Beauty of Secrecy

Patience is the beauty of secrecy.
Patience is the fragrance of ecstasy.

At God's Choice Hour

At God’s Choice Hour
Patience stops; justice starts.

Patience Is Eternity's Goodness

Patience is Eternity’s goodness.
Patience is Infinity’s fulness.

Patience Is Immortality's Beckoning Hand

Patience is
Immortality’s beckoning Hand.

O Heart-Rending Inner Cry

O heart-rending inner cry,
God is calling you, “Fly, fly, fly!”


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