Enthusiasm, part 10

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God Shows His Fondness

God shows His Fondness
And then
He gives us His Oneness.


Can easily shatter

Some Day

Some day ignorance will be
A bygone mental hallucination.

We Remember God's Love

We remember God’s Love      
Much longer
Than we remember God’s Power.

The Inner World Smiles at Me

The inner world smiles at me;
The outer world frowns at me
At the same time.

Purity Is the Masterpiece

Purity is the masterpiece
Of my heart-eye.

For a Very Long Time

For a very long time
My heart has been teaching my mind
How to kneel down.

God Himself Is the Composer

God Himself is the Composer
Of all my devotion-heart-songs.

My Lord, You Are the One

My Lord, You are the One
And the only One that I love.

Our Tiny, Puny Smiles

Our tiny, puny smiles give God
A most delicious meal.

Again and Again God Is Asking My Mind

Again and again
God is asking my mind
To bend and blend.

My Lord, Please Help Me to Live

My Lord, please help me
To live all the time
In my heart-school
And not in my mind-jail.

I Feed Only

I feed only
On my heart’s tearful cries.

Each Service-Height

Each service-height
A new progress-delight.

My Heart Says to God

My heart says to God,
“My Lord, be strict with me,
Not once a day, but at every moment.”

My Heart Is Swinging

My heart is swinging
My prayer-meditation-lamp.

My Hope Is Silver

My hope is silver.
My faith is gold.
My promise is diamond.

God Has Touched My Heart

God has touched my heart.
He wants me to spread
His Fragrance wherever I go.

Life Is Not a Stumbling Experience

Life is not
A stumbling experience.

Life Is a Climbing Realisation

Life is
A climbing realisation.

The Outer Pain

The outer pain I have.
The inner delight I am.

During the Day

During the day
My heart and my breath
Rotate around the sun-power.

During the Night

During the night
My heart and my breath
Rotate around the moon-beauty.

Never Give Up Your Inward Gaze

Never give up your inward gaze
And never stop your Godward race.

I Do Not Want to Retire

I do not want to retire,
I do not.
My heart and I, by pleasure,
Never be caught.

A God-Lobbyist

I want my mind to be
A God-lobbyist.
I want my heart to be
A God-specialist.

When God Is God's Full Justice-Light

When God is God’s full Justice-Light
My heart devours His Grace-Delight.

My Lord, Will You Do The Thinking for Me?

My Lord, will You do the thinking for me
If I place at Your Feet my own heart-key?

My Mind, My Mind, My Foolish Mind

My mind, my mind, my foolish mind,
Start, start!
Fathom the world
With my God-love-serve-heart.

Every Day, My Way

Every day, my way:
I love less and less human beings.

God's Way

God’s Way: God loves not only human beings,
But His entire Creation, every day, more and more.

As Soon As I Wake Up

As soon as I wake up
I watch my Lord’s channel first.

The Most Unreliable Companion

The mind is
The most unreliable companion.

The Ancient Path

The ancient path
Was to see God face to face.

The Modern Path

The modern path
Is to talk, talk, talk about God
Meaninglessly and uselessly.

The Mind's Way

The mind’s way
Is to possess God.

The Heart's Way

The heart’s way
Is to be possessed by God.

Each Wee Earth-Seed

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,
Each wee earth-seed is a Heaven-climbing prayer,
And a world-awakening meditation.

No More Self-Indulgence

No more self-indulgence,
No more self-indulgence.
I shall run outwardly
To see nature’s God.
I shall run inwardly
To see Heaven’s highest height.

Every Kneeling Prayer

Every kneeling prayer
Receives God’s Fondness-Blessings.

I Salute You

I salute You, I salute You, I salute You.
Allah, I am Your eternal slave.
[Based on a traditional Arabic invocation to Allah]

Affection, Love, Sweetness, Fondness

Affection, love, sweetness, fondness
God has for me.
Every day I live and grow
Under His Protection-Tree.

I Dislike Self-Sufficient People

I dislike self-sufficient people, I dislike.
They are disobedience incarnate and always on strike.

I Love and Love and Love

I love and love and love
God-reliance people, I love.
They receive boundless joy
And boundless pride from high Above.

I Came from God to See

I came from God to see.
I am returning to God to be.

Divinity, Divinity

Divinity, divinity, divinity,
With you I want to be.

Humanity, I Know Not Who You Are

Humanity, humanity, humanity!
I know not who you are
And I have no desire to know.

I Am Sailing

I am sailing, sailing, sailing my life-boat
Toward the shore of the Unknowable.

Every Morning I Prayerfully and Soulfully

Every morning I prayerfully and soulfully
Visit two very special worlds:
God’s Compassion-Eye-World
And God’s Forgiveness-Heart-World.

My Lord, You Are Your Overwhelming Love

My Lord, You are Your overwhelming Love
And I am my heart’s streaming tears.

Wherever I Go

Wherever I go
I see my Lord has preceded me.

My Mind, Why Do You Think?

My mind, why do you think of the things
That blight your own vision?

Not Only God's Dreams

Not only God’s Dreams,
But also His Realities
At times change.

My Lord, Whether My Heart Is Good or Bad

My Lord, whether my heart is good or bad
Is for You to judge.
But my heart is only Yours.

My Lord, I Love Your Strictness

My Lord, I love Your Strictness
The way I love Your Kindness.

Oneness Means God-Expansion

Oneness means God-expansion
In a seeker’s life.

Long Ago

Long, long, long, long, long ago
My stone-heart, God melted.

My Lord Tells Me

My Lord tells me that to love Him more
I shall have to shed soulful tears
In abundant measure every day.

Our Inner Reality

Our inner reality is the smile
Of God-Beauty’s Dream.

My Lord, Anything That I Have

My Lord, anything that I have,
Divine or undivine, in my life,
Rest assured, it is all Yours.

I Have Written Many Books

I have written many, many, many books;
My God-Forgiveness-book is by far the best.

My Lord-Worship-Happiness-Heart

My Lord-worship-happiness-heart
Is blossoming into
My God-ecstasy-paradise.

If There Is Peace-Beauty

If there is peace-beauty,
Then there is happiness-fragrance.

How Can I Have Fear?

How can I have fear,
How can I have fear
If I feel God is near and dear?

What Is Marriage?

What is marriage, what is marriage?
Heaven’s birth on earth.
What is marriage, what is marriage?

I Admire God the Dreamer

I admire God the Dreamer.
I adore God the Smiler.
I love God the Runner.

What Do I Do?

What do I do when I am all alone?
I keep thinking of God dialling my phone.

My Heart-Songs

“My heart-songs God proudly sings,” Chinmoy.

God Himself Has Taught Me

God Himself has taught me
Seventy-four of His Heartbeat-Songs,
Most compassionately and most affectionately.

My Lord, How Can I Bind Your Feet?

My Lord, how can I bind Your Feet?
“My child, do keep your mind clean and neat.”

Alas, We Are Apt to Invoke

Alas, we are apt to invoke
Heaven’s Power
And not Heaven’s Light.

O Seeker, Do Not Be Greedy

O seeker, do not be greedy.
Why do you have to be
All alone with God?

Nothing Can Remain

Nothing can remain
Forever unreachable.

Each Heart Has a Museum

Each heart has a museum
Of sweetness-memories.

Meditate, Meditate, Do Not Anticipate

Meditate, meditate,
Do not anticipate.

When I Please God in His Own Way

When I please God in His own Way,
I see countless stars
Singing and dancing in my heart-sky.

A Single Glance

A single glance from my Lord Supreme
Gives me unimaginable happiness.

When We Do Not Pray and Meditate

When we do not pray and meditate,
We become prisoners of our mind.

I See the Face of God-Beauty

I see the Face
Of God-Beauty.

I Touch the Feet of God-Compassion

I touch the Feet
Of God-Compassion.

I Feel the Heart of God-Forgiveness

I feel the Heart
Of God-Forgiveness.

I See God inside My Heart-Beauty

I see God inside my heart-beauty.
I feel God inside my life-duty.

God in Heaven

God in Heaven is beautiful.
God on earth is useful.

Inside My Master's Smile

Inside my Master’s smile
I see my new world blooming.

Before You Look at the World

Before you look at the world,
Muster all your love.

It Is We Who Take Ourselves Away

It is we who take ourselves away
From God’s Forgiveness-reach.

Nobody Can Claim My Heart on Earth

Nobody can claim my heart on earth.
Because my Lord Beloved Supreme
Has already claimed my heart in Heaven.

Every Morning God the Hope

Every morning
God the Hope blesses my life,
God the Promise blesses my heart,
God the Will-Power blesses me.

God Is My Heart-Song

God is my heart-song.
God is my soul-music.

With Love We Make Our Progress

With love we make our progress.

With Service

With service we make ourselves perfect.

Every Heart Is Made of Dreams

Every heart is made of dreams.

Every Life Is Made of Realities

Every life is made of realities.

The Hopes of the Heart

The hopes of the heart are full of fragrance.

My Soul-Smiles

My soul-smiles widen my life.

My Heart-Tears Heighten My Life

My heart-tears heighten my life.