Enthusiasm, part 11

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No Aspiration

No aspiration, no aspiration,
No Heaven-expedition.

Be Not Alone

Be not alone, be not alone,
Come and stand behind God’s Throne.

Choose God's Eye

Choose God’s Eye,
Choose God’s Heart,
Choose God’s Feet,

Ah, There He Goes, My Lord

Ah, there He goes, my Lord,
Ah, there He goes.
Helplessly crying, my heart-rose.

Feed Not Desire

Feed not desire, feed not desire!
No death, no death of this hungry fire.

Invoke Your Inner Light

Invoke, invoke, invoke your inner light.
Do not drown, O seeker,
Do not drown in ignorance-night.

I Am Happy When My Heart Takes the Lead

I am happy
When my heart takes the lead.
I am happy
When my heart wins the race.
I am happy
When my heart sees God’s Face.
I am happy
When my heart receives a God-Embrace.

Only God-Servers

Only God-servers
Are true world-improvers.

I Use My Soul's Most Powerful Superlatives

I use my soul’s most powerful superlatives
Only for my Lord Beloved Supreme.

Everything Has Its Roots in God's Heart

Everything has its roots
In God’s Heart.

Be True

Be true, be true
To all your God-promises.

I Do Not Pray to God to Satisfy Me

I do not pray to God to satisfy me,
I pray to God only to employ me.

My Lord, on My Way to the Goal

My Lord, on my way to the Goal,
If I see You not,
No harm, no harm, no harm.
With a devotion-heart,
I shall remember You
And Your Footsteps.

Physical Pain, Mental Pain

Physical pain, mental pain,
Psychic pain, whom can I tell?
In vain, I roam at God’s closed Door.

By Serving You Alone

By serving You alone,
My life wants to be satisfied.
All the desires have flown away.

True, My Hand-Violin Has Sadly Failed Me

True, my hand-violin has sadly failed me.
But my heart-violin has never failed me
And will never fail.

When I See God's Eye

When I see God’s Eye,
I get terribly frightened.
When I see God’s Heart,
I am immediately awakened.

The Outer Sun

The outer sun sadly tells me
How far I am from God.
The inner sun secretly tells me
How close I am to God.

Enlightenment Comes from Self-Effacement

Enlightenment comes from

Closeness and Fondness

Closeness and fondness
Bind us
To our Lord Beloved Supreme.

My Sunlit Heart Saves My Life

My sunlit heart
Saves my life
From all dangers.

I Have Given My Heart-Key

I have given my heart-key
To my Lord Beloved Supreme.

Every Heart-Song

Every heart-song
Is a pure and sure

In the Darkness of My Mind-Night

In the darkness of my mind-night,
I call You ‘God’.
You smile at me.
In the darkness of my mind-night,
I call You ‘my Lord’.
You bless my head.
In the darkness of my mind-night,
I call You ‘Comrade’.
You shake my hands.
In the darkness of my mind-night,
I call You ‘my Beloved’.
You embrace me.

In the Spiritual Life

In the spiritual life,
Freedom means earth-responsibility —
More, more, more.

I Must Give God a Fair Chance

I must give God a fair chance
To make my life happy.

My God-Surrender and My God-Ecstasy

My God-surrender and my God-ecstasy
Are one and inseparable.

To Make My Life Perfect

To make my life perfect,
My Lord has kept me
In His Heart-Nest.

Sleep Like a Child

Sleep like a child,
Dream like a child
And act like a child.
Lo, God is granting you
A free access to His Heart-Home.

Not Loudly, But Soulfully

Not loudly, but soulfully
God wants me to sing
His Victory-Song.

My Faith in God

My faith in God
Is the unlimited strength
Of my heart.

Two Choosers

Two choosers:
I choose my Lord’s Feet;
My Lord chooses my heart.

My Lord, Absolute Lord Supreme

My Lord, Absolute Lord Supreme,
I am Your fairy of Your blue Sky.
Clasping Your Feet, I reveal myself
With an ever-blossoming beauty.

Be Happy, Be Happy

Be happy, be happy, be happy,
At least in your own way.
You will make a wee progress.

Happy Are My Eyes (2)

Happy are my eyes
To see You, my Lord.
Happy is my heart
To feel You, my Lord.
Happy is my life
To claim You, my Lord,
As my own, very own.

Every Morning God Wants to Hear from Me

Every morning
God wants to hear from me
A new heart-song.

How Far God Goes

How far God goes to make us happy
We will never, never, never know.

I Shall Not Cry, I Shall Not Smile

I shall not cry,
I shall not smile any more.
I shall only invoke You.
I shall smash asunder
My taut ignorance-life
At Your Feet.

My Eyes Can Fool Me

My eyes can fool me,
My ears can fool me,
But not my heart
That loves God only.

How Many Hundreds of Times

How many hundreds of times
I have tried to place my life at Your Feet!
O my Father Supreme, I have failed.
Yet You have delayed not to forgive me.

Every Morning and Every Evening

Every morning and every evening
My soul, my heart and I
Salute and salute and salute
Our Lord’s Victory-Banner.

Dream, Always Dream

Dream, always dream.
Do not forget that
God used His Dream
To create the world —
And He still continues.

Explore, Explore!

Explore, explore!
Very soon you will be able
To knock at God’s Heart-Door.

My Aspiration-Journey

My aspiration-journey
And my dedication-journey
Will never come to a halt.

I Am So Happy When I Am Doing the Right Thing

I am so happy
When I am doing the right thing —
And when I am loving the right Person —

Mistakes Are to Be Discarded

Mistakes are to be discarded
And not to be dragged along.

O Seeker, How Do You Expect Heart-Flowers?

O seeker,
How do you expect heart-flowers
From your mind-jungles?

I Use My Silence-Eye When I Speak

I use my silence-eye
When I speak to Heaven’s Soul
And earth’s heart.

Our Prayers Save Us

Our prayers save us
From making small mistakes.

Our Meditations Save Us

Our meditations save us
From committing Himalayan blunders.

In My Heart of Hearts

In my heart of hearts
I enjoy only one season —

My Determination-Promise

My determination-promise
Is increasing
Along the passage of time.

God Says to Me

God says to me,
“My child, your devotion-heart
Is My cherished treasure.”

God's Face I Love

God’s Face I love.
God’s Eye I love more.
God’s Heart I love much more.
God’s Feet I love infinitely more.

Do Not Follow

Do not follow the stars of the sky.
Follow the sun of your own heart.

With the Tears of My Heart

With the tears of my heart,
I have made
My God-worshipping temple-shrine.

Jealousy and Insecurity

Jealousy and insecurity
Are twin sisters.

Prayer Embodies

Prayer embodies
The beauty of life.

Meditation Reveals

Meditation reveals
The fragrance of the heart.

God Tells Me That I Have Come a Long Way

God tells me that
I have come a long way with Him.
Can I not go to the end?

Why Is Surrender So Difficult?

Why is surrender so difficult?
Because our heart-tears
Are not pure and sincere.

My Aspiring Heart Is Followed

My aspiring heart is followed
By my serving hands.

God Has Infinite Rooms

God has infinite rooms,
But our hearts are His favourite rooms.

My Lord, May I Be Always in Between

My Lord, may I be always in between
Your Infinity’s Pace and Your Eternity’s Silence.

True, My Eyes Are Empty of God's Face

True, true, true!
My eyes are empty of God’s Face.
But my heart is all God-blossomed Face.

My Supreme, Do Bless Me Every Night

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,
Do bless me every night with a new dream.

A Traveller of Thought-Worlds

A traveller of thought-worlds
I am no more.
I am now at God’s

Strange, God Tells Me

Strange, God tells me I am His Heartbeat.
Strange, He tells me with me He is complete.

The Rising Sun Beautifies Me

The rising sun beautifies me.
The setting sun purifies me.

My Prayer-Life Is My God-Addition

My prayer-life
Is my God-addition.

My Meditation-Heart Is My God-Multiplication

My meditation-heart
Is my God-multiplication.

My Lord Whispers

My Lord whispers.
Lo and behold, I am up!

Cry, Cry, Sleeplessly Cry Within

Cry, cry, sleeplessly cry within, cry.
Fly, fly, breathlessly fly without, fly.

From God's Eye, My Spiritual Journey Starts

From God’s Eye,
My spiritual journey starts.

At God's Feet

At God’s Feet,
My spiritual journey

Every Day God Beckons Us

Every day God beckons us
To sail and sail and sail
In His Compassion-Affection-Sea.


Disobedience-strides are dangerous,
Destructive and God-defying.

Baby Elephant

Baby elephant, baby elephant, I love you.
You are Mother Earth’s achievement new.
Your father, your mother, strong, stronger, strongest!
You are, indeed, cute, cuter, cutest.
I love, I love your sweet family.
You give my eyes and my heart purest glee.

I Wish to Obey Every Day

I wish to obey every day
Your new Commands
In the depths of my heart.
In all my deeds,
Your Victory I sing.

My Lord, Please Make Me a Permanent Member

My Lord, please make me
A permanent member
Of Your inner Circle.

Another Name of Prayer

Another name of prayer
Is God-pleasure.

Another Name of Meditation

Another name of meditation
Is God-communication.

I Thank God

I thank God
For what He has done for me,
And specially
What He has not done for me.

Alas, When Will Truth Reign?

Alas, when will truth
Reign supreme on earth,

My God-Fulfilment-Readiness

My God-fulfilment-readiness comes
From my extreme God-eagerness.

In My Inner Life, I Am a Heaven-Climbing Cry

In my inner life,
I am a Heaven-climbing cry.
In my outer life,
I am a man-serving tree.

Morning Is the Best Time

Morning is the best time
To enter into my rose-garden-heart
To enjoy deeply its exquisite beauty and fragrance.

I Was Born to Be Good

I was born to be good
And be God’s special food.

Be Not Afraid

Be not afraid of God’s Power-Eye.
Behold, therein His Compassion-Sky.

I Am a Thunder-Whisper-God-Singer-Joy

I am a thunder-whisper-God-singer-joy.
I am His Heart’s chosen toy and envoy.

Nineteen Thirty-One

Nineteen thirty-one, nineteen thirty-one!
My Heaven-days were done.
Nineteen thirty-one, nineteen thirty-one!
My earth-life I came to embrace.
Nineteen thirty-one, nineteen thirty-one!
My breath became God’s Fountain-Grace.
Nineteen thirty-one, nineteen thirty-one!
I won, I won, indeed, I won, I won.

Be a Self-Giving Life

Be a self-giving life.
God Himself will sculpture you.

May My Heart Be a Nest

May my heart be a nest
Of self-giving-affection-sweetness.

Divine Hero

There is a God-loving
And God-serving Divine Hero
Within every heart.

Be the Heart of God-Compassion

Be the heart of God-Compassion.
Be the life of God-Champion.

Forty-Two Years Ago

Forty-two years ago, I came to America,
The land of might and light,
Heaven and earth-delight.
Eureka, Eureka, Eureka!

My Love of God Is My Only Religion

My love of God is my only religion—
My God-oneness, God-love and God-devotion.
My love of God is my only religion—
Humanity’s perfect perfection.

The Tears of My Heart

The tears of my heart
And the Smiles of my Lord
Sing together and play together

O My Blue-Gold Heart-Bird

O my blue-gold heart-bird,
I love you, I need you, I treasure you.
You are my joy, you are my pride,
You are my all.

My Supreme, Your Victory

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,
Your victory is my heart’s only dream.

I Love My Lord's Whisper-Blessings

I love my Lord’s Whisper-Blessings.
My Lord loves my hunger-yearnings.

Heaven's Silence-Music

Heaven’s Silence-Music
Is only for the hearts
Of God’s Victory-singers.

In My Aspiration-Life

In my aspiration-life,
My Master-obedience
Is my heart’s God-blossoming dawn.

My Lord, I Like Your Sweet Requests

My Lord, I like Your sweet Requests,
But I love Your Thunder-Commands!

My Lord, I Run and Run and Run

My Lord, I run and run and run and run
To make You happy.
“My Child, you are the smile of My Eye,
You are the beauty of My Heart
And you are the pride of My Life.”

The Human Father

The human father
Gives his children earth-affection.
The Divine Father
Gives His children Heaven-Delight.

A Bengali Village-Heart

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,
Please, please, please,
Give me a Bengali village-heart.

The Outer Rain

The outer rain proudly comes down
From the expansion-sky.
The inner rain blessingfully descends
From God’s Compassion-Eye.

Truth-Telling People I Love

Truth-telling people I love.
Truth-seeking people I need.

I Always Keep Wide Open

I always keep wide open
My life-house
And my heart home.

A Slow Pace

Time does not believe in
A slow pace.

If You Want to Open God's Heart-Door

If you want to open God’s Heart-Door,
Surrender is the only key.

The Mind, the Vital and the Body

The mind, the vital and the body
Enjoy the gossip-world.

The Soul, the Heart and the Breath

The soul, the heart and the breath
Enjoy the God-Whisper-World.

The Earth-Founder

The earth-founder
Is my smiling soul.
The Heaven-founder
Is my crying heart.

I Am Nobody

I am nobody, I am nobody, I am nobody.
Some people kick me hard, very hard, right and left,
But God tells me my old body’s old bones are quite intact.

I Am Loved by My Sweet Children Deeply

I am loved by my sweet children deeply.
I am loved by them sleeplessly.
They are mine and I am Thine.
We shall grow and we shall glow sempiternally.

The Champion of Champions Am I

The champion of champions am I.
In God’s limitless Pride-Sky I fly.

In the World's Longest, Bravest Distance Run

In the world’s longest, bravest distance run,
Who waves the victory-flag?
Madhupran, Madhupran!

I Am the World's Longest Distance Runner

I am the world’s longest distance
Daring and shattering runner.
My Supreme Lord’s Sun-Power-Smile
And His Moon-Bliss-Love-Winner.

God's Blessingful Concern

God’s blessingful Concern
Is all I need.

I Sail and Sail and Sail

I sail and sail and sail,
I sail and sail and sail
My enthusiasm-life-boat
To the Golden Shore
To see my King of Joy.

Be Bold!

Be bold, divinely bold, supremely bold!
You must break asunder the mind’s stronghold.

Gently, Kindly, Smilingly

Gently, kindly, smilingly, my Lord tells me,
“My child, be always, be smart.
Lengthen your breath, strengthen your heart.”

Self-Offering and God-Becoming

And God-becoming
Grow together.

From High Heaven

From high Heaven,
The peace-bird is descending
To silence my quarrelling
And fighting mind.

I Have Made My Life 'Round-the-Clock'

I have made my life ‘round-the-clock’
I have made my heart ‘round-the-clock’

My Lord's Morning Calls

My Lord’s morning calls are God’s
Handmade blessing-dolls.

My Aspiration-Heart and God's Compassion-Eye

My aspiration-heart
And God’s Compassion-Eye
Are sleeplessly fond of each other.

To Love God Unconditionally

To love God unconditionally
Is to be on the right track.

Punctuality in Spirituality

Punctuality in spirituality
Is dearly loved by God.

May My Heart Be

May my heart be
A blooming lotus-beauty.

Come What May

Come what may,
I shall run and run
And end my pilgrim-journey
At my Lord’s Feet.

My Tears and Smiles

My tears and smiles sleeplessly feed
God’s birthless and deathless Heart-Hunger.

My Joy Is in Loving God

My joy is in loving God.
My joy is in serving God.
My joy is in kissing the dust of God’s Feet.
God’s Joy is in making me another God.

The Tears of My Heart and the Smiles of God's Eye

The tears of my heart
And the Smiles of God’s Eye
Together swim.

My Heart Is God's Home

My heart is God’s Home.
My life is God’s Promise.
And I am God’s child eternal.

I Love God's Feet

I love God’s Feet
More than I love God’s Heart.
I love God’s Heart
More than I love God.
Alas, alas, alas!
Plus, plus, plus,
I love myself
More than I love God.

My Prayers and Meditations

My prayers and meditations
Build God’s Heart-Temple
To His great Satisfaction.

I Must Dive Deep Within

I must dive deep within
To thrive in my Lord’s Heart-Garden.

I Am Happy

I am happy, only happy,
When I place my haughty mind
And my haughty head
At God’s Feet.

Everything Is Possible

Everything is possible.
In a twinkling,
I can clasp God’s Eye.
In a twinkling,
I can touch God’s Feet.
In a twinkling,
I can breathe God’s Heart.

The Life That Has No Goal

The life that has no goal
Is an utter failure-life.
The life that has a goal
Wins the Smile of God.

We Love Our Desire-Life

We love our desire-life
Infinitely more
Than we love God.
God loves only us,
And never, never,
Never, never, our desire-life.

A Pure Thought

True, true, true, true, true, true!
A pure thought can remain unchallenged
In my aspiration-heart.

I Speak to God's Golden Feet

I speak to God’s Golden Feet.
God speaks to my broken heart.

When I Think of God, I Become Great

When I think of God,
I become great.
When God thinks of me,
I become good.

Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy

Joy, joy, joy, joy!
The outer joy expedites
Our outer journey.
The inner joy helps us
Realise God.

Every Morning, Every Evening

Every morning, every evening,
I breathe God’s Heart
And touch humanity’s heart.

I Pray to God's Eye

I pray to God’s Eye for love.
I pray to God’s Heart for devotion.
I pray to God’s Feet for surrender.

Peace, God's Next Act

Peace, peace, peace, peace —
God’s next Act.

Heart, God's Arrival

Heart, heart, heart, heart, heart —
God’s Arrival-Preparation-Room.

The Human in Me Loves God (1)

The human in me
Loves God out of fear.
The divine in me
Loves God out of joy,
And I love God
Because He is my only All.

Only One Attachment (1)

Only one attachment:
God’s Will.
No other attachments,
Old or new.