Enthusiasm, part 2

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God's Heart

God’s Heart is my heart’s
Sleepless Friend.
God’s Life is my life’s
Birth and End.

The Base Vital World

The base vital world pervades.
The infernal world invades.

The Human in Me Prays to God

The human in me prays to God,
“Oh, save me, save me, save me, save!”
The divine in me prays to God,
“Oh, make me brave and make me brave!”

Without My Soul

Without my soul, my life is empty.
Without my heart, my life is naughty.


Behold, my God-doubting mind fails.
Behold, my God-crying heart sails.

Oh, When I Tease My Lord Supreme

Oh, when I tease my Lord Supreme
He shares with me His funniest Dream.

The Human in Me Is a Desire-Knife

The human in me is a desire-knife.
The divine in me is a nectar-life.

God's Compassion-Eye Cares

God’s Compassion-Eye cares.
God’s Oneness-Heart shares.

Man Gives Then Takes

Man gives, then takes.
God smiles, then slakes.

Never Be a Zero

Never be a zero.
Be a service-hero.

Worries Churn

Worries churn;
Suspicions burn.

My Doubt Is My Mind-Slavery

My doubt is my mind-slavery,
My faith is my heart-bravery.

My Talking Mind Is a Hopeless Hope

My talking mind is a hopeless hope.
My crying heart is my telescope.

My Lord Quickly Appears

My Lord quickly appears
To watch my golden tears.

I Know Below, Above

I know below, Above,
My Lord is all I love.

God Asks Me to Show Him

God asks me to show Him my soul
Before He carries my life to my Goal.

God Asks Me to Steal

God asks me to steal
His Heart’s Oneness-Thrill.

May I Have a God-Beauty in My Life

May I have a God-Beauty in my life.
May I have a God-Fragrance in my heart.

No Dream: My Supreme Himself

No dream, no dream, no dream, no dream,
No dream, no dream:
My Supreme Himself wants me to be
In love with Him.

No Dream: I Am Chosen

No dream, no dream, no dream, no dream,
No dream, no dream:
I am chosen out of billions
By my Lord Supreme.

I Proudly Dare to Believe

I proudly dare to believe, I dare.
Therefore, I am under God’s Care.

Be Pure in Heart

Be pure in heart, pure in heart, be pure.
Final victory shall be yours, no lasting failure.

God Wants Me to Keep Open

God wants me to keep open my heart-door
So that He can give me sleeplessly
More and more and more.

I Am My Master's Sweetest Toy

I am my Master’s sweetest toy.
My smile is his infinity’s joy.

My God-Realisation Is My Last Act

My God-realisation
Is my last act in God’s Play.
My God-manifestation
Is God-Infinity’s deathless Day.

I Am a God-Inspirer

I am a God-inspirer.
I am a man-uplifter.

Be, My Heart

Be, be, be, be, my heart, be
A world-invitation-tree.

Mine Is a Heart of Desire-Free Love

Mine is a heart of desire-free love
To feed the worlds below, Above.

Mine Is a God-Touch-Life

Mine is a God-Touch-Life;
Nowhere ignorance-knife.

My Hope Knows No Sunset

My hope knows no sunset, my hope.
My heart is my God-climbing rope.

My Lord and My Lord's Embrace

My Lord and my Lord’s Embrace
Are thrilled with my purity-face.

I Am My God-Attention

I am my God-attention.
My heart is God-affection.

I Am My God-Duty

I am my God-duty.
My life is God-Beauty.

I Am My Mind-Mastery

I am my mind-mastery.
My world is God-Victory.

Oh, Run I Must

Oh, run I must with eagerness-speed,
My Supreme’s Heart-Hunger to feed.

A Burning Desire-Breath

A burning desire-breath
Is its own helpless death.

Follow the Lord

Follow the Lord eagerly and closely.
Look at His Feet soulfully and self-givingly.

Each Time I Think of My Lord Supreme

Each time I think of my Lord Supreme
He feeds my tears with a new dream.

Get Up, Master, Get Up!

Get up, Master, get up!
Drink, drink energy-cup!
Start walking to and fro.
Grow with our heart-smiles, grow.

Never Commit Suicide

Never commit suicide, never commit suicide.
No place in hell to hide, no place in hell to hide.

My Heart Cries and Dies

My heart cries and dies only for one thing:
The next ambrosial God-Touch.

My Heart's Helpless Tears

My Lord, You feel
My heart’s helpless tears
Long before they fall.

My God-Service-Chariot

God wants me to drive
My God-service-chariot
At top speed all the time.

I Quickly Devour and Divinely Enjoy

I quickly devour and divinely enjoy
The dust of my Lord’s Feet.

Each Smile of My Lord Supreme

To me, each Smile of my Lord Supreme
Is the Smile of the Millennium.

My Soul and I Can Easily See

My soul and I can easily see
That God is constantly smashing
His own Compassion and Forgiveness-records.

My Lord, I Do Not Mind

My Lord, I do not mind Your zigzag Path at all,
As long as I find You and Your Lotus Feet
At every turn.