Enthusiasm, part 4

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My Heart Chooses to Cry

My heart chooses to cry,
My mind chooses to fly,
My vital chooses to sigh,
My body chooses to try.

My Heart Chooses to Inform

My heart chooses to inform.
My Lord chooses to transform.

There Is Only One Truth

There is only one truth:
My Lord’s all-pervading Ruth.

No Doubt-Clouds

No doubt-clouds in my faith-sky.
Therefore, my heart and I fly.

The Mind, Heart-Bliss Plunders

The mind, heart-bliss plunders.
Ego’s pride it thunders.

My Heart-Boat Plies and Plies

My heart-boat plies and plies
Towards the Golden Shore.
My body-cart sighs and sighs,
Alas, more, ever more.

Those Who Admire the Lord

Those who admire the Lord
From a distance
Never, never, never will they have
His Grace-Glance.

Be Humble

Be humble, be humble, be humble.
Never shall your life stumble.

When God Is My Only Boss

When God is my only Boss,
I see not the face of loss.

Every Moment Correct My Life

Every moment correct my life,
My Lord, correct.
Never, never reject my heart,
Never reject.

Come on the Wings of Love

Come, come, come, come
On the wings of love.
This message-light
Comes from Above.

My Love, Devotion Are Fast Asleep

My love, devotion are fast asleep.
Therefore, my life is caught
By ignorance deep.

My Life Is All for God

My life is all for God.
I see nowhere torture-rod.

Stay Within

Stay within, stay where you are;
Fast, very fast God is coming near.

My Stupid Mind, Think Less

My stupid mind, think less,
Talk less, sleep less.
Godward my life shall be
A train express.

On Earth, No Heaven Rules Are Heeded

On earth, no Heaven rules are heeded.
In Heaven, no earth rules are needed.

Ring God's Victory-Bell

Ring, ring, ring, ring,
God’s Victory-Bell!
If not, life shall be
A living hell.

Stung by Doubt-Scorpion

Stung by doubt-scorpion,
I have lost my God-union.

My Lord, Give Me a Jasmine-Fragrance-Heart

My Lord, give me a jasmine-fragrance-heart,
Heavenward, my blue-gold journey to start.

Actions Never Lie

Actions never lie,
But words do.

Hope Is Sweetness

Hope is sweetness.
Promise is fulness.

Peace Is Self-Offering in Action

Peace is
Self-offering in action.

Beautiful Are the Heart-Tears

Are the heart-tears.

Powerful Are the Soul-Smiles

Powerful are the soul-smiles.

Fruitful Are the Life-Sacrifices

Fruitful are the life-sacrifices.

Giving Is Not an Obligation

Giving is not an obligation.
Giving is self-expansion.

Death Can at Most Find Us

Death can at most find us,
But Eternity cradles us.

God Does Not Want from Me Email

God does not want from me email.
He wants me to send Him only knee-mail.

To Become Spiritually Tall

To become spiritually tall, taller, tallest
We must be always on our knees.

The Human in Me

The human in me
Wants the way out.
The divine in me
Wants the way up.

God Says, "Go!"

God says, “Go!”
My mind says, “No! No! No!”

God Says, "Come!"

God says, “Come!”
My heart says, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

My Mind, Indeed, a Czar

My mind, indeed, a czar;
It drives insanity-car.

My Mind Speculates and Speculates

My mind speculates and speculates.
The heart illuminates and illuminates.

Negativity Paralyses and Paralyses

Negativity paralyses and paralyses.
Positivity divinises and immortalises.

To Please My Lord

To please my Lord,
I sing devotion-songs.
To please my heart,
God strikes my victory-gongs.

I Shake and Wake My Lethargy-Life

I shake and wake my lethargy-life.
No more I see the destruction-knife.

The Truth of the Heart

The truth of the heart
Whispers and whispers.
The falsehood of the mind
Thunders and thunders.

The Mind Blunders and Blunders

The mind blunders and blunders.
The vital plunders and plunders.

The Body Cries and Cries

The body cries and cries.
The soul flies and flies.

Mine Is the Mind Full of Inspiration-Zeal

Mine is the mind
Full of inspiration-zeal.
Mine is the heart
Full of aspiration-thrill.

My Life Is a Verb

My life is a verb and not a noun.
I am a Heaven-king and not an earthly clown.

The Joy of Speed

The joy of speed is my earthly soul.
The speed of joy is my Heavenly goal.

My Life Is His

My life is His when I tell my Lord:
He gives me His oneness-fulness-cord.

My Prayer-Heart to God

My prayer-heart to God
Is a constant yes-sayer.
My service-life to God
Is my division-slayer.

My Lord Gives Me the Smartest Slap

My Lord gives me the smartest slap
When I sit not upon His Lap.


My Lord gives me the smartest slap
When I enjoy jealousy-trap.

Doubt and I Each Other Clasp

My Lord gives me the smartest slap
When doubt and I each other clasp.


My Lord gives me the smartest slap
When I cherish ignorance-nap.


My Lord gives me the smartest slap
When I put on indifference-cap.

Each Hush-Gap

My Lord gives me the smartest slap
When I pray not in each hush-gap.


My Lord gives me the smartest slap
When falsehood-chains I fail to snap.

His Heart's Big Map

My Lord gives me the smartest slap
When I study not His Heart’s big Map.

My Mind Loves to Enjoy Mysteries

My mind loves to enjoy mysteries.
My heart loves to enjoy ecstasies.

The Mind Secretly Loves Pretension

The mind secretly loves pretension.
The heart openly loves expansion.

God Is My Only Friend

God is my only Friend, only Friend.
His Love for me knows no end, knows no end.

Alas, My Heart Is Full of Sorrows

Alas, my heart is full of sorrows.
It sees not blue-gold tomorrows.

I Live No More in My Mind-Mire

I live no more in my mind-mire.
My Lord, do inspire my heart, inspire.

My Supreme Loses His Voice

My Supreme loses His Voice
When self-doubt is my only choice.

My Mind-Fulfilment Eventually Sighs

My mind-fulfilment eventually sighs.
My heart-fulfilment eternally flies.


Optimism, optimism, optimism,
For you no doubt-mind-chasm.


Optimism, optimism, optimism-joy,
I am your proudest fondness-toy.

Only the Top

Only the top, only the top, only the top!
Until then my heart shall not stop.

Moonlight and Starlight Whisper

Moonlight and starlight whisper,
"Sleep deep, Chinmoy, sleep deep.
All our fondness-God-dreams
Through your wee eyes will peep."

A Shakpura Village Boy

A Shakpura village boy
Becomes God’s Avatar-Toy.

My Lord, You Are My Only Quest

My Lord, You are my only Quest.
“No, my child. I am your eternal Guest.”

Whatever My Life Possesses

Whatever my life possesses
Shall be found in ashes.

When I Enjoy Ignorance-Sleep

When I enjoy ignorance-sleep,
My Lord watches — only to weep.

God Gives Me Ample Rest

God gives me ample rest
If I obey His Behest.

A Simple Cry

A simple cry, a simple cry,
Can quickly reach my Lord’s Heart-Sky.

My Heart's Inner Choice

My heart’s inner choice
Is my outer voice.

I Sing My Heart's God-Song

I sing my heart’s God-song.
God strikes my life’s victory-gong.

The Mind Knows How to Chide

The mind knows how to chide.
The mind knows how to hide.
The heart knows how to cry.
The heart knows how to fly.

A God-Seeker's Pure Breath

A God-seeker’s pure breath
Never, never, knows death.

The Heart Has Another Name: Aspiration

The heart has another name: aspiration.
The mind has another name: suspicion.
The vital has another name: restlessness.
The body has another name: idleness.
The life has another name: uncertainty.
Man has another name: complexity.
The soul has another name: observer.
God has another name: Forgiver.

The Heart Has Another Name: Oneness

The heart has another name: oneness.
The mind has another name: vastness.
The vital has another name: dynamism.
The body has another name: enthusiasm.
The life has another name: tolerance.
Man has another name: patience.
The soul has another name: mission.
God has another name: Vision.

At Last, at the Very Peak

At last, at the very peak,
I discover what I seek.

O Friendship-Flower

O friendship-flower, friendship-flower,
Do not wither, do not wither.

Come What May

Come what may,
Come what may,
My heart must pray,
My heart must pray.

No Dead End

No dead end, no dead end,
Just a bend, just a bend.

My Lord Gives Me a New Lesson

My Lord gives me a new lesson      
At every hour
So that my heart can be
His Beauty’s flower.

God Is Not an Iron Rod

God is not an iron rod,
God is not an iron rod.
Let us all quickly go
To the Shelter of God.

Meditation: My God-Preparation

Meditation, meditation, meditation:
My God-preparation, my God-preparation.

No Prayer

No prayer, no prayer, no prayer:
Life is an ignorance-lair.

No Meditation

No meditation, no meditation:
Life is an utter imperfection.

Sound Is Man-Cheering

Sound is man-cheering.
Silence is God-becoming.

Life-River Flows

Life-river flows,
Patience-tree grows.

Life Is a Thunder-Gong

Life is a thunder-gong.
Death is a silence-song.

My Life-Story Is Painful

My life-story is painful.
My heart-song is Godful.

The Absence of Selfishness

What is peace?
The absence of selfishness.
What is bliss?
The presence of oneness.